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Working At Hooters

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Hooters Overview


Food Products

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Atlanta, GA



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About Hooters

Hooters, Inc., is the trade name of two American restaurant chains: Hooters of America, Incorporated, based in Atlanta, Georgia, and Hooters, Incorporated, based in Clearwater, Florida.

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Hooters, Inc., is the trade name of two American restaurant chains: Hooters of America, Incorporated, based in Atlanta, Georgia, and Hooters, Incorporated, based in Clearwater, Florida.

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What is it like to work at Hooters


June 10, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Great opportunities, love the work environment, and able to move up in the company... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

N/a.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Meeting new people and able to move up in company... Show More


August 1, 2018 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

My co-workers, flexible schedule, getting to sit down at tables and talk to customers, generally a relaxed environment.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

The uniform, the management. The bigwigs make $ off the girls, like pimps, but really don't care about their employees.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

When I crave cheese fries and buffalo strips.. Show More
July 25, 2013 on Reddit

I go to school too and I want to work at the hooters by my house for some extra cash. Are hooter's restaurants always hiring? What are some tips on how to get a job there?

They're always "accepting applications" aka if you're cute enough they will make room on the schedule for you. Go in on a weekday between 2 & 4 if you can, thats the slowest time so the manager will be able to talk to you. You can wear whatever you want, jeans and flipflops are fine. Go in, ask for an application and they'll take care of the rest. Its super simple. Ps. They will tell you on the spot if youre hired or not. Sometimes theyll tell you to come in and speak with the general manager, but if they just say okay thanks we'll get back to you, that means you probably didnt get the job. You should definitely give it a shot though, Hooters is a great place to work as a student. They also have tuition reimbursement, where each semester they give you a couple hundred bucks based on the grades you made and how many classes you took.

Apologies if this had been asked previously, do you share your tips with the other staff, to average out the tips between waitresses. Do other members of staff, such as kitchen staff get anything, and finally, what about the managers, if they are former waitresses they could be earning less than they used to unless the salary has taken this in to account? The service industry and tip culture is very different here in the UK

We all keep what we make individually. Sometimes one girl will leave with a couple hundred bucks while another will leave with 50. It comes with the territory of being a waitress, some days will be better than others. We do tip out 1% of our sales to both the hostess and the bartender though. And the managers typically are making less than the Hooters Girls, but keep in mind they have the cushion of being on salary as well as benefits like insurance/paid vacations etc.

Do you ever get sick of being in a job where you're judged entirely by your ***? I don't know how long I'd last working at a *Peeners* knowing that the entire atmosphere was built around my junk.

I am occasionally tempted to open a bakery/coffee shop with male waiters in skimpy costumes called *Hot Cross Buns*. But that's a touch more subtle than *Peeners*.

Is there a lot of jealousy between girls if say one is a lot more attractive to customers?

I've heard horror stories about girls being really mean to each other but at my store we rarely have drama. Obviously some girls are closer than others but we're all 'sisters'

Without needing any actual numbers, would you make enough money to be able to support yourself well? If so, do you feel you would stay working there as long as possible? Or would you rather get a different job as soon as possible? (Be it that you hope for different things or whatever it is you want really)

I would absolutely never be able to support myself from this job. Its helping me through college but thats it. There are some girls who plan on staying with the company but they plan on moving into management etc. There are not too many waitressing jobs that can support a person forever, especially not one which relies on your looks.
July 25, 2013 on Reddit

How do you become a Hooters girl? Are there any basic physical qualifications that you need to have?

The application process is like any other restaurant. I went in and asked for an application. We're required to fill it out in the restaurant, and as soon as I was done the manager came out to meet with me. He asked me the basic 'why do you want to work here', 'what would make you a good hooters girl' etc. Then told me when to come in for orientation. There are no specific "hooter girl standards" when it comes to body type, but keep in mind uniforms only come in xxs, xs, or s. A pretty face and a slim/athletic build.
July 25, 2013 on Reddit

What sort of career are you aiming for once you're done with Hooters?

