Research Summary. Using a database of 30 million profiles, Zippia estimates demographics and statistics for insurance agents in the United States. Our estimates are verified against BLS, Census, and current job openings data for accuracy. After extensive research and analysis, Zippia's data science team found that:

  • There are over 194,144 insurance agents currently employed in the United States.
  • 48.4% of all insurance agents are women, while 51.6% are men.
  • The average age of an employed insurance agent is 46 years old.
  • The most common ethnicity of insurance agents is White (66.4%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (15.8%), Black or African American (9.3%) and Asian (4.9%).
  • Insurance agents are most in-demand in Phoenix, AZ.
  • The finance industry is the highest-paying for insurance agents.
  • 7% of all insurance agents are LGBT.

Insurance Agent Statistics By Gender

48.4% of insurance agents are women and 51.6% of insurance agents are men.

  • Male, 51.6%
  • Female, 48.4%

Insurance Agents By Gender


Gender Pay Gap For Insurance Agent

Women Earn 90¢ For Every $1 Earned By Men

Male Income
Female Income

Insurance Agent Gender Over Time

This data shows how men and women predominate in the insurance agent position over time.


Insurance Agent Gender By Year


Insurance Agent Male to Female Ratio

We compared this job title with other job titles to see how gender percentages varied. As you can see, proprietary trader and floor trader have the biggest difference in gender.

Job TitleMaleFemale
Insurance Follow Up Representative11%89%
Insurance Verification Specialist11%89%
Commercial Lines Account Manager13%87%
Insurance Agent52%48%
Futures Trader94%6%
Floor Trader95%5%
Proprietary Trader96%4%

Insurance Agent Statistics By Race

The most common ethnicity among insurance agents is White, which makes up 66.4% of all insurance agents. Comparatively, there are 15.8% of the Hispanic or Latino ethnicity and 9.3% of the Black or African American ethnicity.

  • White, 66.4%
  • Hispanic or Latino, 15.8%
  • Black or African American, 9.3%
  • Asian, 4.9%
  • Unknown, 3.6%
  • American Indian and Alaska Native, 0.0%

Insurance Agent Race

Insurance Agent RacePercentages
Hispanic or Latino15.8%
Black or African American9.3%
American Indian and Alaska Native0.0%

Insurance Agent Race And Ethnicity Over Time

Using the Census Bureau data, we found out how the percentage of each ethnic category trended between 2010-2019 among insurance agents.

  • White
  • Asian
  • Hispanic or Latino
  • Black or African American

Insurance Agent Race By Year

YearWhiteBlack or African AmericanAsianHispanic or Latino

Insurance Agent Wage Gap By Race

White insurance agents have the highest average salary compared to other ethnicities. Black or african american insurance agents have the lowest average salary at $48,924.
Black or African American
Hispanic or Latino
Black or African American$48,924
Hispanic or Latino$51,734

Average Age of an Insurance Agent

We determined the average age of insurance agents based on ethnicity and gender.


Insurance Agent Age By Race

RaceMale AgeFemale Age
Black or African American4646.5
Hispanic or Latino4139

Insurance Agent Age Breakdown

This chart breaks down the ages of insurance agent employees. Interestingly enough, the average age of insurance agents is 40+ years old, which represents 66% of the population.

40+ years

30-40 years

20-30 years

Insurance Agent Age

Insurance Agent YearsPercentages
40+ years66%
30-40 years23%
20-30 years11%

Types of Insurance Agent Degree Levels

The most common degree for insurance agents is bachelor's degree 53% of insurance agents earn that degree. A close second is associate degree with 20% and rounding it off is high school diploma with 14%.

  • Bachelors, 53%
  • Associate, 20%
  • High School Diploma, 14%
  • Masters, 6%
  • Other Degrees, 7%

Insurance Agents By Education

Insurance Agent DegreePercentages
High School Diploma14%
Other Degrees7%

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Insurance Agent Wage Gap By Education

Insurance agents with a Bachelors degree earn more than those without, at $60,476 annually. With a Masters degree, insurance agents earn a median annual income of $60,322 compared to $55,789 for insurance agents with an Doctorate degree.
High School Diploma or Less
Master's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Doctorate Degree
Some College/ Associate Degree
High School Diploma or Less$47,380
Master's Degree$60,322
Bachelor's Degree$60,476
Doctorate Degree$55,789
Some College/ Associate Degree$47,180

Insurance Agent Employment Statistics

This section highlights information about where insurance agents work. We found most insurance agents work for a private company. In addition, the industry that employs the most insurance agents is the insurance industry.

Company Size

We created this chart to show you the average size of companies that typically hire insurance agents.

< 50 employees

50 - 100 employees

100 - 500 employees

500 - 1,000 employees

1,000 - 10,000 employees

> 10,000

Insurance Agent Jobs By Employer Size

Company SizePercentages
< 50 employees8%
50 - 100 employees20%
100 - 500 employees18%
500 - 1,000 employees11%
1,000 - 10,000 employees26%
> 10,000 employees16%

The Types Of Companies Insurance Agent Work In

Employees with the insurance agent job title have their preferences when it comes to working for a company. For instance, most insurance agents prefer to work at private companies over public companies.




Insurance Agent Jobs By Sector

Company TypePercentages

Top Industries Hiring Insurance Agents

Just based on the number of employees within each industry, we were able to determine the most common industries that employ insurance agents. Those industries include insurance, finance and professional.



Fortune 500


Health Care

Insurance Agent Turnover And Employment Statistics

Insurance Agent Unemployment Rate Over Time

The Bureau of Labor Statistics came in clutch when it came down to figuring out how the unemployment rate has changed over time. Between 2008 and 2018, this is how the number of insurance agents changed.

