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About GameStop

GameStop Corp. is an American video game, consumer electronics, and wireless services retailer. The company is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, United States, a suburb of Dallas, and operates 7,267 retail stores throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

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GameStop Corp. is an American video game, consumer electronics, and wireless services retailer. The company is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, United States, a suburb of Dallas, and operates 7,267 retail stores throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

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GameStop's Mission Statement

Our GameStop, EB Games and Electronics Boutique retail locations set us apart in the industry. Everything that we offer our customers-from our expansive selection of new products, to our knowledgeable associates and our value-added pre-owned products-is geared to deliver customer satisfaction. We complement our store network with GameStop. Com and EBgames. Com, and publish Game Informer, one of the industry's largest circulation video game magazines.

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July 8, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

The fellow work employees.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

The pay was too low and hours were too small.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

The friendships and marketing.. Show More


May 14, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

You can meet a lot of great people... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Low pay compared to other companies... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Free video games... Show More
April 29, 2018 on Reddit

Id take some vacation time, honestly. I take a week every 2-3 months and it restores me. Also, dont answer phone calls or work related questions if you arent scheduled- this has helped me immensely. As SL/ASL, its our job to train our staff on what we expect and the behaviors/ how to do the job. Once youve done that, its on them if they cant handle it. Once I decided to not take others failure to do the job personally, it got a lot better for me. The problem is, the people that make these decisions arent in stores at all; theyre not Cochran, whos in stores for extended periods of time every month. They should be taking care of the employees, not the stockholders. Our stock prices could be so much higher if we actually had proper staffing/real equipment. I get so much product that I cannot sell for the life of me, because it doesnt fit for my area. And Im annoyed that were consistently told preowned is the lifeblood of our business and the differentiator between us and the competition, but the new accessory planogram moved all preowned product to the very bottom of the sections. There are multiple studies that show product needs to be eye height or slightly below to sell, not at the very bottom by the floor. Let us decide how the planograms work for our stores. Bring back that portion of MyGamestop, while still upholding the needs for numbers and goals. After all, I know my store better than anyone above me ever will because Im here 40 hours a week

You take a week every 2-3 months? I don't have enough coverage the longest I've had was 5 days when I went out of town before that was like a year before that when I took 4 days off.
April 28, 2018 on Reddit

I was an assistant manager. I chose to leave for several reasons. The company is doing what it can to survive (pushing into collectibles), which it cannot be blamed for as a business. The methods and behavior being exerted top down into the store level, however, can and should be criticized. GameStop is unwilling to provide the support that stores need to meet the sales and operational standards it expects at all times. It is inconsistent and ineffective at driving new initiatives, creating situations where stores spend (arguably) excessive time and effort addressing, readdressing, and sometimes rereaddressing issues that come about from those initiatives. I believe that the company's upper management is aware of and depends on a large applicant pool (due to GS's hobby nature) to combat turnover, resulting in insufficiently trained staff, and staff that may not be qualified. In short, the company is attempting to course correct for the issues its facing as a business, but it does so often with poorly formed, inconsistent, wasteful, patchwork upon patchwork initiatives. Or so I saw. There are other concerns I had and have, but those are the core ones. I loved the underlying work, and I still continue thinking about it. As has been mentioned often by those that felt the same, it was the top-down practices that eventually compelled me to leave. Had there been appropriate support, I would have stayed, even if it meant sacrificing the improved pay, benefits, etc i'm experiencing now.

Its funny that you mention the turn over rate = poorly trained staff. I left my last job for that reason. I worked at a specialized residential school working with severely assaultive adolescents and over the years the turn over rated created immense ethical and legal issues and it got soooo bad that I did not feel safe going to work everyday. Ive been st gamestop for three years now and the quality of staffing in my store has dropped. My SL is one of the best and my ASL knows his *** but beyond the three of us its pretty bad; and we are a bigger store. We are also not nearly as bad off as other stores in our district. I feel like the revolving door has become detrimental to the operation in our district to the point where my SL has started applying to other places of business.

The big problem I saw is that all the issues voiced fell on deaf ears. The pleas for change will never be heard or acted upon by those with the power to make said changes. u/GSVirtue hit it on the head, that GameStop will always have a massive talent pool to hire from, even though the applicants may not have the right skills to succeed. Because of that, they can afford to turn a blind eye to the problems of their experts, and eventually will lose their skilled staff. As for what to do next, that's up to you. Just understand that being committed to a leadership position, understanding your business, dealing with constant change, and working in an extremely varied customer service setting, these are traits and experience that other positions at other organizations actually value. You've been asked to pitch both high demand and unsellable products. The next step may be to learn the best way of pitching those skills and sell yourself. Not in the hooker way.

Blockbuster felt this way too.....there will be a day when most games go digital and accessories and pop figures wont pay the bills alone. Youve got to get the right people to form a great culture in the company. Something special to keep the customers coming back. GameStop will always have a massive talent pool to hire from, even though the applicants may not have the right skills to succeed. Because of that, they can afford to turn a blind eye to the problems of their experts, and eventually will lose their skilled staff.

When a customer asked for my phone number I panicked and said I didn't have a phone, while my phone was right there in my pocket. Besides the few annoying guys my store has been pretty good with not treating my female coworkers and I any different than the male employees. If I know my *** then usually the customers have no problems as long as someone's helping them

Isn't it funny what excuses we come up with to avoid awkward situations lol

I think Im one of the unicorns here who really doesnt have to deal with jack *** from creepers, and Ive been here 3 years. I also rarely get passed over for a dude coworker, and the only time I get asked weather or not I play is by the non-gamer Mom/sister/girlfriend while the dude stands by mortified. Only thing that really ever stood out as creepy was one dude who kept asking me out until I hid in the back, but he was high off his *** and then asked out my bear of a male coworker lmao

Well, that's lucky! It's nice to be able to have circumstances where you don't experience any of that.
January 31, 2018 on Reddit

The other day, some guy came in and hit on my female coworker through me. "She's beautiful man, is she accounted for?" "How can you work with someone with an *** that big man?" I don't know, I felt genuinely uncomfortable for her. I can hardly tell when people hit on my female coworkers, but when I do, I really don't know how to react to it.

