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Working At Hollister

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Hollister Overview



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Libertyville, IL



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Key People

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About Hollister

Do the unexpected. Create possibilities. Live like it's summer. Every. Single. Day. Co-create with us by tagging #HollisterCollective.

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Do the unexpected. Create possibilities. Live like it's summer. Every. Single. Day. Co-create with us by tagging #HollisterCollective.

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What Is

Hollister's Mission Statement

To help healthcare professionals deliver better products and services, and to make life more rewarding and dignified for those who use our products.

Is This Your Company?

Do You Work At Hollister?

What is it like to work at Hollister

July 7, 2016 on Reddit

do you ever get customers that aren't gay guys or high school students?

70% of our customers are not white. 50% are older than 30. At least in my store.

I knew this day would come for me to ask this question. How many kids have you caught having sex in your dressing rooms?

0. The Hollister I work at is in a very good area, there hasn't even been PDA in the store as far as I know. Other than Co-Workers

Is there are store practice of greeting guests, similar to the "10 foot rule"? I remember when I worked retail and it was strictly enforced that we were supposed to greet customers within a certain radius, basically make eye contact, smile and say hello. I'm not sure if it's just Hollister stores in my area but would make eye contact and say nothing and continue folding clothes yet greet the customers behind me. And it seems like if I went in and by coincidence was wearing something Hollister, I'd get even worse service. It's happened a few times to the point now that I just buy online if I like something just to avoid the stores.

Not that they've taught me, im pretty outright so I just say "Hi Welcome to Hollister, let me know if you need anything." Now theyre making us say "Hi my name is ****, Welcome to Hollister, these are out deals: ******, if you need a fitting room or a size check just let me know, my name is ******" We have to talk to customers, even when theyre upset or ignoring us. My manager gets pissy about it. We all know who the other employees are unless they were new, I wouldnt worry about it. Possibilities: You look like you dont speak english, you look like youve come in before earlier, theres no manager on the floor, we have a huge amount of work to do, you were rude to one of us/made a big deal out of nothing and we all hate you. Try talking to someone, we get bored. Were not supposed to talk to each other.

Do the people that shop there actually surf? When I was a highschool age *** I asked everyone with a Hollister shirt if they could swim and they all said no

Part of the hiring process is being two things: Diverse and SoCal(tm). It would probably help you get the job if you knew how to surf haha.

Do you hate that the schedule is in military time? Cauuuuse I did. Also are you a model or impact? Which one do you find to be truly more fun?

Model, Im to hot to be in the back ;). I was raised in Europe so military time was my standard, but my co-workers dislike it. I love being a model when its not to busy, impacts to me feel like grunt workers. Even though I love everyone :)
July 1, 2016 on Reddit

Have continued losses in clothing retailer earnings led to a decrease in the number of co-workers and an increase in your on-the-job duties?

We get stolen from a huge amount, a ridiculously unbelievable amount. Our clothes are expensive, but the material we use for them are really good even if they are all make for pennies in 3rd world countries. The company makes enough. Managers have to constantly hire employees, the turn over rate is super high. Its not because of our duties, its because of some of the companies polices. So no correlation for our store atleast.

A few years ago, our high school student body got together to see the bias in abracombi hiring. We send students (good looking) to different local stores in order to apply with near identical rsums. The difference was one student was white, the other was white and blonde. It was a small test, but mirrored national reports that the clothing company hired the white applicant almost every time over the other. We found that this held true for 90% of the groups we tested. It's now been 7 years since graduation and that curiosity, do you feel that the company has done a better job of diversifying or do they remain in their old habits?

We 100% have hidden quotas that I cannot confirm. Im pretty sure the managers have to hire based on ethnicity, our store is mostly white but we have a lot of different people too. The old CEO was the one who was pretty racist, the board is doing a good job now. If someone is white, compared to someone who is different and they have the same credentials we will hire the different person each time.
July 1, 2016 on Reddit

How hard would it be to steal one of those surfboards reaaaaaally?

Theyre not for sale, honestly were probably one of the best stores to steal from, we dont prosecute if you're not an employee.

