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About J. C. Penney

J. C. Penney Company, Inc. is an American department store chain with 864 locations in 49 U.S. states and Puerto Rico.

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J. C. Penney Company, Inc. is an American department store chain with 864 locations in 49 U.S. states and Puerto Rico.

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What Is

J. C. Penney's Mission Statement

JCPenney is executing a strategic Long Range Plan that consists of four integrated strategies aimed at building a deeper, more enduring relationship with our customers, increasing the engagement and retention of our Associates, and delivering industry leading financial performance to our shareholders.

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April 29, 2019 on Zippia

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[+archibald_]( I worked under Ron Johnson in Apple retail during their massive success of Apple retail stores, and then he left to head up JCP. What do you think was the reason he failed so rapidly at JCP?

[+caleeksu]( Former corporate employee here: he had a ton of amazing ideas, but forgot about the core customer. He should have tested the pricing strategy - most people say they want a straightforward price, but when it comes to shopping, that customer prefers to play the coupon shopping game. He also killed some very successful private label brands like St. John's Bay. He actually had some amazing ideas and the store experience was stronger, but not testing and going after the aspirational customer was killer. After I left corporate the first time and went to work for another retailer, I remember going into a newly remodeled store and thought it was fabulous. And then I remembered I'm not the target customer at all, and realized they were totally effed. Attract the new customer, sure, but don't throw away the existing, especially the ones who are in the target demographic. It's not as many old ladies as many would guess.
April 10, 2017 on Reddit

Did your store get appliances? That's the department I currently work at and I am constantly struggling with all sorts of stock issues and not being able to resolve customer issues very easily. Don't you think the associates should have more power in store when using findmore? Just to cancel an order (wrong address by accident, noticed the color was wrong, etc) I'm told has to be called in and reported to customer care within like, a minute or else it can't be canceled. Like what the hell.

We are in the process of getting them. They are doing the remodel soon for them and they will be here next month at the latest. I imagine its going to be rough lol.

If you live in California or any other progressive state minimum raise is rising every year. As a former retail worker for a large chain, I was really upset when they wouldn't adjust your wages for the higher level employees accordingly/promptly. At one point the entry level employees and the managers who have been in position for 2 years are making a .25cent difference. Really big moral crusher. Has JC Penny been offering wage increases based on minimum wage increases for all team members? Also have they been pretty good about performance reviews each year?

They have not been raising employees pay with the minimum wage increases. The performance evaluations did result in a raise as of a couple years ago but it was small, like 2 to 3%

how many bras have you sold?

Not all too many really but old lady customers will come up and ask you to help them find the bra style theyre looking for and straight up start stripping.

Nothing against YOU, but I have been wondering for years how Pennys has survived THIS long. Any ideas??

Old lady couponers and crazy Black Friday customers that boycott our store for opening at 3pm on Thanksgiving but yet still show up at the doors at 2:30pm waiting.
April 10, 2017 on Reddit

I need to find a job, but all the jobs I can find are retail, and I have no idea how to react to angry customers and reddit has me scared of retail. Is there any hope? How do I learn to deal with angry people?

If you want to get into retail angry customers can be annoying but the easiest way is just dont let it get to you. If you have a bad customer then if it's a problem you cant fix within your jurisdiction then call for a manager and let them handle the person and as soon as they leave forget their exist.

There's been a lot of talk about a "retail apocalypse" facing the United States, with [30,000 job losses a month so far in 2017.]( Do you think retail chains like JCP will survive the 2010s or are we really headed for a world without Malls and big box stores?

I think JCP will make it through the 2010s but i dont see it being around till 2030.

How clearly did you see this coming and for how long? I worked at Radioshack a couple years ago and figured out in the first week it was going down the drain. JCP did seem pretty empty when I came in and was looking at a management position there. This was at one of the US's biggest malls.

Its been coming a while probably about 2 years ago this time it became super noticeable. Fun people to work with, but scary company to work for.

How much is an Associate Discount?

Currently, our Associate discount is 20% off and if we use our JCP Credit Card its 25% off. When I first started it was 25% off everything credit card or not credit card.

As a customer, when ever a retail employee checks one of my bills for counterfeits, I make the same hilarious joke, but I normally get death stares. Why is that? What I say is "I just made it today.", and then I give a reassuring wink.

