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FedEx Interview Questions (With Example Answers)

FedEx is known for being one of the largest, most reliable, and most trusted transportation and business service corporations across the world. Between FedEx’s express, ground, freight, office, and logistics services, the company has been pleasing customers since May 1971.

With over 200,000 motorized delivery vehicles, more than 650 aircrafts, and a fleet of ocean freight vessels, FedEx proudly delivers an estimated 18 million packages across the globe each and every day, amounting to massive revenue streams totaling approximately $69.2 billion annually. Making it all happen is FedEx’s team of more than 600,000 international employees.

On the front lines of the mega corporation’s operations are the delivery drivers, package handlers, store managers, and associates, ensuring packages arrive quickly and safely to their final destinations.

If you're looking for a new and rewarding career, you might just find your dream job at FedEx. Professionals employed with FedEx report higher than average employee satisfaction levels and have ample opportunity for professional growth and career development.

FedEx employees typically go through a unique screening, interviewing, and employee onboarding process before hitting the ground running and keeping their customers connected and content.

To help you nail your interview and move through the hiring process quickly, we’ve rounded up the most common FedEx interview questions and tips on how to answer them.

By following the tips outlined in this interview guide, you’ll be delivering packages, managing delivery routes, assisting customers, and handling mail in no time.

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The FedEx Interview Process

The interview process is like your golden ticket to a career at FedEx. Ace the interview, and you're almost guaranteed to be hired by the billion-dollar international delivery company.

Knowing what to expect and thoroughly preparing for your job interview will ensure you come across as an informed, capable, and composed applicant and even help you have a more successful interview experience.

Here’s a rough rundown of what to expect at your FedEx job interview:

  1. Application submission. The first step in getting hired by FedEx is submitting an application. The majority of employees working at the company apply for open positions through the FedEx Careers website or online job boards.

    Alternatively, you can also typically submit an application at your local FedEx store or with a company recruiter at a job fair.

  2. Phone interview and screening. After successfully submitting your application, you can expect to get an email confirming your submission. Then, depending on the specific position you’re applying to, FedEx will usually contact you within a week or two if your skills and qualifications fit their needs for the open position.

    If your application piques their interest, you’ll most likely receive an email from a hiring manager or company associate requesting to schedule a phone interview with you. FedEx’s preliminary phone interviews are usually used as a screening tool and can last anywhere from five to 20 minutes.

    During the phone interview, you can expect to be asked basic questions about your skills and qualifications, including your previous relevant experience and your availability.

  3. On-site interview. Here’s your chance to really let your colors shine. After acing the phone interview, if the hiring manager thinks you’re right for the role, you’ll be called in for a traditional in-person interview.

    The on-site interview will be with a human resources professional or an established FedEx employee and will consist of job-specific interview questions aimed at evaluating your professional performance abilities.

    For some applicants, like those applying for positions as local delivery drivers, package handlers, couriers, or roles within FedEx Ground, this will usually be the only on-site interview. If that's the case for you, you can expect to hear back from the hiring manager within a week.

    For other applicants, especially professionals aiming for salaried store or office positions roles within FedEx Freight, or jobs as programmers, analysts, advisors, attorneys, administrative professionals, or store managers, the on-site interview process can be much longer, consisting of several one-on-one, group, or panel interviews.

  4. Pre-employment tests and screening. Once you’ve been given a formal job offer, you’ll have to make it through a few pre-employment tests and screening exams before officially becoming a FedEx employee. This usually consists of a background test and a drug screening.

    For the background check, you can expect to receive an email from FedEx requesting you to provide copies of your license and high school or college diplomas, as well as your full legal name, address, and your social security number.

    As for the drug test, the hiring manager will usually give you specific instructions on when and where you should go for this.

  5. Orientation and training. So you’ve successfully gotten through the application, phone screening, on-site interview, and pre-employment tests? Congratulations, you’ve been hired! The only thing left now is orientation and training.

    All FedEx employees, no matter the position, are required to participate in new employee orientation. The orientation is usually one day and consists of a series of educational videos and a comprehensive review of company policies and procedures.

