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Become A Home Care Coordinator

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Working As A Home Care Coordinator

  • Getting Information
  • Documenting/Recording Information
  • Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work
  • Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates
  • Performing for or Working Directly with the Public
  • Deal with People

  • Unpleasant/Angry People

  • Stressful

  • $30,830

    Average Salary

What Does A Home Care Coordinator Do At Synergy Homecare of Bergen County

Provide routine individualized care to the elderly, convalescents, or persons with disabilities Monitor and report changes in patient health status Provide personal care, such as bathing and dressing patients Provide specialized healthcare such as administering medication and changing bandages Selecting, hiring and maintaining personnel records of direct care workers along with other HR duties Assigning and monitoring work schedules of caregivers providing home care Documentation of work schedules via a computerized scheduling system Communication with clients, family members, direct care staff and other professionals involved in the care of the client Serves as intake person for customer service inquiiries

What Does A Home Care Coordinator Do At Nascentia Health

* Promote continuity of care for referred clients. a.
* Determine client/family home care needs upon referral for home care. b.
* Assist in the development of a home care plan, including the arrangement of needed services, supplies and appliances. c.
* Review home care policies and procedures with clients/families, physicians, agency care providers, insurance providers and service and equipment vendors as indicated. d.
* Act as a liaison between the VNA and hospitals and/or SNF.
* Promote quality assurance as it relates to home care planning. a.
* Document assessment and home care eligibility per VNA policies and procedures. b.
* Act as a resource and/or consultant to hospital or SNF staff regarding home health services. c.
* Participate in quality improvement activities relating to home care planning and coordination. d.
* Maintain accurate and up-to-date statistics regarding home care referrals. e.
* Participate in team conferences between client/family, physician, hospital staff and home care agency staff.
* Provide direct care services. a.
* Assist in delivering direct client care as required. b.
* Participate in developing and implementing home care intake procedures.
* Additional Responsibilities as requested. a.
* Participate on agency committees. b.
* Other responsibilities as indicated

What Does A Home Care Coordinator Do At The Jewish Board

* under direct supervision, include but are not limited to:
* Integration of medical, specialized and behavioral health services in addition to social support services
* Periodic assessment of a member’s medical and behavioral health needs as well as compliance with recommended treatments
* Collaborative development of an Individualized Care Plan (ICP) with the member, the member’s family and/or caregivers in addition to other service providers
* Providing required care management services
* Tracking all specialty medical, behavioral and support service referrals made for patient using Health Information Technology (HIT) provided.
* Assuring that member has access to, engages in and retains needed services as defined in the member’s ICP
* Such services may include:Acute Medical Care; Primary Medical Care; Preventative medical care services (including metabolic screening); Home Health Care; Chemical Dependency Services; Behavioral Health Services; Community social support services; Housing; State and federal entitlements
* Providing outreach services to members for increased access to the above services
* Responding to members’ information and referral questions.
* Reassessing for continuation of Health Home Services
* Completing all required documentation
* Sharing knowledge and experience with other team members to support the team’s overall service provision efforts
* Other duties as assigned

