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About FedEx

FedEx Corporation is an American multinational courier delivery services company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.

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FedEx Corporation is an American multinational courier delivery services company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.

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FedEx Corporation will produce superior financial returns for its shareowners by providing high-value-added logistics, transportation, and related business services through focused operating companies.

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March 9, 2019 on Zippia

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July 30, 2016 on Reddit

I just bought a snake that's getting shipped to me via FedEx. I've always wondered if the FexEd employees take special care of animals, treat them like other packages, or are more reckless. What have you seen in your experience?

Its so busy in the terminals and we have managers yelling at us to speed up that we really don't have time to even look at the boxes they all get treated the same some worse depending on the employees mood

Did you get to know customers based on frequent deliveries? "Oh, this is the wine guy again" and such?

I didn't deliver to people I worked in the facility also delivery guys where not FedEx employees they are all contractors which is how FedEx Ground operates it saves them a *** ton of money

What are the qualifications required for a job like that? Sorry if it's a rude question.

1 year commercial driving experience, minimal tickets/accidents, and have a pulse.

Howdy mate. Express driver over here. Is it true you get paid off of contracts, instead of a standard salary?

I work for a contractor, so I'm not privy to how the contracts are structured. I get paid per day I work. If I don't work, I don't get paid.

do you envy UPS drivers, with their great, pay, generous benefits, and ample vacation time?

Yeah, but I enjoy being done at 1:30 most days.
May 18, 2015 on Reddit

Well ***... What should I ask? What's the most awkward interaction with a delivery customer you've had?

Walked around a corner to an old, fat white guy trying to get his dog inside....wearing nothing but his tighty whiteys.

UPS package handler here! Is there any reason I might to switch companies and come work for Fedex? Any benefits that I might not already get?

I've talked to people who have worked at both. The biggest difference is unionization. Most package handlers I have talked to who switched preferred fedex. We have a pay cap, while UPS does not, so long term you will make more money at UPS. Of course, most people who stay long enough usually get promoted. Generally, management is a lot friendlier because unions don't antagonize them at fedex.

When an incriminating video shows an employee screwing up, what happens at work? Is it a joke? Does anyone really care?

We just make fun of those videos. They are poorly acted and hilarious
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

Haha I work at FedEx same job title and responsibilities. Whats your load rate bruh ;) ?

Not sure about OP but I've maxed at 650 paired up loading while I usually stay around 450 by myself. Handling all dat flow
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

If someone were to take this job, say as a hobby, because they have time to spare, could it be considered a paid gym work-out?

Yes. But if you work hard, prepare yourself to get pissed at the old ladies and chubby kids who don't do ***.
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

How do you like the Vision Labeling system? At first I thought it was a god send, but new employees are only trained to look at the labels and not even bother checking the address. This sucks for me since I work the bottom of the belt and get a big pile of missed packages everyday. Peak is starting off slow so far, but when it picks up I'm going to go insane.

If *** managers won't listen to valid complaints, just say *** it and let everything get piled up and destroyed.

Will Fedex ever unionize and pay their workers fairly?

No. FedEx is mostly run by independent contractors in their home and ground sections. Since they are the most profitable there is minimal chance they would do it. My hubby pays his people well so you must be in a cheap area.
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

I once purchased a very expensive string instrument and paid out the *** due to weight insurance and maximum level fragile/handling care. The instrument, a cello, was shipped in a hard fiber glass case standing upright. Somehow the instrument case was cracked in transit and the neck was snapped at the saddle and there was a fracture in the bottom near the end pin. How does this happen?

Where I work we usually get 2-3 dozen packages a day, every day on UPS. The *** UPS driver, has to have a cart within 5ft of his door, even though we never know where he will back in at the dock. If there isnt a cart within arms reach he will just dump everything on the ground, even if its wet from rain or snow. When there is a cart, he just throws everything on it haphazzardly. The really heavy stuff say over 50lbs is usually in the bottom. But everything else is just a mishmash. 30lb boxes on top of 5lb boxes. 'This End Up' labels or arrows facing down. And if one of the people at our work is unaware of how much of a jerk the driver is signs for the material and attempts to move the cart, its a gurantee something is tumbling to the ground. And then on his pickup run back through that afternoon, he will often forget packages clearly waaiting by the door with fresh UPS labels on them. Often things customers or oter branches need the next day. Finally after years of *** to UPS about their driver, our manager and a UPS rep finally determined we needed a table just for UPS pickups, Within a week or two, I noticed a few boxes left on the table right before closing time around 5pm. And yes te driver had been by that day. He even signed the UPS End of Day report with those packages listed on them. So when I left work I took the packages to the terminal drop off personally. The two middle aged women were sweet, scanning the boxes and even offering a recipt. They were shocked that I had already gotten one and asked if they could make a copy for the drivers supervisor. About a week and a half later we didnt see him for a while, but now hes back, and he just quit signing the End of Day report.
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

Have you ever seen inside a package? What's the craziest/most suspicious package/experience you had while on the job?

been doing this 15 years. right after 9/11 I got a box that was leaking a white powder. I told the manager if it was anthrax then we are all dead. we lived.
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

I worked at a FedEx Ground plant as a Package Handler on the Unload side for about two years, ending back in June. It was a good job, decent pay, stable, good workout every day. I hated it at the time but after having done a couple other jobs afterwards I miss it more than I ever thought possible. Reading through all your responses I can see that either all Fedex buildings are either run more or less the same, so I have a few questions for you. At my building we had one of the Sort Managers get fired for sexual harassment with one of the female employees. He was walked out of the building by the district manager after she made a complaint. No one liked him anyway. Ever have anything like that? At the FedEx building where I worked, careless handling of packages was given absolutely zero tolerance. There was a guy who got in a screaming match with one of the managers and wasnt fired, but a few weeks later he was caught throwing boxes onto the conveyor belt from the truck he was in. He was fired on the spot. Did you ever see a flagrant disregard for the rules like that? I dont know how they measured how much stuff that you had to do each day where you worked. When I was there the manager had a Pre-Sort meeting where he had the crew gathered in front of a white board and told them the work load for the day. It usually went something like 4100 volume of packages, 10 Walmart trucks, and a couple Southshore to unload. The highest I ever saw the volume was 8700, or 87 trailers. This was a few days before Christmas of last year. Whats the most volume you've ever seen? There was strict rules about safety that you had to follow to the letter. One of the big ones was to never, ever, ever stand or ride on the conveyor belts while they were moving. I remember one guy got mad and rode the conveyor from the back of a truck all the way up into the sorter overhead before they shut it down. He did it as a kind of "I quit" gesture. Ever seen that happen? Speaking of safety, putting your hands anywhere near the pinch points between where two conveyors joined together was REALLY against the rules where I worked. Around February 2013 or so there was some guy on the night shift who got his glove caught on a small strip of metal sticking out of a conveyor and had his hand dragged under the connecting plastic plate between two conveyor belts. Most of the skin of his hand was torn off and I heard he lost two fingers. When I got to work the next day, there was still dried blood on the grating around where it had happened. What is the worst work-related injury that you've seen or heard of? Ever been hurt yourself?