    Depending on the specific positions you’ve been hired for, you may then be required to attend a series of training days. For example, if you are hired to be a delivery truck driver, you’ll typically have to attend driving training courses and pass a driving test.

8 Common FedEx Interview Questions and Example Answers

To bring you one step closer to getting hired for your dream job with FedEx, we’ve rounded up the eight most common FedEx interview questions with example answers and specific tips on what to say to put your best foot forward and highlight your most desirable skills and qualifications.

Reviewing some of the most common interview questions asked by FedEx hiring managers will help you prepare and go into the interview with a clear head and a precise and thought-out plan of what to say.

Doing a mock interview with these typically asked questions before the big day can be a great way of setting yourself up for success and getting ready for your job interview.

  1. Why do you want to work at FedEx? This is an age-old interview question and one that can be quite tricky to answer. Since FedEx’s success depends directly on their employees, recruiters almost always ask this question to see how you’ll fit in with the company.

    How to Answer: Do your research before your job interview and brainstorm a few specific things that you love about FedEx.

    Whether you love their work culture, their forward-thinking mentality, their delivery guarantees, or their commitment to delivering customers with the highest level of customer service, highlight one of FedEx’s values in your answer, so the hiring manager can see that you’re both committed and informed.

    Example Answer:

    I’m excited at the opportunity to work for a company that is committed to delivering customers with fast, reliable, and top-notch delivery services. I really value good customer service, and I know FedEx puts its customers above all else.

    In that sense, I can’t think of a better place to work and put my many years of delivery service skills to use than at FedEx.

  2. Do you have experience driving trucks? Hiring managers are much more drawn to employees with experience. At FedEx, having prior experience driving trucks, especially delivery trucks, is a highly sought-after skill. This is a great opportunity to showcase your experience and make a lasting first impression.

    How to Answer: If you have prior truck driving experience, be sure to mention what license you hold and what company you worked for. If you don’t have extensive truck driving experience, keep your answer short and sweet, and try to mention any previous work experience you may have related to driving, trucking, or making deliveries.

    Example Answer:

    Yes, I have a Commercial Driver’s License and hundreds of hours of trucking experience. I worked for Amazon for the past three years, driving tractor-trailers up and down the east coast. I also have experience operating smaller delivery trucks and vans.

  3. What experience, if any, do you have managing delivery routes? If you’ve applied for a position as a local delivery driver, having prior experience managing delivery routes will give you a big edge over competing applicants.

    How to Answer: Whether you have a professional package and mail delivery experience or you delivered newspapers as a kid, worked at a bakery delivering cakes, dropped off flower arrangements, delivered groceries, or even just worked for a rideshare company, do your best to mention your experience, or at the very least your familiarity, with delivery routes.

    This is also a great opportunity to touch on your ability to use navigation apps and GPS to deliver packages on time and to the correct address.

    Example Answer:

    For the past year, I have managed the United States Postal Service route for the western portion of Williamson County. I was responsible for communicating with other drivers, using GPS navigation apps, and delivering and collecting mail. Previously, I also delivered flowers and arrangements for a florist based in Nashville.

  4. How will you ensure all packages are delivered on time and in good condition? FedEx is committed to customer satisfaction, which means delivering packages safely and efficiently.

    No matter what position you're interviewing for, you’ll probably be asked this question since, one way or another, all FedEx employees play a part in delivering packages and pleasing customers.

    How to Answer: Highlighting your commitment to customer satisfaction and illustrating your top-notch communication, organization, and time management skills is a great way of answering this common interview question.

    Example Answer:

    By nature, I’m a hard worker, and I will go above and beyond to make sure customers are satisfied and service is smooth, fast, and uninterrupted. I would use my refined organization and communication skills to make sure all packages are accounted for and all parties are aware of delivery times.

    I’m confident in my time management skills and will be as efficient as possible at work to ensure all packages are delivered on time and in pristine condition.

  5. How would you handle a customer complaint regarding the status of their delivery? FedEx hiring managers almost always ask prospective employees this question in an effort to assess their values and professionalism.

