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  • Microsoft Industry Squad Leader

    As one of Accenture's Largest Partners in IPS, #1 Global Cloud Elite and Platinum member of the Microsoft Partnership. Every day, we bring the Power of Three (Po3) Accenture/Microsoft/Avanade together to drive business outcomes for our clients. Along with Accenture's broad industry experience and transformation skills & Avanade's specialization in the Microsoft ecosystem. We even built our own platform, my Nav, my Concerto etc, that mixes the best parts of Accenture, Microsoft and Avanade to help companies transform and become digital leaders. + Lead large deal pursuits for specified Accenture Microsoft Business Group opportunities + You will partner with Avanade and Microsoft and Accenture to bring best in class solutions to your clients For now, all Accenture business travel, international and domestic, is currently restricted to client-essential sales/delivery activity only.
    $68k-107k yearly est.60d+ ago

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Average Salary For an Infantry Officer

Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for an Infantry Officer is $50,109 per year or $24 per hour. The highest paying Infantry Officer jobs have a salary over $97,000 per year while the lowest paying Infantry Officer jobs pay $25,000 per year

Updated February 17, 2021
Average Infantry Officer Salary
$50,109 yearly
$24 hourly

5 Common Career Paths For an Infantry Officer

Operations Officer

An operations officer is responsible for monitoring the staff performance, ensuring the efficiency of their tasks to support the project needs with maximum productivity, and strict compliance with the company's operational policies. Operations officers manage the department's budget, proper allocation of resources, and keeping the operational costs within the budget goals. They also conduct performance reviews, develop strategic procedures for the project's success, and handling the clients' inquiries and concerns. An operations officer must have excellent communication and leadership skills, focusing on client satisfaction while providing the best managerial support for the staff.

Project Manager

Project managers oversee a specific project related to the organization's business. They manage the whole project from inception to evaluation. They initiate planning with involved departments, follow-through on the plans, ensure smooth execution of the plans, and evaluate the project for further improvements should these be needed. In line with this, project managers also ensure that the project is cost-efficient and well within the budget. They also manage the different work teams involved in the project and ensure that things are running smoothly on this aspect as well.


Managers are responsible for a specific department, function, or employee group. They oversee their assigned departments and all the employees under the department. Managers are responsible that the department they are handling is functioning well. They set the department goals and the steps they must take to achieve the goals. They are also in charge of assessing the performance of their departments and their employees. Additionally, managers are responsible for interviewing prospective candidates for department vacancies and assessing their fit to the needs of the department. Managers also set the general working environment in the department, and they are expected to ensure that their employees remain motivated.

Executive Officer

Executive officers execute high-level project support and executive tasks. These executives serve as the second-in-command in the organization. They assess the progress of the company's program plans to determine the success of its overall objectives. It is part of their job to coordinate the education, certification, and training of officers at the company level. They also emphasize safety risk management within the organization.

Intelligence Officer

An Intelligence Officer is a person employed by an organization to collect, compile, and/or analyze information that is of use to an organization. They participate in local, national, and international operations, in various climates and conditions.

Illustrated Career Paths For an Infantry Officer