Updated December 14, 2021
Average Heritage Home Group Salary
$15.87 hourly
$33,000 yearly

Entry level Salary
$17,000 yearly
10 %
90 %

How Much Does Heritage Home Group Pay?

The national average salary for an employee at Heritage Home Group is $33,882 per year, or $16.29 an hour. However, there's a significant range between the top 10 percent of earners and the bottom 10 percent of earners. While the highest-paid employees at Heritage Home Group can earn over $66,000 a year, the lowest-paid employees earn less than $17,000. Show More

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Heritage Home Group Jobs

Highest Paying Jobs At Heritage Home Group

While the average employee salary at Heritage Home Group is $33,882, there is a big variation in pay depending on the role. Some of the positions that earn high wages at Heritage Home Group include BI Architect, Senior Software Engineer, Real Estate Agent, and Construction Superintendent. A typical BI Architect salary at Heritage Home Group is $123,441 per year. Some of the other roles at Heritage Home Group are Child Care Worker and Direct Care Worker. A worker with the title Child Care Worker at Heritage Home Group earns an average salary of $24,250 per year.
Job Title
RankJob TitleAverage SalaryHourly Rate
1BI Architect$123,441$59.35
2Senior Software Engineer$116,792$56.15
3Real Estate Agent$97,352$46.80
4Construction Superintendent$80,902$38.90
5Physical Therapist$73,911$35.53
6Nursing Director$73,740$35.45
7Data Analyst$69,260$33.30
8Staff Nurse$65,554$31.52
9Supply Chain Analyst$61,193$29.42
10Operations Administrator$60,557$29.11
11Sales Representative$58,367$28.06
13Home Manager$52,574$25.28
14Licensed Practical Nurse$48,289$23.22
16Account Specialist$46,233$22.23
17Interior Designer$44,605$21.44
18Activities Director$43,259$20.80
19Children's Counselor$41,911$20.15
20Sales Consultant$41,659$20.03

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Average Heritage Home Group Salaries By Department

Workers at Heritage Home Group earn different salaries depending on the department or organizational function that they work in. For example, workers in the Engineering function earn the highest salaries at Heritage Home Group, with average earnings of $88,327. Employees working in the Finance department earn a relatively high salary as well, averaging $60,680 per year. The organizational functions at Heritage Home Group that pay the least are Hospitality/Service and Non Profit/Government. Workers in these departments earn $26,276 and $27,979, respectively.
RankDepartmentAverage SalaryHourly Rate
4Supply Chain$59,494$28.60
7Real Estate$51,882$24.94
13Customer Service$33,358$16.04
16Non Profit/Government$27,979$13.45

Best Paying Heritage Home Group Healthcare Position Salaries

RankPositionAverage SalaryHourly Rate
1Licensed Practical Nurse$48,289$23.22
2Children's Counselor$41,911$20.15
3Residential Counselor$32,584$15.67
4Medical Assistant$31,204$15.00
5Nurse Extern$29,223$14.05
6Certified Nursing Assistant$28,449$13.68
7Home Health Aid$26,415$12.70
8Certified Nurses' Aide$25,134$12.08
9Dietary Aide$24,311$11.69

Heritage Home Group Healthcare Jobs

Best Paying Heritage Home Group Hospitality/Service Position Salaries

RankPositionAverage SalaryHourly Rate
1Activities Director$43,259$20.80
2Head Chef$42,340$20.36
3Fitness Technician$30,933$14.87
4Front Desk Concierge$30,563$14.69
8Room Attendant$27,478$13.21
9Food Service Assistant$27,055$13.01
10Rooming House Keeper$26,896$12.93
12Food Prep$25,421$12.22
13Laundry Aide$25,370$12.20
15Recreation Assistant$24,321$11.69
16Direct Care Worker$24,258$11.66
17Child Care Worker$24,250$11.66
18Hand Washer$24,110$11.59
20Housekeeping Cleaner$20,070$9.65

Heritage Home Group Hospitality/Service Jobs

Best Paying Heritage Home Group Non Profit/Government Position Salaries

RankPositionAverage SalaryHourly Rate
1Director Of Social Services$51,545$24.78
2Center Manager$47,148$22.67
3Case Manager$42,880$20.62
4Children's Service Supervisor$42,426$20.40
5Behavior Technician$37,692$18.12
6Social Work Internship$33,551$16.13
7Residential Counselor$32,584$15.67
8Program Assistant$32,311$15.53
9Direct Care Staffer$26,536$12.76
10Resident Assistant$26,185$12.59
11Direct Care Worker$24,258$11.66
12Residential Aide$21,875$10.52

Heritage Home Group Non Profit/Government Jobs

Recently Added Heritage Home Group Jobs

Highest Paying Heritage Home Group Competitor Salaries

Some of the competitors of Heritage Home Group are Senior plc, Mirasol Resources, and Advance Auto Parts. Employees at Senior plc earn more than most of the competition, with an average yearly salary of $87,309. Employees at Mirasol Resources earn an average of $56,774 per year, and the employees at Advance Auto Parts earn an average salary of $50,029 per year.
RankCompany NameZippia ScoreAverage Salary
1Senior plc4.3$87,309
2Mirasol Resources4.0$56,774
3Advance Auto Parts4.4$50,029
5Health Care Plus3.5$41,727
6Furnitureland South4.3$40,887
7Leggett & Platt4.3$40,430
9Best Chairs4.1$38,706
10Ashley Furniture Industries4.7$36,770
11American Signature4.3$36,642
12Rack Room Shoes4.1$35,551
13Stein Mart4.6$35,051
14DICK'S Sporting Goods4.5$33,176
15Citi Trends4.6$32,694
16Just Like Sugar3.8$29,478
17Jo-ann Stores4.7$28,351

Competitors Jobs