Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for an insurance producer. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of insurance producer resumes they appeared on. For example, 14.0% of insurance producer resumes contained communication as a skill. Let's find out what skills an insurance producer actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

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15 Essential Insurance Producer Skills For Your Resume And Career

1. Communication

Communication is the ability to express one's ideas and thoughts to other people using expressions, words, or actions. Communication is to receive or send any kind of information. People need to be able to communicate and convey their message to the customers to run a successful business.

Here's how communication is used on insurance producer resumes:
  • Develop NEW relationships & partnering communication avenues to exceed company quotas.
  • Established new communication and sales with commercial and individual client markets.
  • Displayed strong communication and organization skills with home office and clients.
  • Obtain communication with future and existing clients over the phone.
  • Developed strong communication, organization, and selling skills.

2. New Clients

New clients are identified as a person or entity that has not yet availed of the goods or services of your company. A person who is not an existing client of your company falls under the definition of a new client. A company survives and thrives because of new clients, and there are several jobs designated in a company to find new clients. Marketing or advertisement may be the best ways to target and influence new clients to the company.

Here's how new clients is used on insurance producer resumes:
  • Performed comprehensive insurance reviews to educate customers and acquire new clients.
  • Solicited new clients by developing business relationships.
  • Used computer applications for quoting and submitting insurance polices, researching client coverage qualifications, and data entry for new clients.
  • Established relationship for new clients from initial contact through the end of policy on 100% commission based off of sales.
  • Promoted client retention through high-quality service and follow through as well as creating new clients through referrals from satisfied clients.

3. Sales Goals

Sales goals are a set of objectives and goals to achieve which are set for the sales team to encourage them and to make profits for the company. Sales goals that can be achieved are bound to time and are relevant to the company, help majorly in motivating the workers to achieve them, and are amazing for the company revenue as well.

Here's how sales goals is used on insurance producer resumes:
  • Increased client base, exceeded sales goals while providing a superior customer service experience.
  • Worked in a team oriented environment to achieve office sales goals.
  • Work with the agent to establish and meet sales goals.
  • Set monthly sales goals to receive commissions and awards.
  • Have exceeded first two benchmark sales goals to date.

4. Life Insurance

Here's how life insurance is used on insurance producer resumes:
  • Generated life insurance and investment referrals to head agent to further profitability to the company.
  • Provided supplemental benefits and life insurance to families through associated unions.
  • Offered life insurance products specifically tailored to customers unique needs.
  • Conducted training for other newly appointed life insurance producers.
  • Provide individual supplemental life insurance programs.

5. Insurance Companies

Here's how insurance companies is used on insurance producer resumes:
  • Liaised with various insurance companies to request loss history reports and relevant documents for policy generation.
  • Negotiate with Insurance companies underwrites on behalf of clients to produce the most complete and value driven insurance coverage.
  • Research the various insurance companies and insurance polices offered by them to help clients in choosing most suitable policy.
  • Work with customers and insurance companies to assure that the needs of the clients are being served.
  • Worked directly with insurance companies and MGA's to negotiate coverage options and policy pricing.

6. Health Care

Healthcare means an organized service provided to people when they are diagnosed with a medical illness or suffer an injury. Basic health care would ensure to improve the health of the patient. Health care is provided by designated and certified specialists who can be doctors, registered nurses, therapists, etc. The healthcare of the people is the responsibility of the state as they set up hospitals and clinics for the public and arrange certified professionals in them for the health care of the people.

Here's how health care is used on insurance producer resumes:
  • Responded to questions regarding benefit plan designs, health care claims and payments options.
  • Leveraged owner's client base and outside sales to participate in health care reform - Affordable Healthcare Act.
  • Served as an educator and advisor about the ramifications of Health Care reform.
  • Provided consultation regarding health care options including primary physicians, available in-care facilities, dental referrals, prescription restrictions.
  • Provide further information and guidance regarding coverage and eligibility regarding patients to the requesting health care provider.