Tell them to talk to them themselves and have her speak on her behalf! haha

I've had several customers give me their number and ask me out on the clock which is just... no. I've also had several customers interrupt me mid sentence and ask for a male co workers opinion, despite said co worker not knowing as much about the subject

I don't mind people asking for my number. I take it is a big compliment. I do however, loathe when it is a big group of guys who have been in the store for a bit and one anxiously approaches and says "haha my friend haha wants your haha phone number haha". 1) if you really want my phone number just say it. 2) if your friend really wants my phone number he needs to man up and ask himself 3) none of you are getting my phone number because I'm in a committed relationship and not looking at all.
July 7, 2017 on Reddit

It's a trap don't do it! Lol it a a retail job first and foremost man... video games is honestly the smallest part of the job... good luck though!

What do you mean it's a small part of the job? Lol what else do you do there

Does anyone ever hit on you?

Yes, it happened all the time. There were super cringy moments and the employees that I had or the people that were my managers were always very protective of me. I had people say, thanks for my pre-order, maybe we play it together later at my place? Lol stuff like that happened every other day or so.

Which items do you wish GameStop carried? And what are some things Customers would often ask for that GameStop doesn't carry?

I had always wished that we would carry birthday cards or boxes because people always asked for these things that we simply did not have.

Most commonly asked question by GameStop Customers?

From the Core customers we would get gaming questions like if a game was good or not. From the random customers we would get that were not regulars, we would get more policy questions like if they were able to return an item or not.

What are the true perceptions Of GameStop and the false perceptions?

True: Managers are underpaid and overworked, Working there is hard, You have to deal with angry customers often, you have to sell like a salesperson, and sometimes the management isn't good- it depends on the store or the district. False: Don't work there because it's a dumb job- this is completely untrue and you should work there if you need a job because you learn so much about so many different functions. At the end of the day, I now how to run a business from P&L statements, hiring/firing, shipping, advertisements, and policies. GameStop is an evil company that is trying to steal all your games and your money- this is completely untrue and while they have made good and also bad decisions, they haven't necessarily gone out of their way to cheat you out of your stuff. GameStop gives too little money for your trades- I explained this a little bit previously GameStop is lying to you when they say that they don't have games in stock to sell you used products- there is an exception to every rule but in most cases, this is simply untrue. No one from GameStop is trying to hide new releases from you and in most cases they don't even have said new release used yet so stop getting your panties in a bunch because you refused to pre-order a popular game that you will just DIE if you don't get at this very moment. The truth is that we have to hold pre-orders for 48 hours so sometimes our system will say we have 20 in quantity of a title but really all 20 are pre-orders that we have already called and had some kind of conversation with to say that they are coming in. We can't sell you the pre-ordered copy until that time frame is complete
May 3, 2017 on Reddit

What did you learn about people from working at GameStop?

That some people are not looking out for your best interest and some people are. I actually moved on to American Express because my best friend from GameStop pushed me (aggressively) to apply and it ended up being the best decision of my life. While I had other coworkers who didn't want to own up to their own mistakes so they would blame others like myself or try to get me fired for things that they did (like steal). I learned a lot about the human condition and how people will do whatever they feel necessary if they think it will get them ahead, even if they hurt the people that advocated for their success. I also learned that bad attitudes and negative outlooks could be changed through good management and leading by example. There are a lot of invaluable lessons to be learned by managing a retail store.
May 3, 2017 on Reddit

How many people did you work with? And what were they like to work with?

I worked with over 40 people or so (aggregate) and I would say that 75% were awesome and I loved working with them while 20% were okay to work with and 5% were just the *** worst people in the world. I am still friends with most of the 75% and frequently visit the people that still work at GameStop. Funny thing is, a lot of GameStop employees heard that American Express was awesome so we have about 16 people that went from GameStop to American Express within a 5 year span. Two of my best friends ever who used to work at GameStop worked at American Express with me. I even got to sit next to one of them and everything so that was pretty awesome.

How many minutes are work breaks at GameStop?

It depends. As a Game Advisor (part time employee) you would get a small lunch break if you worked more than 4 hours and for Senior Game Advisors' (part time keyholders), Assistant Store Managers' (full-time keyholders but still hourly employees), and Store Managers' (full time salaried employees) it was basically the same. You would take a 30 minute break to eat lunch at some point when it was slow.

What is the creepiest interaction with a customer? And what is the funniest interaction?

Creepiest was when I was 16 and I had this 45 year old man say, "Are you from Tennessee? Cause you're the only ten I see...hehe...want to come for a ride in my car later?" and I was like yehno. and the funniest interaction...idk I had so many fun times at GameStop but probably when I had this one guy who got so upset that we couldn't return his PSN code (after being told this because we had to tell everyone at the time as we were selling them) that he threw the receipt and vowed to call corporate before storming out. A few minutes later I got a call from "Cindy" at corporate who is yelling at me and asking me why I didn't help the it was just so funny because it was clearly fake and I just couldn't help but troll "Cindy" a bit.

What do you tell the person that wants to buy new games and gaming hardware from Walmart? What do you tell them to that GameStop is the better place?

