Functional Manager

Functional Manager Salary

Average Yearly Salary
Min 10%
Median 50%
Max 90%
Best Paying Company
Walgreen Co
Highest Paying City
Denver, CO
Highest Paying State
Average Experience Level
4.1 years
How much does a functional manager make?
As a Functional Manager in the USA, you can expect to earn on average $91,708 per year or $44.09 per hour. If you are in the top 10 percent, you will make over $169,000; however, if you are in the bottom 10 percent, you will earn less than $49,000 per year. Most Functional Manager jobs are in Technology companies and Hospitality companies. Some of the states with the best Functional Manager salaries are Colorado, New York, Minnesota, Virginia, and District of Columbia. The typical employment for a Functional Manager is 4.1 years.
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Average Functional Manager Salary By Location

The national average salary for a Functional Manager in the USA is $91,708 annually or $44.09 hourly. Denver, CO reports the highest annual salary for Functional Managers at 150,285. The Denver, CO average entry-level salary for Functional Managers is $93,000. Colorado, New York, Minnesota, Virginia, and District of Columbia are the highest paying states. New Mexico, Louisiana, Montana, Hawaii, and Idaho are the lowest earners.
RankCityAverage Salary
Denver, CO
San Francisco, CA
New York, NY
Shoreview, MN
Paris, TX

Average Functional Manager Salary By Company

Functional Manager jobs offer good job security, but the wages reported in some industries are higher than others. Technology companies and Hospitality companies are the best when it comes to the number of employment opportunities. Companies like Walgreen Co or Apple will get you the highest pay packages. Companies like Deloitte and Capgemini also report very competitive wages for Functional Managers.