I'm planning on working in the music industry (edm in particular) I want to work in event planning/production or artist management/representation. I'm working on a degree in PR right now.
July 25, 2013 on Reddit

What are some weird events that have occurred while serving?

One time there was a customer who was beyond *** up. He got pissed off about something and threw his glass on the bar, shattering it everywhere. He tried to fight our manager when asked to leave, and a cook ended up knocking him out. He got up, picked up a stool and was about to swing it at someone, when Petey (our 90 year old regular) kicked him in the balls. He tried to drive away, backed into another car, and ended up arrested.

Have any of the customers tried to cop a feel?

No way. They would be asked to leave immediately.

How often do you see fathers take their young teenaged sons to Hooters? I'm really son has asked to go and he's 13. I asked why and he said "his friend Dan says the wings are off the hook!" Is this a common thing? Are the fathers as embarrassed as I think I might be? Thanks!

I see fathers and sons in all the time. Ive seen kids from new borns to teenagers, they get a kick out of it, so do the girls. We see so many types of people come through the door, nothing surprises us anymore. If you let the girls know its his first time at Hooters a lot of times they'll pay him extra attention. But definitely dont be embarrassed, its totally normal.

Ever dated a customer?

I haven't but I know a couple girls who have.

Has Hooters ever hosted a bachelor's party that you know of? If so, how did the manager handle the guys at the party?

We've had guys come in for Bachelors parties before, but usually it is just a stop on the way to the final destination. They've just come in for some beer and a bite to eat. We've got a cute bachelor song that we sing, but other than that we treat them the same as every other guest.

The atmosphere at Hooters makes me feel really uncomfortable like the girls thing guys are just hormone driven sex machines who will drool and tip at the sign of any little flirtation. Do you girls pick up on that and adjust your waitressing based on how the customer responds?

I mean that really is the basis of how Hooters works. Its a 'breastaurant': guys usually come in for the waitresses not for the food. Some girls do go heavy on the flirting, and it will pay off for them, but its not my style. I'm not a flirty person in general and I don't put on a facade when I'm at work. I'm a friendly, efficient waitress and it pays off. I do just as well, if not better than the rest of the girls.

I managed one in PA. How much awful drama BS goes on at yours? Do you guys have merchandise quotas? How do you feel about the proposed changing of the uniforms (from what I understand, the lycras and shorts will remain the same color, but the shapes will be changed again).

My store really doesn't have too much BS. Obviously we deal with plenty of drama etc, and they push for m4ms but they know merch is a lost cause. Our customers are mostly regulars, and we're in a residential area so selling merch is close to impossible. Recently theres been a huge push for getting surveys filled out though. We've been picking sections based on # of surveys each girl has. So the girls have ended up taking the receipts home and filling them out themselves haha. Eh I've seen the new owl, I don't think it needs to be changed/updated. I think the current logo is so classic and timeless. We'll see what happens.
July 24, 2013 on Reddit

Do you ever feel objectified and/or violated at work?

Definitely objectified. I'm well aware that the main reason people come to Hooters is for the girls. Anyone who doesnt realize that is fooling themselves. I knew coming into the job that people would be looking, commenting, etc. But it really isnt that terrible, I never feel violated or uncomfortable. If someone says something out of line I will make sure to let them know.
July 24, 2013 on Reddit

Do you work for a franchisee or HOA? Also do you know the bachelor party song?

Ahh a professional over here ;) I work for a corporate store, so HOA. The bachelor song is my favorite, I've only had to sing it once but its really cute. Our version: "Hooters has a single man. About to wear a wedding band. Hes about to tie the knot. Thats too bad cause hes so hot. Too bad, so sad. Too bad, so sad. Look at what he could have had."

Have you ever seen this episode of undercover boss? Hooters CEO goes undercover in his own restaurants. Some interesting finds!

I've seen it, the CEO actually left the company not too long after the episode was aired (completely unrelated to the show). But in my 2 years with the company I've never seen anything happen like that. My experience with Hooters has always been professional and enjoyable :)
July 24, 2013 on Reddit

Has working this job changed your attitude towards men?

Hmm, I dont think so. Before working at Hooters I worked at a golf course, that opened my eyes to how pig-headed men actually are.

Do women come in as frequently as men do at your Hooters restaurant?

No, its definitely a male dominated clientele. I'd say 20% women, 80% men.

I saw an episode of Undercover Boss where it was found out several Hooters locations had very sexist and inappropriate male managers. Do you encounter any problems like this from staff? Alternately, how do you usually handle any inappropriate comments or gestures made by guests in the restaurant? Does it happen often?

I've seen that episode of undercover boss, and like most things on tv it was pretty fabricated. They found the worst of the worst and drew attention to that, surprisingly enough I've never seen people outside protesting against hooters either :p But on a serious note all of my managers have been amazing. I've had male and female managers, all of whom have been incredibly professional and well-mannered. One of the girls at my store started dating a manager so he ended up quitting because it was against policy (sucks for him because they ended up breaking up not too long after) Rude and inappropriate comments are less common then you'd expect, we get used to brushing off some creeps but if it gets too far the manager will ask them to leave. Hooters (at least my store) really wants to make us feel safe and comfortable while we're working. In the end, it is a restaurant and not a strip club.

are you hired as a model or as a waitress? I've heard you can be hired as a model and they can fire you based off your image, gain weight, etc.

I think my exact title is 'hooters girl' im not positive though. They take a picture of us when we get hired and we're told that if we vary too far from the picture (weight, hair color/length) they reserve the right to fire us. They also give us a free gym membership and discounts at tanning/hair salons so we can keep up appearances. I know when I worked at hollister I was technically a 'model', thats how they got away with only hiring good looking kids.
July 24, 2013 on Reddit

Have you ever slept with a customer?

July 24, 2013 on Reddit

Do you ever feel objectified?

Absolutely, but I knew that going into the job. If someone can't accept that, they shouldn't work at Hooters. Girls are hired for being attractive, but I don't think theres anything wrong with taking advantage of your looks. I wasn't forced to work here, I decided to.

so I'll throw in my questions before this gets taken down: 1. Do you feel hooters is sexist for using women's bodies to sell a non-sexual product? (Unless you think food is sexual.) 2. Don't people lose their appetite for pasta and stuff when having *** shoved in their faces? I sorta do, I don't know why. Whats up with that? 3. Whats up with people who bring their kids to hooters? Isn't that weird? 4. If I have an ingrown toenail, should I leave it or try to cut it out? I'm afraid it might bleed, but I don't want to risk it getting infected either. 5. Do you believe the thing about the ingrown toenail? You shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet. 6. There should be a male version of hooters called 'Balls'. 7. Can someone get sick by not drying their hands?

1. Women's bodies are used to sell plenty of products that are non-sexual. Hooters is not the first and will definitely not be the last company to do so. 2. Apparently there's a big enough market of people who don't. 3. I don't think its weird at all, its a fun atmosphere that is absolutely family friendly. 4-7. yes.
July 24, 2013 on Reddit

What are the top 3 pros and cons of working at hooters?

Pros: Better money than average restaurant, very flexible schedule, more laid back and fun than average restaurant. Cons: Stereotype that comes along with it, not allowed to wear nail polish, the sneakers are a pain in the *** to clean and relatively expensive to replace

Do you ever get nasty looks from other women? Can you tell when a woman comes in with a man and she obviously isn't comfortable being there?

Absolutely, the best thing to do is pretty much ignore the guy and be as polite as possible to the girl. Sometimes girls come in trying to be the 'cool' girlfriend, but end up feeling threatened and uncomfortable. Which is completely unwarranted.
July 24, 2013 on Reddit

I used to work as a server so I know how rough some tables can be as far as high demands and low tips. How often do you encounter this? Also do you have any sort of ridiculous things that you can get written up for? Like I know that I would get written up if a table walked on me.