I tell them that it's certainly their choice but that they won't get the same customer experience at a Walmart. When people came into my store, I'd know them by name and we would have a conversation- I wasn't there to sell them games, I was there to be their friend and try to help them make the best choices in game selection.
May 3, 2017 on Reddit

What is the busiest and slowest days of the week at GameStop?

Busiest days were always weekends- especially Saturdays and the slowest day was usually Mondays. We actually kept a calendar for schools by us as well because whenever school was out, we would have a large amount of customers throughout those days.
May 3, 2017 on Reddit

What was the most comment complaint from Customers?

Definitely that they weren't getting enough for their trade-ins. Which is frustrating to explain on a consistent basis. I'd go on ebay and physically show people what they could get for the same games and often it was only a few dollars off of what they could get at the stores. I explained depreciation as well as the convenience of being able to walk in, get money, walk out but people still gripe to this day with their, 'I brought a thousand games into GameStop and they offered me three-fiddy'.

It feels like gamestop prefers hiring good looking girls to attract costumers, is there any truth to that? Did you ever hire someone in your time there?

In my experience, it was a mixed bag. There were girls that were very knowledgeable and I liked those girls because I prided myself on knowing everything there was to know- it was my job and I took it very seriously. And then there were girls who were so stupid that it frustrated me because it made all of us look bad- it really depended on the manger and what they were looking for and sometimes what they could find. I did, in fact, hire quite a few people in my time and when I did, I can tell you that there was a rule where I had to hire one girl for every guy I hired in order to meet certain "guidelines". This was super difficult, in my experience, and I would have killed for a girl who had even a little bit of knowledge or someone who was willing to learn because there was an overabundance of men who knew what they were talking about. This was incredibly frustrating for me as an employee and one of my only grievances with the company because I think you should hire the right person for the job regardless of sex (which is technically what the law says) but in male-dominated genres companies have a hard time living up to said law without breaking it and specifically seeking out that sex.
May 3, 2017 on Reddit

What was the most soul-crushing part customer interaction you've ever had?

If there was ever a situation where I felt like the customer was right, I made the exceptions so I never really had a situation where I felt like I let someone down really hard or anything. Now as far as angry customers goes...I have pretty tough skin, that being said, people can be very callous and often they take out their frustration on you and I definitely had situations where the customer was being a huge *** *** and I've had to kick them out of the store. I can remember a few interactions dealing with brand new systems where people buy them and want to return them after opening them and it is something that we really couldn't do. I had a guy get so angry that he threw the system at me and I had to call the police because he threatened to kill me over it. But it's retail...stuff like that happened often enough - just not to that extreme.

Is it advantageous to the workers to sell used games? I bought a new copy of an older game and the used version was like $2 cheaper. It was worth it to me to spend the couple bucks on a brand new disc. The salesman REALLY tried to sell me the used version. When I thought about it later I wondered if the employees were pressed on selling used over new. I wouldve bought the used if I knew it would help them get corporate off their butt.

So GameStop employees do not work for commissions but the hourly employees can get hours based on performance- so in that aspect is it advantageous to them to sell you the used one. However, from the buyer's perspective it really depends. I think used is better as long as you get a good quality disk and the price difference is enough (its usually about 5 dollars difference + more if you have the poweruprewards card) and you can return the game if you don't like it within 7 days so it really gives you a cushion if you're not sure about the game. I can't tell you how many times I would see people buy a new game and come in a few days later to trade it in- when they could have purchased the used one and just returned it for whatever reason. Other than those reasons, it is personal preference and for areas that have trade hold (like my area in south florida) you may not be able to get a game that just came out used for at least a month and a half.

Which game release was the craziest/busiest time for the GameStop you worked? Did anything ridiculous happen? Lastly that 18ish year old picture of yourself is kinda cute, can i get a date with the 24 y/o version?

I worked at several stores (if my count is correct then I would say over 10 different stores) which ran the gamut between small store to high volume mall stores and I would say that the craziest release was always call of duty ( :( ). We did have ridiculous things happen - people would get really upset if they felt like someone was getting the game ahead of them or they would try to pick up the game when we were completely sold out and cause a huge scene. I've had people knock down gift card stands and scream, someone brought a gun to my store once because of a situation like this - there's literally nothing we could have done...we were genuinely sold out of the product. I've also had people come to the store wasted while drinking weird colored drinks out of red solo cups and throw up outside our store. One of my favorites was when a mother had her child in my store and she just pulled the kid's pants down and let him *** on the assistant manager at the time ran over to her and forced her to clean it up because she tried to As for your last question, while very flattering, will have to be a no as I do currently have a boyfriend. But we can certainly be friends and game if you play on pc :D

Did you enjoy working there?

I definitely think it was worth it to work there. When I hit store manager I was working a lot of hours and the work-life balance was really rough but it got me the opportunity to work with a lot of really cool people and progressed my career. If I hadn't worked at GameStop and become a Store Manager, then I wouldn't have had the opportunity to move on to American Express so all of the hard work that I put into it all paid me back tenfold.

I'm a guys who's looking in to working for GameStop at some point in the future and I have to ask some things what's the minimum age to work there ? websites say it's around 16 to 18 but I'm not sure. And also how easy/difficult was it to get a job there?

Technically 16, but reality it would probably be 18. And it is very difficult to get a job there, we get about 10 people coming in a day turning in applications.

What is my best bet on getting a job there? I recently applied to a store that was hiring but I have yet to receive a call. This was maybe Sunday or Saturday.

Keep going in and asking for the "store manager" not the manager, you gotta say the "store manager" and talk to him.

I have always wondered this. Do most employees at gamestop play a lot of video games, or is it just another retail job?