As a retail worker, believe me: it's not hilarious. Or at least it was the first time we heard it the first day we started working. People make the exact same jokes to us every single day, to the point where we can anticipate them based off the situation. Another extremely common one is when a customer notices an item doesn't have a price tag on it and jokes "oh I guess it's free then, right?" Also stores take fraud very seriously, and employees have been fired for missing large counterfeit bills before.

The constant pushing me and my wife about signing up for the in-store credit card was a huge reason we stopped shopping there. Can you please pass along the message to the higher ups that this method is an absolute turn off?

We try to pass it along but it's how the company makes money and the companies religion is making money. Trust me associates hate that they have to harass every customer about it but if we dont get one person a day to sign up then we get scolded about it. Only so many people are gonna want to sign up for a credit card and they only keep raising the goal for the day all the time.

JCP stock is near an all time low right now with the announcement of the closure of the 140 plus stores. What do you think earnings with be like for Q1? What had management been saying? Don't hold out on the goods, I need some tendies.

Management tries to keep that stuff quiet so it can be hard to find out. I know our store is down in sales for the year but Im not sure by how much. Honestly, we dont normally find out until its publicly released.

I love JCPenny. :( My main problem with retail stores is the obvious: I can usually find it cheaper and in a better style on Amazon. Have there been plans to work on online shopping, or do all the big stores just seem to be holding onto the cliff until Amazon finally steps on their fingers?

Every retailer is investing in online. The tricky part is that online sales aren't profitable - even Amazon doesn't make a profit on their sales. Huge revenue, but their profit comes elsewhere. Brick and mortar stores have to play in that space to compete, but they also have to figure out a way to keep customers coming inside. Apparel is Amazon's fastest growing category, but it's still a minuscule part of their business. Especially in women's apparel, where sizing is so inconsistent, customers still want to buy in store. It's one reason JCP is investing so heavily in special sizes, which is a growing segment and a marginalized customer who had been trained to buy online. But once you get her inside the store, she will also buy stuff in store for her kids, husband and house. Plus make up, accessories, shoes, etc.
April 10, 2017 on Reddit

Do you think Amazon and other e-commerce businesses killed brick and mortar stores?

Not OP, but a former JCP corporate employee. Online stores aren't as large a percentage of total business as you would think, and they're normally not that profitable. Huge revenue, sure, but Amazon makes their money on cloud services. That's what allows them to do crazy things like two day shipping for a $5 item. A lot of the online only retailers, once you dig into their financials, aren't quite in the black. I think it does change the strategy, though, and retailers with brick and mortar and online have to really step up their game to make the shopping experience seamless. Most customers browse online first, even if they intend to buy in person. If they have a bad experience online, they'll only shop the store when desperate. You've also got to have strong logistics, allowing customers to get what they want quicker. If that comes in from fulfilling web orders from stores, or adding warehouses, you've gotta do it. And that takes a huge amount of investment. I think the biggest impact online shopping has had is on the expectation of the customer while shopping brick and mortar. Service is a huge differentiator, so JCP and others need to step that up in store.

I bought socks at a jcpenny yesterday and the lady checking us out laid it on heavy with nasty old lady guilting about 'wow I wish I could not worry about saving money' spiel when we declined getting the jcpenny card; are you guys pay dependant on commission from signing people up for that? Is there a quota for per day basis for those cards? Also if someone gets the card, how would it be best used to make the most of its worth?

There is a sign up commission, but it's pretty small. Like $2 per app. They expect you to get so many per month. I worked in a JCP Catalog Dept. from '06 to '10 and we didn't see enough customers to ever hit ours, but they always let us slide. Best way to use it is to wait for the days where you get 15-20% of for using the card, use the card to pay, and then make a payment right there at the register for that amount. The interest rates are like 28 or 29%
April 9, 2017 on Reddit

