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Working At General Motors

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General Motors

General Motors Jobs


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General Motors Overview



Organization Type





Detroit, MI



Founded in




Key People

Mary Barra (ceo)

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About General Motors

General Motors Company, commonly referred to as General Motors, is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit that designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts, and sells financial services, with global headquarters in Detroit's Renaissance Center.

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General Motors Company, commonly referred to as General Motors, is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit that designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts, and sells financial services, with global headquarters in Detroit's Renaissance Center.

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What Is

General Motors's Mission Statement

To earn customers for life by building brands that inspire passion and loyalty through not only breakthrough technologies but also by serving and improving the communities in which we live and work around the world.

Is This Your Company?

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What is it like to work at General Motors


August 16, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Always busy.
Most people are good.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Working 65 to 90hrs a week.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Health benefits.. Show More


June 12, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Great work/life balance. Good benefits... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Below market rate for software dev. salary. Little room for career growth... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Very flexible with in-office hours... Show More


May 29, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Great Pay.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

"Old School" mentality still very present. You are a tool, and if you're ok with that the pay is great... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Bonus structure.. Show More


May 28, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

I loved the work I did there. Challenging and exciting and mostly my leader would help me if I was stuck with a situation I couldn't answer. Also it was close to home. Your superiors don't breathe down your neck watching you perform your job... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

I was contracted an last year all contractors at GM were laid off. It really left a bad taste in my mouth. I wasn't considered to be Hired direct because my manager would rather of hired his friends and former co-workers even without associates or bachleors degrees before me. I never missed work, did my job and felt I was a great employee. Never got a chance to be hired. Therefore, I was laid off with the rest of the hundreds of contract employees just like that! Being there almost 8 years - 15 years total and they would rather hired a kid right out of college who didn't know much about the business, had a poor attitude and would quit on a dime if they didn't give him the time off he requested. They is no protocol how to hired someone - just don't matter if you had the education or experience. Nepotism runs in this company also. With all of this said , I would NEVER EVER buy a GM product.EVER. I'd rather walk. A lot of people I talked to are in agreement. The way the lay-off was handled was so unprofessional. Surprised the scape goat Mary Bara still works there. I wonder what stupid move she's going to take next.employees beware... Show More


April 2, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Price of their vehicles.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

There's nothing I don't like about GM.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Price reduction of a vehicle.. Show More


March 26, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Wide range of opportunities, lots of cross functional opportunities, and continuous daily challenges... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Limited career advancement, very difficult to move to different function... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Company car, annual bonus, performance monetary benefits... Show More


August 3, 2018 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

I'm thankful I can say that I really do enjoy going to work every day! I can't imagine working anywhere else. I had great bosses, wonderful support staff, dedicated recruiters, account managers and business development; when we all get together you can see we really are a striving towards the same goal, a successful placement - a happy ending... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Much that is written about leaders these days seems to be negative: They are incompetent, arrogant, unethical, greedy, the list goes on and on.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Good environment and Bonus.. Show More

What Do You Like About Working There?

The history of the company is impressive. I also like how stable it is. The work I do is rewarding and I would be hard pressed to find a better management structure... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

The pressure sometimes is a lot to co temple d with. Deadlines especially and expectations are somewhat mismanaged... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

The benefits package is very generous compared to companies I have worked for in the past. I like the 401k... Show More
November 17, 2014 on Reddit

I know this is kind of thread necromancy but hoping you might be able to respond, as you seem to kind of enjoy your job. I'm 28, finally getting serious about a career and not just jumping job-to-job anymore. I've applied to my local community college for the auto tech program, and I'm actively seeking employment as a lube and/or tire tech in order to get some kind of experience under my belt in the meantime. My question for you is: is this all a gigantic mistake? I've heard a lot of negativity from a lot of longtime technicians, and everyone in my life is acting like I'm doing something monumentally stupid. Before I invest 50k in tools, should I run for the hills? Or is everyone being overly dramatic?

