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An information technology (IT) associate is a professional who assists in the management of an IT infrastructure of an organization. IT associates are required to provide support and maintenance of network and wireless infrastructure as well as manage the technical side of an organization's web content platform. They must assist in the management of the inventory of equipment that can include computer desktops, projectors, copiers, and printers. IT associates should also communicate with staff members so that they can respond to their IT needs as well as provide maintenance and support.

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Information Technology Associate Responsibilities

Here are examples of responsibilities from real information technology associate resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Accomplish defect-free releases through careful planning, testing and QA efforts.
  • Lead a training class on HTML web design to fellow EDS/HP team members.
  • Lead international, multi-organizational software testing teams through the SDLC, towards a production go-live.
  • Manage and coordinate offshore resources in providing control validation testing for large retail company and SOX external audit.
  • Lead creation of browser extension roll out nationwide to provide access to internal tools and reduce new-user setup times.
  • Lead team that handle web, social media, video and graphics, setup and maintain network for the staff.
  • Deploy and perform maintenance of dhcp servers, dns servers, proxy server, and application servers.
  • Migrate data using DoD approve software.
  • Install and configure new computers on LAN.
  • Utilize ERP system for inventory management and analyze data.
  • Maintain records of software version control of LAN base applications.
  • Configure printers for network use as well as printing from Unix.
  • Execute server builds, migrations to current OS, and troubleshooting.
  • Migrate disparate systems and silos to centralize SAN architecture for storage.
  • Develop webpages for projects being develop using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

5 Information Technology Associate Resume Examples