What Does A Home Care Coordinator Do At Fresenius Medical Care North America

* Responsible for driving the FMS culture through values and customer service standards.
* Accountable for outstanding customer service to all external and internal customers.
* Develops and maintains effective relationships through effective and timely communication.
* Takes initiative and action to respond, resolve and follow up regarding customer service issues with all customers in a timely manner.
* Responsible for the safe and effective delivery of home therapy support care to patients with End Stage Renal Disease.
* Oversees the delivery of home dialysis therapy to patients in compliance with standards outlined in the facility policy and procedure manuals, as well as regulations set forth by the Corporation, state and federal agencies.
* Ensures standard of dialysis provided is at least the equivalent to that provided to facility patients.
* Assists in the identification and evaluation of candidates for the FMS Home Therapies Program including assessment of patients’ home environment if needed.
* Oversees patient and family readiness and ability to perform dialysis treatments at patient’s home and assesses home environment for suitability in the ongoing delivery of home dialysis therapy.
* Coordinates all aspects of patient care with the appropriate staff members, from admission through discharge of the patient.
* Ensures patients’ response to home dialysis treatment therapy is documented following company policies and procedures.
* Ensures completion of Initial and Annual Nursing assessment, and ongoing evaluation and documentation of patient care needs according to FMC Policies and Procedures.
* Ensures appropriate intervention for changes in patient adequacy status and troubleshooting peritoneal and access flow issues are completed per physician orders.
* Identifies and communicates patient related issues to the physician.
* Develops action plans for missed treatments in collaboration with the Medical Director.
* Administers medications as prescribed including algorithm (as appropriate), and document appropriate medical justification if indicated.
* Responsible for the appropriate recording of controlled substances as required by law.
* Ensures all educational needs of patient and family are met regarding End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).
* Oversees the safe, effective and timely training of all home patients and their families/significant others on the safe and effective operation and maintenance (as appropriate), of all home therapies equipment.
* Oversees coordination transplant education and assists in transplant workup process.
* Ensures patients are educated regarding laboratory values and the relationship to adequate dialysis therapy, compliance with treatment schedules medications, and fluid as appropriate.
* Oversees the delivery of the FMS Treatment Options Program.
* Acts as a resource for the patient to address patient concerns and questions.
* Develops a process for acquiring and maintaining knowledge of the specific situation of each patient, including hospitalizations, and any significant change in patient care status.
* Enters physician lab orders into the Medical Information System accurately and follows company policies and government regulations related to the collection, packaging, and delivery of lab specimens and reporting of results.
* Responsible for accurate data entry into systems to ensure appropriate and accurate billing of Home Therapies services.
* Maintains appropriate skill levels with all emergency operational procedures, and initiates CPR and emergency measures in the event of cardiac and/or respiratory arrests when the patient is in the medical office.
* Responsible for overseeing performance of all licensed personnel, direct patient care staff, indirect patient care personnel as assigned, and when necessary, technical staff.
* Provide employee education, guidance, and performance related feedback.
* Creates, maintains, and communicates efficient and timely employee schedules according to the needs of the facility.
* Orients all new home therapy staff and provide ongoing education.
* Conducts staff meetings regularly.
* Completes timely employee evaluations and establishes annual goals for staffwith appropriate Manager.
* Provides written documentation of all disciplinary conferences in accordance with the established personnel policies, and confers with the appropriate Manager regarding the nature of the disciplinary decisions.
* Ensures the appropriate tracking, documentation, allocation, and payment of hours worked for the applicable staff members.
* Participates in Business Unit and FMS corporate initiatives, projects, and audits as directed.
* Utilizes the Business Unit Director of Home Therapies as a resource.
* Creates and implements a Process Improvement Team (CQI) that involves staff in problem solving.
* Ensures competency HT personnel in the operation of all home dialysis therapy-related equipment, including the ability to troubleshoot equipment problems with the patient via telephone.
* Directs staff and patients in the preventive maintenance of home therapy equipment, including water systems and analyses as appropriate.
* Accountable for outstanding quality of patient care, as defined by the FMS quality goals, by working with the appropriateRegional Director of Education,Regional Quality Manager, Vice President of Quality, Regional Vice President, and FMS Clinical Services Department to ensure that FMS policy and procedure is followed.
* Participates in the development and maintenance of a Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) program that tracks the Home Therapies program’s performance in patient health outcomes.
* Responsible for supporting and driving FMS quality standards through meeting all ESRD regulatory requirements and the practice of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), including use of FMS CQI tools.
* Implements FMS quality goals and develops facility specific action plans in order to achieve FMS quality standards.
* Implements appropriate training according to FMS policy, which includes training to ensure ongoing compliance with all FMS risk management initiatives.
* Aggressively addresses and acts upon adverse events and action thresholds.
* Ensures all FMS Clinical Quality policies and procedures are communicated to and implemented by the facility staff.
* Maintains integrity of medical records and other FMS administrative and operational records.
* Complies with all data collections and auditing activities.
* Maintains facility environmental integrity, including safety.
* Responsible for maintaining and updating all FMSHome Therapymanuals.
* Directs information gathering required to support billing and collection activities.
* Responsible for efficient utilization of medication, laboratory, inventory, supplies, and equipment to achieve supply cost goals following all guidelines established in FMS formularies.
* Completes all monthly and annual reporting as required by company policies and government regulations.
* Participates in the completion and interpretation of the PI
* inventory supply use analysis.
* Reviews profit and loss statements with Area Manager.
* Responsible for participating in all required Network reporting and on-site state or federal surveys.
* Accountable for timely completion of patient care plans by organizing meetings of the health care team to discuss patient care plans and resolve patient problems.
* Responsible for ensuringalert/panic reports and abnormal lab resultsare communicated to the appropriate physician.
* Collaborates with HT Program Manager/Area Manager to facilitate the application process for physician privileges and compliance with FMS Medical Staff Bylaws.
* Develops and maintains strong Medical Director and physician relationships and facilitates staff relationships with physicians.
* Ensures regular and effective communication with all physicians through regular meetings with Medical Directors.
* Schedules and coordinates CQI meetings with physicians.
* Other duties as assigned