There are obviously ups and downs of being a server, and *** customers come with the territory. I think Hooters girls get cut some slack because we're cute and bubbly and that makes up for any mistakes. But we still get *** tables, and *** tips and *** people, but you just take it with a grain of salt. My hooters is the 4th Hooters ever and its not in a tourist location, so we have lots of regulars who are really good to us. They make up for the occasional bad customer. I've never gotten written up but we do have very strict guidelines on appearance. We can get sent home if we violate any of those guidelines.

The first restaurant I went to when I found out my friend had killed himself was a Hooters. No questions, I just want to say thank you for the genuine hospitality you all bring to the environment. I really needed it then.

No, thank you. I'm really sorry for your loss, but I'm glad we were able to help, even just a little. And for the most part the hospitality is genuine: the girls are having fun, the customers are having fun, everyone is happy. Its an awesome atmosphere to be around.

When people ask what you do, do you tell them straight out or try to get around it? Do you like your job?

I have no problem telling people where I work. Most people don't bat an eyelash. In the same breath I always mention that I'm also a student. I really do like being a Hooters girl, its a great company to work for and I love the people I work with.
July 24, 2013 on Reddit

What are your goals? How long do you think that you'll work at Hooters? And what do you want to do next?

I'm in school right now working on a pr degree. I'm very into the edm scene and hope to work in the music industry. I'll probably stay with Hooters for a while, because they're really flexible when it comes to my school schedule and any time off that I need. I work/go to school in fl, but ny is home. I took 2 months off last summer and had no problem getting right back on the schedule.
July 24, 2013 on Reddit

What made you get into your job?

I was working at a local dive bar, sometimes making only $20 a night. There was a hooters down the street so I figured what the hell, why not try it out.
July 24, 2013 on Reddit

Is your "boss" friendly or the stereotypical pimp?

In my two years with the company I've had more female managers than male. But either way, all of my managers have been incredible. The girls are awesome because they're previous Hooters girls who know what we go through (on the floor and also just normal girl stuff). The guys have always been super cool too, nothing like the creeps on undercover boss. Theres a chain of command- we can bypass our manager and contact the regional manager if we ever have any kind of problem, sexual harassment etc

Have any of the girls you've worked with accepted cash for after-work sexual favors?

Never. We sometimes hang out with regulars and girls have ended up dating customers but never anything that could be confused with prostitution.
July 24, 2013 on Reddit

In every Hooters that I've been in there is usually one chunky girl (most likely bleached blonde) working her *** of for the least tips. Is that true of your location? A friend of mine says she's the one to get an easy hookup with.

My store has the best looking staff I've ever seen, and customers tell us this every day. There are a couple of girls who are on the heavier side, but its obviously relative. I have seen some Hooters girls who are a disgrace to the orange shorts that definitely have to work harder than most, but I wouldn't say their easier to hook up with. If anything they might act that way hoping to increase their tips.

What "techniques" do managers or other hooters girl tell you to get higher tips? edit: I'm not talking about any dirty things just, like how they tell you to flirt

We actually go through a 'renegade hospitality course' where they teach us how to market ourselves and create mutually beneficial relationships with customers. They like when we personalize our sections (ie decorate with balloons, come up with personlized menus, etc). They want us to make the customers day: theres special birthday songs, bachelor songs, bad day songs etc.
July 24, 2013 on Reddit

Whats the strangest request you have had from a customer?

I've had a customer ask what I was eating (it was gum) and they gave me $50 for it. They actually put it in their mouth. I ended up selling the table $300 worth of gum. Seriously.

How do you deal with pervs?

Luckily there are less than you'd expect, but I have perfected the passive aggressive comebacks and letdowns when necessary. Theres no touching, no crude comments and if a girl feels uncomfortable the manager will ask the guest to leave.
May 18, 2012 on Reddit

Can you split checks at Hooters? I've gone to a few with friends and it seemed like some waitresses did and some didn't. I theorized that some waitresses were terrible with math and fractions and would refuse to split checks.