Well, this is kind of difficult to answer. Right now it my current employer I am not too happy and getting sick of doing what I do. But that is just because of my management and the policy's that are in place where I work. Unfortunately I work so close to home that moving jobs is just not a possibility at this time given what I make per hour and the job market in my area. So I feel stuck and that is crappy. BUT! As far as my work go's , I absolutely love what I do . I don't think I could ever so anything else. I have managed to put my self in a position to make any where from 50k to 120k a year without ever having to sit behind a desk in a *** cubicle . ( the reason for the big fluctuations in pay is because of the commission base of a techs pay, it really depends on your skills and speed and available work flow. My worst year since starting this job was 29k that was 2008 because of the economy crash my average is 72k my best was 122k) The college auto class route is the cheapest way to learn your fundamentals , unfortunately no school actually prepares you to work in a dealer ship environment. All your learn in school is how cars work, what things in them do, how they go together. To be able to make money doing this you have to be able to hustle, ignore pain, solve complex problems as accurately and quickly as you can cause the quicker you finish it , the quicker you move into the next job and flag more hours. School does none of that , but it does teach you the theory behind what your doing. For example an oil change, where I work each oil change pays 3 tenths of an hour, that's 18 minutes. 18 minutes to , pull the car in, do a complete 27 pt inspection , rack and hoist the car, start draining the oil & remove filter, go to parts get oil filter, return to bay , clean off ANY oil residue from undercarriage or you get yelled at, install filter and plug , lower veh. Fill with oil , reset oil life monitor, write your story and close ticket out, park car, hang keys and drop ticket off to dispatch. 3 of those is .9 tenths, you'd have to do 29 oil changes to make a little over 8 hours, that's a *** of work ! ;-) Now think about the last oil change you did on your own car , obviously not having a lift will make it a lot more time consuming but I'll bet it wasn't anywhere near .3. I hope that Doesn't turn you off from trying it though, I just want to make sure you know what your in for because most schools won't tell you that. Now in the beginning at least in a dealership environment, if your not a lube guy your usually a helper, you'll get paid by the hour and not commission. So the hustle in the beginning is not that important , accuracy, safety and the gain of knowledge is what should be your goal. If you can set your self up as a helper with a well established technician who is not a prima-donna *** , who is willing to actually teach you stuff and not use you as a workhorse then you will have the best hands on education you can get. With a little time after that , you can make yourself a good living. Honestly it's a fun job, I work with a crew of techs who are all good guys, no one is afraid to have fun. There's tons of joking, pranks and genuinely having a good time. I really can't think of anything more to ask for , I make good money, I only spent one year in school, I don't sit at a desk , I work with my hands, every diagnostic job is a puzzle that can be fun to solve, everyone I work with likes to have an immense amount of fun, I don't think I could do anything else. It would drive me nuts. ( sorry for the rambling nature of this reply , it's late and I'm typing in a iPhone so it's s *** to type with proper structure) If you have any other questions specific or otherwise I'd be happy to answer them!

How employable do you think people from overseas would be? As in non-Americans. Also how relevant would a degree in Motorsport Technologies be in the automotive technician field? This is basically the road I've started to follow, but I've always wanted to work in the US (currently in Europe). Do you think companies like GM would hire someone like me, or at least offer me an internship?

I have worked with a few REALLY good techs from japan and one austrailian. being a tech in most other countries is a very serious undertaking. in japan i think it takes quite a few years to reach master status. if you'd like a job with GM themselves im not too sure how to tell you to move forward. they do have facilitys in Europe. ALL dealerships in the united states are franchise's meaning an individual bought the rights from GM to sell and service their cars. if your good at fixing cars and quickly you can pretty much walk into most dealers and apply for a job and youll probably get it. we can usually weed out a poser in the first few days, these are the guys who dont know how to lift a car on a rack or dont know how to use the scan tool. but said they have been working for GM for 10 years. if you plan on attending university in the united states there are a lot of schools that have the General Motors ASAP program at them. it is a GM sponsered program where for 6 weeks you attend class room studies and then you spend 6 weeks working hands on at a local GM dealership. you get paid minimum wage while working there too which is pretty nice. with that program when you finish school you a a GM certified tech with some work experience established so it would be pretty easy to get a job in the industry.

Has your employer ever asked you to do something unethical? How did you respond?

