Franklin Farms Company History Timeline


During the Depression of 1932 some farmers went on strike to demand higher prices for their milk.


In 1937, James Franklin, an airline pilot, and his wife Jean purchased Oak Hill Farm and converted the property from a general farm into a dairy farm.


Finally, by the late 1940’s many of the Franklin farms had indoor bathrooms installed and the outhouse was retired.


From the early beginnings and up until the 1950’s, Franklin was a very rural area, with family farms comprising a large part of the landscape.


Frogs and turtles: Located near Dulles International Airport, present-day Franklin Farm began to take shape in 1980 and has steadily grown, said Deb Frank, principal broker of Deb Frank Homes.


Construction of our school was funded by the November 1981 school bond referendum.


On June 24, 1982, the Fairfax County School Board awarded the construction contract for Franklin to Fletcher and Sons, Inc., in the amount of $7,183,000.


The farm encompassed much of the present day Franklin Farm, Oak Hill, Franklin Glen, and Chantilly Highlands neighborhoods. It wasn't until May 1984 that our building was officially named for Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin Middle School opened in the fall of 1984, and was officially dedicated on November 4th of that year.


“The neighborhood is just so family friendly and inviting that it immediately won me over,” said Mahan, who moved in 2006 to a 4,700-square-foot, five-bedroom, five-bathroom Colonial.

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