Hillsboro School District SALARIES

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How much does Hillsboro School District pay?
As an employee at Hillsboro School District in the USA, you can expect to earn an average salary of $39,669 per year, or $19.07 an hour. However, there's a significant range between the top 10 percent of earners and the bottom 10 percent of earners. While the highest-paid employees at Hillsboro School District can earn over $70,000 a year, the lowest-paid employees earn less than $22,000. Show More

Hillsboro School District SALARIES BY DEPARTMENT

The salaries that employees earn in Hillsboro School District can be influenced by the department or organization function that they work in. Employees in Entertainment & Travel roles earn the highest wages at Hillsboro School District, with an average salary of $86,285. Employees working in the Healthcare organizational function also get paid well, with an average yearly pay of $49,516. The organizational functions at Hillsboro School District that pay the least are Transportation & Logistics and Installation, Maintenance & Repair. Workers in these departments earn $30,648 and $31,709, respectively.
Entertainment & Travel
Social Services & Non-profit
Sports, Fitness & Recreation
Restaurant & Hospitality

Hillsboro School District SALARIES BY JOB TITLE

The average employee at Hillsboro School District earns a yearly salary of $39,669 per year, but different jobs can earn drastically different salaries. The higher paying positions at Hillsboro School District include Speech/Language Therapist, Manager, Facilities Services, Reading Instructor, and Behavioral Specialist. A typical Speech/Language Therapist salary at Hillsboro School District is $70,260 per year. Some of the other roles at Hillsboro School District are Substitute Teachers Aide and Facility Worker. A worker with the title Substitute Teachers Aide at Hillsboro School District earns an average salary of $25,346 per year.

Hillsboro School District Education SALARIES

RankJob TitleAverage
Library Specialist
Adult High School Instructor
Bilingual Teacher
Substitute Instructor
Educational Assistant

Hillsboro School District Sports, Fitness & Recreation SALARIES

RankJob TitleAverage
Assistant Athletic Director
Assistant Track Coach
Cheerleading Coach

Hillsboro School District Social Services & Non-profit SALARIES

RankJob TitleAverage
Transition Specialist
Behavioral Specialist
Internship Coordinator

Hillsboro School District Competitor Salaries

Competitors of Hillsboro School District include LIVE OAK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISTRICT SANTA CRUZ COUNTY CALIFORNIA, Dallas Independent School District, and FRANKLIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISTRICT CA. The wages at LIVE OAK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISTRICT SANTA CRUZ COUNTY CALIFORNIA average higher than the other similar companies, where the median salary is $59,686 per year. Employees at Dallas Independent School District earn an average of $51,455 per year, and the employees at FRANKLIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISTRICT CA earn an average salary of $50,770 per year.

Hillsboro School District JOBS

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