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  • Human Resources Operations Support - TS/SCI w/Poly

    $53k-67k yearly est.6d ago
  • HR Operations Administrator

    $38k-57k yearly est.6d ago
  • Human Space Flight SE&I Engineering Lead

    $89k-139k yearly est.12d ago
  • HR Operations Manager

    $57.7k-127k yearly2d ago
  • HR Compensation Analyst

    $52k-67k yearly est.5d ago
  • Human Resource Manager

    $65k-97k yearly est.6d ago
  • Human Resources Coordinator

    $41k-63k yearly est.9d ago
  • Human Resources Specialist

    $52k-81k yearly est.7d ago
  • HR Representative

    $36k-47k yearly est.8d ago
  • HR Coordinator

    $52k-65k yearly est.5d ago
  • Human Resources Generalist (North America)

    $51k-71k yearly est.34d ago
  • HR Systems Support

    $139k yearly2d ago
  • Senior Human Resources Manager - Recruitment & HR Operations

    $80k-133.3k yearly4h ago
  • Human Resources Associate

    $53k-81k yearly est.26d ago
  • Human Capital Analyst

    $57k-78k yearly est.18d ago
  • Human Resources Generalist - Direct Hire

    $48k-71k yearly est.20d ago
  • HR Associate

    $61k-83k yearly est.32d ago
  • HR Specialist - FT Weekdays

    $53k-72k yearly est.7d ago
  • HR Associate, Benefits & Administration (Hybrid)

    $57k-88k yearly est.6d ago
  • Human Resources Associate

    $42k-50k yearly est.14d ago

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Average Salary For a Human Resources Associate

Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for a Human Resources Associate is $56,636 per year or $27 per hour. The highest paying Human Resources Associate jobs have a salary over $80,000 per year while the lowest paying Human Resources Associate jobs pay $39,000 per year

Updated February 9, 2023
Average Human Resources Associate Salary
$66,014 yearly
$27 hourly

5 Common Career Paths For a Human Resources Associate

Human Resources Generalist

A human resources generalist is responsible for monitoring the human resources policies and procedures, making adjustments as needed to align with the company's goals and objectives. Duties of a human resources generalist also include improving employee relations system, organizing compliance and knowledge training, reviewing benefit plans, managing compensation inquiries, assisting in recruitment and staffing needs, communicating with department heads in employees' performance reviews, and storing employees' files for reference. A human resource generalist must have excellent communication and decision-making skills to address issues concerning the company and employees' welfare.

Human Resources Coordinator

A human resources coordinator is responsible for cooperating with the company's human resources department, supporting its processes and procedures, and assisting with employees' concerns. Human resources coordinators' duties include maintaining business files and employees' records, processing documents and submitting required reports, administering background checks for the recruitment process, reviewing and referring to company's handbook for corrective action and performance review, scheduling meetings and facilitating events, and advising effective strategies to human resources management. A human resources coordinator requires excellent communication and employee-relation skills to support the company's daily operations.


Recruiters are responsible for filling up vacancies in the organization. They put up job postings on the company website and other recruitment websites, screen applicants, prospective schedule candidates for interviews, conduct initial interviews, and, should candidates pass the initial interview, endorse them to hiring managers. They act as guides to applicants throughout the whole application process. Upon successful screening and interviewing of applicants, recruiters then guide them through the employment process, usually endorsing them to medical exams and other pre-employment requirements needed. At times, recruiters are responsible for providing job offers to applicants. Recruiters should have a good judge of character, decision-making skills, and interpersonal skills.

Benefit Specialist

A benefits specialist is responsible for analyzing and processing the compensation package of an organization, ensuring that the salary and benefits received by an employee adhere to the current legislation procedures. Benefits specialists develop benefits programs, adjusting pension plans and insurance options as needed, and updating the employees on recent updates and changes. A benefits specialist responds to employees' inquiries, addresses their concerns, and manages benefits issues. A benefits specialist must have a clear understanding of benefits policies and processes to educate employees about the benefits structure.

Recruiting Coordinator

A recruiting coordinator's tasks include posting job vacancies, coordinating candidate travel, setting up schedules for interviews and handling last-minute scheduling changes, preparing offer letters, and conducting background checks on aspirants. The coordinator assists in the company's recruiting and talent acquisition procedures and strategies by hiring job-seekers to fill in vacant positions and to supply the company's workforce needs and goals. To be effective, he/she should have excellent communication skills and intimate knowledge about hiring best practices to be able to attract aspirants.

Illustrated Career Paths For a Human Resources Associate

Human Resources Associate Jobs FAQs

Are Hr Jobs Boring?

No, HR jobs are not boring if you enjoy building a business culture and like the high salary possibilities. In general, HR jobs have to do with the overall conduct of the organization's different facets of human resources. Their general responsibility is to balance the needs of the employees and the rules of the management team.

Do Hr Jobs Pay Well?

Yes, HR jobs pay well. While entry-level jobs in HR may pay salaries as low as $40,000 per year, more senior positions can easily earn salaries exceeding $100,000 per year.

An entry-level job in human resources may provide a salary on the lower end of this salary range. Such a position, however, may provide opportunities to advance one's career in human resources. With a few years of experience in human resources, it may become possible to enter into a management position.

What Does A Human Resources Associate Do?

A human resources (HR) associate does tasks to support the HR department's daily operations, such as updating employees' records within the organization's database and managing the employees' inquiries and concerns.

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