Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for an infantry officer. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of infantry officer resumes they appeared on. For example, 28.3% of infantry officer resumes contained combat as a skill. Let's find out what skills an infantry officer actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

15 Essential Infantry Officer Skills For Your Resume And Career

1. Combat

Combat is a violent conflict between two parties. Combat can be held by using weapons or unarmed. The fighting between the armed forces of different countries can also be called combat and the main purpose of the combat is to eliminate and stop your opponent from achieving their goal.

Here's how combat is used on infantry officer resumes:
  • Program Management: Planned, resourced and executed individual through unit-wide collective training in preparation for combat deployment to Iraq.
  • Assisted in the development, implementation and supervision of combat operations consisting of several non-organic units and capabilities.
  • Implemented extensive training programs for approximately 100 employees to support an ever-changing and dynamic combat environment.
  • Conducted specialized combat training for junior leaders and subordinates in preparation for year-long combat deployments.
  • Advised senior leaders on daily combat operations, including patrolling and counter-insurgency tasks.

2. Logistical Support

Here's how logistical support is used on infantry officer resumes:
  • Streamlined logistical support operations throughout the entire organization.
  • Assigned as a contracting officer representative to provide logistical support to a Brigade in Afghanistan..
  • Maintained a perfect maintenance record and accountability for over $1,300,000 in personnel, technical equipment and logistical support documentation accountability.
  • Coordinated and oversaw logistical support of equipment, supplies and personnel in various overseas and stateside locations.
  • Provided logistical support for multiple locations simultaneously, ensuring field sanitation and safety standards were being followed.

3. Personnel Management

Here's how personnel management is used on infantry officer resumes:
  • Recommended training, personnel management, administration and tactical employment of the 148-man company to the company commander.
  • Studied and practiced leadership techniques; focused on personnel management and training.
  • Lead daily operations and personnel management of 120 Soldiers.
  • Team personnel management including monthly counseling statement, team and individual evaluations and discipline and performance assessments.
  • Proposed and successfully implemented new standards to assist with personnel management and meeting the required schedule.

And if you’re looking for a job, here are the five top employers hiring now:

  1. AIG Jobs (1)
  2. Providence Health & Services Jobs (1)
  3. Us Army Reserves Jobs (18)
  4. Army National Guard Jobs (19)
  5. National Defense University Jobs (1)

4. Professional Development

Professional development means to have the essential training certification or education with the purpose of earning and having a successful career. Every job requires a different set of skills. However, new skills may be needed in the future. Professional development, in this regard, helps people to develop and polish the skills and become efficient workers.

Here's how professional development is used on infantry officer resumes:
  • Managed the training and professional development of a 36 person platoon.
  • Planned operations Managed logistics Managed professional development
  • Managed a team of 13 Marines in daily operations to promote and facilitate professional development through guided leadership and integrity.
  • Trained, developed, counseled and mentored squad members including team leaders resulting in promotions and successful professional development.
  • Performed processing of application and documents for soldiers to enter military courses and schools for self- advanced professional development.

5. Training Programs

Here's how training programs is used on infantry officer resumes:
  • Coordinated internal assets with external resources to implement innovative training programs.
  • Designed comprehensive company management training programs, resulting in subordinates excelling in all evaluated areas.
  • Administered training programs at Ft. Benning for various international personnel in conjunction with the mission of the Department of State.
  • Develop training programs along all spectrums between US Army North and SEDENA/SEMAR.
  • Coordinated and initiated military training programs, provided security for battalion headquarters, and monitored and supervised access of military facilities

6. Training Events

Here's how training events is used on infantry officer resumes:
  • Worked on operations orders for training events and prepared dispatch documentation for strikers.
  • Led five Company training events, culminating in the successful completion of final evaluation as top rated unit.
  • Planned, resourced, and executed the logistics for three major company training events.
  • Synchronized and executed training events at the company level for up to 160 students.
  • Supervised the Training Management System for the battalion by approving hundreds of training events.

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7. US Army

The United States Army is the branch of the United States Armed Forces that employs land services. It is one of the eight U.S. uniformed services and its five core competencies are land combat, combined arms operations special operations, sustain the area for the joint force, to integrate national, multinational, and joint power on land. The Army's includes combined arms maneuver and wide-area security, armoured and mechanised operations, and airborne assault operations.

Here's how us army is used on infantry officer resumes:
  • Coordinate at the strategic theater level between US Army North and Mexico Military Forces (SEDENA/SEMAR).
  • Graduated from US Army Ranger School and earned Ranger Tab.
  • Coordinate between US Federal LEAs, US Army North and SEDENA/SEMAR.
  • Selected to attend the US Army Civil Affairs CA) School.
  • Recognized by name for exceptional performance from the US Army Warrior Transition Command during biennial organizational inspection.

8. Risk Management

Risk management is the method of recognizing, evaluating, and managing risks to an organization's resources and profits. Financial insecurity, regulatory liability, strategic management mistakes, incidents, and natural hazards are just some of the challenges or dangers that could arise. For digitalized businesses, IT security vulnerabilities and data-related threats, as well as risk management techniques to mitigate them, have become top priorities.