    Complaints happen in every industry and field, but the key is dealing with complaints quickly and taking steps to rectify problems and retain happy customers.

    How to Answer: Use your answer to highlight your problem-solving and customer service skills by explaining how you would take appropriate measures to rectify delivery problems and satisfy paying customers.

    Example Answer:

    I take customer complaints very seriously. I know how frustrating it can be when a package is lost or delayed, so I always make sure to listen to a customer's concerns and do everything in my power to locate their package and expedite shipping.

    I would rely on FedEx company policies as well as my own customer service and problem-solving skills to handle complaints quickly and efficiently.

  6. What experience do you have with packaging items for shipment and delivery? This question is especially important if you’re interviewing for a role as a package handler. Hiring managers are looking for applicants with experience and knowledge on how to properly handle mail.

    How to Answer: Do your best to illustrate your commitment to maintaining FedEx’s high company standards by packaging items with care and handling deliveries with the utmost professionalism.

    Example Answer:

    In my last position with UPS, I prepared orders and packaged items for local delivery. When it comes to preparing packages and handling deliveries, I'm fully committed to maintaining FedEx’s high company standards and completing my work efficiently, quickly, and diligently.

  7. Tell me about a situation where you practiced good customer service as a delivery driver or associate. Quality customer service is huge at FedEx. During your interview, FedEx hiring managers are trying to evaluate your client and product service skills, so you’ll likely hear lots of questions like this one.

    How to Answer: Recall a time that you went out of your way for a customer. Remember, the goal here is to highlight your top-notch customer service skills.

    Example Answer:

    Once, when I was delivering a package, a customer wanted to return an item but didn’t have a box or shipping label.

    Although it was the company policy that the customer had to have the item boxed and schedule a return pickup online, I took a few extra minutes to walk her through the process, then printed a shipping label from my PowerPad, and used a spare box from the truck to pack it all up.

    The customer needed the return processed as soon as possible, so she was very pleased with the fast service.

  8. What skills do you have that make you a perfect candidate for a position at FedEx? Hiring managers typically ask FedEx job applicants this common interview question to give them a chance to discuss any of their skills or qualifications that they have not yet touched upon during the interview.

    How to Answer: Showcase your strongest skills in your answer and try to specifically illustrate why you’re the best applicant for the role. Discussing your time management, organization, communication, customer service skills, and any previous relevant experience are all great things to include in your answer.

    Example Answer:

    I am confident that I have the skills needed to succeed as a delivery driver with FedEx. I have a clean Commercial Driver’s Licence, several years of professional delivery experience, and impeccable customer service skills. I’m committed to getting the job done fast and getting it done right.

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Other Common FedEx Interview Questions

  1. When can you start?

  2. What hours or shifts do you want to work?

  3. Are you available to work nights, days, weekends, and holidays if needed?

  4. Tell me about your prior experience.

  5. Are you able to lift 50 to 100 pounds and handle packages above 100 pounds using appropriate equipment?

  6. Can you walk up and downstairs to uphold our high standards when it comes to delivering packages?

  7. Do you have a clean driving record?

  8. Do you have a commercial driver’s license?

  9. How do you practice good communication while at work?

  10. Do you see a long-term career with FedEx?

  11. Have you ever been employed by FedEx in the past?

  12. How do you handle pressure at work?

Tips for Applying for a Job at FedEx

If you’re looking to land your dream job at FedEx, there are a few things to keep in mind during the application and onboarding process.

  1. Dress business casual. Whether you’re applying for a delivery driver position or an administrative role, it’s important to dress to impress. Previous FedEx job applicants recommend dressing business casual for all on-site job interviews.

  2. Highlight your commitment and drive. FedEx is always on the search for good workers. To stand out during your interview, make sure you highlight your communication and multitasking skills, your commitment to the company, and your ability to work at a fast pace without compromising quality or service.

  3. Illustrate your experience handling and delivering packages. Having prior experience can go a long way when you’re vying for a job with FedEx. The delivery company gets thousands of job applicants every day, so showcasing any prior relevant experience will help you stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression.