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Research Summary. We analyzed 555 in home therapist resumes to determine which ones land the most jobs. Below you'll find examples of resumes that can help you get an interview (and a job offer) from companies like BetterHelp and Camelot Care Centers. Here are the key facts about in home therapist resumes to help you get the job:

  • The average in home therapist resume is 496 words long
  • The average in home therapist resume is 1.1 pages long based on 450 words per page.
  • Social work is the most common skill found on an in home therapist resume. It appears on 26.2% of resumes.
After learning about how to write a professional in home therapist resume, you can make sure your resume checks all the boxes with our resume builder.


In Home Therapist Resume Example

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In Home Therapist Resume
In Home Therapist Resume
In Home Therapist Resume
In Home Therapist Resume
In Home Therapist Resume
In Home Therapist Resume
In Home Therapist Resume
In Home Therapist Resume
In Home Therapist Resume
In Home Therapist Resume
In Home Therapist Resume
In Home Therapist Resume
In Home Therapist Resume
In Home Therapist Resume
In Home Therapist Resume
In Home Therapist Resume

In Home Therapist Resume Format And Sections


1. Add Contact Information To Your In Home Therapist Resume

Your name should be the biggest text on the page and be at or near the top of the document.

Your address doesn't need to include your street name or house number - listing your city and state works just fine.

Your email address should be professional, but not your current work email address. It's not a good look to use your work email for personal projects (job-searching).

Your social media can be included if you have a fully-fledged LinkedIn page or another social media page that showcases your relevant skill set.

In Home Therapist Resume Contact Information Example #1

Dhruv Johnson | 333-111-2222 |

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2. Add Your Relevant Education To The Resume

Your resume's education section should include:

  • The name of your school
  • The date you graduated (Month, Year or Year are both appropriate)
  • The name of your degree
If you graduated more than 15 years ago, you should consider dropping your graduation date to avoid age discrimination.

Optional subsections for your education section include:

  • Academic awards (Dean's List, Latin honors, etc. )
  • GPA (if you're a recent graduate and your GPA was 3.5+)
  • Extra certifications
  • Academic projects (thesis, dissertation, etc.)

Other tips to consider when writing your education section include:

  • If you're a recent graduate, you might opt to place your education section above your experience section
  • The more work experience you get, the shorter your education section should be
  • List your education in reverse chronological order, with your most recent and high-ranking degrees first
  • If you haven't graduated yet, you can include "Expected graduation date" to the entry for that school

In Home Therapist Resume Relevant Education Example #1

Doctoral Degree In Social Work 2012 - 2015

Arizona State University Phoenix, AZ

In Home Therapist Resume Relevant Education Example #2

Doctoral Degree In Social Work 2009 - 2012

The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL


3. Next, Create An In Home Therapist Skills Section On Your Resume

Your resume's skills section should include the most important keywords from the job description, as long as you actually have those skills. If you haven't started your job search yet, you can look over resumes to get an idea of what skills are the most important.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your resume's skills section:

  • Include 6-12 skills, in bullet point form
  • List mostly hard skills; soft skills are hard to test
  • Emphasize the skills that are most important for the job
Hard skills are generally more important to hiring managers because they relate to on-the-job knowledge and specific experience with a certain technology or process.

Soft skills are also valuable, as they're highly transferable and make you a great person to work alongside, but they're impossible to prove on a resume.

Example Of In Home Therapist Skills For Resume

  • Community Resources Skills

    Community resources are a set of resources that are used in the day to day life of people which improves their lifestyle in some way. People, sites or houses, and population assistance can come under the services offered by community resources.
  • Community Agencies Skills

    Community agencies stand for the organizations operated to provide human service in the community.
  • Group Therapy Skills

    Group psychotherapy or group therapy is the practice of treating a group of clients together in one sitting throughout multiple sessions. This practice allows people to receive encouragement and support from their peers who are taking the same group therapy.
  • Mental Health Skills

    Mental health is the state of wellbeing in which an individual can cope with the regular stresses and tensions of life, and can work productively without having any emotional or psychological breakdown. Mental health is essential for a person of any age and helps them make the right decisions in their life.
  • Clinical Supervision Skills

    Clinical supervision refers to how practicing nurses get professional and moral support from their experienced colleagues. The practice aims to promote their ability to make a concrete decision that values the patient's well-being.
  • Behavioral Issues Skills

    Behavioral issues are the tendencies of individuals displaying unpleasant behavior as a result of sickness or addiction.

Top Skills for an In Home Therapist

  • Social Work, 26.2%
  • Community Resources, 5.7%
  • Community Agencies, 5.1%
  • Substance Abuse, 4.4%
  • Other Skills, 58.6%
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4. List Your In Home Therapist Experience

The most important part of any resume is the experience section. Recruiters and hiring managers expect to see your experience listed in reverse chronological order, meaning that you should begin with your most recent experience and then work backwards.