  • Unemployment rate

Insurance Agent Unemployment Rate By Year

YearInsurance Agent Unemployment Rate

The Average Number of Years That Insurance Agent Stay in a Job

By looking over 46,363 insurance agents resumes, we figured out that the average insurance agent enjoys staying at their job for 1-2 years for a percentage of 31%.

Less than one year

1-2 years

3-4 years

5-7 years

8-10 years

11+ years

Insurance Agent Tenure

Number or YearsPercentages
Less than 1 year28%
1-2 years31%
3-4 years12%
5-7 years15%
8-10 years6%
11+ years8%

Comparing The LGBT Ratio of Insurance Agents with Other Job Titles

After finding the gender ratio, we wondered if the percentages of LGBT persons were different as well. Using the data below, you can see how other job titles compare to insurance agents.

Job TitleLGBTJob Openings
Senior Account Executive/Team Leader5.13%167,878
Personal Banker5.67%36,603
Insurance Agent6.79%-
Media Sales Consultant9.53%143,671
Traveling Representative17.39%50,378

Insurance Agent LGBT Demographics

ProfessionPercentages of LGBT Job Openings
Senior Account Executive/Team Leader5.13%167,878
Personal Banker5.67%36,603
Media Sales Consultant9.53%143,671
Traveling Representative17.39%50,378

Foreign Languages Spoken By Insurance Agents

The most common foreign language among insurance agents is Spanish at 71.4%. The second-most popular foreign language spoken is French at 6.4% and Portuguese is the third-most popular at 3.2%.

  • Spanish, 71.4%
  • French, 6.4%
  • Portuguese, 3.2%
  • German, 2.4%
  • Arabic, 1.9%
  • Other, 14.7%

Insurance Agent Languages Spoken

Foreign LanguagePercentages

Insurance Agent Jobs

Insurance Agent Heatmaps

The amount you can make as an insurance agent can depend on where you live. For example, the highest salary of insurance agents is $60,658. Use our chart to find out where that salary is located.

Where Do Insurance Agents Earn The Most?

Insurance agents earn the most in Hawaii, where the average insurance agent salary is $74,219. The map here shows where insurance agents earn the highest salaries in the U.S. The darker areas across the 50 states highlight the highest salaries.

Average Salary

Which State Has The Most Insurance Agents?

By looking through more than 46,363 resumes, we found that the most popular places for insurance agents are Houston, TX and San Antonio, TX.

Number of Insurance Agents

Number Of Insurance Agent Jobs By State

Where Are Insurance Agents In High Demand?

Insurance agents are in high demand in Phoenix, AZ. There are currently 48 job openings for insurance agents here. We looked over job openings to determine where in the country insurance agents are in the most demand.

Jobs Openings

Insurance Agent Demographics FAQs

What Percentage Of Insurance Agents Are Female?

49.8% of insurance agents are female in the United States. This is 1.8 percentage points higher than last year. Additionally, the percentage of female insurance agents has increased by 2.7 percentage points since 2010. That means there are a total of 93,812 female insurance agents in the U.S. and 94,566 male insurance agents in the United States. Note that Zippia's estimate accounts only for the 188,378 people with the specific job title of insurance agent and doesn't include grouping similar job titles, or people with potentially similar credentialing.

Why Did I Quit Being An Insurance Agent?

I quit being an insurance agent because the agency I worked for wasn't a good fit for me. This was the most common reason that was reported by agents who quit selling insurance. It was reported that 90% to 95% of agents quit within the first 12 months of receiving their license.

Approximately 11% of agents who started to sell insurance quit within the first three months of starting, and approximately 19% quit within the first 3 to 6 months. One out of 3 agents stated that their primary reason for quitting was that the agency they worked for was not a good fit for them.

The second biggest reason for quitting the business was because they ran out of money to invest in leads. Less important reasons for quitting were running out of prospects and personal issues like health problems.

When asked what factors clutter was to get better insurance leads, a close second was the agent's understanding that they should have saved more money to get through the tougher months. Additional feedback was access to better sales training and selling a different product.

Many agents reported that they failed to do adequate research before getting involved in the business. It is common for agents to get recruited into the insurance business because of someone they met. Perhaps a family member or friend introduced them to the business, and they did little to no research.

To that end, it is important to do your due diligence. If you don't ask, you aren't going to know. Take the time to find the agency that makes sense for you and matches your desire. Ensure that the agency you are looking at provides a training program to help you become a top producer.

You also need to make sure that you have enough money to start your business. Having a cash flow is important, especially for the months when business may slow. Leads are the biggest factor in your business and will not be consistent, so you need to be prepared for those instances.

How Many Insurance Agent Are There In The Us?

There are over 194,144 Insurance Agents in the United States.

What Percentage Of Insurance Agents Are Black?

9.3% of Insurance Agents are Black or African American

What Race Are Most Insurance Agents?

Most an are White, with 66.4% of Insurance Agents belonging to this ethnicity. 15.8% of Insurance Agents are Hispanic or Latino, 9.3% of Insurance Agents are Black or African American, 4.9% of Insurance Agents are Asian, 3.6% of Insurance Agents are Unknown, and 0.0% of Insurance Agents are American Indian and Alaska Native

Are Insurance Agent Jobs Male - Dominated?

Yes, Insurance Agent jobs are male - dominated. 51% of Insurance Agents are male, and 48% are female, so there are more male Insurance Agents than female Insurance Agents in the United States.

How Old Is The Average Insurance Agent?

The average Insurance Agent is 46 years old. 66% of Insurance Agents are 40+ years old or older, 23% are between the ages of 30-40 years, and 11% are between 20-30 years old

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