Just how much do you hate call-in scheduled days? That *** was the worst

SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a call in tomorrow at 9, so I have to call at 8. They are NOT going to need me.
July 1, 2016 on Reddit

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen happening in a store?

We had a women come in, she shopped for a solid hour, forced her way into a fitting room with probably 20 items of clothing. She left to go get another size, and someone threw the stuff she got in the go-back bin. She literally cried. Managers still blamed us.

What exactly is the purpose behind Abercrombie and Hollister's "club atmosphere" with the way too loud music and darkness? Like does it make the cutomer spend more money somehow?

There is no specific reason for it, but my thinking is that they want to make you feel like your at a club to make the customers think they'd be wearing these shirts at those settings. The brand is a focus for looking good all the time at all times. The style is meant to have a preppy image of a socal surfer, or a prep student at some boarding school. But with that cool image, they want to make sure you look so good in your outfits so often, that you can wear it for nearly any social occasion. This is all just my theory though, I have no clue as to why they torture us with the music that loud. Customers complain constantly, and we have to tell them there's nothing we can do
December 30, 2012 on Reddit

Do you ever wear Hollister clothes?

I do, just because the discount is worth it. I don't mind wearing my brand for the fact I'm still young haha
December 30, 2012 on Reddit

I heard Hollister employees aren't allowed to wear makeup. Is this true, and if so, why?

This is true. They like to rely on the fact that you have a natural, laid back SoCal look. This is why most of the employees are very attractive, at all times.
December 30, 2012 on Reddit

I used to work in a similar type of store when I was a teenager/early twenties. As the majority of the employees were female to me being male fun times ensued in the back room semi-regularly. Any occurrences of this in your store?

The stock room is always fun to be in, because we get to play our own music, eat food, sit down, and just relax. Granted there are no seats to sit on, we can sit on pretty much anything in the back. Some of the best memories I have in the back are when u first started there, because I was like the new guy in waiting with a whole group of guys who had such a great bond in the workplace. They were very funny to watch *** around. Now it's nothing compared to that, because the stock manger is more about keeping very one in control.
December 30, 2012 on Reddit

Are you or other workers treated poorly by your boss?

No, my managers are all awesome! My store manager is really cool, and is great at running our store. The manager we had before was awful, and he totally pulled our store out of a slump. Plus, one of the other MIT's is a redditor too! Maybe she'll eventually see this.
December 30, 2012 on Reddit

On average, how many rich girls with Daddy's credit card and wannabe cool guys do you deal with in a day?

Not too many, because they'd go to a&f for the expensive stuff. Our customers are mainly Jews, Hispanic people, black people, and all of the foreign tourists.... It's a whole new experience of customer.
December 30, 2012 on Reddit

at what rate do employees die to the large amounts of toxic fumes?

We have controlled the fumes emitted in our location very well. What we have done, is a theory that we haven't thought of at all.... Not spraying the cologne anymore, and letting the sweaty customers spray it around themselves.

Please share the best slam on a customer from you or another employee?

By far, the best story I can tell: Another day of working in the back. Boxes of new clothes getting processed, prepping clothes for the floor, and generally doing nothing. My manager comes through the door with an item, most likely checking for a size, but a woman comes in from behind him and watches him go get the size... Strange lady. So, I go out onto the floor to put some clothes on a table. Then I see this really tall black dude walk right past me and leave the store. The alarm goes off, as he may have stolen some clothes. I approach him telling him I need to check his bags, but he keeps walking away. He takes off his hat and runs away. ***, this guy totally just stole and I need to get my managers! I radio for them over the walkie talkies, and they both come to the front of the store in a hurry. My store manager is saying we just have to let him go, because there's nothing we can do. However, my MIT(Manger In Training) sees that same woman who came in the back and followed him, leaving the store. He turns to me and my store manager and says "wait a second, she came in here with another guy!! That must have been him!!" and as soon as she notices we were onto them, she runs away as well. Again, my manager tells us there's nothing we can do, but my MIT literally BOLTS after this woman. A foot chase begins, as my MIT follows this woman down the escalator, past the floor below us, and is still chasing her. They run towards one of the exits of the mall, and the *** knocks over a poor little kid walking in with his family....Big mistake for her, as the father of this poor kid starts chasing after my manager and this woman!! My manager chased her out to the parking lot, where she saw her accomplice peal away in his car. He is not going down with his girlfriend, as she is caught by my manager. He begins to tell her that the police will be coming, security will apprehend her, yadda yadda yadda. The father of the kid that was knocked over though, was still on pursuit, and caught up to my manager and this woman. In the heat of the moment, the man winds up, and punches this chick right in the face!! In disbelief, the woman starts going nuts on him, and tries to swing, but is held back by my manager. My manager tells the guy to leave as soon as possible, because he was in some serious ***. The dad left, getting redemption for his kid, and giving this woman the ultimate lesson to never steal again. We joke with my manager still, saying he is the one who punched the woman... and the baby.
December 30, 2012 on Reddit

