Updated December 31, 2020

How Much Does First Capital Pay?
The national average salary for an employee at First Capital is $59,678 per year, or $28.0 an hour. Those in the bottom 10th percentile earn under $29,000 a year, while the high earners in the top 90th percentile can make over $119,000. Show More

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First Capital Salaries By Department

Workers at First Capital earn different salaries depending on the department or organizational function that they work in. Based on our analysis, the employees in business development earn salaries at First Capital that are well above average, with yearly earnings averaging $113,966. The corporate management department also pays well, with an average salary of $109,772 per year. On the lower end of the pay scale, the facilities and retail functions pay lower wages, with average employee salaries of $35,217, and $39,185, respectively.
Average Salary

Business Development

Salary Range84k - 153k$114k$113,966

Corporate Management

Salary Range83k - 143k$110k$109,772


Salary Range56k - 91k$72k$71,958


Salary Range47k - 87k$64k$64,349


Salary Range46k - 84k$63k$62,942


Salary Range40k - 92k$61k$61,465

Real Estate

Salary Range41k - 59k$50k$49,667


Salary Range36k - 66k$49k$49,087


Salary Range35k - 65k$48k$48,169


Salary Range34k - 55k$44k$43,908

First Capital Salaries By Job Title

The average employee at First Capital earns a yearly salary of $59,678 per year, but different jobs can earn drastically different salaries. The higher paying positions at First Capital include director of sales, investment officer, equity trader, and mortgage broker. A typical director of sales salary at First Capital is $165,804 per year. Other roles at First Capital include landscape labour and teller. A landscape labour at First Capital earns an average yearly salary of $23,456.
Job Title
Job Title
Average Salary

Director Of Sales Jobs

Salary Range145k - 188k$166k$165,804

Investment Officer Jobs

Salary Range131k - 194k$160k$159,918

Equity Trader Jobs

Salary Range130k - 171k$149k$149,257

Mortgage Broker Jobs

Salary Range133k - 156k$145k$144,610

Principal Jobs

Salary Range119k - 146k$132k$132,112

Managing Director Jobs

Salary Range114k - 147k$130k$129,761

Controller Jobs

Salary Range106k - 130k$118k$117,811

Senior Underwriter Jobs

Salary Range103k - 123k$113k$113,096

Associate Jobs

Salary Range85k - 103k$94k$94,146

Senior Analyst Jobs

Salary Range85k - 98k$92k$91,973

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First Capital Finance Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Senior Underwriter
Salary Range103k - 123k$113k$113,097
Senior Analyst
Salary Range85k - 98k$92k$91,973

Mortgage Originator

Salary Range78k - 103k$90k$90,050
Investment Advisor
Salary Range75k - 105k$89k$89,059
Finance Analyst
Salary Range69k - 100k$83k$83,454
Actuarial Assistant
Salary Range70k - 91k$80k$80,203

Investment Banking Internship

Salary Range69k - 83k$76k$75,885
Loan Officer
Salary Range62k - 88k$74k$74,372

Wealth Management Internship

Salary Range65k - 84k$74k$74,132
Commercial Underwriter
Salary Range55k - 65k$61k$60,579

First Capital Administrative Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary

Corporate Secretary

Salary Range77k - 94k$86k$85,535

Regional Administrator

Salary Range78k - 91k$85k$84,927
Manager Officer
Salary Range71k - 83k$77k$77,022
Division Administrator
Salary Range70k - 81k$76k$75,899
Staff Associate
Salary Range55k - 60k$58k$58,319
Facility Supervisor
Salary Range44k - 60k$52k$51,633
Administrative Internship
Salary Range39k - 46k$43k$42,707
Office Manager
Salary Range38k - 45k$42k$42,175
Salary Range38k - 42k$41k$40,595
Administrative Assistant
Salary Range37k - 42k$40k$39,999

First Capital Sales Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Account Manager
Salary Range62k - 69k$66k$65,784
Sales Manager
Salary Range47k - 63k$55k$54,571
Account Executive
Salary Range50k - 54k$52k$52,418
Sales Representative
Salary Range37k - 44k$41k$40,996
Lead Generator
Salary Range31k - 36k$34k$33,698
New Accounts Representative
Salary Range30k - 33k$32k$32,332

First Capital Salaries By Location

Cost of living can vary dramatically depending on the part of the country you're in. Employees at First Capital earn different salaries depending on their region.
Average Salary

York, PA Jobs

Salary Range40k - 98k$63k$62,847

Gold River, CA Jobs

Salary Range36k - 89k$57k$57,108

Houston, TX Jobs

Salary Range34k - 87k$55k$55,322

Miami, FL Jobs

Salary Range32k - 82k$52k$51,970

First Capital Competitor Salaries

Competitors of First Capital include Southern California Mortgage, First Financial Bank, and U S Financial Mortgage. The average salaries at Southern California Mortgage rank the highest, with their employees earning an average salary of $70,343 per year. The salaries at First Financial Bank average $68,661 per year, and the salaries at U S Financial Mortgage come in at $64,736 per year.
Average Salary

Southern California Mortgage

Salary Range48k - 101k$70k$70,343

First Financial Bank

Salary Range45k - 104k$69k$68,661
U S Financial Mortgage
Salary Range43k - 95k$65k$64,736
Mortgage Network
Salary Range47k - 81k$63k$62,611

Opteum Mortgage

Salary Range46k - 81k$62k$61,697

Allied Capital

Salary Range46k - 79k$61k$60,908

United Mortgage

Salary Range47k - 75k$60k$60,193

Prime Mortgage

Salary Range45k - 76k$59k$58,875

Harrison Investments

Salary Range40k - 84k$58k$58,469
Heritage Financial
Salary Range39k - 86k$58k$58,016

First Capital Jobs