Not OP, but I worked as an admin in the midwest region. > At my building we had one of the Sort Managers get fired for sexual harassment with one of the female employees. He was walked out of the building by the district manager after she made a complaint. No one liked him anyway. Ever have anything like that? Never a sort manager, but It did happen to a dock manager who was fired and escorted out for similar reasons. > At the FedEx building where I worked, careless handling of packages was given absolutely zero tolerance. There was a guy who got in a screaming match with one of the managers and wasnt fired, but a few weeks later he was caught throwing boxes onto the conveyor belt from the truck he was in. He was fired on the spot. Did you ever see a flagrant disregard for the rules like that? As an admin, part of my job was yelling at people for that sort of stuff and writing them up if it continued. You can call your manager a stupid *** idiot and not get fired (I did, once) but god help you if you disrespect the packages. > I dont know how they measured how much stuff that you had to do each day where you worked. When I was there the manager had a Pre-Sort meeting where he had the crew gathered in front of a white board and told them the work load for the day. It usually went something like 4100 volume of packages, 10 Walmart trucks, and a couple Southshore to unload. The highest I ever saw the volume was 8700, or 87 trailers. This was a few days before Christmas of last year. Whats the most volume you've ever seen? We always had pre-sort meetings. At STPL, we did over 100 trailers on a day sort once. Average volume when I worked there was 300k to 400k in a given day. During peak double that was not uncommon. The highest flow I ever held down while loading was 875 packages/hour for a solid hour. We'd have some of our mainline hit 2k briefly, but there were usually 2-3 guys in the trailer at that point > There was strict rules about safety that you had to follow to the letter. One of the big ones was to never, ever, ever stand or ride on the conveyor belts while they were moving. I remember one guy got mad and rode the conveyor from the back of a truck all the way up into the sorter overhead before they shut it down. He did it as a kind of "I quit" gesture. Ever seen that happen? Nope, but that sounds like an excellent way to get really *** hurt. Our sorters moved FAST. > Speaking of safety, putting your hands anywhere near the pinch points between where two conveyors joined together was REALLY against the rules where I worked. Around February 2013 or so there was some guy on the night shift who got his glove caught on a small strip of metal sticking out of a conveyor and had his hand dragged under the connecting plastic plate between two conveyor belts. Most of the skin of his hand was torn off and I heard he lost two fingers. When I got to work the next day, there was still dried blood on the grating around where it had happened. What is the worst work-related injury that you've seen or heard of? Ever been hurt yourself? I used to work out in the yard as a switcher. A Craftsman mechanic at the Memphis hub got killed when a contractor took off with a trailer he was working on. All the yard guys had to attend a serious safety meeting with the district manager after that. We almost had a package handler get creamed by a switcher taking a corner too fast shortly after, the guy driving was fired on the spot. Inside the building, a facer with long hair got that hair stuck in a roller on the SWAK lines but someone on the ground was quick with the e-stop and saved him. Worst I've heard of was someone in the same situation with hair, only no one hit the e-stop. Instantly scalped. Believe this in New York state at one of the hubs.

Dude, I used to work as a package handler at a FedEx Ground facility! Started off unloading the IC truck (non-standard sized/shaped packages that wouldn't play nice with the belts) before moving on to be the guy who breaks up jams on the belts. Those sorting facilities can suck ***, man; hot as hell in summer, could as a witch's tit in winter. Anyway, my question is, what's the weirdest thing you've seen in a box that popped open? I only ask because one night, we had a box of Glocks from the nearby Glock facility pop open. Couple nights later, a box of mags from the same facility. My manager had a nice little chat with Glock in the morning about that ***. Was crazy, we almost had enough *** come through and burst open to have our own shootout.

we had a box of live snakes once at our hub.
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

I used to do load/unload and occational sorting for a large UPS sort facility. Its a really monotonous(which was nice at times)and slightly depressing job but I knew I was there temporarily so that helped make it not so bad. However I had friends that worked for FedEx and said the conditions were much worse working for FedEx. Can you back this up or refute it? Any comparisons to work at FedEx vs. UPS?

I worked as an admin for FedEx in the midwest region, friend works as a manager at a major UPS hub. It really depends on the location. I've heard the good and the bad for both companies.

I worked for 4 years as a package handler for UPS in a very busy location.. We were basically taught to pull down walls of boxes in a trailer and let them crash on the floor, then pick them up and toss them on to the telescoping conveyor belt.. This was the method we were to use *unless* loss prevention was doing its rounds, then we were to use a step stool to reach the stuff high up and gently place it on the belt. I saw laptops fall from 8 feet high, I saw managers use a 6 foot crowbar that had a shipping label on it (it was being sent to a customer, not our own crowbar) to crush and break a glass inlaid dining room table that had jammed up our cages, ripping 4 of them off the tracks.. I've seen some ***.. I hear fedex is a lot safer with the packages.. But that they aren't unionized and therefore suffer some pretty harsh conditions.. What's the scoop?

I worked as as admin at FedEx, friend works as a manager for UPS. Based on the discussions we've had, the companies are pretty similar. I know FedEx pays the bottom-level guys better on average, UPS pays mid-upper level guys better, stuff like that. Sounds like your particular station is due for an audit. I haven't heard of anything that insane happening at a FedEx hub/station without someone getting immediately fired.
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

How long do you plan on doing it? I've heard it's pretty stressful.

It's really not that physically stressful after the first 3 months. Most hubs/stations will see a CRAZY amount of turnover with new-hires in that time though.

I would've titled it "...who touches your junk. AMA". Anyway, did you ever get any fallout from the UPS thing a few years ago where the drivers would just throw peoples' packages over their fence?

Worked as an admin around the time when that FedEx driver was caught on film throwing the package over a fence. All critical personnel (managers/admins/trainers) had to attend a brief 30 minute meeting on the topic. Corporate took it very seriously.
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

My wife orders A LOT of stuff online. Many online retailers use FedEx. Nothing ever arrives on time. Why?

It's usually the shipper's fault if your package is running late, acts of god notwithstanding. Worked as an admin for FedEx, if a trailer is running late or not being processed fast enough it's a HUGE *** problem for the hub/station. Like someone is getting fired huge problem. For the reason, hubs/stations usually don't have such problems.
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

So how do you Fedex guys deal with customs? And thefts? I had my parcel contents stolen (was shipped via UPS and never got the $100 coverage)

> So how do you Fedex guys deal with customs? Stations/hubs that deal directly with international shipments have a separate section of the building with dedicated staff devoted to such things. Package comes in, gets checked out, and is manually routed. I worked as an administrator and dealt with them sometimes. > And thefts? Gets reported to management/administration and a pilfer report is filed. From there, it goes to a case manager at corporate who deals with compensation and whatnot. I worked at a medium-size hub, my department didn't do more than a handful of pilfer reports per year. > I had my parcel contents stolen (was shipped via UPS and never got the $100 coverage) If theft is a problem in your area, ALWAYS request signature verification or have the shipper place a HAL (Hold At Location) on the package and pick it up yourself at the nearest station.