This is a really good question!!! I have only had one employer (by that I mean service manager) ask me do something shady. they were short on labor hours and they were adding complaints to warranty tickets after the customer had picked the vehicle up. thus giving us the opportunity to "FIX" more things on the vehicle and get paid more. in turn generating more money for the service dept. I will admit that is took part in what was going down but I sure as hell didn't like it, if I rocked the boat id loose my job and its such a tight knit community in the area I work that his bad recommendation could have screwed me. now in that situation only GM was getting screwed, when It comes to customer pay cars, myself and pretty much any other tech whos been doing this for more then 3-4 years will do everything in our power to NOT *** them. at least all the guys i've ever worked for except one treated customers the way I do. it wouldn't matter what a manager said to me , if the money is coming out of the customers pocket , they're going to get exactly what they paid for, I work hard for my money and I wouldn't like it if some *** swindled it away from me so I wont do it to others. also we did have a customer one time who was such a *** we were considering putting dead fish in her door panel, we decided against it though

Any cars you haven't been able to diagnose the problem on? Had a master 15yr nissan mechanic spend 5hrs on a car and couldn't figure out the problem took it down the street to a guy in a garage and he fixed it in 10 mins.

I had a 2008 Malibu once that had a problem with the brake lights staying on. I completely checked everything in that car relating to the stop lamps. Replaced the body control module , brake pedal position sensor and completely restrung the circuits and it still had the problem. Even our factory field engineer we called out couldn't fix it so the customer got the car bought back by gm. So I never did figure it out. Recently a new recall was released on Z body cars. ( Malibu & G6) that is supposed to correct that condition. It had to do with wire tension and microscopic corrosion in the body control module causing if.

I often hear people compare unionized auto giants like GM to non-unionized auto giants like Honda and Toyota. Honda and Toyota are doing extremely well, without unions, and they seem to maintain an experienced workforce, too. Would you mind discussing the differences between union and non-union auto companies, and how that might impact the respective companies?

Bargaining rights is what it comes down to. Honda and Toyota set their working arrangements and the employees have to accept it or find gainful employment elsewhere. Unionized workers are subjected to following an arrangement that they agreed upon through negotiations by union delegates and that company representatives. Look at the recent European companies that have set up plants in the US. That's great! Really it is, American jobs are American jobs. Now look at the same with Toyota and Honda. They are paying their American workers less than they are paying workers in their own respective countries. Not allowing the American workers to form Unions like they allow in their own respective countries they are over here taking advantage of lower wage employees. Now American companies do this all the time, I highly doubt GM is paying Chinese employees what I am being paid and that is wrong.

1. What will you recommend GM (or any of the Detroit Big 3) do to make people buy their cars? Or become more profitable. 2. What do you do and what is your average day like? Also, do you like your job? 3. What do you think about some Toyotas or Hondas being more "American" than some GM cars.

Improve gas efficiency on vehicles immediately. Average day is waking up at 4:30am, getting ready for work, packing lunch and getting to work around 6am. Work from 6:30ish am to 2:35ish pm. For now it's a job, I don't see a future here personally, I do not want to do this for 30 years+++. I've been aggressively seeking other gainful employment for the last 2 years but it's tough.
February 27, 2012 on Reddit

Has General Motors changed anything since they almost went bankrupt?

They didn't almost go bankrupt, that was a con to weaken the UAW and ship jobs overseas. I assume you're talking about change quality etc, well I can tell you that most employees and engineers take their jobs very seriously and strive for the best quality possible. GM used the bailout as a means to trim costs (ditch Pontiac, Hummer, Saab; weaken UAW by getting into bed with them; ship jobs overseas and stamp world market on the package)
February 27, 2012 on Reddit

How much are the union dues? Please, describe what you get in return, tangible and intangible.

I pay about $60 a month in dues. That money goes to pay for the Union hall and all utilities, some pays for functions and parties (valentines day party, children's easter egg hunt coming up etc). I would like to say that it pays for me to have union representation and protection under the contracts (both international and local) but sadly that's not the case in the Right to Work state I work in

What is the best time of day/week to show up and what is the worst? On your specialty, high end cars do you add "Additional Dealer Markup" (aka Pure Profit), or just sell them for sticker?

There are two myths in the car business. One is true, one is not. Buying a car the last few days of the month WILL save you money. We are trying to hit goals and bonuses, especially with the manufacturer. That is a great time to buy. Coming in 10 minutes before we close, is NOT a good way to buy a car. We have been here for 12 hours, and we just want you to leave. We do not add Additional Profit on our cars. We rarely get sticker price, but I did get sticker for the first Camaro Convertible we sold.