7. Casualty Insurance

Casualty Insurance is a form of liability insurance that protects companies and individuals from a wide range of accidents and negligence claims. Casualty insurance can protect against car accident damage, theft from a home or business, and workers' compensation. Broadly speaking, casualty insurance protects against claims resulting from injuries to an individual.

Here's how casualty insurance is used on insurance producer resumes:
  • Licensed property and casualty insurance producer in 44 states, specializing in workers compensation insurance.
  • Licensed Property and Casualty insurance sales agent.
  • Specialized in sale of casualty insurance policy.
  • Licensed to Sell Property & Casualty Insurance in the State of Maryland.
  • Licensed in the State of Illinois in Property & Casualty insurance.

8. New Customers

New customers are the people or an entity that has just purchased goods or services from a company. New customers are the ones who help in generating revenue for the company and a business is always trying to attract new customers through advertising and marketing. Anyone who has not yet made a transaction from the company is potential new customers and they can be converted into new customers ensuring that they would make transactions in the future and help generate revenue.

Here's how new customers is used on insurance producer resumes:
  • Developed new accounts through effective relationship building, cold calling, networking, professional sales presentations, and follow-up calls.
  • Attend meetings, seminars and programs to learn new skills and receive technical assistance in developing new accounts.
  • Required to take on many managerial duties as the only employee and as well as produce/market/service new accounts
  • Cultivate new business by networking to find new customers and generating lists of prospective clients.
  • Received national recognition for opening the most new accounts in my first year.

9. Customer Service

Customer service is the process of offering assistance to all the current and potential customers -- answering questions, fixing problems, and providing excellent service. The main goal of customer service is to build a strong relationship with the customers so that they keep coming back for more business.

Here's how customer service is used on insurance producer resumes:
  • Managed over 1500 association member accounts to ensure client satisfaction, claims customer service, renewal/retention and administrative support.
  • Managed and designed agency IT and customer service policies and procedures including implementation of agency CRM software.
  • Developed training programs for new employees designed to deliver superior customer service and communicate advanced product knowledge.
  • Assist applicants in completing insurance application process/assist in ongoing customer service and policy maintenance for existing clientele.
  • Provided exceptional customer service by serving as liaison between clients and company underwriters.

10. Income

Here's how income is used on insurance producer resumes:
  • Help seniors and retirees with health expenses, retirement income planning (401K, pensions, annuities, etc.
  • Complete applications containing personal, medical and bank information including income.
  • Calculate premiums and create plans that meet individual needs and income.
  • Assisted lower income clients with high-risk policy alternatives.

11. Client Relationships

Here's how client relationships is used on insurance producer resumes:
  • Developed client relationships to grow business opportunities.
  • Maintained cordial and effective client relationships.
  • Developed and maintained client relationships with hundreds of ADP clients.
  • Develop and maintain client relationships on a proactive basis.
  • Maintain client relationship by servicing accounts.

12. Financial Services

Financial services are economic services that are offered by the finance sector, which includes banks, financial institutes credit-card agencies, insurance companies, accountancy firms, and others that handles assets. Organizations in the financial services sector are concerned with money and risk management.

Here's how financial services is used on insurance producer resumes:
  • Acquired extensive knowledge of the financial planning profession and financial services industry.
  • Provided Financial Services to clients through State Farm Bank.
  • Conducted financial services and insurance reviews with clients.
  • Resolved insurance and financial services need.
  • Developed business and marketing plans to jumpstart a professional approach to building a financial services clientele.

13. Phone Calls

Phone calls are a wireless or wired connection made over a telephone or a mobile phone between two people. Two parties are involved in a phone call, the caller and the receiver. A caller dials the number of the one he wants to call, and the recipient hears a bell or a tune to which he picks up the call. The call establishes a connection between them through which they can communicate. The voice is converted into signals and is transmitted through wired or wireless technology.