All of us at my store play a lot.
August 27, 2014 on Reddit

you guys are still in business? HOLY ***! you outlived blockbuster,.... how?

You haven't noticed all of the exclusive pre-order deals, etc that gamestop gets? They've done a pretty good job of making themselves the place to go to to pick up physical games.

Do you have an obligation to advise people to buy the most popular games or are you free to promote whatever game you want to the customers? If so, do you often promote games less popular that you personally liked?

We promote verbally whatever games we want. A slightly unknown/unpopular game that I always recommend is Heavy Rain. You would be surprised how little of people know about that game, and it is only like $15.

I called GameStop and they said September was the prime time to apply for a job. How many highschoolers does GameStop casually hire? I need a job to put gas in the tank, but i I can only work weekends and after 3:00am weekdays (school) what are my chances? *do you sell Battletoads Gold Edition for the Nintendo 3DS?*

Very unlikely. We say 16, but mostly you get hired if you are 18. You gotta go in basically every day and talk to the "Store Manager". Don't ask for manager, because the 3rd key or ASM can claim that if they are the only ones working. Good luck!
August 27, 2014 on Reddit

why are vidya games released on tuesdays? do you guys get them that morning or monday? or even earlier?

Historically (most) media [CD,DVD,VHS,etc] has released on Tuesdays, as sales figures are released Mondays. This allows for a whole week of sales data, also one last day for next-day shipments or delayed shipments (happens very often). Gaming Industry adopted this practice. Nintendo is the unicorn of the bunch, as they have typically released on Sundays.

How many people have asked you for Battletoads?

I got my first battletoads call about a month ago. I yell to my boss that i finally felt "initiated" when I got it.

Do you feel like people already hate you as they walk through the door? Serious question. I'm as nice as I can possibly be (I work in customer service as well), but at the end of the day I just want to walk in, hand you money, and walk out with a game, man. None of this pre-order nonsense! (I'd have a hard time not taking it personally, I think).

Say that you are in a hurry, I skip the schpiel with people in hurries. We do have quotas so thats why we ask that stuff. It also does benefit you to preorder if you are planning on picking up the game at full price on launch day.

Ehh I will start working at Gamestop next week. Girl here. Any advice? How much do you earn and what do you think that game stop does give almost no discount to the employees?

Former GameStop ASM here, the only problem you will have is the amount of attention you will receive. Wanted and unwanted. Typically if we had 2 (out of 3) registers open, myself at one and a female at the other, she would have a line (men/teens) and I was the express family check-out. Only on one occasion did I have to step in and deal with a customer who was making my employee feel uncomfortable, most the time people behave themselves. If they still do employee ranks based on Customer surveys and magazine subscriptions sold (Pro cards) you will also do fine in these areas. Typically female employees did much better than male. Not being sexist, it's just the nature of the beast when your target demo is teens/young single men. Edit: My ONLY piece of advice is, never take a promotion to ASM unless there's a clear path for you to make SM (store manager), enjoy your time as an associate. Talk a lot of games and try to fight the hype machine that are bad games with huge marketing budgets. The best thing you can do is treat your customers as individuals and do your best to provide honest service, which turns into repeat service and loyalty. Best feeling is when I came in after a couple days off and my SM said "customers x,y,z came in and all left because you weren't here"... In our store/district the competition was real, so having loyal customers helped. PS not trying to steal OPs thunder, just thought I'd give my two cents.
August 27, 2014 on Reddit

Are there any perks of being there? Also what is your favorite video game? Thank you for doing this AMA.

15% off discounts, we can hold games/good looking controllers/anything traded in for ourselves when they come in (till the end of our shifts), and we can look through the discs while buying games to make sure you get the best looking ones. My favorite game is Portal 2.
August 27, 2014 on Reddit

Have any horror stories with customers?

Just the other day a woman came in with a pile of stolen phones. Half of them had no serial number (which means they were floor models at like the verizon store), and the others she couldn't unlock. We told her we couldnt take them and she started freaking out and went outside the store. My boss called security and when he came in she punched him in the face, and he slammed into our door. I locked the door while my boss called 911. She was eventually caught and arrested for criminal trespassing and assault.. Turns out the security guard ran out of mace as well.

I know this is a little bit late, but are there any Gamestop employees that you know of went on to do things like Todd Howard or working for Machinima or anything? I really want to enter a video game field, but I'm 15 and have no clue where to start. I figured Gamestop would be as good a place as any.

It's a good place to be introduced to the big leagues of gaming. It's a good way to get experience with where the games end up, what demographic certain games are aimed toward and what things to avoid. It's the prime example of starting at the bottom and working your way up. If you're wanting to work with video games and/or in the industry, it's a wonderful way to get your feet wet and learn the sales end of the industry. Just don't get too caught up in sales and moving up the Gamestop ladder that you forget your goals. Good luck! :)

When I was in middle and high school, I used to game the used game 1 week return policy to basically play as many games as i wanted without actually paying for them (since i was too young to work and had very little money)... did you ever notice people doing that, and did anybody working there even care? I'm pretty sure they guys at my store knew what was up, but they never mentioned anything...

Yes, people did that all the time. Honestly it was cheating the system, because you'd have to lie about WHY you're returning the game and it was pretty annoying. It was VERY obvious when people did it. Lol. (young kids, like in your situation, weren't as annoying as full grown adults doing it.) On top of that, returns/exchanges hurt our numbers (because it's usually a transaction we make no money on. An even exchange. ) so we would get in trouble for it.... A lot...