How much do you hate guys like me who order 80 lbs of cat litter, 40 lbs of cat food, 50 lbs of epsom salt , and about a zillion other random things off of Amazon every month? How much harder has Prime made your life if you were in the field before it got popular?

Man, this is the third person asking if I hate them because of cat litter. Nope, it gives me a workout and job security, I thank you actually.
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

Late to the game but... I often get cat food shipped to me in giant boxes. I used to get cat litter but I don't anymore. Do you secretly hate people who do that? They're incredibly heavy (at least the litter is) and I always feel a little bad for who is shipping/handling it...but it's just cheaper that way.

Nope. I do the same, it's cheaper. Also it gives me job security and a workout, so thank you!

Ever worked with anyone who would wrongfully "inspect" packages or steal? How common is this sort of stuff?

Not common at all. I worked with different QA departments in the midwest region, they would be the ones to open up boxes. Most have got more important *** to worry about at any given moment than snooping in your package. As far as theft goes, it's an automatic termination. The most expensive thing I've inspected was a bunch of the then-latest iPods, but you wouldn't know they were iPods because they're packaged in a nondescript box. Internal rewards for reporting theft start out at $5000, so employees are HIGHLY incentivized to report that sort of *** immediately. The odds are very stacked against thieves. Also, cameras everywhere.
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

I've heard that FedEx will pay college tuition for employees. Is this a true fact?

Yes, up to $15,000 a year reimbursed. It's a great job for a student.

I worked at your rivals (UPS) for 3 weeks doing loading. It sucked. How long did it take before you stopped caring how careful you were with packages?

I still try to be as careful as possible while still getting the job done. However, I'm less gentle than I used to be while unloading.

At almost every one of my previous employers we would have Fed Ex dropping off or pickup up packages. Every single time the driver would open up the back doors, there would be a complete mess of all the boxes as if a hurricane had formed in there. The driver would spend a lot of time picking up and looking for the correct package to be delivered and sometimes it was still the wrong one. This happened with different drivers at different locations all the time. I'm sure I wasn't the only one to experience this. So my questions are, why was this common in numerous drivers and how is Fed Ex actually still in business?

This could be caused by a lot of things. For the Ground side of things we have employees load trucks according to a very set in stone numerical organization chart. If the employee is lazy or just *** they might not care or just screw everything up. Sometimes the drivers are lazy and won't put the bungie cords on that are supposed to keep everything in place. If it was home delivery, those drivers are contractors and are in charge of loading their own trucks. Some of the are bad at it, but there's nothing we can do since they're contractors. If one of us even helped load them we'd be fired or warned before getting fired.

Do you know anything about how they seize illegal drug shipments? Like, does everything get x-rayed, or do they have a system of flagging stuff which then gets x-rayed?

All of that kind of stuff probably happens before it ever reaches my facility. If we see suspicious packages we notify management immediately and they take it from there.

Hello Mr. Ex. Out of everyone's package that you've handled, whose package was the biggest? Whose package was the hardest when you handled it? Whose package was the most fun to handle?

I handled a 3D printer that was fun. I wanted to take it home. Biggest? Hmmm, I've had some weird boxes about 12 feet long that took 2 big boxes to actually package it. The hardest packages are heavy and weird shaped. Too long or too wide, but also very heavy. In those situations I either slide it where needs to go or get a co-worker to help. I've moved a couple of grills that are a pain in the *** to get around.

I've read a number of articles about how drives get screwed, like being classed as independent contractors (hence no benefits), buying their own vehicle and being micromanaged by FedEx. Do you see that from where you are, or can drives make a successful living if they go about things the right way?

The drivers are contractors. They have their own bosses, so I don't really know about benefits and what not for them. I think it may depend on their bosses for how much they get paid. They get a bit more freedom with how they do their routes this way, rather than UPS, but I'm not quite sure more than that how it all works out. From my side I hate that they are contractors. Their bosses and our managers clash on how they want things done and it causes some tension at times. I've never personally had a problem with drivers, but they expect things done the way their boss wants it done, but we have to do it the way our bosses tell us to. It's inconvenient at times.
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

What kind of animal issues do you run into? Like being chased by dogs- and do you carry anything around with you just in case?

I'm not a driver, so nope. One of the driver bosses (drivers here are contractors, so they have their own bosses) brings in her little dog sometimes. I have no *** idea why. She has to hold it the whole time and it's really loud. I feel bad for that dog.
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

I'm starting this same job this week. Am I going to die?

Nah. Our jobs are pretty simple, just physical at times. If you have problems lifting and aren't good at physical labor ask to be put on home delivery or smalls. There's a few learning curves on how to be more efficient and do things properly, but you'll catch on fast. Hopefully your trainer is competent and your co-workers are helpful. However, it is peak season, so do be prepared to get kind of overwhelmed your first few days.

What is the worst thing that a package recipient has done to you and how can we not make your job harder?

I'm not a driver, so can't really answer this one. To not make my job harder, hmmmm. I suppose if you package things yourself use the right kind/enough tape. I end up taping together packages that weren't well enough taped before. Amazon uses the worst *** tape I've ever seen on their larger packages. It has to be about 4/5 large Amazon packages I get I need to re-tape before I can put it on a pallet. The tape they use feels like paper and is brown, just in case you were curious.
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

What are three reasons I should choose FedEx over the leading brand?

1. Look with your special eyes. 2. I work at FedEx, yo. 3. There is no three. Really UPS/FedEx/DHL/USPS are all pretty much the same. They're all pretty reliable, just go with your preference. FedEx trucks are ugly as ***, so I prefer the style of UPS. However, UPS doesn't pay it's part-time employees as much as FedEx from what I've looked into. For you as a consumer though, that probably doesn't really matter. Their drivers typically earn more than ours, though.

As far as employers go, how would you rate your experience? I'm interested in a career with FedEx, but am curious about the benefits, work structure, etc. Is there anything you extremely like or dislike about your job? Thanks for the AMA!