How often do employees steal? My cousin used to work at Hollister and he said they stole a lot of clothes

Employee theft isn't that common in our store. We have sit down interviews with our district Loss Prevention team each year, and this is when they accuse every employee of stealing, to try and crack them. We did have one really bad situation of theft though, it was reported in the paper and everything. One of my friends was caught stealing thousands of dollars worth of items working with one of the floor models. They'd pass clothes in and out of the stock room, de censoring them. They left each night with the clothes in their bags. I still feel bad for the guy, he didn't need to be put on blast like that.
December 30, 2012 on Reddit

Is it a part of your job that you have to eat lots of carrots so that you can see better in the dark, or is it some some kind of genetic experimentation?

They tie us up in the back and force feed them to us. They're usually not chopped up, so there is a good amount of deep throating involved..

I hear that stores like Hollister and A&F only hire people if they are skinny or at least toned, and that they get away with this because they call the employees "models". Is that true? Not that I could get a job there, I don't fit into their size (and probably height) requirements.

There is a certain look that A&F wants for its employees, but it goes much further than whether or not you are toned/thin. I don't know why they can get away with it, but they can. The people on the salesfloor are referred to models. You have the impact position, which is mainly in the back, and the model which is on the salesfloor. Whenever we have a new hire they get their picture taken in "triple A" clothing and it is sent to home office. Why? I don't know. Whenever our district and regional managers come in we are given a numerical grade on how attractive the employees are. Again, I don't know why, nor do I care.

Seen any young dudes you would jump their bones but they strolled in with their parents or their girlfriends etc, or plain too awkward? Do guys hit on u? Do you advise older men to not wear it? Whats the ratio of gays to straighs who shop? What was the highest amount someone spent in one stop (explain who what kind of person he/she was) Thanks!

1. No. I have been in a serious relationship for 3 1/2 years dated on and off before that. I treat all of my customers like, well, customers. Plus the fact that they are messing up all of the clothes I worked so hard to fold is kind of a turn off. 2. Yes guys hit on me, along with my other female associates. The guys that work here get hit on to. Sometimes I think people go into the store just to hit on the associates. 3. I think people should wear what they want. If an older man feels comfortable in Hollister then he should wear it. A&F does have Ruehl which is designated for adults. 4. I would say 80% straight, 20% gay. I'm only sure of the 20% because they make comments about the male associates. There could be more, though. 5. I think the most I've ever seen sold was around $650. It was on tax free weekend and it was a Hispanic male who was purchasing the items.
December 29, 2010 on Reddit

What soap do you use to wipe off the arrogance and pretension at the end of a shift?

None. I get compliments from customers about how nice and friendly I am. I always have a big smile on my face and I do my best to be as helpful as possible. Most of the other employees are the same way, with exception of a few.
December 29, 2010 on Reddit

Why is it so dark in there? Also, how was Black Friday? My friend works at the one near me and she did not have a good time...