What Does A Home Care Coordinator Do At Rushmore Loan Management Services

* Handle incoming and outgoing calls to and from borrowers and internal customers from other departments/business units.
* Work with borrowers in the process of negotiating payment plans on loans pursuant to Policies and Procedures and Agency Guidelines.
* Draft payment plans including terms and conditions.
* Follow up on existing payment plans through their conclusion.
* Identify and qualify borrowers for note modification.
* Monitor performance of modified loans to ensure consistency of monthly payments.
* Analyze borrower’s financial statements, pay stubs/profit and loss statements, income tax returns, and review credit reports.
* Order property inspections as needed and/or notifying property preservation to secure a known vacant property.
* Request BPOs/Appraisals as applicable as well as review asset condition and value.
* Request payoff /reinstatement figures as applicable.
* Identify loans that should be turned over to an Asset Resolution Specialist.
* Escalate calls to the appropriate managers as may be applicable.
* Communicate detailed posting instructions to Cashiering Department as to how funds received should be applied to a loan.
* Communicate any issues or concerns to Escrow Administration Department regarding borrower’s taxes or insurance, and/or Hazard Claim issues that may arise during normal course of business.
* Must develop a good working knowledge of the various departments within Servicing Administration in order to provide support to internal employees and external customers.
* Handle additional duties as they may be assigned within the scope of this department/job description.
* Perform all other duties as assigned.

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How To Become A Home Care Coordinator

Requirements for social and human service assistants vary, although they typically have at least a high school diploma and must complete a brief period of on-the-job training. Some employers prefer to hire workers who have additional education or experience.


Although a high school diploma is typically required, some employers prefer to hire workers who have relevant work experience or education beyond high school. A certificate or an associate’s degree in a subject such as human services, gerontology (working with older adults), or social or behavioral science is common for workers entering this occupation.

Human service degree programs train students to observe and interview patients, carry out treatment plans, and handle people who are undergoing a crisis. Many programs include fieldwork to give students hands-on experience.

The level of education that social and human service assistants have completed often determines the responsibilities they are given. Those with a high school diploma are likely to do lower level work, such as helping clients fill out paperwork. Assistants with some college education may coordinate program activities or manage a group home.

Although postsecondary education is important, some employers may prefer or allow for applicants who have related work experience. In some cases, candidates may substitute such experience in place of postsecondary education. 


Many social and human service assistants, particularly those without any postsecondary education, undergo a period of on-the-job training. Because such workers often are dealing with multiple clients from a wide variety of backgrounds, on-the-job training in case management helps prepare them to respond appropriately to the different needs and situations of their clients.


For social and human service assistants, additional education is almost always necessary for advancement. In general, advancement to case management or social work jobs requires a bachelor’s or master’s degree in human services, counseling, rehabilitation, social work, or a related field.

Important Qualities

Communication skills. Social and human service assistants talk with clients about the challenges in their lives and assist them in getting help. These workers must be able to listen to their clients and to communicate the clients’ needs to organizations that can help them.

Compassion. Social and human service assistants often work with people who are in stressful and difficult situations. To develop strong relationships, they must have compassion and empathy for their clients.

Interpersonal skills. Social and human service assistants must make their clients feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues. Assistants also need to build relationships with other service providers to become familiar with all of the resources that are available in their communities.

Organizational skills. Social and human service assistants often must complete lots of paperwork and work with many different clients. They must be organized in order to ensure that the paperwork is filed properly and that clients are getting the help they need.