For a part time job, it's a dream. 8/10 10/10 with rice. I started at $12.something/hr. Raises are scheduled 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, and then every year after that. After 200 (I think) hours worked you get up to $15,000 tuition reimbursement, so it's perfect if you want to also take some classes. Benefits start at 1000 hours and include medical, dental, vision, etc. I'm not sure of the extent since I haven't hit that 1000 hour mark yet, sorry. I get discounts on a ton of cool ***. Some things make sense (75% off fedex express, 50% off fedex ground) some don't (Disney World, Others include Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, I think every major cellular provider actually. Our bosses are about our safety (warning - I've heard from people who worked at other locations that some bosses only care about saving/making money, but I suppose that goes with any chain) and are understanding of sick time, time off, etc. Starting at some point I know we get paid sick/vacation time. Once the 1000 hours kicks in you also get 3x pay for holidays if part-time, and 7x pay if full-time (there aren't many full-time positions that aren't management though). Some dislikes are just personal. I drive 30 minutes to work which is kind of lame, but I carpool so gas is split and I have somebody to chat with. I work "inbound" starting at roughly 3am - 8am with schedule variances. Overnight is kind of weird, but I've gotten used to it. You *will* be sore the first few weeks if you don't regularly workout. If you get injured or aren't able to lift heavy things there's still some jobs you can do, I won't get too much into that unless you're interested more. However, most jobs can really be done by anybody since you have people to help. The schedule is pretty much set. It's the best part-time schedule I've ever had. Tuesday - Saturday, although now it's Monday - Saturday for peak season. The hiring process is rather annoying. You have to "watch a sort" which you schedule online then attend. It takes about 20 minutes then they email you an actual application. After the application they do a phone interview, which is basically asking if you're willing/able to pick *** up and move it around. After that you get another call scheduling for orientation. Then before your orientation you fill our a W-2 or W-4, I don't even remember. My whole process took about 10 days, but it was worth it. TL;DR: It's a great part-time job with good benefits.
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

How does your team handle the all the Holiday delivery?

There is a LOT more work to do. We have hired about 10 new people and are still working on getting more. For unloading there isn't much more you can do, with more people comes faster unloading. QA/Repack gets more backed up because the volume is increased as well as there being wet weather. Trailer trucks get here a little later sometimes, so we have to take a lunch (this is a part-time job, we try not to take lunches unless we have to). For home delivery we quite literally have more than double our normal work-load. On my belt we currently have 4 people and if it gets rushed we've had up to 7 at a time. Normally it's 2 people and a "floater" who goes around and helps each belt. Usually only has 4 belts, but we had to do 5 during this season. Somebody always has to be at the start of the belt to sort or it will get jammed and boxes will get crushed. This takes away the 4-6 HD vans/trucks that the sorter is usually able to cover. So, that leads to our line being backed up as well. Overall this time of year is stressful at times, you definitely get a workout, but it's somewhat of a "work mode" feeling. I don't typically get overwhelmed because I know what to expect, and rushes are going to happen. We always clear them out though. There's a bit more changes, but this post is already pretty long. I can expand if you want!

Hypotheicallly, if you were to steal a package off the assembly line, do you think you would be able to get away with it? How long before it got back to you and how would anyone know?

Absolutely not. It would be extremely difficult. There are cameras everywhere. Security is lazy a ***, but wouldn't let somebody steal. Management walks around helping lines and making sure everything is going well. Plus, if an employee reports somebody stealing and it turns out they were right, they get an extra $5000 on their next paycheck.

How often do you guys find drugs in the packages and if its often, how do you find them and what happens to them?

I'll copy/paste a related answer from earlier. There aren't many signs of drugs or contraband by the packages themselves, most of that would probably be caught before it actually reaches our facility. However, we are trained that if something does seem suspicious, dangerous, or illegal we notify management immediately and they head over to the repack/QA area and inspect it. I've smelled weed a couple times while handling packages, but it's never been more than a slight whiff where I'd notify management.
December 9, 2014 on Reddit

What's the weirdest thing you've seen/ heard about getting shipped overnight?

Overnight? No clue. I once had to move a huge metal box that said meteorology test kit or something like that. I was so curious about what was inside... We've had shipments of [lady bugs]( that are popular ~~here~~ as in Reddit. One of my co-workers claimed he once got a package full of baby chicks. I don't believe him, or at least I don't want to. It's very loud, constant moving around, getting flipped around, etc. The thought honestly makes me sad.

[Welcome to Reddit]( Have you ever opened a box out of curiosity of what was in it?

Damn dude, thank you for the painting! Technically it's just this account that's new to Reddit, though. I've opened boxes in QA/Repack to well, repackage them. I never have when it wasn't required though. None of the repack ones were interested so far. I remember getting cat litter in one, a radio in another, random other stuff. Last week a 3D printer came down my belt and I really wanted to open/play with it, but I don't want to get fired.

I know a few people who work in delivery, and they all seem to have back/knee problems. How's your health, and do you feel like it's been negatively impacted by your job in any way?

Mostly stuff like that happens from improper lifting (which I'm guilty of doing sometimes). I strained my sciatic nerve (muscle?) once which sucked because it made my left leg basically useless while bending. I saw the doctor and he said it was mild enough where ice and aleve would fix it, and it did. At our facility safety is really important and we have daily messages/goals regarding it. Personally my health has improved since working here. I've lost some weight and gained some muscle. I have more energy and stamina now.

Do they train you to look for specifics that might indicate drugs or contraband in the boxes? Do they employ any sophisticated technology to find weed for example?

There aren't many signs of drugs or contraband by the packages themselves, most of that would probably be caught before it actually reaches our facility. However, we are trained that if something does seem suspicious, dangerous, or illegal we notify management immediately and they head over to the repack/QA area and inspect it. I've smelled weed a couple times while handling packages, but it's never been more than a slight whiff where I'd notify management.

Do stickers that say "Fragile" "Glass" etc really work or do they put a bullseye on packages to be jostled more than others?

Most employees will care and be gentle with them. Sometimes when unloading the trucks people will slam packages onto the belt too aggressively, but I've personally never seen one get damaged while unloading. In home delivery we put fragile stuff on top of other packages or to the side of our pallets to avoid them being crushed. Overall people care, but the ones who don't will deal with management.

Did you guys ever need to transfer any biohazardous shipments? I don't mean the "in a way all animals could be carry germs..." type of biohazard. I am talking about "if that *** leaks we're all gonna die on this plane" kinda thing.

I work in an infectious disease lab, and I can guarantee that all biohazardous bacteria that I ship/receive are through fedex. They have special paperwork that I have to fill out for each shipment that explicitly states whats in my package (which is typically send on dry ice). If I have more than a certain weight, it has to go on a cargo plane. Interestingly though, Ive had previous bosses come back from conferences with new strains that they smuggled onto carry-on luggage.
January 14, 2012 on Reddit

Is it true that FedEx workers who have a child can have their child's name on the side of a plane?

Yes... when a new aircraft comes into revenue service, employees can put their kid's name into a raffle.

How do pilots get chosen for charter flights? Or does it not really matter since they do pretty much the same job regardless of what cargo is in the belly?

A lot of times it's a PR thing where a VP who is also a pilot will do the flight. Other than that, there are technical pilots with higher levels of proficiency.

Do your customers still get tracking numbers?