Here's how phone calls is used on insurance producer resumes:
  • Answered high volume of inbound phone calls from AARP members requesting insurance to meet their personal lines insurance needs.
  • Acquired new territory accounts, and managed a high volume of phone calls when not in the field selling.
  • Receive telephone calls and direct as and where necessary, make payments/remittance and manage electronic filing database.
  • Helped File documents for clients, answered phone calls and took payments.
  • Answer phone lines and perform any other clerical duties as needed.

14. Personal Lines

Personal lines stand for any type of insurance that provides individuals with coverage against losses that occur from injury, death, or loss of property.

Here's how personal lines is used on insurance producer resumes:
  • Quoted and issued personal lines policies and applied appropriate underwriting guidelines to determine customer eligibility.
  • Achieved single biggest revenue-generating account in personal lines.
  • Licensed producer for Commercial Insurance including property and casualty, worker's compensation, auto, life, and personal lines.
  • Licensed by the Mississippi Insurance Department to sell Accident and Health, Casualty, Life, Personal Lines, and Property.
  • Obtained licenses in Life, Accident/Health, Personal Lines, and Property/Casualty.

15. Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is an insurance policy that covers you from incurring financial losses when your vehicle meets with harm.

Here's how auto insurance is used on insurance producer resumes:
  • Quoted and signed up customers with auto insurance*Assisted customers with any questions*Took payments
  • Handled application process for property & casualty, life & auto insurance, and submit to underwriting for evaluation.
  • Provide potential clients with quotes for auto insurance, call existing customers to inform them of renewals and cancellations
  • Structure private and commercial auto insurance policies for individuals and businesses purchasing new and used vehicles.
  • Write auto insurance policies answer phones and give quotes for auto insurance.
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The eight most common skills based on Insurance Producer resumes in 2021.

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List Of Skills To Add To Your Insurance Producer Resume

According to recent trends, the most relevant insurance producer Resume Keywords for your resume are:

  • Communication
  • New Clients
  • Sales Goals
  • Life Insurance
  • Insurance Companies
  • Health Care
  • Casualty Insurance
  • New Customers
  • Customer Service
  • Income
  • Client Relationships
  • Financial Services
  • Phone Calls
  • Personal Lines
  • Auto Insurance
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Product Knowledge
  • Financial Situation
  • Client Service
  • Particular Needs
  • Cold Calls
  • Financial Products
  • Financial Needs
  • Customer Relationships
  • Outbound Calls
  • Policy Changes
  • Potential Customers
  • Business Owners
  • Current Customers
  • Identify Customer
  • Customer Base
  • Aflac
  • Appropriate Forms
  • Prospective Customers
  • Insurance Options
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Bank Products
  • Policy Holders
  • Present Coverage
  • Physical Condition
  • Appropriate Products
  • Individual Customers
  • Insurance Availability
  • Financial Resources
  • High Volume
  • Policy Requirements
  • Paperwork
  • New Policies
  • Customer Accounts
  • Underwriting Approval

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Most Common Skills For Insurance Producers

RankascdescInsurance Producer SkillascdescPercentageascdesc
New Clients
Sales Goals
Life Insurance
Insurance Companies
Health Care
Casualty Insurance
New Customers
Customer Service
Client Relationships
Financial Services
Phone Calls
Personal Lines
Auto Insurance
Scheduling Appointments
Product Knowledge
Financial Situation
Client Service
Particular Needs
Cold Calls
Financial Products
Financial Needs
Customer Relationships
Outbound Calls
Policy Changes
Potential Customers
Business Owners
Current Customers
Identify Customer
Customer Base
Appropriate Forms
Prospective Customers
Insurance Options
Administrative Tasks
Bank Products
Policy Holders
Present Coverage
Physical Condition
Appropriate Products
Individual Customers
Insurance Availability
Financial Resources
High Volume
Policy Requirements
New Policies
Customer Accounts
Underwriting Approval

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