Updated September 9, 2022

Average Helmerich & Payne Salary In Odessa, TX


$31.64 hourly

Entry level Salary
$33,000 yearly

How Much Does Helmerich & Payne Pay In Odessa, TX?

Helmerich & Payne pays $32 per hour or $65,819 per year on average in Odessa, TX. Salaries at Helmerich & Payne range from an average of $33,000 to $131,000 a year.

Highest Paying Helmerich & Payne Jobs In Odessa, TX

Helmerich & Payne’s highest-paying job in Odessa, TX is Rig Superintendent, with an average salary of $194,046. In second place is Driver/Owner Operator, which makes $186,121 annually in Odessa, TX.

Highest Paying Jobs At Helmerich & Payne In Odessa, TX

RankJob TitleAvarage Helmerich & Payne SalaryHourly Pay
1Rig Superintendent$194,046$93
2Driver/Owner Operator$186,121$89
3Sales And Marketing Vice President$172,922$83
4Drilling Supervisor$171,789$83
5Manager Data Services$166,363$80
6Drilling Superintendent$163,229$78
7Reservoir Engineer$157,360$76
8Supply Chain Director$155,797$75
9Drilling Engineer$148,944$72
10Team Leader$146,848$71

Helmerich & Payne Salaries In Odessa, TX By Department

Salaries By Department At Helmerich & Payne In Odessa, TX

RankDepartmentAvarage Helmerich & Payne SalaryHourly Pay
10Supply Chain$54,422$26

How Much Does Helmerich & Payne Pay By City

The cities where Helmerich & Payne pays the highest salary are Denver (undefined), Tulsa (undefined), Dallas (undefined),

Highest Paying Cities At Helmerich & Payne Across the US

RankCityAvarage Helmerich & Payne SalaryHourly Pay

Highest-Paying Helmerich & Payne Competitors In Odessa, TX

The company that stands out for having the highest pay in Odessa, TX is Parker Drilling Co, which pays its workers an average salary of $194,046 Enterprise Products Partners is the company that pays the least, paying an average salary of $69,011 in Odessa, TX.
RankCompany NameAvarage Pay in Odessa, TXHourly Pay
1Parker Drilling Co$97,117$47
2Nabors Drilling USA, LP$96,042$46
4Denbury Resources$81,800$39
5Nabors Holding Company$77,791$37
6Diamond Offshore Drilling$76,191$37
7The Williams Companies$75,476$36
8Precision Drilling$70,994$34
9Chesapeake Energy$69,481$33
10Enterprise Products Partners$69,011$33

Frequently asked questions about Helmerich & Payne Pay In Odessa, TX

What Is The Starting Pay At Helmerich & Payne In Odessa?

The starting pay at Helmerich & Payne in Odessa is around $33,000 per year, or $16 per hour.

How Much Does Helmerich & Payne Pay Hourly In Odessa?

Helmerich & Payne pays $32 hourly in Odessa, which is 1% below the national average.

How Much Does Helmerich & Payne Pay Rig Superintendents In Odessa?

Helmerich & Payne pays rig superintendents in Odessa around $93 per hour, or $194,046 per year.

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