I see the title says "former employee" , what made you quit? Sorry if the question was already asked, didn't feel like going through all the comments :/

Myself and 4 others were fired (wrongfully.) They suspected we were making fake reserves to boost out store's numbers, then canceling them later to get our money back. It was all false, but they fired us all on pure suspicion claiming it as fact. The joke was on them, however. After they fired us, our regular customers (who made up most of our business) were highly upset. They really disliked the new employees and DM. So, they canceled all their reserves and stopped shopping at that location. That location is now closed.

I feel as though gamestop has recieved more bad rep recently and hear about gamers not shopping there anymore. Obviously the Trade In prices are insane, but I feel like there are so many gamestops almost to many- i pass about 3 gamestops on my way home. I wish they could take those locations and condense them into a bigger location and have all the classics of older systems in store. Their trade in value is just so poor they probably cannot do anything about this. That's why I think they should go into PC gaming as well and sell computer hardware, almost like a miniature BestBuy. When i bought a mouse off of newegg, i was frustrated because there was no place to actually test the mouse and demo it out; but a gaming store would have solved this problem. Seeing some gaming computer cases on display would be nice too. I guess Steam and other online services take care of these concerns. I dont know if gamestop will be around in 10 years. I feel as if they are starting to lose some ground, just like how video rental stores have already become... Thoughts?

I agree. I think fewer, larger stores would have been better. I did like how there were only a few of us, because we formed a great bond witho our customers, however, we worked alone FREQUENTLY. With larger stores, that danger would be gone. I would love it if they would expand their wares. There were so many instances when people came in asking for hardware that we just didn't have. Places to test it! Heck yeah! Even working there, I was thinking about buying a gaming mouse, but I needed to know if I could hotkey any keys to the buttons, and I had no way to test it out. Personally, I think it's a fantastic idea. :)

So after reading this I understand why every time I go into a gamestop the guy behind the counter wont shut up about the free stuff he wants to sign me up for. I refuse politely. yeah but its free why not just do it. No thanks its cool i just want to buy this. Yeah but you could get this stuff for free. Dude seriously shut the *** up i just want to buy this game.

Right, he's doing it to save his job. Seriously. He is. (And if something is free... why not do it? It actually REALLY helps out that employee.) If they don't get enough reserves and power up sign ups/renewals (the free card doesn't count; only the paid one) then they get a nasty call from their DM that night, as well as having to call every other store in the district (basically letting them know, "hey, we suck.") asking for their numbers, then reporting back to do DM.
July 10, 2012 on Reddit

I've been thinking of getting a job there. Would you say it's worth it? In terms of pay, hours, etc? It'd be first job too, so would that really hurt my chances of actually getting in?

The SM at my old store wouldn't usually hire someone who had no prior work experience. Basically, I loved my job there because I love games. I love hearing the new info, learning things about the companies, etc. I loved my coworkers and the regular customers. That part was great. HOWEVER, this is a very poorly managed company. Expect to have shifts where you work alone a lot (which, with some customers, is VERY scary at times.) and leaves YOU responsible for anything and everything that can go wrong. The managers will put all the pressure of how sales are going, what people are buying, what they're reserving/not reserving, WHEN they're picking up their preoders, etc ALL an your shoulders. It is a lot of stress and 90% of what they rank you on (and what helps you keep your job) are things you literally have NO control over. It's not a good experience. Hours are always part time, unless you're a manager (store manager or asst. manager) you'll be part time. You'll start of at min. wage and after a year maybe get a pay raise. Honestly, financially, it wasn't fantastic, but I worked every extra hour I could to make sure I could pay my tuition. Overall, I probably wouldn't reccommend it. The cons far outweigh the pros.

I worked for Gamestop for a summer, had to share this story. It was 2000, and I was doing a transaction and the Point of Sales software (POS) crashed to a DOS prompt. Yeah..DOS in 2000. but having grown up on it, I thought '*** it, I know DOS, I'll just find the EXE and start the program back up.' so i type "dir" to look for the name of the program. I was greeted with this incredibly condescending warning screen. It was something along the lines of 'HOW DARE YOU TRY TO HACK THE POS SYSTEM!!! Your boss and regional managers have been notified of this intrusion blah blah blah we are smarter than you blah' Needless to say my boss was standing right next to me the entire time, and I was forever known as the POS Hacker.

OHHHH my god I hated using that computer system. It was terrible, and I'll tell you, in all the years since then, they haven't changed it! It's still awful.
July 9, 2012 on Reddit

How many pre ordered copies for a game is needed in order to have a midnight release launch at a gamestop store?

It varies. It's up to the district manager.

One thing I always hated about Gamestop's were the managers(Not all, but most). Myself, being 16 at the time, I'd often get treated rudely and as if I never knew anything about games. I got Modern Warfare 3 early on November 4th, and took it to my local EB Games (Gamestop in Canada) and show'd my pal who was working down there, and the manager sits there, and started to interrogate me on it. Then he told me if I played it early, I'd get my console and my account banned and when I tried to tell him other wise, he put me down, and said it in a fashion that made it sound like I knew nothing. I made a complaint against him, but don't know if anything was done since I don't shop there now (Direct Game Downloads for the win!) but do you think anything would have been done? Cause the guy sure was a prick.

Absolutely! At least in my old district. Like I told someone earlier, if you have a problem, go to the district manager. They will always side with you and make sure you leave satisfied. I'm positive, if you complained to someone higher up about him, that something was done. He probably meant if you played it early online (which you can have your console shut down for) not play the campaign early. Either way, he had no right to treat you the way he did.
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I have actually tried getting a job at my local Gamestop for months now! I actually just need a job, but getting a job at Gamestop would float my boat! So how did you get the job? Is there anything i should know when tying out (filling out an application, going in for interview etc)? How could I be a good employee? Did they just hire because you're a girl? (that's a serious question because I've only seen 2 or 3 girls EVER work there and tons and tons of guys work there. I've been going to this local gamestop for years. I've only recognized a few before they transferred stores.) Thank you for replying and taking the time to answer our questions!

not a problem! And it's all in timing. Right now is terrible timing, to be honest. I was hired in February. Feb and in the fall are your best bets. Summer is just so slow, they don't keep many people on. No, they didn't hire me because I was a girl, I had good gaming knowledge and I am a fast learner. When it asks on the app about game knowledge, fill that puppy up! Even if you run out of room, make room and keep writing. Be professional. Even though they dress casual, you dress up to apply and for an interview. Go above and beyond all expectations.

