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Research Summary. We analyzed 2,674 food service manager resumes to determine which ones land the most jobs. Below you'll find examples of resumes that can help you get an interview (and a job offer) from companies like Aramark and Sodexo Management. Here are the key facts about food service manager resumes to help you get the job:

  • The average food service manager resume is 337 words long
  • The average food service manager resume is 0.7 pages long based on 450 words per page.
  • Customer service is the most common skill found on a food service manager resume. It appears on 26.8% of resumes.
After learning about how to write a professional food service manager resume, you can make sure your resume checks all the boxes with our resume builder.


Food Service Manager Resume Example

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Food Service Manager Resume
Food Service Manager Resume
Food Service Manager Resume
Food Service Manager Resume
Food Service Manager Resume
Food Service Manager Resume
Food Service Manager Resume
Food Service Manager Resume
Food Service Manager Resume
Food Service Manager Resume
Food Service Manager Resume
Food Service Manager Resume
Food Service Manager Resume
Food Service Manager Resume
Food Service Manager Resume
Food Service Manager Resume

Food Service Manager Resume Format And Sections


1. Add Contact Information To Your Food Service Manager Resume

Your name should be the biggest text on the page and be at or near the top of the document.

Your address doesn't need to include your street name or house number - listing your city and state works just fine.

Your email address should be professional, but not your current work email address. It's not a good look to use your work email for personal projects (job-searching).

Your social media can be included if you have a fully-fledged LinkedIn page or another social media page that showcases your relevant skill set.

Food Service Manager Resume Contact Information Example #1

Dhruv Johnson | 333-111-2222 |

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2. Add Your Relevant Education To The Resume

Your resume's education section should include:

  • The name of your school
  • The date you graduated (Month, Year or Year are both appropriate)
  • The name of your degree
If you graduated more than 15 years ago, you should consider dropping your graduation date to avoid age discrimination.

Optional subsections for your education section include:

  • Academic awards (Dean's List, Latin honors, etc. )
  • GPA (if you're a recent graduate and your GPA was 3.5+)
  • Extra certifications
  • Academic projects (thesis, dissertation, etc.)

Other tips to consider when writing your education section include:

  • If you're a recent graduate, you might opt to place your education section above your experience section
  • The more work experience you get, the shorter your education section should be
  • List your education in reverse chronological order, with your most recent and high-ranking degrees first
  • If you haven't graduated yet, you can include "Expected graduation date" to the entry for that school

Food Service Manager Resume Relevant Education Example #1

Certificate In Culinary Arts 2008 - 2009

Sullivan University Bardstown, KY

Food Service Manager Resume Relevant Education Example #2

High School Diploma 1998 - 2000


3. Next, Create A Food Service Manager Skills Section On Your Resume

Your resume's skills section should include the most important keywords from the job description, as long as you actually have those skills. If you haven't started your job search yet, you can look over resumes to get an idea of what skills are the most important.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your resume's skills section:

  • Include 6-12 skills, in bullet point form
  • List mostly hard skills; soft skills are hard to test
  • Emphasize the skills that are most important for the job
Hard skills are generally more important to hiring managers because they relate to on-the-job knowledge and specific experience with a certain technology or process.

Soft skills are also valuable, as they're highly transferable and make you a great person to work alongside, but they're impossible to prove on a resume.

Example Of Food Service Manager Skills For Resume

  • Customer Service Skills

    Customer service is the process of offering assistance to all the current and potential customers -- answering questions, fixing problems, and providing excellent service. The main goal of customer service is to build a strong relationship with the customers so that they keep coming back for more business.

  • Sanitation Standards Skills

    Sanitation Standards are the minimal rules and requirements that must be carried out and followed in the process of sanitizing or cleaning something or somebody. These measurements might be employed by individuals and institutions alike and organizations like the World Health organization often develop and define these standards for both groups. They are also frequently found in certain businesses, such as medical institutions like hospitals or places that prepare and/or serve consumable goods, such as food and drinks.

  • Kitchen Equipment Skills

    Kitchen Equipment refers to all those essential items which are crucial for the task of cooking.

  • Cost Control Skills

    Cost control is a process in which actual costs are recorded and incorporated into a format that allows comparison with project budgets to regulate and control operating costs within an organization. The goal of cost control is to manage project delivery within the approved budget and reduce expenses to increase profits.