In the charter world they don't get a tracking number, they get a flight number. *We do also keep shippers updated on the status of the flight, but you can't track that on

Have you ever had something escape during transport? Die? Ever been bitten by one of the things you were transorting? Ever had a touching moment at work where you would have / did wave the fee?

When we move animals like pandas, they are shipped in specially designed enclosures that are designed to meet international animal regulation and zoo requirements. They are designed for the safety and security of the animal, so nothing has gotten loose yet! We donate a lot of humanitarian and aid relief charters, from famine relief to natural disaster response after the Indonesian tsunami and Haitian earthquake. We feel great about those. Some of our animal shipments have also been pro-bono, like the penguins that returned home after Hurricane Katrina.
January 14, 2012 on Reddit

The animals don't interest me as much as some of the other things you've transported, mostly because I get why you'd need to transport animals (zoos, research facilities, breeding facilities for endangered species). But why would any person or agency that owns a satellite not *also* have their own airplane? Do you ever transport top-secret items for example, do you ever charter a plane to transport an unspecified item that nobody at FedEx is able to know about? Do clients bring their own security aboard the plane? Have you ever transported a person (alive or dead)?

The cost to maintain an airplane is significant, and cargo airplanes aren't as common. If you have a one-time requirement to ship every so often, then it doesn't make sense to own your own plane. Owning a small jet is expensive, let alone a cargo airplane. Yes, we do transport top-secret items. Can I tell you what they are, no! With regards to whether we transport people...With the animal shipments, like this weekend's panda delivery, attendants from the zoo/aquarium are there to administer to the safety and security, health and welfare of the animal on board. We want the animals to be as comfortable and calm as possible while on the aircraft.
January 14, 2012 on Reddit

What sort of background leads to such an interesting career?

I'm a chemical engineer by background. I started in the oil business - my old strength of material professor told me "You never know what you're gonna end up doing," and here I am. The job is all about planning, which is why my engineering background works for this. You have to be aware of regulatory issues, customs, internal processes and procedures, customer requirements, etc. It's a lot of logistics, organizational skills, and planning that need to work together and well at the same time to make a successful charter. And coffee.
January 14, 2012 on Reddit

Is FedEx currently Hiring loadmasters? Im about to be looking for a job.

go to and click on careers (at the bottom of the main page for your country)

Have you ever shipped something and didn't know what it was? Like a sealed crate that the client asked to never be opened? Do you think you ever illegally smuggled something without your knowledge? Or do you turn a blindeye for the paycheck?

No - we are required to make sure whatever we carry is legal and meets our own internal safety and security requirements, meaning, we always know exactly what we are shipping for any type of charter we operate. Similar to a passenger airline, the cargo we carry has to go through careful security and screening processes around the world.

What is the worst thing that has gone wrong on one of these charters? How was it handled? Any trouble with people using it for illegal shipments?

I once heard a disgruntled employee decided he was going to down the jet onto company hq, attacked the rest of the crew with a hammer. The flight crew were/was able to maneuver the jet in such an extreme fashion as to knock the attacker off balance subdue and detain him. The interior was all bloody when they finally landed.
November 25, 2010 on Reddit

Where do you get your ninja training? Ever had an awkward moment for a delivery run? Ever had a fight with UPS?

The first rule of FedEx Ninja Training is you do not talk about FedEx Ninja Training. Nah, we're all out there doing the same job and it's nothing glamorous. We've all got our nose to the grindstone and actually understand what one another is going through at work; most people have no idea how busy our days are and the things we are scrutinized for. It's nice to be able to talk to people that know what kind of day you have and you can shoot the *** with.

Have you personally stolen anything?

No sir, I enjoy my job. There are three things that'll get you fired quicker than anything else. Falsifying, showing up late consistantly and stealing stuff.
November 24, 2010 on Reddit

What do you do if the package smells like weed or you personally suspect there's an illicit substance in it?

We can report it to a manager and they're able to open it for inspection. Depending on what is in there it would be forwarded to our internal security or sent on its merry way.
November 24, 2010 on Reddit

Lots of respect for your job... I worked as a package loader for FedEx ground a few years during college for rent/beer money. My best memories were joking around with the driver of the truck I loaded. Do you get along well with your loaders? Any stories about from the loading dock? It might be different for Express, but the Ground loaders did the same truck day in and day out so we ended up getting to know the drivers well.

Unlike Ground or UPS we do not have loaders, everyone that loads a truck is a courier. There are couriers that have different jobs on the sort, like scanning documents, unloading containers, etc. I load two trucks, one of them is a coworker who sorts documents during the sort and the other is my own. When your tracking information says "On FedEx vehicle for delivery" that means that we have scanned it into our truck.
November 24, 2010 on Reddit

Do you get dislike "regulars"? I don't get much Express stuff, but the FedEx and UPS trucks drop off packages to me daily. And most of the time it's just a single tiny box or letter... :/

I honestly do not mind regular customers, they usually say "Hi" more often than folks that rarely get anything. The thing that annoys me most are regulars that order diapers on Amazon, I feel like I am delivering groceries when I take that stuff out. It's kind of frustrating, one stop I'll be delivering vaccine to a pharmacy or hospital, the next I'm saving you the trip to QFC.

Have you ever dropped something fragile by mistake? Or have you ever accidentally broken something inside of a package and known it? If you have how would you deal with that situation? Did you still deliver the broken package?

If it's going to break, it likely already has by the time it's gotten to me. Generally it's due to the product being poorly packed; I believe that it needs to be able to survive a 3 foot drop for it to be considered packed well. Coincidentally this is about the height of our top shelves in our trucks. If I have something I notice is broken, or the packaging damaged, we have a scan we perform at the point of delivery indicating such. This scan requires someone be there to sign for it. I've stood there and opened packages for customers for them to inspect the contents; they can refuse it if they want or accept it if there is no issue. The damaged delivered scan is mainly used for claims purposes so that if a customer calls in saying that their laptop is broken because we damaged it, our people will pull up the tracking information and see there was a damage scan placed on that package which helps with the validity of the claim. If the customer isn't home and I have a package that is damaged I will mark on the doortag that a direct signature is required and come back the next day. I would rather talk to them face-to-face and show them their damage then have them find it with me long gone. I've had to do this a few times and people are really understanding; *** happens, and appreciate that I noticed it and took the time to explain their options. If you EVER get a package that has visible damage; or doesn't and the contents are damaged, call 1800GOFEDEX and file a claim. DO NOT throw away ANY of the packaging or packing materials. They help our claims department figure out where the problem lies.

Have you ever found yourself delivering obviously high-dollar items (tv's, computers, etc.) to shady residences/abandoned property? The reason I ask, someone racked up a huge bill at on my dime. I ended up getting my money back, but out of curiosity I decided to drive the four hours to the "house" where the goods were delivered. The house was abandoned, and looked like it had been for some time. And I thought why would fedex/ups deliver anything to this ***?