I worked at JCP in the early 90's. Back then, I sold suits and later athletic shoes. In those days it was a great job for a young person. We had a flexible schedule, health care (I paid $35/month $500 deductible), vacation days and we worked on commission. Some of the older workers selling suits and shoes made enough money to feed their families. In those days, a person with no real education could make $25,000/yr with benefits and a pension. Probably would be $40-50k these days. Then, I left the job for my career and actually came back over Christmas one year to make money for a quick down payment on a house I was buying. That would be an employment gap of 3 years. In that time JCP did away with commission associates. I still got commission because I was grandfathered in. Not the same store. Corporate America had found or little store and the people that actually bought the merchandise were re assigned in other duties and many were let go. A computer or someone outside of the market bought merchandise for us. That particular winter, we had 1400 pairs of Sorel boots sent to us. In a week they were gone. We called for more, and they told us that is what we were allocated. We got no more. We could sell that amount for much of the Christmas season each week. We were also sent a bunch of flip-flops that we clearanced right away. That was, too me, the death knell of JCP. It went down the toilet in the late 90's. When we were on commission and you came in for a pair of size 9's, we brought out an 8.5, 9, 9.5 and even another model shoe because we wanted the sale. The old-old people when I started in '91 used to say what a great company this was to work for and how they took care of you. People actually retired at 65 and got a gold watch. We actually got a coupon for a turkey at Thanksgiving. And everyone had the day off. Too bad. I loved working for them. They were a great company that valued their associates and let us make money knowing that they too, were making money. Then they had to have ALL of the money. Now, you go into a store and see the shelves in disarray and employees that don't care. And why should they care? The company does not care for them. James Cash Penney would cry a river to see what became of his company. Edit: I feel that if JCP wants to actually save their company they should return to their old ways. Bring back commission employees, bring back local buyers that understood what would sell in their market and offer benefits. I mean (back in the early 90's) we hung out together. When the Nike rep came to town, we worked with our shoe buyer and figured out what would sell. (Then we would hit the bar.) Today, when I walk into a store, I want someone to help me, so I can get out of there. Now, I go on Amazon because Penney's no longer offers VALUE, meaning quality merchandise and service. Back when I worked there (I already posted about that), we would sell a suit, mark it up for alterations and make sure we called the customer when it was ready. We handed them our card and developed a relationship with them. When they needed something else, they actually picked up the phone and called us, and we helped them out. If you work on commission, it is tough. In February, you barely make ends meet. In December, you are rich. You budget your money and it all works out. Some of the associates were hard-core, high-pressure salespeople and some would even steal your customers, but over all, most of us would take turns and approach you when you looked like you needed help. Many of the associates did not want to work on commission and were paid a higher wage and worked in accessory departments. They did not complain as they felt they are paid well and some would make the switch over. We actually dressed up for work each day, and at the morning's sales meeting before store opening got briefed on last year's numbers, where we want to focus our efforts and other news. You actually felt like your contribution today would matter for the company. Sorry for going on, but I think this company needs to go old school or it will be dead soon. I can buy Levi's anywhere. Give me a reason to come in and see you.

My grandmother was telling me about how great it used to be. She loved the turkey coupon. JCP let her move from store floor to payroll and then to accounting department at a time when women often weren't given those types of jobs. They also gave her paid time off when my grandfather was sick and dying. She's 100 years old and still gets her hair done at JCP and tells stories about working there. They used to take really good care of their people.

Huh, last I heard, the JCP leadership was that Ron Johnson guy from Apple. Is high turnaround at leadership level a sign of trouble?

Ron Johnson caused 40,000 people to lose their jobs so they found a new guy

What is JCPenny doing to try and appeal to a younger demographic, if anything? I personally have noticed that it's brands like you guys, QVC, sears, and boscovs that are starting to go belly up because your target demographic is the 50 and over crowd. In effect, your customers are either on restricted incomes or dying. Younger people are more image conscious and want trendier brands. Do people within the company even realize this is their big problem?

This is a good question. I hear JC Penny, I think grandma and clothes shopping with mom. Pennys is the empty store I walk through to get to the mall.
April 9, 2017 on Reddit

How was it in terms of hourly payment? What did you start off at? How were raised determined?

It's a minimum wage job, when I first started JCP paid above minimum wage and raises were once a year and mostly determined by how long you were there so basically you could get a raise worth 12 months of service each year but when they bumped up minimum wage your raises did not stack on the new base pay so after having a few raises now I'm back to making minimum wage.

Is it really just online business, or that people don't have enough disposable income like their parent's generation? I buy all my clothes either thrift, after Christmas sales, and I keep clothes for years. Most my friends are the same way. And I grew up in "mall culture" where we would spend weekends at the mall, spending lots of money. I don't see that at all.

I think it's a bit of both. The world is changing in a weird way. Even though I work at Penneys and get a discount I still barely buy anything there and aim for clearance items when I do, but once your buying stuff on clearance for like a dollar or two were not making money on that we are just taking what we can get so we can make space for new items.

I once tried on a pair of khakis and found dirty underwear in the pocket, why did you do this to me?