Did you get into the business early enough to enjoy the early-mid 90's? I've been in the industry for many years now, and still look back on the 90's dealership atmosphere as the craziest thing I've ever seen in business. I know many GM's and owners and nearly everyone is hurting right now. Good luck!

I started in 1991. It was a lot of fun. Interestingly enough, until I became the Sales Manager, I made more money the next year as a sales person than I had the year prior, up until last year... and it was within $2500... I have only sold GM and only here at this dealership, so the crazy that was the import places, we never saw. But it was waaaaay more fun in the mid 90's, yes, I concur!

* What's the dealership's net profit on a typical vehicle sold? * What is the commission rate for salesmen? * What is your best-selling car? * How many cars does your dealership sell per month? * Do you provide free snacks for visitors? (This is a biggie)

Net Profit on used is about $1800 New Cars is pathetic... maybe $1200 a copy. Commission rate for the guys is 15% of Gross profit on New (including all holdback) and 30% of gross profit on Used. Best selling car these days is the Malibu. (Which incidentally has a mark up of about $1000 from stem to stern) and is a great car.. We sell between 55-75 per month between new and used. We are pretty small, but have been here for 50 years.

General Motors Employees

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General Motors Careers

Average Length of Employment
Ford Motor Company 6.6 years

General Motors

6.6 years
Boeing 6.4 years
Motorola Solutions 6.2 years
Intel 5.5 years
Lockheed Martin 5.1 years
Raytheon 5.0 years
AT&T 4.8 years
Northrop Grumman 4.7 years
General Electric 4.5 years
American Express 4.2 years
Lear Corporation 4.2 years
Johnson & Johnson 3.8 years
Caterpillar 3.7 years
JPMorgan Chase 3.6 years
Dell 3.5 years
McKesson 3.5 years
Cummins 3.4 years
Harley-Davidson 3.4 years
Top Employers Before General Motors
Walmart 8.5%
US Army 8.1%
McDonald's 5.1%
U.S. Navy 5.0%
HP 3.9%
IBM 3.8%
AT&T 3.0%
Lear 2.9%
Kroger 2.5%
Verizon 2.5%
Top Employers After General Motors
Walmart 5.1%
Aerotek 5.0%
HP 4.8%
Lear 4.4%
Boeing 3.8%
AT&T 3.4%
Nissan 3.3%
IBM 3.2%
Verizon 2.9%

General Motors Employees Education


Wayne State University


Michigan State University


University of Phoenix


Oakland University


Macomb Community College


Baker College


University of Michigan - Ann Arbor


Kettering University


Eastern Michigan University


Oakland Community College


Purdue University


Central Michigan University


Lawrence Technological University


Youngstown State University


Lansing Community College


University of Michigan - Flint


University of Detroit Mercy


Northwood University


Western Michigan University


Charles Stewart Mott Community College

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Mechanical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Computer Science










Criminal Justice


General Studies




Automotive Technology




Information Technology


Industrial Engineering


Computer Engineering


Industrial Technology


Human Resources Management




Computer Information Systems

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General Motors Employee Political Affiliation

