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  • Mold Remediation - Crew Lead

    $30k-43k yearly est.8d ago
  • Foreman

    $47k-70k yearly est.7d ago
  • Arborist Crew Leader

    $35k-48k yearly est.12d ago
  • Crew/Team - Food Champion

    $22k-27k yearly est.42d ago
  • Carpenter Foreman

    $44k-52k yearly est.6h ago

    $41k-50k yearly est.8d ago
  • Foreman: VA, MD, DC

    $45k-63k yearly est.21d ago
  • Climbing Arborist Crew Leader

    $35k-47k yearly est.29d ago
  • Pipe Utility Foreman (Independence Excavating)

    $50k-62k yearly est.2d ago
  • Co Foreman

    $47k-70k yearly est.7d ago
  • Datacenter Cabling Foreman - Virginia

    $47k-70k yearly est.7d ago
  • Sheet Metal Foreman

    $42k-57k yearly est.7d ago
  • Vector Control Foreman

    $49k-65k yearly est.22d ago
  • Wet Utility Foreman

    $56k-70k yearly est.60d+ ago
  • Electrical Foreman

    $35k-52k yearly est.19d ago
  • Crew Leader

    $38k-50k yearly est.26d ago
  • OSP Construction Foreman

    $32-36 hourly34d ago
  • Enhancement Crew Leader

    $34k-43k yearly est.19d ago
  • Concrete Foreman

    $79.1k-138.4k yearly6d ago
  • Foreman, Commercial Services

    $57k-72k yearly est.7d ago

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Average Salary For a General Foreman

Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for a General Foreman is $48,517 per year or $23 per hour. The highest paying General Foreman jobs have a salary over $62,000 per year while the lowest paying General Foreman jobs pay $37,000 per year

Updated February 9, 2023
Average General Foreman Salary
$51,160 yearly
$23 hourly

5 Common Career Paths For a General Foreman


A foreman is a skilled worker in the construction industry, usually a tenured or experienced construction worker. The construction site's foremen act as the bridge between construction supervisors and construction workers. The foreman is responsible for communicating instructions from supervisors, ensuring that all workers on site are assigned tasks, and ensuring that tasks are completed within the timeline. The foreman is also responsible for checking the quality of the work the workers are doing on-site, managing workers' schedules, and budgeting for needed materials. It is important that a foreman is responsible, trustworthy, and personable.

Electrical Foreman

An electrical foreman is a professional who is responsible for supervising power linesmen and electricians in the installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical power lines or electrical systems. Electrical foremen conduct periodic inspections at a construction site to ensure that materials and supplies are available. They must enforce safety regulations, rules, and working conditions among the employees due to their hazardous work setting. They also supervise the operation of an electrical repair shop and train personnel in the safe operation of equipment and tools.

Journeyman Electrician

A journeyman electrician is responsible for performing various electrical tasks such as installation, repair, and maintenance. They have the freedom to provide services as part of a company or as an independent worker. Unlike an apprentice, a journeyman can work without any supervision from a master electrician. Furthermore, a journeyman electrician also has the responsibility to discuss the extent of repairs and explain to clients how to take better care of their appliances and electrical systems. A journeyman will also obtain the necessary supplies for a task and even train apprentices.


An electrician is a skilled tradesman in charge of wirings and systems which provide electric power to a facility. They are trained to design, install, maintain, and troubleshoot electrical wiring systems. There are four basic types of an electrician - residential wiremen, inside wiremen, telecommunications electrician, and outside linemen. Some work on a standard 40-hour week shift while others are on-call duty. In some cases, traveling is also a vital key to their role where they would work for a few days before moving to another location.


A journeyman is an experienced worker whose role will vary on the line of industry where one is involved. They work without supervision from a master craftsman. Most of the responsibilities will revolve around performing manual work such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical and mechanical tasks, and other forms of trade. Furthermore, a journeyman can choose whether to work independently or to be part of a business entity. They can also recruit and train an apprentice, or even pursue to become a master in their preferred field.

Illustrated Career Paths For a General Foreman