That was probably a customer that returned it and no one checked the pockets. Women have a tendency to take underwear into the fitting rooms and try it on and leave it for the workers to put back, we can not sell used underwear.

How many times has your store been rearranged in the past two years? JCP seems to change their layout and brand image and they seem to panic if something doesn't work and they immediately shelve it (pun not intended) but this just seems to cause confusion to consumers IMO. Do you think JCP needs further change (maybe a guy who is great with mannequins and window design) or should they try to change to a more online merchandise distributor?

The reason that things change around in the store every single time you go in there is because we get new stuff in all the time on trucks. For example we get bikini's starting in November or early December and get coats starting around June. We have to move all of this out to the sales floor in one massive department set to uphold a visual standard that the company sets. They have a test store to set a visual appeal for what goes on what table and where and what goes on the mannequins and colors and everything and they send that to us and when we do these sets we have to match that as best as possible or get chewed out by district management for not upholding JCP core standards. Your right though the way we do it by moving 2 departments a week is INCREDIBLY confusing to customers and workers and our Operations team cant find where merchandise goes half the time because it will be different every day. The entire concept is just as much opinion based so if one person moves something and someone else doesnt like it they will redo it. We have had our store manager make us move a department and the next day she didnt like it and we moved everything back. It's an incredible waste of time and money in my opinion but they see it as if they mvoe things customers will venture to find them which is opportunity for them to find more along the way and spend more money as well as getting trend zones set for things like prom or back-to-school. I wish so badly we would find a hard-set layout for things and work it as is and things would probably go smoother. We have so much merchandise on the floor people in wheelchairs cant get around easy if at all in some areas and we still have full stockrooms. We need more control over what inventory we get in as we have no control over what the Store Support Centers send us on trucks. I think our online is fine right now and they need to focus more on the physical locations because those keep closing more and more and we arent opening new stores to combat that so we just keep losing more and more money. The number one complaint from customers and employees is how much our stores move around merchandise. It becomes stressful when you go to stock a handful of belts that come in and the belt fixture is on a totally different carpeted pad area two or three times a week.

Why can you say that retail is dying?

When sales are down they cut hours. cut hours means no one is there to straighten up the store. a messy store means no one wants to shop it. our CEO is closing stores to try and push online sales. Our CEO is trying to target a younger demographic by pushing online sales but at the same time he is introducing at-home window and flooring and installation which is something people my age have absolutely no interest in as well as appliances and if we did we would go to Lowes or Home Depot for something like that. He is pushing impulse buy 'dollar store' style items too so the clothing store JCPenney is starting to look like a messy bargain store and it's scary. I'm in my early 20's and if I buy something online I go to Amazon and with him closing more stores, stores that were doing well at that, it just makes you wonder when your store is next. We dont find out until that stuff goes public I didnt know what stores were closing until I read it on Yahoo one day after management told us they didnt know what stores were closing. Our CEO used to be the CEO of Home Depot.

Have you ever been in a branch as it was being shut down? What was the general reactions of the employees if so?

I have not. The store I work in does extremely well in the company and ours would probably be one of the last to close, but I still see the effects it has had on our store. We have customers call and ask all the time if we are closing and management tries to get us not to talk about it a lot to quiet the subject but it's a looming fear you have while working there. In January our CEO stated that we only had 4 stores in the company under-performing and very shortly after that was when he announced they were gonna close like 140 stores to try and push our online sales more. What's scary is that he is trying to compete more in the field dominated by Amazon and anyone that works retail knows that the bread and butter of our customer base is the old ladies that dont like online shopping.

What governs discounts and price reductions? Is there a hard set schedule? Also, a lot of times the cashier will find a discount or coupon for me, is this done for everyone or is it because I always am polite in my interactions.

People high up in the company decide all of that and have it sent down to the stores and our Operations team sets the prices for an upcoming ad. Usually prices are changed like twice a week unless the company sends out an emergency price change email that needs prioritized. Clearance prices are forwarded to the stores every week as well and how it used to be was if the price ended in a $.99 ending that was company controlled and that's what the price had to be. If it was something that ended in $.97 it was store controlled and we could lower the price on our own jurisdiction. They have since changed that though and that is why prices now end in random cent numbers. It's to be based on a more straight-forward percentage kind of thing. Associates that give you the coupon because you forgot yours or whatever reason, that is absolutely because you are polite. They stress keeping those out of sight because customers will see it and ask for it and then everyone else in line saw that happen so now you have 5 customers who request a coupon which is lost money in a way when they would have purchased merchandise without the coupon if they didnt know you had one. Be nice, and we will save you money.