Democratic Party


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Libertarian Party




Employee Political Donations

Name Job Title Party Donation
John MontfordSenior Advisor $58,600Democratic Party
Stephen GirskyVice Chairperson $19,100Democratic Party
Luis RoldanSenior Portfolio Manager $15,000Democratic Party
Daniel AkersonChief Executive Officer $13,400Democratic Party
Lee GodownVice President $11,700Democratic Party
Victoria BarnesDirector Of Public Affairs $9,990Republican Party
Daniel NicholsonEngineer $8,455Republican Party
Daniel TurtonGovernment Affairs Researcher $7,250Democratic Party
Dale CookElectrician $6,800Republican Party
Robert FergusonVice President $6,500Democratic Party
Anne LarinAttorney $6,500Democratic Party
Tom SheeranExecutive $5,965Democratic Party
Roger MarchettiManagement $5,735Republican Party
Jack AndersonAuto Dealer $5,500Republican Party
Michael MillikinSenior Vice President $5,000Democratic Party
Andy YorkLobbyist $5,000Democratic Party
Richard LopezDirector Of Public Affairs $4,500Democratic Party
Angela BarberEngineer $4,450Democratic Party
Andrew Card JrVice President $4,400Republican Party
John SundeenEngineer $4,000Republican Party
Michael RobinsonAttorney $4,000Democratic Party
Mark HadleyEngineer $3,660Republican Party
Timothy BrienElectrical Engineer $3,600Republican Party
Mary BarraChief Executive Officer $3,500Democratic Party
Faiz KhanEngineer $3,120Democratic Party
Harry LightseyExecutive $3,000Democratic Party
Bryan RoosaGovernment Relations $3,000Republican Party
Douglas RoosaCertified Public Accountant $3,000Democratic Party
Edward Whitacre JrChairperson $3,000Democratic Party
Josephine RewaldEngineer $2,700Democratic Party
Eric PoppeEngineer $2,700Republican Party
Daryl JohnsonRetired $2,700Republican Party
Earvin Johnson SrRetired $2,700Democratic Party
Carla PerrottaAttorney $2,600Democratic Party
Lorenzo JonesOperations Coordinator $2,535Democratic Party
DAN TurtonManufacturing $2,500Democratic Party
John KajanderAttorney $2,500Republican Party
John BlanchardGlobal Director $2,500Republican Party
Deborah ButlerEngineer $2,500Republican Party
Matthew CullenExecutive $2,500Republican Party
Donald HarnackEngineer $2,450Republican Party
William GastTeam Leader $2,378Democratic Party
Jerry KincannonPipefitter $2,250Democratic Party
Gregory LAUHuman Resources Coordinator $2,250Republican Party
Thomas WilkinsonCommunications $2,109Democratic Party
Mahendra KenkreEngineer $2,090Democratic Party
Jaclyn PalmerAttorney $2,050Democratic Party
Terry ValenzuelaToolmaker $2,045Democratic Party
Tori BarnesExecutive $2,000Republican Party
Laurie GirskyExecutive $2,000Democratic Party
Alan BateyPresident $2,000Republican Party
Craig GliddenGeneral Counsel $2,000Republican Party
Edward Welburn JrVice President $2,000Democratic Party
Derek OstromPeon $2,000Republican Party
Nina TalkatMetal Model Maker $2,000Democratic Party
Ray WertHead of Storytelling $2,000Democratic Party
Marcos PurtyManaging Director $2,000Democratic Party
Takeela SnellingPurchasing Agent $1,959Democratic Party
Walter BolthouseEngineering $1,902Republican Party
Johnny GivandDirector $1,800Democratic Party
Ronald KubaniEngineer $1,750Republican Party
Linda MayFactory Worker $1,727Democratic Party
David QuimbyRetired $1,645Democratic Party
Adam UnderhillPresident And General Manager $1,625Democratic Party
Mohan BijlaniContract Management $1,500Republican Party
Gerald ColemanEngineer $1,500Republican Party
Vivian PickardDirector $1,500Democratic Party
Shane PriorAuto Body Worker $1,500Democratic Party
Robin RocchiFinance $1,500Democratic Party
Alicia DavisSenior Executive $1,500Democratic Party
Mustafa MohataremEconomist $1,500Democratic Party
Diana TremblayVice President $1,500Democratic Party
Eric SasakiElectrician $1,488Democratic Party
Michael HintermanRetired $1,485Democratic Party
Louis RochaLine Technician $1,427Democratic Party
Keith RominskyAuto Body Worker $1,400Republican Party
Selim BingolVice President $1,300Democratic Party
Jack HillRetired $1,300Democratic Party
Leonard SmigielskiChairperson $1,300Democratic Party
George HodgesRetired $1,280Democratic Party
Michael NehanEngineer $1,250Republican Party
Tadeusz ZamulinskiToolmaker $1,250Republican Party
Aquila PowellDirector $1,250Democratic Party
Jason DickMillwright $1,250Democratic Party
Kenneth ColeVice President $1,250Republican Party
Henry Van DER LaarEngineer $1,225Republican Party
Brittany SmithSoftware Engineer $1,213Democratic Party
Jody MeagherHuman Resources Manager $1,200Republican Party
Frank FinneganRetired $1,200Democratic Party
John QuattroneSenior Vice President $1,200Republican Party
John RachalLine Assembler $1,162Democratic Party
Napoleon SpearLaborer $1,125Democratic Party
Charles GreenEngineer $1,115Democratic Party
Marvin CannonRetired $1,100Democratic Party
Margaret PalardyEngineer $1,100Democratic Party
William MayManager $1,100Republican Party
Ghada SrourOperator $1,100Democratic Party
Brenda TersigniElectrician $1,078Republican Party
Duane CoxAutomotive $1,070Democratic Party
Charles RondeauAutomotive Designer $1,069Democratic Party