Here's how risk management is used on infantry officer resumes:
  • Conducted highly detailed risk management.

9. Training Exercises

Here's how training exercises is used on infantry officer resumes:
  • Coordinated and executed training exercises throughout Asia.
  • Served in battalion, brigade and division tactical operations centers as Battle Captain and liaison officer during training exercises.
  • Managed and supervised live-fire and other types of training exercises.
  • Developed, resourced, and supervised approximately 6 company training exercises in preparation for five critical contingency missions.
  • Recognized by unit commander for conducting superior training during rotational training exercises and awarded 2 Army Achievement Medals.

10. Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is the ability to perform daily activities with optimal performance, endurance, and strength. It is very important for good health and is generally achieved through a good diet, moderate to vigorous physical exercise, and adequate rest. Physical fitness protects against many chronic diseases, helps control weight, lowers blood pressure, and improves sleep quality and overall heart health.

Here's how physical fitness is used on infantry officer resumes:
  • Received the Army Achievement Medal for demonstrating exceptional knowledge of individual infantry tasks, teamwork, and physical fitness.
  • Graduated #3 in class, earning honors in marksmanship, patrol procedures and physical fitness.
  • Managed all aspects of their training, physical fitness, and ethical development.
  • Maintained physical fitness and mental resiliency to ensure tactical and technical proficiency and operational readiness for myself and my team.
  • Managed training and development, including weapon qualifications, physical fitness testing, and temporary duty preparation.

11. USMC

Here's how usmc is used on infantry officer resumes:
  • Directed Close Air Support for USMC unit attack into Kuwait at point of 6th Marines assault.
  • Deployed to Okinawa, Japan as part the USMC Air Contingency Battalion.
  • Enlisted in USMC Reserves during college.
  • Earned MBA while serving as the active duty officer in charge of the USMC reserve unit in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Recruited, interviewed, and screened potential job applicants to fill existing USMC openings.

12. Direct Supervision

Direct supervision is a term used to indicate that a person is supervising a certain task or a certain person while being physically present or in close proximity. It refers to the presence of a person and the availability of their supervision in something if it is needed.

Here's how direct supervision is used on infantry officer resumes:
  • Direct Supervision of 300 United States Marines with operations training through a fast-paced and changing environment.
  • Direct supervision of multiple personnel from the platoon to division level.

13. Staff Positions

Here's how staff positions is used on infantry officer resumes:
  • Served in a variety of operational Battalion Staff positions, and conducted Command level Training / Evaluation.
  • Achieved the rank of Captain serving in various command and staff positions.
  • Conducted planning exercises in various staff positions for units of 100-500 personnel.
  • Commanded two troops, and held several staff positions including FSO, and assistant S-3.
  • Served in variety of command and staff positions.

14. Tactical Employment

Here's how tactical employment is used on infantry officer resumes:
  • Planned, directed, and assisted in deployment and tactical employment of equipment and specialized teams.
  • Supervised and assisted in the supervision of personnel during training and tactical employment of infantry unit.
  • Maintained combat readiness of the squad and ensured tactical employment during combat operations.
  • Planned and directed training and tactical employment in mountainous and urban terrain, limited visibility and precision operations.
  • Direct squad's tactical employment during offensive and defensive operations.

15. Afghan

Here's how afghan is used on infantry officer resumes:
  • Assisted in the demonstration and instruction of the proper employment of a Support by Fire Line for the Afghan National Army.
  • Trained and mentored senior Afghan Army personnel in operational and training tactics.
  • Analyzed the impact of several proposed humanitarian assistance projects on Afghan citizens.
  • Trained 40 Afghan National Army Soldiers in on combat operations using effective communication, resulting in successfully defeating an enemy ambush.
  • Developed performance metrics to design and improve training and emergency response readiness of 90-personnel Afghan National Police district.
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The eight most common skills based on Infantry Officer resumes in 2023.

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Infantry Officer Skills

List Of Skills To Add To Your Infantry Officer Resume

According to recent trends, the most relevant infantry officer Resume Keywords for your resume are:

  • Combat
  • Logistical Support
  • Personnel Management
  • Professional Development
  • Training Programs
  • Training Events
  • US Army
  • Risk Management
  • Training Exercises
  • Physical Fitness
  • USMC
  • Direct Supervision
  • Staff Positions
  • Tactical Employment
  • Afghan
  • Medal
  • HQ
  • Secret Security
  • PowerPoint
  • Leadership Role
  • Military Operations
  • Communications Equipment
  • Maintenance Program
  • Physical Security
  • Administrative Functions

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Online Courses For Infantry Officers

One of the best ways to acquire the skills needed to be an infantry officer is to take an online course. We've identified some online courses from Udemy and Coursera that will help you advance in your career. Since infantry officers benefit from having skills like combat, logistical support, and personnel management, we found courses that will help you improve these skills.

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