What do you do if someone returns/trades in a disk that is too scratched to work?

If it's within the allotted return time (for a used game) then we will return it and send it to be refurbished. If they're trading it in and it's too scratched to play, we have to charge a refurb fee. Basically you'll get a little less for the game because the extra money you would have gotten will pay for it to be shipped to one of two refurb facilities where it will be buffed, refurbished and sent back to us for resale.

Is it true that GameStop employees play games and still list them as new? Has your store ever been robbed? Is it a good idea and a fun one to work at GameStop?

1. I've heard of this, but not sure if people actually do it. We can rent games for up to 4 days, but we were only permitted to rent used ones. There were rumors that some store managers permitted employees to rent and play new ones, but I knew several store managers and none I knew permitted it. 2. Yes. We were robbed my first week of employment. I was working alone, And these two guys knocked over a display and as I was picking it up, they busted open a cabinet and took an armload of games. If they wanted to resell them, they weren't going to get much. They were crappy wii games. Lol (gummi bears putt putt. Etc ) I was nearly fired over it, but they cut me a break. 3. As far as the customers and coworkers and the environment go? Yes, I loved it. However, the management is terribly set up. They encourage very poor management practices and most of the employees are displeased with it.

A lot of battletoad questions -_- 1.) My question is, do you have any insider GameStop secrets that me, a consumer can use to my advantage? 2.) Also, was this your first job?

1. The district manager will almost always side with you. If you're not satisfied with your service/how you're being treated, ask to speak to the district manager. Unless it is about a trade value, you'll get your way. 2. No. My first job was as a waitress at a sports bar.

you're a pretty chick. Have you ever been hit on by male customers?

Aww thanks. And a couple of times, but not often. Lol

How can I be a better GameStop customer overall? (The answer to this question could impact how GameStop employees are treated worldwide)

Well, there are two answers to that. The "I'm a good GameStop robot." answer, and the "I'm a real person" answer. GameStop - the stores (and thus, the employees) are ranked on numbers. Corporate doesn't care about personal stories, how you helped little Bobby find that PS2 game he's wanted for months, or anything else. They just care about their stores numbers. What are the numbers, you ask? How many reserves they have a day (and how few cancels) and power up rewards sales/renewals. So, ideally the perfect transaction would be to trade in an old game toward a brand new one (and a used one, boosting both new and preowned sales), reserving a game (5.00 down) and buying or renewing your Power Up Rewards card. Now I said this is ideal...not realistic. Reality? Be nice, be friendly and don't get mad at us if you aren't happy with your trade in value. Seriously, we really can't do anything about it. Reserves actually ARE worth it. Best case scenario you get your game PLUS free stuff for literally NO extra money. Worst case scenario, you get the game for the normal price, plus a guarantee that it will be in stock. So, if you find something you want to reserve, go for it. :) However, choose WISELY. You CAN always cancel it, but cancels REALLY hurt us (which is why 5 of us got fired.) so please. If you really really don't want a game you've reserved, try to find one that looks good and swap your reserve to that game. An employee will always prefer a swap to a cancel. But really, that's it. Just be nice, friendly and understand that we do everything we can to get you the most money. Trust me, being friendly, kind and understanding will win you employee friendship, and they can then fill you in on upcoming things, inside info on games, etc. :). Just remember they're real people working a 9 - 5 to pay the bills just like you.

How creepy are some of your customers that come in? I'm sure you get hit on often (Just because you're a girl), but do you like the attention (for lack of a better term) or is it something you dislike about your job?

Most customers were normal. I did get hit on by weirdos every now and then. We're talking the scrawny, droopy drawered, tattooed everywhere folk (no offense, you guys just aren't my type.) It is something most girls just deal with on a normal basis when you're in a role that's predominantly held by a male. I was an ROTC instructor for four years. Same thing happened there. I was... Indifferent to it, I guess. The only time I got mad was when guys would assume I knew nothing about games because I was a girl. They assumed I played games like Angry Birds and Wedding Dash and nothing else. That was super offensive! So, I loved it when they'd ask a male coworker about a game (usually saying, "Nah, you won't be able to help me. I'm sure YOU haven't played it.") after passing me over, and my coworker would go, "Sorry, I don't play Gears of War, but she is a pro at it.". Haha. The look on their face tickled me pink. Edit: this is me, sans the batman get up. Lol
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I might have already said these questions,but i don't see them in the comments so i'm reposting : How do you feel about GameStop's bad reputation for trade ins Do you feel bad for people who trade in a ton and get nothing. Is it as bad as they say regarding the trade ins( No Gamestop round here,im a UK person but we have similiar gameshops ) Did you like your job there? Would you preffer it,say,over a cashier at a grocery shop?

The comments are being weird for some reason. I'm not seeing my replies even though I am replying as fast as I can. Haha. I believe the rep is earned. The trade in values were bad, and only got worse as the game got older. Yes, I felt terrible about it. Sadly, there was nothing I could do. It bit. But the company's goal was to make money, so they had to buy low, sell high. (they make no money off of new game sales) I liked my job because I love games and I'm passionate about gaming. A have worked as a cashier at a grocer and I liked GameStop better as far as the environment. The policies however, leave MUCH to be desired.