Sandra GatsonTeam Member $1,020Democratic Party
Jeffrey CharlesMachine Repairer $1,000Democratic Party
Robert BertolinRetired $1,000Democratic Party
Cynthia MaherEngineer $1,000Democratic Party
Ken BarrettChief Diversity Officer $1,000Democratic Party
Scott ReillyEngineer $1,000Democratic Party
Christopher Johnson JrExecutive $1,000Democratic Party
Thomas StephensVice Chairperson $1,000Democratic Party
Lawrence HinesManager $1,000Republican Party
Raul VillarrealManager $1,000Democratic Party
Mark KincannonProject Manager $1,000Democratic Party
Barry EnglePresident $1,000Republican Party
Matthew TsienVice President & General Manager $1,000Republican Party
Michael AblesonVice President $1,000Republican Party
Charles StevensChief Finance Officer $1,000Republican Party
Kenneth GoldAttorney $1,000Democratic Party
Timothy LeeVice President $1,000Democratic Party
James DelucaExecutive Vice President $1,000Democratic Party
Dennis McEntireUtilities $1,000Republican Party
James LoefflerInformation Technology Technician $1,000Democratic Party
W DurantPresident $1,000Republican Party
Tom JonesAdvisor $1,000Democratic Party
Saqib MasoodEngineer $1,000Democratic Party
Keith ColeAttorney $1,000Republican Party
Carol HaleGeneral Manager $1,000Republican Party
Eric FarrowLaborer $1,000Republican Party
DAN AkersonChief Executive Officer $1,000Democratic Party
Muhammed OzdemirEngineer $1,000Republican Party
Terry KlineChief Information Officer $1,000Democratic Party
Noranne JonesConsultant $1,000Democratic Party
Ruby HendersonAudit Manager $992Democratic Party
Raymond WoodShip Worker $975Democratic Party
Gwendolyn RhodesErgonomist $953Democratic Party
TIM HobletManufacturing $950Democratic Party
Robert RhodesSenior Manager $900Democratic Party
Arianna MoralesScientist $850Democratic Party
Joseph MeadeEngineer $800Republican Party
Alfred RohlingData Analyst $800Republican Party
Vincent WilkAttorney $800Republican Party
Tammora McNeilDesigner $800Republican Party
Drita IvezajSustainability Manager $800Democratic Party
Howard StewartAuto Body Worker $768Democratic Party
Douglas MartinHourly $765Republican Party
Monte TaylorEngineer $757Democratic Party
Albert RatushEngineer $750Republican Party
Catherine CarriganAuto Design Detailer $750Democratic Party
Mark PohlProduct Developer $750Republican Party
Cherie WilsonFederal Affairs $750Democratic Party
Craig KochManager $750Republican Party
Kenneth KnightExecutive $750Democratic Party
Juan RajlinFinance $750Democratic Party
Jeremy WrightBusiness Intelligence Analyst $750Democratic Party
JED BhutaLobbyist $750Democratic Party
Mark MathesDie Designer $750Democratic Party
Ray TamasovichAuto Body Worker $750Republican Party
Steven WalbrunWeb Manager $665Republican Party
Daniel SovranFinance $650Republican Party
Allen Rayl JrEngineer $610Republican Party
Joshua HunterFinance Analyst $600Republican Party
Anna CummingsAutotive Industry $550Republican Party
Joseph DavisTeam Leader $550Republican Party
Mark ThibaultDirector Program Management $550Republican Party
Daniel JulietteRetired $550Republican Party
Robert StoneVice President $501Republican Party
Patrick CicconeAutoworker $500Republican Party
Douglas BlackfordElectrician $500Republican Party
Brian MeixellEngineer $500Republican Party
Robert ReuterExecutive Director $500Republican Party
Lisa GageInformation Technology Director $500Republican Party
David JonesTool And Die Maker $500Republican Party
Tammy McNeilDesigner $500Republican Party
Robert MarshDirector Of Federal Sales $500Republican Party
Walter BorstAsset Management Analyst $500Republican Party
Cynthia BrinkleyVice President $500Republican Party
Laura ThelenManager $500Republican Party
David WickmanEngineer $500Republican Party
Sherwin PriorFinance $500Republican Party
William BallVice President $500Republican Party
Denny FoxAccountant $500Republican Party
Arthur RiddleDie Welder $500Republican Party
Michael MackTax Attorney $500Republican Party
Kristi BaileyAnalyst $500Republican Party
Berkys MejiaExecutive $500Republican Party
Michael MillerAuto Body Worker $489Libertarian Party
Daniel LarabellExecutive $460Republican Party
Bobby McGeeConsulting Engineer $450Republican Party
Jason HarleyEngineer $402Republican Party
Joseph BabcockComputer Arch $400Republican Party
Dean MelcherEngineer $400Republican Party
John BartaEngineer $400Republican Party
Doreen VanslagerEngineer $350Republican Party
Thomas VillmanInformation Technology Analyst $336Republican Party
Aravind MurarishettyInformation Technology Senior Analyst $315Republican Party
Ahmed MahmoudExecutive $300Republican Party
Don GremauxFactory-Truck Plant $300Republican Party
Donald GremauxLaborer $300Republican Party
Richard ShippyEngineer $296Republican Party
Thomas PropstIndustrial Engineer $287Independent
Stephen PassEngineer $265Republican Party
Anand KodiyalamSenior Manager $250Republican Party
Renee LewisAdministrative Assistant $250Republican Party
William BrownAuto Body Worker $250Republican Party
William MartzEngineer $250Other
Eric KachorekEngineer $250Libertarian Party
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General Motors Salaries

