Updated December 31, 2020

How Much Does Fort Dearborn Co Pay?
Fort Dearborn Co employees earn an average of $37,975 per year, which is $18.0 an hour. However, there's a significant range between the top 10 percent of earners and the bottom 10 percent of earners. While the highest-paid employees at Fort Dearborn Co can earn over $69,000 a year, the lowest-paid employees earn less than $20,000. Show More

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Fort Dearborn Co Salaries By Department

How much you earn at Fort Dearborn Co depends on your role, and the organizational function that you work in. Based on our analysis, the employees in it earn salaries at Fort Dearborn Co that are well above average, with yearly earnings averaging $85,087. Employees working in the accounting department earn a relatively high salary as well, averaging $61,768 per year. Departments that don't pay as well at Fort Dearborn Co include the warehouse and retail organizational functions, with employees earning $30,104 and $33,613, respectively.
Average Salary


Salary Range68k - 106k$85k$85,087


Salary Range49k - 77k$62k$61,768


Salary Range45k - 75k$59k$58,829


Salary Range44k - 65k$54k$53,905


Salary Range43k - 58k$50k$50,476


Salary Range28k - 46k$36k$36,485


Salary Range26k - 45k$35k$34,528

Customer Service

Salary Range26k - 43k$34k$34,043


Salary Range24k - 46k$34k$33,613


Salary Range25k - 36k$30k$30,104

Fort Dearborn Co Salaries By Job Title

The average employee at Fort Dearborn Co earns a yearly salary of $37,975 per year, but different jobs can earn drastically different salaries. Some of the job titles with high salaries at Fort Dearborn Co are manufacturing director, data integrity specialist, plant superintendent, and director of continuous improvement. A typical manufacturing director salary at Fort Dearborn Co is $156,934. Some of the other roles at Fort Dearborn Co are cashier and packer. A worker with the title cashier at Fort Dearborn Co earns an average salary of $22,914 per year.
Job Title
Average Salary

Manufacturing Director Jobs

Salary Range138k - 178k$157k$156,934

Data Integrity Specialist Jobs

Salary Range110k - 130k$120k$120,182

Plant Superintendent Jobs

Salary Range101k - 113k$107k$107,010

Director Of Continuous Improvement Jobs

Salary Range89k - 105k$97k$97,031

Plant Controller Jobs

Salary Range82k - 94k$88k$87,950

Systems Administrator Jobs

Salary Range70k - 91k$81k$80,508

Customer Service Manager Jobs

Salary Range54k - 68k$61k$61,174

Production Supervisor Jobs

Salary Range53k - 64k$59k$58,573

Account Executive Jobs

Salary Range49k - 64k$57k$56,902

Technical Support Specialist Jobs

Salary Range46k - 64k$55k$54,974

Fort Dearborn Co Jobs You Might Like

Fort Dearborn Co Plant/Manufacturing Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary

Pressroom Manager

Salary Range56k - 73k$65k$64,857
Production Supervisor
Salary Range53k - 64k$59k$58,573
General Manager
Salary Range45k - 72k$57k$57,349
Production Scheduler
Salary Range43k - 51k$47k$47,415

1st Pressman

Salary Range39k - 42k$41k$41,040
Quality Assurance Inspector
Salary Range33k - 39k$36k$36,320


Salary Range33k - 39k$36k$36,308

Pre-Press Technician

Salary Range31k - 36k$34k$33,737

2nd Pressman

Salary Range32k - 35k$34k$33,596

Roll Tender

Salary Range31k - 34k$33k$32,793

Fort Dearborn Co Warehouse Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Inventory Management Specialist
Salary Range51k - 61k$56k$56,354
Material Handler
Salary Range30k - 35k$33k$32,821
Warehouse Associate
Salary Range30k - 34k$32k$32,359
Forklift Operator
Salary Range29k - 34k$32k$31,761
Warehouse Worker
Salary Range29k - 32k$31k$30,940
Shipping And Receiving Coordinator
Salary Range28k - 31k$30k$30,301
Shipping And Receiving Clerk
Salary Range28k - 31k$30k$30,082
Salary Range26k - 33k$30k$29,775

Sheeter Operator

Salary Range28k - 30k$29k$29,254
Shift Leader
Salary Range26k - 32k$29k$29,175

Fort Dearborn Co Customer Service Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Customer Service Manager
Salary Range54k - 68k$61k$61,174
Customer Service Representative
Salary Range26k - 31k$29k$28,909

Fort Dearborn Co Salaries By Location

When choosing a place to work, it's important to factor in the cost of living when negotiating a salary. Employees at Fort Dearborn Co earn different salaries depending on their region.
Average Salary

Waukesha, WI Jobs

Salary Range27k - 54k$39k$38,751

Elk Grove Village, IL Jobs

Salary Range27k - 54k$39k$38,551

Tyrone, PA Jobs

Salary Range25k - 55k$38k$37,682

Fort Worth, TX Jobs

Salary Range23k - 52k$35k$35,440

Bowling Green, KY Jobs

Salary Range24k - 48k$34k$34,330

Fort Dearborn Co Competitor Salaries

Based on our research, similar companies to Fort Dearborn Co are Merillat Cabinets, ALMOND, and Paradigm Windows Solutions. The average salaries at Merillat Cabinets rank the highest, with their employees earning an average salary of $46,758 per year. The salaries at ALMOND average $46,552 per year, and the salaries at Paradigm Windows Solutions come in at $44,811 per year.
Average Salary

Merillat Cabinets

Salary Range34k - 63k$47k$46,758


Salary Range33k - 65k$47k$46,552

Paradigm Windows Solutions

Salary Range31k - 63k$45k$44,811

Sweetheart Holdings

Salary Range32k - 60k$45k$44,677

Mid South Extrusion

Salary Range32k - 60k$44k$44,186

National Polymers

Salary Range31k - 59k$43k$43,445
Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope
Salary Range32k - 56k$43k$43,032

Paca Foods

Salary Range31k - 58k$43k$42,621


Salary Range28k - 57k$40k$40,492
Salary Range25k - 56k$38k$38,326

Fort Dearborn Co Jobs