I've come across that before, not to abandoned buildings, but to *** looking homes. The problem is that we can't do a whole lot about it without their being a fraud claim made on that package. Say you're an honest person, ordering something expensive but you're renting a home and the landlord could give two ***. Your package is delayed because we decided to research it and make sure you're not trying to steal something. Turns out you're not, and we've also had to refund the cost of the shipment because your package was delayed. Our customer service agents are very diligent about catching fraud, they just need to know about it. I'm fairly certain we are a lot more on top of catching these things before UPS is generally speaking. While we're out loading our trucks, our CSAs will be walking down with printouts of packages that have been requested to be held at the station or Kinko's, address changes, fraud claims, reroutes, etc. There are places that due to the courier noticing a trend have become non-release (ie, require a signature) because of fraud claims or because people have said their stuff keeps getting stolen. We have a sort of black-list for that kind of thing. For a while a coworker had an address that was calling in claiming their stuff was stolen BEFORE it had even been delivered. Fortunately I've not had to deal with this very often as the area I deliver is pretty well off financially. We can release pretty much anything from Amazon, but it's down to discretion. If I came to a house that was falling apart, no signs of anyone living there, I wouldn't leave a television laying on the porch, but that's just me.
November 24, 2010 on Reddit

Do you own your own route? Is it successful? Can you tell when a package comes from an adult / XXX company?

FedEx Express operates differently than Ground/Home. I am an hourly employee, I have no investment in the company beyond providing the service that the customer pays for. Ground/Home folks own their routes or are hired by other people that own the route. They also have to pay to maintain their vehicles, find someone to cover their route when they are sick (if they can't, their freight sits there). They make money by delivering packages, I'm not sure what the yield is exactly but I've heard it's around $0.25 per box. Generally speaking we can't, usually the giveaway is if it's printed on the outer packaging as I think most adult places are pretty discreet about their shipping stuff. On a route I used to do there was a Castle Megastore and I used to say to the guy "Hey got your new Disney DVDs here." which usually got a laugh.

I just used your print online feature this week, and it wasn't a horrible disaster! I'm very distrusting of print providers, so it was nice to see the actual prints match the online proofs pretty well, with decent print quality. For an online job that doesn't require any fancy binding or anything, are you really just pushing the print button and putting it in an envelope when it's done? I assume that's the easiest way to avoid screwups. Do you have anybody that works there just for free prints when the boss leaves?

Depends on the size of the job. Any small-to-medium sized jobs (250 business cards, for example) can be sent to our center to be created. We pull up the file, reproduce the card, cut it, box it and call you for pickup/have our courier deliver it. Larger orders go to an actual production facility that works 24 hours a day. I'm actually usually very proud of the things we create at my center, and if it doesn't come out to customer standards, we'll scrap it and do it again. I would be lying if I said I had never used the print stuff for my own personal gain. I've printed out e-mails, my resume (we have nice resume paper), a couple of flyers and I got the option of making free business cards for myself after going through the training course regarding them. The manager typically doesn't say anything if we use it in moderation, since he does too.
October 23, 2010 on Reddit

How hard is it to get a job with FedEx? Does it pay good?

It wasn't too difficult. The pay is nothing spectacular (I make in the mid $9s) but the benefits are fantastic. Our medical/dental/vision/401k stuff is really great. FedEx Offices are usually only hiring if someone quits but FedEx driver positions are hiring a lot because they have a much larger turnaround and are a significant increase to daily physical demands. Drivers also get paid more than people in-building all day, and the Ponylegz is right about Express v. Ground. If you're interested in working for a shipping company, now is the time to check. They're ALWAYS hiring for the holiday season and if you do a bang-up job, they'll probably keep you on after the fact.

So I purchased a kindle, it was left at my house with ATL (Authority to leave without a signature). Someone stole it... So does everyone there have 6 kindles each by now?

It's actually extremely punishable by not only employment termination but also through legal action to open a box without permission. So if anybody has it, its probably your neighbor or milkman or something. In all seriousness, its a very good idea to make items like that require a signature or just schedule a time to pick it up at the nearest station. I don't know about other places but the network that my FedEx and drivers are in are extremely willing to hold boxes at location. I process about ten of them a week. I wish I were hording free Kindles...

Is it the usual stiff, uptight corporate culture over at the office? I can't imagine too many young ppl being excited about getting to work there, what's the typical age group in there? Any cool crap happen there that the typical person wouldn't know? (e.g. secret Fight Club down in the warehouse?)

It's really not at all. I have the most laid-back manager I've ever seen wearing a tie. Sometimes a little too laid-back, actually. We're not really an "office" so much as a retail location in that everyone is usually on their feet for their entire shift. FedEx Office is the official title in that they were trying to incorporate print product creation (Kinkos) into the whole shipping (Federal Express) thing. The name was changed for some kind of unity-within-the-company purpose, but everyone I know misses the Kinkos title. Our range group is from 22 (me) to in-his-60s (our courier). Two mid-40s women, two in their early thirties and another girl in her late 20s. My manager is in his very early 30s. A guy who left recently is in his late 20s. There are these things called Insta-PAK. It's two chemicals that, when mixed together within the bag, create a foam that expands and hardens. On his last day, one of my coworkers whipped out a bag of Insta-PAK, sat on it and made himself a butt cushion. My manager is rumored to have several of these in his backseat for tailgating purposes since the chemical reaction also heats the bag and I'm told it's very useful to have a warm butt at sporting events. :P

I worked at a company that used UPS a **LOT**. I bet that FedEx is somewhat similar in how stuff works. How often did you guys just kick a huge *** hole in the side of a box during the holiday season, due to sheer frustration and anger at how management was stressing you out with insane demands?

I'm sure people have heard horror stories about FedEx, UPS, and other shipping companies, and most of the time these stories are true. Not a day went by where I didn't see at least one box thrown into a van or truck. I remember one particular instance where I was in an ATR 72 unloading package where this guy I was sliding packages with became mad about something, and kicked the box to slide it down the rollers. He kicked a little too hard and put a hole right through the box. He immediately looked up at me, and we both just laughed and continued working.
August 24, 2010 on Reddit

How long did it take you to notice the arrow in the name?

I would say I noticed it about 2 or 3 months in. It was hard to notice subtle things like that when you are trying to avoid death. The average employee wasn't very smart, and they were given the chance to operate heavy machinery around flying, fuel-filled airplanes
August 24, 2010 on Reddit

What would you do if you fell with a fedex airplane on a lonely island?

