Updated December 31, 2020

How Much Does Fernandez & Assoc Pay?
As an employee at Fernandez & Assoc in the USA, you can expect to earn an average salary of $72,694 per year, or $34.0 an hour. However, there's a significant range between the top 10 percent of earners and the bottom 10 percent of earners. While the highest-paid employees at Fernandez & Assoc can earn over $120,000 a year, the lowest-paid employees earn less than $43,000. Show More

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Fernandez & Assoc Salaries By Department

Salaries at Fernandez & Assoc can vary depending on the department or organizational function. For example, workers in the engineering function earn the highest salaries at Fernandez & Assoc, with average earnings of $92,743. The finance organizational function also pays relatively high compared to other departments, where employees earn $79,470. The organizational functions at Fernandez & Assoc that pay the least are customer service and plant/manufacturing. Workers in these departments earn $32,969 and $51,165, respectively.
Average Salary


Salary Range78k - 109k$93k$92,743


Salary Range65k - 96k$79k$79,470


Salary Range61k - 92k$75k$75,194


Salary Range45k - 79k$60k$60,160


Salary Range38k - 68k$51k$51,165

Customer Service

Salary Range25k - 42k$33k$32,969

Fernandez & Assoc Salaries By Location

It's no secret that workers earn different salaries in different parts of the country, since the cost of living can be much higher in certain areas. Looking at our data, we can see that employees at Fernandez & Assoc earn more in some areas than others.
Average Salary

Watsonville, CA Jobs

Salary Range60k - 119k$85k$84,943

Bellerose, NY Jobs

Salary Range56k - 110k$79k$79,038

Centerville, WA Jobs

Salary Range56k - 110k$79k$78,775

Casa Grande, AZ Jobs

Salary Range49k - 98k$70k$69,993

Kapolei, HI Jobs

Salary Range47k - 83k$63k$63,003

Groveland, FL Jobs

Salary Range44k - 89k$63k$62,938

Fernandez & Assoc Competitor Salaries

Some of the competitors of Fernandez & Assoc are General Office Products, PA Careerlink, and FIRST RESORT SOFTWARE. Employees at General Office Products earn more than most of the competition, with an average yearly salary of $73,523. The salaries at PA Careerlink average $73,505 per year, and the salaries at FIRST RESORT SOFTWARE come in at $72,963 per year.
Average Salary

General Office Products

Salary Range56k - 96k$74k$73,523

PA Careerlink

Salary Range56k - 96k$74k$73,505


Salary Range55k - 95k$73k$72,963

Dray Holdings

Salary Range55k - 96k$73k$72,804


Salary Range55k - 96k$73k$72,717

Charles Jones

Salary Range55k - 94k$73k$72,594


Salary Range54k - 95k$72k$72,416
BOS - Business Office Systems
Salary Range55k - 93k$72k$72,245


Salary Range55k - 92k$72k$71,875

Wolfe & Taylor

Salary Range54k - 93k$71k$71,285

Fernandez & Assoc Jobs