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    Average Salary For a Hospitalist

    Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for a Hospitalist is $214,817 per year or $103 per hour. The highest paying Hospitalist jobs have a salary over $329,000 per year while the lowest paying Hospitalist jobs pay $140,000 per year

    Updated January 27, 2023
    Average Hospitalist Salary
    $214,817 yearly
    $103 hourly

    3 Common Career Paths For a Hospitalist

    Medical Officer

    A Medical Officer delivers health and first-aid provisions for patients as well as prepares and maintains the paper and electronic health care records of clients. They ensure that all related equipment and supplies are suitably maintained at all times.

    Assistant Professor

    An assistant professor is an entry-level position who teaches in a university, conducts research, and assists senior professors. Assistant professors supervise undergraduate and graduate students at the same time provide professors and department heads with feedback on the progress of their students. To be effective in teaching and mentoring students, assistant professors must possess strong communication skills with advanced knowledge of their field. They must also have a Ph. D degree in the relevant academic discipline as well as teaching experience in a university setting.

    Medical Coder

    A medical coder's role is to interpret and analyze a patient's medical record and translate particular details according to the universal medical alphanumeric code. Moreover, a medical coder is primarily responsible for ensuring that the translations are accurate, as this will play a vital factor in processing insurance and receiving treatments. Aside from accuracy, it is also crucial for a medical coder to coordinate with other hospital personnel at all times, especially when there inconsistencies in the records.

    Illustrated Career Paths For a Hospitalist