You can. It can be a pain in the *** for the waitress but it can definitely be done. And running 6 credit cards during a dinner rush can take an obscene amount of time which would thus decrease a tip for a girl who can't pay adequate attention to her other tables. Although, I would agree some girls are just not good at math.

Do you ever feel awkward around little kids and babys I know not alot is shown. Also did many guys hit on you and what the weirdest

No, I babysat and taught dance so being around kids was easy for me. Children are far less likely to be degrading. Yes, many guys hit on me....there are a number of stories throughout this thread. But here's a story that I witnessed...A girl was talking w her customer and he was fiddling with his hands, but none of us knew what he was really doing until his wedding band went flying across the restaurant and into a vent where it got stuck. He was trying to inconspicuously remove it but then had to pay for a repair person to come, open the vent and retrieve it. Again, karma.

I went there for the first time a few weeks ago and noticed the girls don't really look happy working there, the service was pretty crappy IMO. Is this a rare instance or is this generally the case everywhere?

i had a great experience and a great time and i think my co-workers did as well. i'm sorry that that's what you perceived.

when i was living in NC i knew a waitress at hooters who had a patron offer to buy her a *** job, and she took it. Has anything like this ever been proposed to you? what was the oddest thing anybody offered you while there?

i was offered plastic surgery several times. i actually need to get my nose fixed and was almost persuaded but i pride myself on following the Beyonce model of not needin a man to buy my fancy shoes. so i never said yes (<sigh> i wish i didn't have morals/standards). a girl i knew was given both a set of *** and a car.

what's your opinion on female customers? or families? Are they really welcome or only tolerated?

very welcome. i loved waiting on any lady confident enough to come in and chill, it was refreshing! i did not like the ones who were forced to be there and were nasty for no reason.

Do all Hooters girls have extremely low expectations of the men they wait on? I have only been to Hooters a few times, but I have always tried to be charming and polite to my waitress to give them a break from being hit on by slobbering drunks. I even make a conscious effort not to eyeball their hooters the whole time. I've always wanted to ask out a Hooters waitress that seemed like a cool girl, but I get the feeling it's pretty easy to be seen as creepy given the context of the situation.

I like to live my the motto "hope for the best, but expect the worst". It was always a welcome change to be treated like a human being. For women everywhere, I appreciate your maturity. I went on a bunch of dates w customers. If they were nice to me, why not!?

Thanks for doing this AMA! If you could erase your work at Hooters from history, for all intents and purposes, would you? What's your fondest memory from working there? Did you ever spit in (or do anything similar) a customer's food?

Of course! I was so curious about reddit and now i'm kinda into and may begin to anonymously air out my dirty laundry, so to speak. and never, it was a great experience. i learned so much about people and myself. the girls were great, we had a great time always and the working environment was really fun! and yes i have spat in beers/food. ha

I'm not surprised proof was requested... Did any customers ever get inappropriate, like grope you or something?

yes, quite a few times and it goes with the territory. you need to learn how to deal w that situation the best way you can. some girls were totally ***. but i can translate those skills when i'm dealing w chauvinistic men in business. one time a rather famous country singer came in and when i asked him how his wings were his reply was "ya know, these are delicious but I just cant help but wonder what you really taste like" and then licked his fingers that was pretty repulsive and he didn't touch me at all.

Did you ever feel like a piece of meat?

from time to time, but again, i was fully aware of what the job entailed before putting those spandex shorts on.
May 16, 2012 on Reddit

Have you ever slept with a client?

my longest relationship was 5 years....i waited on him in 2006
May 16, 2012 on Reddit

Creepiest customer?

far too many to count. but one time i waited on an older gentlemen who then called me all night and was waiting for me in the parking lot after work. he asked me how much it would cost for me to spend the night with him. it was horrible.
May 16, 2012 on Reddit

This question stems from an episode of Undercover Boss, did your boss ever act inappropriately towards you or any of the other girls?

to be honest, very rarely. I was fortunate that most of my managers were female and respectful. they understood i was a student, trying to make a livin.

Hooters Employees

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Hooters Careers

Average Length of Employment
Ground Round 3.0 years
Friendly's 2.6 years
Chevys Fresh Mex 2.4 years
TGI Friday's 2.3 years
Max & Erma's 2.3 years
Red Lobster 2.3 years
Waffle House 2.2 years
Buca di Beppo 2.0 years


1.9 years
Fatz Cafe 1.9 years
Applebee's 1.9 years
Johnny Carino's 1.9 years
On The Border 1.9 years
Texas Roadhouse 1.8 years
Buffalo Wild Wings 1.5 years
Cheddar's Inc. 1.1 years
Top Employers Before Hooters
McDonald's 13.0%
Walmart 9.1%
Applebee's 7.1%
Hollister 6.1%
Sonic 5.3%
Wendy's 4.5%
Subway 4.3%
Taco Bell 3.6%
Pizza Hut 3.5%
Target 3.3%
Chili's 2.8%
Top Employers After Hooters
Walmart 9.5%
Applebee's 9.1%
Amazon 4.4%
McDonald's 4.4%
Chili's 3.5%
Red Robin 3.4%
Macy's 3.4%
US Army 3.1%
Target 2.7%

Hooters Employees Education


University of Phoenix


University of South Florida


Georgia State University


Saint Petersburg College


Florida State University


University of Central Florida


Valencia College


The Academy


Middle Tennessee State University


Florida State College at Jacksonville


University of Tennessee - Knoxville


Kennesaw State University


Tidewater Community College


University of North Texas


Arizona State University


Western Michigan University


University of Alabama


University of Nevada - Las Vegas


University of West Georgia


Northern Virginia Community College

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Criminal Justice


General Studies






Health Care Administration


Culinary Arts


Medical Assisting Services










Liberal Arts


Dental Assisting


Hospitality Management




Graphic Design

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Hooters Employee Political Affiliation

Republican Party


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Employee Political Donations

Name Job Title Party Donation
David LageschulteOwner $4,800Other
GIL DI GiannantonioOwner $4,800Republican Party
Terrance MarksChief Executive Officer $4,000Republican Party
Gilbert DigiannantonioRestaurant Business $2,500Republican Party
Dave LageschulteChief Executive Officer $2,500Republican Party
Christopher DuncanExecutive $1,500Republican Party
Matthew WickesbergChief Finance Officer $1,000Republican Party
Ryan GarciaManager $1,000Democratic Party
Chris DuncanExecutive $1,000Republican Party
Curtis TownsendAssistant Manager $800Democratic Party
Dave ORRManagement $225Republican Party
Jamie HogganAssistant Manager $36Democratic Party
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Hooters Competitors

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hooters

When was Hooters founded?

Hooters was founded in 1983.

How many Employees does Hooters have?

Hooters has 5,600 employees.

How much money does Hooters make?

Hooters generates $311.4M in revenue.

What industry is Hooters in?

Hooters is in the food products industry.

What type of company is Hooters?

Hooters is a private company.

Who are Hooters's competitors?

Hooters competitors include Texas Roadhouse, Max & Erma's, Waffle House, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Applebee's, Lone Star Steakhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings, Red Lobster, TGI Friday's, Perkins Restaurant & Bakery, Cheddar's Inc., Fatz Cafe, On The Border, Ground Round, Quaker Steak & Lube, HOULIHANS RESTAURANT GROUP, Johnny Carino's, Chevys Fresh Mex, Buca di Beppo, Friendly's.

Where is Hooters's headquarters?

Hooters's headquarters is in Atlanta, GA.

What is Hooters's website?

You can find the Hooters website at

You can find out what it is like to work at Hooters, also known as HOOTERS OF AMERICA LLC, Hooters, Hooters of America LLC, Hooters of America, LLC and Hooters, Inc..

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