We have spotlights in the store set up to direct you to our clothing. They use the same tactic in video games. This explains it best in the fourth paragraph: If you walk into a Hollister or Abercrombie you will notice that the only things that are lit up are what we want you to see. Clothing, accessories, pictures on the wall. Black Friday was a disaster. People were complaining about the lines and could not understand the fact that we only have three registers. This was the fifth Black Friday that I had worked in this store so I was used to it, but we had a lot of new employees working which was a pain. They didn't know what they were doing and were overwhelmed with the amount of people that were in our tiny store.
December 29, 2010 on Reddit

Hmm, interesting. Ill throw a couple questions your way: What's your favorite thing about your job? Any weird moments? How often do you have to deal with angry customers?

1. My favorite thing would be the people I work with and my flexible hours. Every time I come in for my shift all of my fellow associates and managers are happy to see me. Most of the associates are pretty upbeat and always have a smile on their face so in turn it makes me smile. Also, since I'm in college I need a flexible work schedule. There are always more than enough employees if I need a shift covered (I think we have around 65 right now), and if I ask off for certain days I always get them off. 2. Plenty. Probably the weirdest ones are about employees from other stores/kiosks. I've been stalked and so have my fellow female employees. There were times when another associate would have to go on break with me because these guys wouldn't leave me alone. It was such a pain because I had to see them every day and they were constantly asking for my schedule/number. 3. Every. Freaking. Day. Especially around this time of year. Last week we had this older couple cursing and screaming because our sales had changed from the previous day. A sweatshirt they wanted had been on sale for $25 but it went up to something like $26.38. My manager attempted to override it to give them the other price but the computer wouldn't let her do it. The couple was cursing and telling her that she was worthless, an idiot, etc. If I had been there I would have told them to leave the store. When I got there my manager was in the back crying. She was an MIT (Manager In Training) and had just gotten promoted to manager.

Why do you make it so that I can't get my son's stroller into your store?

We have handicap accessible doors on either side of the "porch" area. An associate in either of the front rooms should come help you open the door. If they're not then they aren't doing their job. There is a button you can press that will open the door for you if no one comes to your aid. If you are referring to the general layout of the store, I have no idea. We are instructed to move mannequins and foliage out of the way for customers in wheelchairs and customers with strollers but I think they should just make the walking areas larger.
December 29, 2010 on Reddit

Every time I walk by a Hollister, I'm nauseated by the overpowering smell. Do you smell the cologne/perfume anymore? Did you like it at the beginning? Do you still like it? Does it ever give you a headache?

Not one bit. The only time I smell it is when they spray it around the store and it makes me sneeze/my nose run. I normally ask whoever is doing it to skip the area I'm working it. I used to like it because the perfume we sprayed was a much lighter smell than what we spray now. Since I can't smell it normally I don't get a headache, but as a customer I'm sure I would.

Have you or seem someone give a *** in those booths to try on clothes

No I haven't, surprisingly. I figured that by now I would have since both men and women go into the same fitting room. I've found dirty diapers though.

1. What do you think of your customers (do you like them, do they act snobby, etc)? 2. What's your dress code?

1. We get a lot of the "soccer mom" types and they can get pretty rude. I have people take things out of my hands as I'm folding it, push me out of the way, and just invade my personal space in general. We also get a lot of young kids trying to steal which may just be due to the area the store is located. The rest of the customers are just normal people you would see in any store. 2. Over the years our dress code has changed. Currently, you must wear flip flops that are either navy blue, white, or leather. For girls the jeans must be skinny jeans or jeggings that are navy blue. For the tops we have "triple A" items that we can purchase (every season new triple A items are given and they are 50% off for 2 weeks to all employees) or any top that is navy blue, white, or gray. There is a strong emphasis on plaids and flannel and they frown upon us wearing just a normal t-shirt.

