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An Information Technology Operations Manager is responsible for the smooth running of the computer systems. They ensure the operation of computer systems in accordance with specifications, costs, and timelines.

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Information Technology Operations Manager Responsibilities

Here are examples of responsibilities from real information technology operations manager resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Lead SCCM client rollout to all servers.
  • Negotiate contracts, and manage external service providers such as, CDN, hosting, telecom, and SAAS.
  • Create, develop and distribute TCO and ROI matrices for SAN (storage area network) environments and manage services engagements.
  • Manage corporate document/file archive and provide SharePoint administrator duties.
  • Manage project for successful installation of Cisco VoIP telephone system.
  • Implement PMO processes to provide standardize methodologies and manage technology initiatives.
  • Plan all activities relate to server patch management, hardware upgrades and maintenance windows used to keep systems current.
  • Determine system/service availability requirements base on agree upon SLA including downtime and maintenance windows.
  • Spearhead & manage multiple projects of various sizes to implement best-in-class enterprise infrastructure solutions involving application and hardware technology.
  • Install, configure, administer, and maintain Solaris and Linux base servers.
  • Experience with Linux server administration to facilitate backups, new users, and security protocols.
  • Serve as liaison with FBI during the investigation of email breach at one of CHW hospital.
  • Upgrade servers to handle file and print sharing; implement scan to email throughout all hotels.
  • Experience in agile, attend sprint planning session, daily stand-up scrum meetings and sprint collaboration sessions.
  • Migrate from frame-relay to MPLS network and negotiate bulk rate from carrier that reduce costs ~ $300K.

12 Information Technology Operations Manager Resume Examples