Don't just list your job duties below each job entry. Instead, make sure most of your bullet points discuss impressive achievements from your past positions. Whenever you can, use numbers to contextualize your accomplishments for the hiring manager reading your resume.

It's okay if you can't include exact percentages or dollar figures. There's a big difference even between saying "Managed a team of engineers" and "Managed a team of 6 engineers over a 9-month project."

Most importantly, make sure that the experience you include is relevant to the job you're applying for. Use the job description to ensure that each bullet point on your resume is appropriate and helpful.

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Work History Example # 1
Child And Adolescent Therapist
New York Foundling
  • Conducted assessments including review of referral information and determined if client met criteria for undergoing Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  • Provided home-based clinical treatment to families based on the Functional Family Therapy (FFT) model.
  • Trained in Trauma Focused Behavioral Therapy to work with children and families who have faced trauma.
  • Collaborated with psychiatrist, schools, hospitals, community mental health providers, officers of the court, and DCFS.
  • Provided professional therapeutic counseling to clients dealing with traumatic life events, daily life struggles, and mental illness.
Work History Example # 2
In Home Therapist
Apalachee Center
  • Conducted therapy with children and adults on probation or families and couples with an active DCS case.
  • Evaluated and documented weekly progress report and client notes meeting Medicaid requirements for individual children assigned to my rotation.
  • Provided crisis intervention therapy addressing trauma, depression, anxiety, adjustment disorder, etc.
  • Provided sex abuse specific group and individual counseling to children and adolescents using Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model of treatment.
  • Supported recently arrived immigrant students in adjusting to their new home while processing past trauma.
Work History Example # 3
Coordinator Of Rehabilitation Services (Part-Time)
Arrow Electronics
  • Managed and coordinated Midrange's yearly System i Customer Appreciation Day at the Boca Raton Facility of IBM.
  • Established procedures for determining and achieving consultants' educational / training needs.
  • Assisted Safety Manager in implementing Safety Procedures per HH-60G contractual requirements.
  • Counseled and educated female adolescents with mild mental retardation and a variety of psychiatric disorders within a therapeutic group home setting.
  • Coordinated Program business development and delivery operations, scheduling, communications, preparation of materials and documentation of results.
Work History Example # 4
Research Coordinator
  • Participated in facility QA/CQI process.
  • Submitted regulatory application, responded to IRB comments and monitored progress to ensure approvals.
  • Updated all staff on project to always remain in compliance with ICH, GCP and federal regulations.
  • Adhered to HIPAA healthcare guidelines and regulations.
  • Prepared and submitted regulatory submissions to the Internal Review Board (IRB).

5. Highlight Your In Home Therapist Certifications On Resume

Certifications can be a powerful tool to show employers that you know your stuff. If you have any of these certifications, make sure to put them on your in home therapist resume:

  1. Certified Professional Counselor
  2. Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)


6. Finally, Add a In Home Therapist Resume Summary Or Objective Statement

A resume summary statement is a 1-3 sentence spiel at the top of your resume that quickly summarizes who you are and what you have to offer. In this section, include your job title, years of experience (if it's 3+), and an impressive accomplishment, if you have space for it.

Remember to address skills and experiences that are emphasized in the job description.

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And If You’re Looking for a Job, Here Are the Five Top Employers Hiring Now:

  1. Maxim Healthcare Group Jobs (12)
  2. Camelot Foster Care Jobs (41)
  3. BetterHelp Jobs (64)
  4. Gateway Longview Jobs (8)
  5. Washburn Center for Children Jobs (9)

Common In Home Therapist Resume Skills

  • Social Work
  • Community Resources
  • Community Agencies
  • Substance Abuse
  • Group Therapy
  • Mental Health
  • Foster Care
  • Patients
  • Court System
  • Therapeutic Interventions
  • Autism
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Child Protective
  • Therapy Services
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Natural Supports
  • Discharge Planning
  • Individual Therapy
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Community Services
  • Crisis Management
  • Behavior Management
  • Mental Illness
  • Clinical Documentation
  • ABA
  • Medicaid
  • Mental Health Assessments
  • TF-CBT
  • Behavior Modification
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Out-of-Home Placements
  • Clinical Assessments
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Social Services
  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • Team Supervision
  • Comprehensive Assessments
  • Anger Management
  • Therapy Counseling
  • BCBA
  • Psychosocial Assessments
  • Intake Assessments
  • Crisis Situations
  • Early Intervention
  • DCFS
  • IEP
  • DCS

In Home Therapist Jobs