Hollister Employees

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Hispanic or Latino


Black or African American





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Hollister Careers

Average Length of Employment
Foot Locker 2.4 years
Payless ShoeSource 2.3 years
Pier 1 Imports 2.0 years
Finish Line 1.7 years
Marshall's Inc. 1.7 years
Banana Republic 1.7 years
Old Navy Inc. 1.6 years
GUESS 1.5 years
Express Inc. 1.5 years
Bath & Body Works 1.4 years
Aeropostale 1.4 years
Dollar Tree 1.4 years
Buckle 1.3 years
Party City 1.3 years
Charlotte Russe 1.2 years


1.2 years
Forever 21 1.1 years
Top Employers Before Hollister
McDonald's 16.5%
Walmart 5.6%
Target 4.8%
Subway 4.3%
Wendy's 4.0%
Macy's 3.9%
YMCA 3.4%
Sonic 3.1%
Taco Bell 3.0%
Best Buy 2.6%
Forever 21 2.6%
Starbucks 2.5%
Top Employers After Hollister
Walmart 9.9%
Macy's 7.7%
McDonald's 6.7%
Target 5.9%
Starbucks 5.1%
Best Buy 4.8%
Nordstrom 4.1%
Amazon 3.9%
Forever 21 3.7%
Kohl's 3.1%
Lowe's 3.0%
Old Navy 2.7%

Hollister Employees Education


Florida State University


Miami Dade College


University of Central Florida


Florida International University


Valencia College


Arizona State University


Texas State University


Pennsylvania State University


University of North Texas


University of South Florida


University of Phoenix


The Academy


University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Florida Atlantic University


Georgia State University


San Diego State University


University of Nevada - Las Vegas


Broward College


Michigan State University


Virginia Commonwealth University

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Criminal Justice












General Studies




Graphic Design


Liberal Arts




Specialized Sales And Merchandising


Political Science






Medical Assisting Services




Public Relations

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Hollister Employee Political Affiliation

Democratic Party


Republican Party




Employee Political Donations

Name Job Title Party Donation
Richard ZwirnerBoard Member $54,100Republican Party
Varghese MaliekelChief Executive Officer $43,800Republican Party
Jerome SaxonAttorney $22,600Republican Party
Robert CroweVice President $19,950Republican Party
Alan HerbertChairperson $17,425Republican Party
SAM BrilliantChief Finance Officer $13,750Republican Party
Ronald GeimerExecutive $7,300Republican Party
Matthew HoisingtonManager $5,400Democratic Party
Morgan HoisingtonManager $5,400Democratic Party
V MaliekelDoctor $4,800Republican Party
Kip Hyde HollisterAssociate $4,800Democratic Party
Brian LuedtkeMarketing Vice President $3,100Republican Party
Seamus KavanaghVice President $2,000Republican Party
Robert KeeleyChief Finance Officer $2,000Republican Party
Dawn PrioryDirector $1,500Democratic Party
Christopher JohnsonChief Executive Officer $1,350Republican Party
Anthony BonanzinoChief Executive Officer $1,164Republican Party
Rebecca SansoterraStrategic Planning Director $750Independent
Richard MonkSenior Partner $500Democratic Party
Rebecca DaltonGeneral Management $500Independent
Kip HydeChief Executive Officer $500Democratic Party
Bob CroweVice President $500Republican Party
Brad GinderLawyer $500Democratic Party
Julie DardanoVice President $500Democratic Party
Cecilia RamirezLegal Secretary $458Democratic Party
Lenita GipsonSales Specialist $450Democratic Party
Robin ThompsonEngineer $435Republican Party
Donald HamburgerModel $365Republican Party
Larry Jobbins JrMedic $250Democratic Party
Bradford GinderLawyer $250Democratic Party
Peter LandryPublishing Editor $250Democratic Party
Sylvia HollisterBusiness Manager $250Democratic Party
David McDonoughMarketing $250Republican Party
KIM LandryOwner $175Democratic Party
Larry JobbinsMedic $150Democratic Party
Pamela MoffettExecutive Director $100Democratic Party
James PaulManager $50Democratic Party
Sallyn JohnsonNanny $50Democratic Party
Daniel GoguenShip Worker $38Democratic Party
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Hollister Salaries