Unlike Tom Hanks, I would say F#$* the customer, and I would open up every package I could get my greedy little hands on

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Delta 4.7 years
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Alaska Airlines 4.4 years
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Frederick SmithChairperson $536,000Republican Party
Christine RichardsExecutive Vice President $79,800Republican Party
Langhorne SiasPilot $76,500Republican Party
David BronczekPresident/Chief Executive Officer $44,900Republican Party
Robert CarterExecutive $35,900Republican Party
Michael DuckerPresident/Chief Executive Officer $30,800Republican Party
Michael GlennExecutive Vice President $19,800Republican Party
Alan Graf JrExecutive Vice President $15,600Republican Party
Clifford SmithPilot $9,300Republican Party
Susan SchwabDirector $8,800Republican Party
Deborah TanabeOperations Agent $8,489Democratic Party
Fred RameyDriver $7,960Republican Party
William BrandtPilot $7,250Republican Party
Tara WhitneyAccountant $7,000Republican Party
James StoryPilot $6,400Republican Party
Gina AdamsAttorney $6,000Democratic Party
Denise WoodCorporate Vice President $5,783Democratic Party
John TroutSales $5,635Democratic Party
Carl GustkePilot $5,550Republican Party
Lance MangumGovernment Affairs Researcher $5,450Democratic Party
Janet HardinNot Employed $5,350Democratic Party
Paul CasselOperations Vice President $5,240Republican Party
Alan GrafBusiness Executive $5,000Republican Party
Michael WellsPilot $4,350Republican Party
Ralph CarterAttorney $3,950Democratic Party
John AllisonManager $3,875Democratic Party
Con CampbellRetired $3,800Republican Party
Kathi McWhorterAccount Manager $3,700Democratic Party
ANN DickeyVice President $3,600Democratic Party
Steven MairosePilot $3,500Republican Party
Dennis BealVice President $3,500Republican Party
Bill LanghamMarket Director $3,400Republican Party
Stephen GriffinVice President $3,100Republican Party
Debra LangfordAirline Pilot $3,082Democratic Party
Cecilie Vance PenchionSenior Training Specialist $2,850Democratic Party
Ken ReevesAttorney $2,800Democratic Party
Charles AllenPilot $2,701Republican Party
Kenneth KuleshaPilot $2,700Republican Party
Steve ConrathOperation Supervisor $2,700Democratic Party
Timothy RatcliffShip Dock $2,700Republican Party
Joseph HorterAttorney $2,700Democratic Party
Caroline GravesMarketing $2,700Republican Party
FrytCounsel $2,700Republican Party
Shannon BrownSenior Vice President $2,660Democratic Party
Steven GriffinVice President $2,650Republican Party
Chris RousseyPilot $2,600Republican Party
Vincent SedwickPilot $2,600Democratic Party
Michael HigginsPilot $2,550Republican Party
Mike MurkowskiExecutive $2,500Republican Party
Patrick Reed SrChief Operating Officer $2,500Democratic Party
Thomas GlesserPilot $2,500Republican Party
Rene MartinezConsultant $2,500Democratic Party
Robert FritschPilot $2,478Democratic Party
Tricia BahTeacher $2,400Democratic Party
David CabanillaBig Jets $2,300Democratic Party
Clint SaxtonAttorney $2,250Democratic Party
Anthony HausermanPilot $2,200Democratic Party
George ConwayAirline Pilot $2,200Democratic Party
Lawrence HauptManager $2,200Republican Party
Nancy SparksLawyer $2,050Democratic Party
Richard SampsonManagement $2,000Republican Party
Wesley ReedPilot $2,000Democratic Party
Brett MalonePilot $2,000Republican Party
Richard RodgersLobbyist $2,000Republican Party
William LoguePresident $2,000Republican Party
Michael FrytFinance Executive $2,000Republican Party
Arthur ShollAdministration $2,000Republican Party
T GlennExecutive $2,000Republican Party
Brian EppicEngineer $1,950Republican Party
Earl BrownleePilot $1,850Democratic Party
Maurice WallersonPilot $1,781Democratic Party
Jane DyerPilot $1,750Democratic Party
Gilbert VondriskaPilot $1,750Democratic Party
Gloria BoylandExecutive $1,750Democratic Party
David SmithPilot $1,750Republican Party
George TurnerAirline Transport Pilot $1,700Republican Party
Michael SmithAmt $1,650Republican Party
Kathleen SmeroSales Representative $1,635Republican Party
David WhittemorePilot $1,601Republican Party
John BuyersPilot $1,600Republican Party
Mary NicolettiDevelopment Manager $1,600Republican Party
Blake WaldoPilot $1,600Republican Party
Randall HighfillPilot $1,600Republican Party
William JonesAnalyst $1,520Republican Party
James HenkelPilot $1,500Democratic Party
Christopher WaltersPilot $1,500Republican Party
Clinton AlbertsPilot $1,500Democratic Party
David PryorGovernment Relations $1,500Democratic Party
Eliot ShulmanPilot $1,500Republican Party
Christopher CerniManager $1,500Republican Party
George WiggamFlight Instructor $1,500Republican Party
Mark WynnPilot $1,475Republican Party
Paul WestfieldPilot $1,470Republican Party
James IngallsPilot $1,400Democratic Party
Eric DawsonPilot $1,400Republican Party
Michael SadlerContractor $1,350Democratic Party
Greggory BembenekPilot $1,344Republican Party
Thomas WallacePilot $1,300Republican Party
Cheryl HansonSales $1,250Democratic Party
Steven StilesPilot $1,250Republican Party
Steven LoberPilot $1,250Democratic Party
James GarriganPilot $1,250Republican Party
William ReesCrew Member $1,250Republican Party
Sharon PsarianosManaging Director $1,250Republican Party
Glenn SpottoPilot $1,250Republican Party
Michael MoriartySales Vice President $1,250Republican Party
Karen ThompsonTechnical Advisor $1,245Republican Party
Stephen SmithPilot $1,205Republican Party
Clayton JonesPilot $1,201Republican Party
David EastonAirline Pilot $1,200Democratic Party
Bradford DeutschPilot $1,200Republican Party
Gary ZambitoCommercial Pilot $1,200Republican Party
Tony GradyPilot $1,200Republican Party
TIM BursonPilot $1,185Democratic Party
Armando CastroverdePilot $1,175Republican Party
Bob AveryPilot $1,158Republican Party
Donald WoodleyCustomer Service Representative $1,150Democratic Party
Frederick CressmanPilot $1,150Republican Party
KIM McBrideEngineer $1,100Republican Party
Charles AlbrittonPilot $1,100Republican Party
Eric KeaneSenior Vice President $1,100Democratic Party
Theodore CantySales $1,071Democratic Party
Maurice ByersAircraft Mechanic $1,005Republican Party
Suzanne WilsonDistrict Manager $1,002Democratic Party
James DurdenPilot $1,000Republican Party
Kevin McAuliffePilot $1,000Republican Party
Carmen ZamoraMarketing $1,000Democratic Party
Daniel HillesDock Worker $1,000Republican Party
Steven GinskiPersonal $1,000Republican Party
Curtis HenryDriver $1,000Republican Party
Gary YoungPilot $1,000Republican Party
William OconnellPilot $1,000Republican Party
Robert RidderPilot $1,000Democratic Party
Andrew WagnerAttorney $1,000Republican Party
Michael HealyAirline Pilot $1,000Republican Party
James MacDonaldMaterial Handler $1,000Republican Party
Mark HansenLead Counselor $1,000Republican Party
William Oehl JrPilot $1,000Republican Party
Richard HandPilot $1,000Republican Party
Michael KeeleyAirline Captain $1,000Republican Party
Reyne GoetzePilot $1,000Republican Party
Kenneth AdamsPilot $1,000Republican Party
David Pryor JrSenior Representative $1,000Democratic Party
JIM MorePilot $1,000Democratic Party
Gordy OrigerPilot $1,000Republican Party
Tamara PayneInformation Technology Technician $1,000Democratic Party
David BogartPilot $1,000Republican Party
Timothy RoystonPilot $1,000Democratic Party
Noel FultonManager $1,000Democratic Party
Dorothy SmithExport Manager $1,000Republican Party
Richard GattisCaptain $1,000Republican Party
Philip Spinosa JrSales Representative $1,000Republican Party
Frederick SmsmithChief Executive Officer $1,000Democratic Party
Lucy MattooMktg Product MGT $1,000Independent
Connie LensingSenior Vice President $1,000Democratic Party
Robert QuinnManagement $1,000Democratic Party
Nina ThorntonManagement $1,000Democratic Party
Scott HilsendegerCourier $1,000Democratic Party
Pal ReedPresident/Chief Executive Officer $1,000Democratic Party
David RebholzChief Executive Officer $1,000Democratic Party
Nanette GandyHRA $926Democratic Party
Michael HarnishPilot $925Democratic Party
Travis BoozerAttorney $909Libertarian Party
Derek MartinPilot $900Democratic Party
David AndersonPilot $900Democratic Party
Michael FosterCourier $850Democratic Party
Tony HausermanPilot $800Democratic Party
Stephen Van KleefHeavy Vehicle Technician $800Democratic Party
Stuart CummingsCommercial Pilot $800Democratic Party
Dean LaskovicsSenior Manager $800Democratic Party
Ken FergusonRetired $750Democratic Party
Burtis RobinsonAirline Pilot $750Democratic Party
Erick JimenezDriver $735Democratic Party
Trynna BrownManager $726Democratic Party
David WebbPilot $700Democratic Party
Clifford KotnikSoftware Engineer $700Democratic Party
Patricia Corrigan EknessSales $675Democratic Party
Andrew PattsDriver $673Libertarian Party
Maralee OrihuelaCashier $662Democratic Party
Allen ReedAircraft Inspector $660Democratic Party
Kimberly CoryatPilot $650Democratic Party
Christopher HarringtonPilot $650Democratic Party
Daniel AvilesSales $625Democratic Party
James BaileyPilot $609Democratic Party
Clark BroughtonSales $600Democratic Party
Michael ArcamuziPilot $600Democratic Party
Bret HamiltonPilot $600Democratic Party
Brian LinigerCourier $594Democratic Party
Beth DalessandroSales Analysis $589Democratic Party
Vernon TaylorManager $575Democratic Party
Susan HallSenior Programmer Analyst $554Democratic Party
Tamar BaileyAirline Pilot $550Democratic Party
Jonathan ScilkenPilot $550Democratic Party
John ZamoidaPackage Handler $545Democratic Party
Lijo JosephInformation Technology Manager $545Democratic Party
Renee BabbittCashier $522Democratic Party
Philip AshfordFinance Analyst $500Democratic Party
Richard DwyerPilot $500Democratic Party
Donald ComerDirector $500Democratic Party
Anne AzmiSenior Marketing Specialist $500Democratic Party
Christopher LutatPilot $500Democratic Party
John SomersPilot $500Democratic Party
JOE LiggettCourier $500Democratic Party
Tanabe DeborahOperations Agent $500Green Party
Lawrence SykoraDriver $500Other
Eugene WrightCan Handler $300Independent
Rodney HayhurstManager $277Independent
H WestPilot $250Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
Hector PerezOwner $200Independent
Joel FilesAnalyst $130Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
Steven CalappAircraft Mechanic $32Independent
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FedEx Salaries