Serious question. It seems like the clothes at JC Penney are really poor in style and often in quality. Who decides what clothes get purchased for retail display? EDIT: Not trying to rip on JCP. If it makes any difference, let me point out that Sears is WAY worse.

JCPenney is a brand name with tenure. They partner with different manufactures to sell their clothes so poor quality is often just the partner in general. However JCP does have their own private brands that they try to hide to cover that up such as A.N.A. and Stylus. Stylus is actually the exact same as the older brand just called JCP. It's the exact same. I feel sorry for people losing their jobs at Sears.

What would you do when they let you go?

They would pull you into the office with whoever is doing it and explain to you why they are terminating your employment and for what reason. What gets intense is when employees steal and then the manager calls them in to the office and little do they know there's a cop on the way. If they let you go then you apply like crazy.

As a fellow retail worker, you have my sympathies, friend. Question is this: Who has been your most frustrating nemesis of a customer/coworker?

coworker: this one guy we had that had a sever attitude problem. He would come in an hour late and leave 2 hours early and complain about not making any money and when he would get mad over the simplest of things he would break things. The guy was strong and like 7 feet tall so they kept him around and just let him do whatever because he was our, no, he was THEE heavy lifter for anything that needed moved or put up high in the stockroom. He finally had enough one day and walked out. frustrating nemesis of a customer: definitely the older lady couponers that dont understand we cant stack 6 coupons on 1 item to make it free especially when they dont read restrictions on coupons and try that on Nike and such. Some are understanding and upset a little, but then some go all King Kong and want Supervisors to tell them the same thing.
April 9, 2017 on Reddit

I had a professor who says JCP is one of the best shops in terms of treatment of workers at their factories and quality of product. That makes me feel good about shopping there. But is it true?

Management and coworkers treat you like family. They will work with you very well and they believe in 'family-first'. If you have an emergency situation they will help you. Our stores General Manager has bought us all dinner before. Even our district management is friendly and brings treats sometimes when they come. Very good people to work with. They root out the bad eggs pretty fast actually.
October 7, 2012 on Reddit

I work in a similar retail store. Our LP (we only had one) was let go last spring, so now we cannot stop anyone unless the store manager grows a pair and follows the guidelines or the district LP is in. I once heard from my LP "There is always an employee stealing". How true do you think that is? Also, how profitable do you think it is to keep LP on staff? (also +1 if you answer this 10 hours later!)

Very true. I guarantee there was someone stealing, we almost always had every on an employee because they're suspected of shoplifting in some way. I think it's very profitable, especially if the LP makes his presence aware and proactive.

1) I have read many times on reddit about the constant line of sight. Does that mean if I walk around for two hours in a store with stolen merchandise I would almost never be caught? 2) What percentage of busts were employees? 3) Best resisting story? 4) How many times were you offered sex by an offender? 5) Craziest thing an LP and employee were fired for? 6) Did you prosecute 100 percent? 7) Is it easy to start your own surveilance company? 8) Wtf are you gonna do now? 9) How much do you tip at a sit down restaurant? 10) Have you ever fapped on duty?

1. I've followed people on camera for 2 hours before because I knew they stole something. You have to leave eventually. You also don't know how many people are working in loss prevention that day. If we had at least 2 people working, one would be on the floor doing direct observation and the other would be in the camera room so we had literally 0 dead zones for the camera. If they went into the fitting room we'd watch what they took in. If they came out with less, we know they concealed it and would stop them. 2. Low percentage, I don't have the actual numbers anymore but we had maybe 6-7 internal thefts go on in the 2 years I worked. 3. Some guy in his late 20's was with a woman and they stole some fashion jewlery (low priced stuff, about $40 a piece). We followed them for about half an hour when they walked out of the store without paying for it. We apprehended them and brought them back and started questioning him. Turns out the guy was with his mom (she looked maybe 35) and she started crying and the guy started getting really smart with us eventually started raising his voice at me telling me he doesn't have to listen to me because he's older than me. I put him in handcuffs and I told him it doesn't matter how old I am, you committed the crime and now I'm charge. If you want to make a scene, go ahead. I'll simply put in my report how you were a pain in my *** and uncooperative and the judge will assign community service as well as a big *** fine. OR you could sit there, shut the hell up, sign the paper work and I'll write a nice report and the judge will give you a small fine. He stopped there. Turns out he's been in prison before, surprise. 4. 0, not sure if I'm really ugly or people just didn't see that as an out. 5. Guy before me said he was in the army special forces and killed hundreds of people. He said to a customer on the floor infront of a manager "*** off I don't know where it is". He got the boot 6. Yes, no exceptions at all 7. Not sure 8. I'm in the middle of the hiring process with a major east coast Police Department. 9. Depends on how much I order. If I order something with a total of 20% i'll tip 30%. If it's a big order, i'd tip 20%. 10. No, I've almost fallen asleep a few times.

