Interpace Diagnostics Group CEO and Executives

Executive Summary. Based on our data team's research, Thomas Burnell is the Interpace Diagnostics Group's CEO. Interpace Diagnostics Group has 61 employees, of which 17 are in a leadership position.

Here are further demographic highlights of the leadership team:

  • The Interpace Diagnostics Group executive team is 6% female and 94% male.
  • 72% of the management team is White.
  • 6% of Interpace Diagnostics Group management is Hispanic or Latino.
  • 11% of the management team is Black or African American.

Thomas Burnell

President and CEO, Director

Gregory Richard

Chief Commercial Officer

Jack Stover

Executive Officer, Director

James Early


Joseph Keegan


Thomas Freeburg

Executive Officer

Christina M. Narick

VP Pathology

Eric Lev


Stephen J. Sullivan


Syd Finkelstein

Chief Scientific Officer

Bill Finger

Chief Operating Officer

Edward Chan


Interpace Diagnostics Group Jobs