Senior Systems AnalystLibertyville, IL $144,000
Application Development Senior SpecialistLibertyville, IL $140,440
Senior Business AnalystLibertyville, IL $122,788
Application Development Senior SpecialistLibertyville, IL $120,000
Application Development Senior SpecialistLibertyville, IL $115,000
Computer Software EngineerLibertyville, IL $110,000
Sap/Abap DeveloperLibertyville, IL $106,000
Application Software DeveloperLibertyville, IL $100,822
Corporate Accounting ManagerLibertyville, IL $98,000
Senior AuditorLibertyville, IL $97,000
Senior Software EngineerLibertyville, IL $95,264
Senior Software EngineerLibertyville, IL $95,255
Business Systems Senior AnalystLibertyville, IL $95,118
Senior Software EngineerLibertyville, IL $95,118
Senior Software EngineerLibertyville, IL $95,118
Human Resources Business PartnerBoston, MA $93,915
Computer Software EngineerLibertyville, IL $93,912
Business Systems Senior AnalystLibertyville, IL $93,080
Business Systems Senior AnalystLibertyville, IL $93,080
Computer Systems AdministratorLibertyville, IL $90,000
Computer Software EngineerLibertyville, IL $90,000
Salesforce DeveloperLibertyville, IL $88,670
Computer Software EngineerLibertyville, IL $88,114
Finance SupervisorLibertyville, IL $87,673
SAP Basis ConsultantLibertyville, IL $87,402
Computer Software EngineerLibertyville, IL $87,000
Senior AuditorLibertyville, IL $84,000
Business Systems Senior AnalystLibertyville, IL $83,117
Business Systems Senior AnalystLibertyville, IL $81,598
Business AnalystLibertyville, IL $80,704
Senior SAP Basis ConsultantLibertyville, IL $79,518
Senior AuditorLibertyville, IL $77,023
Industrial EngineerLibertyville, IL $75,000
Manufacturing Quality EngineerLibertyville, IL $73,861
Quality AssociateLibertyville, IL $73,861
Web DeveloperLibertyville, IL $71,178
Web DeveloperLibertyville, IL $69,014
Quality AssociateLibertyville, IL $68,078
Finance AnalystLibertyville, IL $60,112
Human Resources GeneralistBillerica, MA $52,175
AccountantBoston, MA $50,755
SAP Basis ConsultantLibertyville, IL $46,925
RecruiterBoston, MA $45,914
Administrative AssistantCambridge, MA $41,740
Human Resources CoordinatorBoston, MA $41,740
Recruiting CoordinatorBoston, MA $35,479
Claims AdjusterBelmont, MA $35,479
Patient Service RepresentativeCambridge, MA $33,392
Human Resources AssistantBoston, MA $31,305
Human Resources AssistantBoston, MA $29,218

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Hollister Awards

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  • Hollister Zippia Award

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Hollister Competitors

Competitors Jobs


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Frequently Asked Questions about Hollister

When was Hollister founded?

Hollister was founded in 1921.

How many Employees does Hollister have?

Hollister has 2,400 employees.

How much money does Hollister make?

Hollister generates $725.2M in revenue.

What industry is Hollister in?

Hollister is in the pharmaceuticals industry.

What is Hollister's mission?

Hollister's mission statement is "To help healthcare professionals deliver better products and services, and to make life more rewarding and dignified for those who use our products."

What type of company is Hollister?

Hollister is a private company.

Who are Hollister's competitors?

Hollister competitors include Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, American Eagle Outfitters, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Foot Locker, The Children's Place, GUESS, Banana Republic, Express Inc., Finish Line, Bath & Body Works, Payless ShoeSource, American Eagle Distributing Co, Old Navy Inc., Pier 1 Imports, Marshall's Inc., Buckle, Party City, Dollar Tree.

Where is Hollister's headquarters?

Hollister's headquarters is in Libertyville, IL.

You can find out what it is like to work at Hollister, also known as HOLLISTER INC, Hollister and Hollister Incorporated.

Zippia gives an in-depth look into the details of Hollister, including salaries, political affiliations, employee data, and more, in order to inform job seekers about Hollister. The employee data is based on information from people who have self-reported their past or current employments at Hollister. While we have made attempts to ensure that the information displayed are correct, Zippia is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information. The data presented on this page does not represent the view of Hollister and its employees or that of Zippia.