Did you enjoy working at GameStop over some other normal job such as standing working as a cashier in the supermarket? How do you feel about the reputation GameStop has for low trade ins? Do you feel bad for the people that trade in loads and get virtually nothing back?

I loved working there, in the sense that I love games. Absolutely love them. I loved working with them, seeing the new things that came out beforehand, learning all sorts of info about each company. Etc. As far as the rep goes? I'll be the first to admit it's earned. I hated the low trade in prices. Hated them with a passion. I absolutely felt bad. There were times I truly dreaded telling someone their trade in value, though I could do nothing to change it. Like I explained in another answer, GameStop makes no money on it's new game sales. ALL of it's profits are derived from it's pre-owned sales. Buy low, sell high. Simple profits. However, the used game seller REALLY gets screwed over a lot of the time. It bites. But, like anyone else, GameStop is a business, and business owners want to make money.

Ok so I still work at a Gamestop and gotta say I too agree on the horribly low trade in values, it's embarassing to tell people sometimes. But in the interest of fairness most people do not realize that the company is not making a ton of profit, they have to take operational expenses, overhead, etc. into account. Anyway my question for you is, how did you see Gamestop before you worked there and how do you see it now?

I loved it before. I hate the term "gamer girl" but that's what I am and what I always will be. Loved shopping there, save for the depressing lack of older games. Now? I still like the store, but I don't like how it's run. I don't like the policies, nor did I when I worked there. I do not say this as a disgruntled former employee because that's not what I am. I feel as if the company is in some serious need of policy changes, as well as new managerial approaches.
July 9, 2012 on Reddit

What was your job title? Any good stories? Why did you quit?

Ooh here's a good story. For about three weeks, this slime ball was trading in games we KNEW were stolen for cash. Without proof, there was nothing we could do. We just stopped taking in his trades. Well, to trade games for cash, you must have a state ID. The last time he came in and we told him no, he accidentally left his ID. The number we had for him in the computer was disconnected (no surprise there as he was hocking stolen goods) so we couldn't contact him about his ID. A few days later (close to Christmas) we get a call from an officer asking about a man. (I forget the name, but it was the same guy.). He was asking if he'd been in or tried selling anything we suspected was stolen an asked if I had any info on him. I then described the creep, age, birth date and all. The officer confirmed that we were talking about the same guy. He asked how I knew all this. I said, "because I have his ID right here, along with a detailed list of everything he's traded for cash and credit at our stores over the last three months." long story short, dude was busted...hard... He had been at this for a while. He will be in jail for quite some time. Lol
July 9, 2012 on Reddit

Do you guys get any really special perks, like discounts or being able to play the games for free?

Yeah. That was the nice part. I got a 25% discount (only thing it didn't apply to was new systems.) and that discount stacked with our PUR discount. So on used items, it was 35%. Also we got to check out used games. We could basically rent a game for free for 4 days, then bring it back. If you didn't beat it, you just leave it in store for a day or two (depends on the SM's preference) then rent it again. That part was sweet.
July 9, 2012 on Reddit

Any weird regulars you'd get?

All the time! My least favorite (and all the other employees) was this family of 6, all of whom had a mental disability ( that wasn't the issue ) who were rather.. Large.. And smelled as if they'd never showered...ever. When they would come in, all the other customers would leave. It was awful. On top of the smell, they'd spend about an hour or more in the store each time (usually 2 or 3 times a week) and when they'd finally leave, we'd have to vacuume and spray the store with Lysol or something to eliminate the odor. Otherwise we'd choke and get complaints.

Can you get me a deal on Assasin's Creed 3 preorder? But seriously, how much do you guys have to push the Powerup Rewards deal?

The posters are changed every month or two so if you go in on the right day (when they're changing artwork) you might get lucky if an employee hasn't already called a poster. Lol. I have several. I have a game room in my house with the walls lined with posters. As far as PURs go. We had to push them HARD. The stores are ranked on how many new song ups/renewals they have, and if you don't have X amount per day, then you get a nasty call from your District Manager as well as the duty of calling other stores every night for a week at closing time, asking what their numbers are for the day, and reporting them to the DM. Humiliating for the managers because we all knew it meant they did poorly.
November 11, 2011 on Reddit

Best weird/awkward/annoying/funny customer stories?

I had this woman with her 3 sons the other day and 15 other people in the store (most of whom were on line). So I'm ringing her up and she keeps asking me questions. Okay, no problem. But then I finish with her and she keeps asking questions. Then the phone rings and I have to get it and she wants me to come around the counter to the other side to explain something to her and she can clearly see the phone to my ear but won't leave me alone. So I finally had to tell her to give me a minute and walk into the back room to take the call. Employees have bad experiences too lol.
November 10, 2011 on Reddit

Do you get paid on commissions or straight hourly/salary?

hourly wage

Have you ever bought a game from a customer for more than what they'd get if they trade it in? I know a guy who used to do that. It's win/win for both parties... until you get fired.

No. I have not and will never do that.
November 9, 2011 on Reddit

do you like it? I applied for a job at a store near me during the summer and I never heard back from them :(

I like it. I've made friends with my coworkers and I've developed a good rapport with customers.

