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Understand How The Pandemic Changed The Job Market

When the world came to a screeching halt in early 2020 we knew that the job market would go through significant changes. From the advent of Zoom interviews to the adoption of fully remote workplaces, finding a job looks significantly different now than it did ten months ago.

With that in mind, we set out to poll experts across industries and fields on how they see the job market changing. Specifically, we were interested in:

  • The long term consequences (if any) of the pandemic
  • The skills the job market would more highly prioritize in each industry
  • The technologies that would arise
  • The parts of the country with higher job availability
  • How will salaries be impacted

After months of work, we now have aggregated over 3,745 expert opinions across 23 industries and 617 job titles.

Dr. Tanya Ivanova-Sullivan Ph.D.

Dr. Tanya Ivanova-Sullivan Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Russian

In your opinion, what are the biggest trends we'll see in the job market given the pandemic?

I think the biggest shift in both our mindset and our physical environment could be described with one word 'self': self-service, self-education, self-care, self-reliance, etc. Take self-service, for example. It is now everywhere: in grocery stores, restaurants, banks, airports, etc. Although It is not a new phenomenon and was originally implemented for greater efficiency, the pandemic has added to it the element of safety. The job market has to respond to that trend and we will be seeing more jobs related to digitalizing various spheres of our daily lives. For example, in the area of language, machine learning is already one of the 'hot' trends on the job market, with universities and private companies seeking to hire graduates with degrees in linguistics, foreign languages, computer science, or engineering. Work in this area can be done remotely, which has a lot of appeal in the current situation.Show more

Additional Advice For Recent Graduates

We know that recent graduates are going to face additional headwinds graduating into the worst job market in a decade, so we asked our experts for additional guidance for young professionals.

While most experts don't see the impact of the pandemic lasting more than a few years at most, a few years can feel like an eternity – especially early in your career.

The experts provided thorough breakdowns of the pandemic's impact by industry to help you understand what you can do to jump start your career.

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