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    Salary Score
We calculated the salary score by comparing the salaries of specific positions within a given company against other similar positions at other similar companies.
Senior Claims AnalystLakeland, FL $150,000
Senior Claims AnalystLakeland, FL $150,000
Information Technology SpecialistGaithersburg, MD $128,737
Technical Solutions ArchitectCranberry, PA $110,094
Operations Research AnalystMemphis, TN $92,810
Project EngineerMemphis, TN $92,810
Simulation EngineerMemphis, TN $92,102
Database AdministratorCranberry, PA $90,979
Programmer AnalystFort Worth, TX $85,467
Senior Research AnalystMemphis, TN $82,014
Operations Research AnalystMemphis, TN $82,014
Operations Research AnalystMemphis, TN $82,014
Lead Operations AnalystMemphis, TN $82,014
Senior Senior Systems Engineering AnalystMemphis, TN $79,934
Human Resources AnalystMemphis, TN $78,562
Senior TechnologistMidland, TX $75,445
Pricing AnalystMemphis, TN $75,338
Workforce Development SpecialistMemphis, TN $75,338
Pricing AnalystMemphis, TN $75,338
Data Security AnalystMemphis, TN $75,338
Pricing AnalystMemphis, TN $75,338
Pricing AnalystMemphis, TN $75,171
Senior EngineerMiami, FL $73,258
EngineerMemphis, TN $71,198
Operations Research AnalystMemphis, TN $71,198
Operations Research AnalystMemphis, TN $71,198
EngineerMemphis, TN $71,198
Manager Of Operations ExcellenceMemphis, TN $71,198
Operations Research AnalystMemphis, TN $71,198
Operations Research AnalystMemphis, TN $71,198
EngineerMemphis, TN $71,198
Senior Research AnalystHarrison, AR $67,912
EngineerIndianapolis, IN $65,915
Senior Research AnalystHarrison, AR $64,308
Senior Research AnalystHarrison, AR $64,308
Senior Research AnalystHarrison, AR $64,308
Project AnalystMemphis, TN $62,982
Automation AnalystUniontown, OH $62,192
Web SpecialistMemphis, TN $61,838
Human Resources AnalystMemphis, TN $61,838
Operations Research AnalystHarrison, AR $61,173
EngineerMemphis, TN $60,403
Associate Technical AnalystMemphis, TN $60,403
Operations Research AnalystHarrison, AR $57,419
Senior TechnologistRaleigh, NC $57,329
Senior TechnologistRomulus, MI $57,329
Senior TechnologistAtlanta, GA $57,329
Senior TechnologistDurham, NC $57,329
Senior TechnologistSoquel, CA $57,329
Senior TechnologistMarietta, GA $57,329
Senior Technician SpecialistAnchorage, AK $57,329
Senior Te