Updated December 31, 2020

How Much Does Hazen and Sawyer Pay?
Employees at Hazen and Sawyer make, on average, $75,836 a year or $36.0 an hour. If you are in the top 10th percent of earners, you can expect to make an average salary over $124,000 a year, but if you're in the bottom 10 percent of earners, your salary could be less than $46,000 a year. Show More

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Hazen and Sawyer Salaries By Department

Salaries at Hazen and Sawyer differ depending on the department or organizational function. For example, workers in the engineering function earn the highest salaries at Hazen and Sawyer, with average earnings of $90,183. The second-highest paying department is art/design, where employees earn an average salary of $86,122 per year. The organizational function at Hazen and Sawyer where employees earn the lowest salaries is plant/manufacturing with yearly earnings averaging $43,901. Marketing is the second-lowest paying organizational function at Hazen and Sawyer, where the workers earn $51,772 per year.
Average Salary


Salary Range72k - 111k$90k$90,183


Salary Range63k - 116k$86k$86,122

Research & Development

Salary Range61k - 103k$80k$79,584


Salary Range54k - 82k$67k$66,976


Salary Range51k - 82k$65k$65,386

Human Resources

Salary Range40k - 90k$61k$60,878


Salary Range39k - 77k$55k$55,351


Salary Range34k - 78k$52k$51,997


Salary Range37k - 71k$52k$51,772


Salary Range36k - 52k$44k$43,901

Hazen and Sawyer Salaries By Job Title

While the average employee salary at Hazen and Sawyer is $75,836, there is a big variation in pay depending on the role. Some of the positions that earn high wages at Hazen and Sawyer include principal designer, engineering manager, principal engineer, and systems supervisor. A worker with the title principal designer salary at Hazen and Sawyer can earn an average yearly salary of $147,227. Some of the other roles at Hazen and Sawyer are receptionist and construction technician. A worker with the title receptionist at Hazen and Sawyer earns an average salary of $23,781 per year.
Job Title
Job Title
Average Salary

Principal Designer Jobs

Salary Range134k - 161k$147k$147,227

Engineering Manager Jobs

Salary Range104k - 145k$123k$123,240

Principal Engineer Jobs

Salary Range100k - 130k$115k$114,720

Systems Supervisor Jobs

Salary Range94k - 131k$111k$111,274

Development Manager Jobs

Salary Range98k - 124k$111k$111,204

Architect Jobs

Salary Range76k - 119k$95k$95,451

Program Management Consultant Jobs

Salary Range80k - 94k$87k$87,010

Associate Jobs

Salary Range68k - 103k$85k$84,623

Project Controls Specialist Jobs

Salary Range69k - 101k$84k$83,823

Administrative Assistant Engineering Jobs

Salary Range64k - 87k$75k$75,092

Hazen and Sawyer Jobs You Might Like

Hazen and Sawyer Engineering Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Engineering Manager
Salary Range104k - 145k$123k$123,240
Principal Engineer
Salary Range100k - 130k$115k$114,720
Technical Associate
Salary Range82k - 112k$96k$96,269
Salary Range76k - 119k$95k$95,451
Resident Engineer
Salary Range74k - 89k$82k$81,894
Computer Aided Design Designer
Salary Range70k - 75k$73k$73,303
Structural Designer
Salary Range63k - 79k$71k$71,364
Engineering Internship
Salary Range64k - 74k$70k$69,747
Design Technician
Salary Range48k - 71k$59k$58,632
Waste Management Specialist
Salary Range46k - 58k$52k$52,335

Hazen and Sawyer Administrative Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Administrative Assistant Engineering
Salary Range64k - 87k$75k$75,092
General Internship
Salary Range54k - 63k$59k$58,769
Word Processor
Salary Range45k - 66k$55k$55,394
Office Manager
Salary Range42k - 63k$52k$52,258
Executive Secretary
Salary Range42k - 49k$46k$45,776
Administrative Assistant/Technical
Salary Range33k - 39k$36k$36,131
Office Administrator
Salary Range31k - 38k$35k$34,797

Hazen and Sawyer Art/Design Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Associate Creative Director
Salary Range142k - 180k$161k$160,571
Principal Designer
Salary Range134k - 161k$147k$147,227
Senior Designer
Salary Range95k - 121k$108k$107,586
Technical Editor
Salary Range57k - 68k$62k$62,446
Proposal Writer
Salary Range55k - 66k$61k$60,503
Design Internship
Salary Range39k - 46k$43k$42,739

Hazen and Sawyer Salaries By Location

It's no secret that workers earn different salaries in different parts of the country, since the cost of living can be much higher in certain areas. At Hazen and Sawyer, the employees are paid different salaries depending on their location.
Average Salary

Los Angeles, CA Jobs

Salary Range62k - 118k$86k$85,864

Boston, MA Jobs

Salary Range58k - 106k$79k$79,034

Rocky Hill, CT Jobs

Salary Range58k - 105k$79k$78,985

New York, NY Jobs

Salary Range57k - 105k$78k$77,936

Fairfax, VA Jobs

Salary Range54k - 101k$74k$74,218

Tempe, AZ Jobs

Salary Range52k - 100k$72k$72,462

Fort Worth, TX Jobs

Salary Range51k - 100k$72k$71,674

Detroit, MI Jobs

Salary Range49k - 90k$67k$66,762

Cincinnati, OH Jobs

Salary Range49k - 88k$66k$66,292

Raleigh, NC Jobs

Salary Range47k - 89k$65k$65,232

Hazen and Sawyer Competitor Salaries

Competitors of Hazen and Sawyer include Parsons International, Gas Technology Institute, and Black & Veatch. The wages at Parsons International average higher than the other similar companies, where the median salary is $87,464 per year. Employees at Gas Technology Institute earn an average of $81,408 per year, and the employees at Black & Veatch earn an average salary of $80,337 per year.
Average Salary

Parsons International

Salary Range66k - 114k$87k$87,464


Salary Range61k - 107k$81k$81,408
Black & Veatch
Salary Range66k - 97k$80k$80,337

National Security Technologies

Salary Range61k - 97k$77k$77,464
Transportation Technology Ctr
Salary Range57k - 104k$77k$77,105
Carollo Engineers
Salary Range64k - 91k$77k$76,880
Salary Range60k - 95k$76k$76,070
Salary Range56k - 95k$73k$73,312
CDM Smith
Salary Range60k - 87k$73k$72,504
Salary Range52k - 99k$72k$72,322

Hazen and Sawyer Jobs