Solutions ManagerDetroit, MI $173,164
Accounting Manager/ControllerWarren, MI $168,826
Release ManagerSunnyvale, CA $164,674
Data ArchitectArlington, TX $164,435
Supplier Quality EngineerAuburn Hills, MI $162,221
ScientistWarren, MI $158,100
Information Technology Project ManagerDetroit, MI $150,000
Senior Software EngineerSunnyvale, CA $144,894
Senior Software EngineerSunnyvale, CA $144,618
Product SpecialistGrand Blanc, MI $142,810
Design ManagerWarren, MI $140,400
Senior Software EngineerSunnyvale, CA $140,004
Hadoop AdministratorArlington, TX $140,000
Senior Embedded Software EngineerSunnyvale, CA $139,080
Manufacturing ManagerWarren, MI $137,940
Engineering Group ManagerPontiac, MI $135,528
Senior Software EngineerWarren, MI $135,000
Senior Process EngineerWarren, MI $133,904
Validation EngineerWarren, MI $130,521
Data EngineerWarren, MI $130,000
Senior Systems EngineerWarren, MI $127,658
Senior Systems EngineerWarren, MI $127,568
Engineering Group ManagerPontiac, MI $127,428
Purchasing ManagerWarren, MI $127,000
Android DeveloperWarren, MI $126,000
Database ManagerWarren, MI $125,950
Engineering ManagerWarren, MI $125,716
Application Software DeveloperDetroit, MI $125,400
Software Development EngineerArlington, TX $125,000
Senior Treasury AnalystWarren, MI $124,848
Senior Software EngineerWarren, MI $124,800
Integration EngineerWarren, MI $123,922
Software Integrator EngineerWarren, MI $122,647
Systems EngineerWarren, MI $122,317
Manager, Configuration ManagementWarren, MI $122,055
Power Shovel EngineerPontiac, MI $122,042
Engineering Group ManagerMilford, MI $122,040
Architectural EngineerWarren, MI $121,979
Engineering SupervisorWarren, MI $121,900
Senior ArchitectWarren, MI $120,183
Senior Software EngineerWarren, MI $120,000
Deployment ManagerDetroit, MI $120,000
Lead Systems EngineerWarren, MI $120,000
Senior Electrical EngineerWarren, MI $119,864