Top Skills for a Food Service Manager

  • Customer Service, 26.8%
  • Sanitation Standards, 9.9%
  • Cleanliness, 7.3%
  • Patients, 6.2%
  • Other Skills, 49.8%
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4. List Your Food Service Manager Experience

The most important part of any resume is the experience section. Recruiters and hiring managers expect to see your experience listed in reverse chronological order, meaning that you should begin with your most recent experience and then work backwards.

Don't just list your job duties below each job entry. Instead, make sure most of your bullet points discuss impressive achievements from your past positions. Whenever you can, use numbers to contextualize your accomplishments for the hiring manager reading your resume.

It's okay if you can't include exact percentages or dollar figures. There's a big difference even between saying "Managed a team of engineers" and "Managed a team of 6 engineers over a 9-month project."

Most importantly, make sure that the experience you include is relevant to the job you're applying for. Use the job description to ensure that each bullet point on your resume is appropriate and helpful.

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Work History Example # 1
Dietary Cook
Burger King
  • Washed dishes, ran line.
  • Maintained quality of food safety by following the teaching of the ServSafe certification.
  • Garnished hamburgers or other meats such as chicken and fish.
  • Cooked and prepared food, cleaned the grill, washed dishes and serviced customers.
  • Assisted the Sous Chef with the organization and distribution of food for service.
Work History Example # 2
  • Completed the basic tasks of working at McDonalds in all the positions.
  • Established and maintained positive communication with customers and kept manager informed about customer satisfaction.
  • Cooked certain foods to McDonalds standards and kept area clean accordance to food and health code.
  • Interacted with customers at drive-thru window and at counter.
  • Worked all stations, which included preparation of food and drive-thru order.
Work History Example # 3
Head Chef
  • Executed HACCP tracking and logging for improved safety, reliability and reduced food costs.
  • Worked as a First Cook, graduated to a Sous Chef.
  • Completed Servsafe course and received the Servsafe certificate.
  • Practiced all Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point Procedures (HACCP) and protocol procedures.
  • Trained all employees for servsafe certification.
Work History Example # 4
Food Service Supervisor
  • Developed and taught staff training curriculum(HACCP).
  • Completed the ServSafe Food Safety Course and passed the exam.
  • Resolved complaints and consistently received positive feedback from residents and family members.
  • Prepared meals according to state nutritional guidelines, maintained clean and sanitized kitchen area, maintained temperature log for all prepared foods
  • Supervised, train and conduct HACCP training.

5. Highlight Your Food Service Manager Certifications On Resume

Certifications can be a powerful tool to show employers that you know your stuff. If you have any of these certifications, make sure to put them on your food service manager resume:

  1. ServSafe Alcohol
  2. Certified Food Manager (CFM)
  3. Certified Dietary Manager (CDM)
  4. Food Safety Manager Certification
  5. ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification
  6. Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)
  7. Certified Service Manager
  8. Certified Manager Certification (CM)
  9. Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
  10. Certified Professional - Food Safety (CP-FS)


6. Finally, Add a Food Service Manager Resume Summary Or Objective Statement

A resume summary statement is a 1-3 sentence spiel at the top of your resume that quickly summarizes who you are and what you have to offer. In this section, include your job title, years of experience (if it's 3+), and an impressive accomplishment, if you have space for it.

Remember to address skills and experiences that are emphasized in the job description.

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Common Food Service Manager Resume Skills

  • Customer Service
  • Sanitation Standards
  • Cleanliness
  • Patients
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Food Handling
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Culinary
  • Employee Training
  • Cost Control
  • Employee Engagement
  • ServSafe
  • Food Service Operations
  • Inventory Management
  • Food Production
  • POS
  • Food Quality
  • Math
  • Work Ethic
  • Product Quality
  • Gross Profit
  • Hudson
  • Inventory Control
  • Plan Menus
  • Cash Control
  • Food Service
  • Customer Complaints
  • USDA
  • Labor Costs
  • Bank Deposits
  • Food Preparation
  • Food Safety
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Portion Control
  • Fine Dining
  • Order Food
  • Food Cost
  • Meal Counts
  • Building Maintenance
  • Portion Sizes
  • Kitchen Operations
  • Health Regulations

Food Service Manager Jobs