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Rite Aid 2.9 years
Advance Auto Parts 2.5 years
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J. C. Penney 2.3 years
Lowe's 2.3 years
Nordstrom 2.2 years
Starbucks 2.2 years
Best Buy 2.2 years
AutoZone 2.1 years
Bed Bath & Beyond 2.0 years
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Ross Stores 1.4 years
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Dollar Tree 1.4 years
Dollar General 1.3 years
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Walmart 15.7%
McDonald's 10.5%
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Target 7.4%
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Subway 3.6%
Starbucks 3.5%
Pizza Hut 3.1%
Kroger 2.8%
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Walmart 16.2%
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Target 8.1%
Amazon 4.9%
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AT&T 4.3%
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David CarlsonFinance $25,000Democratic Party
Emily GreerExecutive $11,500Democratic Party
Richard FontaineRetail $6,500Republican Party
Paul RainesExecutive $5,200Republican Party
Syed HassanAnalyst $1,095Democratic Party
Michael TurnerBuyer $1,000Democratic Party
RON FreemanConsultant $500Republican Party
Matteo TullioGame Advisor $425Republican Party
Douglas PhillipsSales Manager $400Republican Party
Jonathan SchaferSenior Solutions Architect $381Republican Party
Samantha HaydenAssistant Store Manager $300Democratic Party
Jeremy WestmorelandManager $251Democratic Party
Nickoria JohnsonInformation Technology Director $250Democratic Party
Michael McDowellAssistant Manager Retail $250Democratic Party
Wendy DominguezCorporate Communications Specialist $250Democratic Party
Naomi Hizekiel SeyoumSenior Associate $235Democratic Party
Bart DeboisblancTechnicain $210Democratic Party
Dave CurryRetail $197Democratic Party
Carlos ValdesRetail $150Democratic Party
Aaron MejiaCashier $109Democratic Party
Chester ClarkHardware Technician $50Republican Party
Emma TaylorAssistant Store Manager $45Democratic Party
David CowellGeneral Manager $45Democratic Party
Edward HoInformation Engineer $40Democratic Party
Deborah WarrenHuman Resources Manager $37Democratic Party
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Architect And DeveloperGrapevine, TX $149,874
Architect And DeveloperGrapevine, TX $136,500
Advanced EngineerGrapevine, TX $130,000
Principal Software EngineerSan Diego, CA $130,000
Architect And DeveloperGrapevine, TX $130,000
Product ManagerGrapevine, TX $130,000
Architect And DeveloperGrapevine, TX $130,000
Architect And DeveloperGrapevine, TX $125,627
Business Intelligence DeveloperGrapevine, TX $125,000
Senior EngineerGrapevine, TX $125,000
Senior Integration EngineerGrapevine, TX $122,699
Advanced EngineerGrapevine, TX $120,000
Integration EngineerGrapevine, TX $117,500
Integration EngineerGrapevine, TX $117,500
Senior Software EngineerGrapevine, TX $117,500
Integration EngineerGrapevine, TX $117,500
Business Intelligence ManagerGrapevine, TX $116,164
Senior Software EngineerGrapevine, TX $115,000
Senior Software EngineerGrapevine, TX $115,000
Software EngineerGrapevine, TX $110,981
Database AdministratorGrapevine, TX $110,000
Senior Software EngineerGrapevine, TX $110,000
Business Development ManagerSan Francisco, CA $108,000
Business Development ManagerSan Francisco, CA $108,000
Marketing ManagerSan Francisco, CA $108,000
Business Development ManagerSan Francisco, CA $108,000
Software EngineerGrapevine, TX $107,349
Senior Software EngineerGrapevine, TX $105,518
Data ModelerGrapevine, TX $102,500
Software EngineerGrapevine, TX $101,078
Integration EngineerGrapevine, TX $100,000
Senior Software EngineerGrapevine, TX $96,886
Senior Software EngineerGrapevine, TX $95,000
Software EngineerGrapevine, TX $94,266
Senior Software EngineerGrapevine, TX $90,875
Software EngineerGrapevine, TX $82,867
Software EngineerGrapevine, TX $82,500
Senior AccountantGrapevine, TX $81,307
Software EngineerGrapevine, TX $80,420
Business & Data AnalystGrapevine, TX $77,500
Intelligence AnalystGrapevine, TX $66,787
Industrial EngineerShepherdsville, KY $61,714
Staff AccountantGrapevine, TX $58,000
Staff AccountantGrapevine, TX $55,000
Industrial EngineerShepherdsville, KY $55,000
Staff AccountantGrapevine, TX $50,000
Associate EditorMinneapolis, MN $49,200
Staff AccountantGrapevine, TX $48,000
Associate EditorMinneapolis, MN $48,000
Staff AccountantGrapevine, TX $48,000
EngineerGrapevine, TX $47,944
EngineerGrapevine, TX $47,944
EngineerGrapevine, TX $47,944
AuditorSalt Lake City, UT $47,008
Staff AccountantGrapevine, TX $45,469

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When was GameStop founded?

GameStop was founded in 1984.

How many Employees does GameStop have?

GameStop has 22,000 employees.

How much money does GameStop make?

GameStop generates $9.2B in revenue.

What industry is GameStop in?

GameStop is in the retailing industry.

What is GameStop's mission?

GameStop's mission statement is "Our GameStop, EB Games and Electronics Boutique retail locations set us apart in the industry. Everything that we offer our customers-from our expansive selection of new products, to our knowledgeable associates and our value-added pre-owned products-is geared to deliver customer satisfaction. We complement our store network with GameStop. Com and EBgames. Com, and publish Game Informer, one of the industry's largest circulation video game magazines."

What type of company is GameStop?

GameStop is a public company.

Who are GameStop's competitors?

GameStop competitors include J. C. Penney, Best Buy, Foot Locker, Michaels Stores, Dollar Tree, Tractor Supply Company, Dollar General, AutoZone, Toys R Us, Macy's, Dick's Sporting Goods, Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ross Stores, Advance Auto Parts, Lowe's, Dillard's, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Rite Aid.

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GameStop's headquarters is in Grapevine, TX.

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