Problem-solving skills. Social and human service assistants help clients find solutions to their problems. They must be able to listen carefully to their clients’ needs and offer practical solutions.

Time-management skills. Social and human service assistants often work with many clients. They must manage their time effectively to ensure that their clients are getting the attention they need.

Some employers require a criminal background check. In some settings, workers need a valid driver’s license.

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Home Care Coordinator jobs

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Home Care Coordinator Career Paths

Home Care Coordinator
Program Manager General Manager
Account Manager
5 Yearsyrs
Social Worker Specialist Operations Manager
Branch Manager
6 Yearsyrs
Clinical Manager Nursing Director Case Manager
Career Manager
6 Yearsyrs
Registered Nurse Case Manager Nursing Director
Case Manager
5 Yearsyrs
Home Manager Case Manager Therapist
Clinical Director
9 Yearsyrs
House Manager Case Manager Registered Nurse Case Manager
Clinical Services Director
11 Yearsyrs
Office Manager Human Resources Coordinator
Director Of Human Resources
10 Yearsyrs
Case Manager Social Worker
Director Of Social Services
6 Yearsyrs
Home Manager Program Manager General Manager
District Manager
7 Yearsyrs
House Manager Program Coordinator Service Manager
Finance Manager
7 Yearsyrs
Office Manager Operations Manager
General Manager
7 Yearsyrs
Billing Specialist Licensed Practical Nurse Occupational Health Nurse
Health Services Manager
7 Yearsyrs
Registered Nurse Case Manager Clinical Manager
Nursing Director
9 Yearsyrs
Clinical Manager Practice Manager
Operations Director
9 Yearsyrs
Program Director Adjunct Instructor Instructor
Operations Manager
7 Yearsyrs
Case Manager Program Coordinator
Program Manager
8 Yearsyrs
Program Manager Marketing Manager General Manager
Property Manager
6 Yearsyrs
Social Worker Program Manager General Manager
Regional Manager
8 Yearsyrs
Billing Specialist Patient Care Coordinator Front Office Manager
Resident Manager
5 Yearsyrs
Program Director General Manager Account Executive
Sales Manager
5 Yearsyrs
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Home Care Coordinator Demographics


  • Female

  • Male

  • Unknown



  • White

  • Hispanic or Latino

  • Asian

  • Unknown

  • Black or African American

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Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

  • Russian

  • Portuguese

  • Chinese

  • Ukrainian

  • Uzbek

  • Dakota

  • Greek

  • French

  • Persian

  • Tagalog

  • Cantonese

  • Mandarin

  • Korean

  • Italian

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Home Care Coordinator

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Home Care Coordinator Education

Home Care Coordinator

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Real Home Care Coordinator Salaries

Job Title Company Location Start Date Salary
Home Care Rehab Coordinator Great Lakes Home Health Services, Inc. Grand Rapids, MI Feb 15, 2010 $70,040 -
Home-Based Coordinator Acelero Learning Monmouth/Middlesex County, Inc. South Brunswick, NJ Sep 20, 2011 $48,537
Home-Based Coordinator Acelero Learning Monmouth/Middlesex County, Inc. North Brunswick, NJ Oct 01, 2011 $48,537
Home Care Coordinator Theradynamics Physical Therapy Rehabilitation P.C. Woodbury, NY Jul 01, 2014 $34,008

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Top Skills for A Home Care Coordinator


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Top Home Care Coordinator Skills

  1. Health Aides
  2. Care Coordinator
  3. Care Services
You can check out examples of real life uses of top skills on resumes here:
  • Supervised home health aides and LPNs in their patient care activities.
  • Provided orientation to new Home Care Coordinators as well as mentoring of nursing students on rotation.
  • Act upon referrals for home care services, assure appropriateness of care in the home setting, marketing
  • Coordinated care plans by analyzing assessment information, identifying programs and ascertaining availability of services from formal and informal supports.
  • Implemented and administered an employee safety program, filed workman's compensation claims.

Top Home Care Coordinator Employers

Home Care Coordinator Videos

Activity FUNdamentals (Quality of Life in Nursing Homes)

A Day In The Life Of A Community Care Access Centre Case Manager