So how much *** did you steal on your way out the door?

haha nothing, I had nothing against the people in the store. I liked pretty much everyone, especially my boss he was awesome. It was just the new CEO that got in ruined a lot of people jobs, not just mine.
October 6, 2012 on Reddit

How often did you catch people? Did you let anyone go, and why? How did a pricing policy get you laid off?

Once a week we'd catch someone on average. Sometimes 2 in one week, sometimes no one for a month. I never let anyone go, if you let someone go it was because you screwed up and they actually didn't steal, you'd probably be fired then unless you were very very good. The new pricing policy is that there are no more "sales". Everything is now always on "sale" and a reduced price. Which completely takes the point of a sale away, thus the expectations of the company to do well are lowered, therefore budget cuts and I was the unlucky person to be hired last so by lack of seniority, I was let go.

Do people actually pay full price there?

According to this new genius of a CEO "SALES 24/7"
October 6, 2012 on Reddit

Can you describe job procedure ? Ive worked at 3 major retail chains (Best Buy, Sears, and Walmart) and Loss Prevention was handled different at each store.

Our policy was very very strict. We had to 1. See the person select the item 2. See the person conceal the item 3. See the person walk past all points of purchase (registers) Then we could apprehend them. If one of those conditions wasn't met, for example if someone went behind a pole where there's no camera coverage there, and they concealed, policy states we couldn't apprehend them. We still did it occasionally if it was a huge amount they were stealing and occasionally we'd have to go on the floor and watch them instead of viewing through monitors. After we'd apprehend them we'd take them back to the office, tell them why we stopped them and know they stole. I'd tell them there's no denying it, I have you on camera which goes to a DVR (it does). They'd always confess, say they're sorry, sign a bunch of paperwork admitting their guilt and agreeing to pay restitution (pay the company back). Then I'd call the local police department, they'd pick the shoplifter up and take them to jail to be released with a court date or actually stay in jail if they were an ***. I'd then type up a report and give it to my supervisor.

What was the dumbest thing a customer tried to shoplift?

Some people would lift gift cards not knowing you had to buy them to actually activate them.

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Kohl's 1.5 years
Dollar Tree 1.4 years
Ross Stores 1.4 years
Toys R Us 1.4 years
Dollar General 1.3 years
Top Employers Before J. C. Penney
Walmart 18.4%
McDonald's 14.2%
Macy's 8.1%
Target 7.3%
Kohl's 4.3%
Subway 3.5%
Wendy's 3.5%
Taco Bell 3.0%
Lowe's 2.8%
US Army 2.7%
Toys R Us 2.7%
Dillard's 2.7%
Kroger 2.4%
Old Navy 2.3%
Pizza Hut 2.3%
Top Employers After J. C. Penney
Walmart 19.2%
Macy's 9.9%
Target 6.5%
McDonald's 5.6%
Kohl's 5.5%
Lowe's 4.8%
Amazon 4.1%
Dillard's 3.3%
Best Buy 3.0%
Burlington 2.7%
Convergys 2.5%

J. C. Penney Employees Education


University of Phoenix


University of North Texas


The Academy


Ashford University


Kaplan University


Columbus State Community College


Strayer University


Everest Institute


Miami Dade College


Southern New Hampshire University


Houston Community College


University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee


Empire Beauty School


Liberty University


Arizona State University


Ohio State University


University of Texas at Arlington


Texas A&M University


Baker College


Florida State University

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Criminal Justice








Medical Assisting Services


Health Care Administration


General Studies








Liberal Arts




Graphic Design




Computer Science








Specialized Sales And Merchandising

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J. C. Penney Employee Political Affiliation

Democratic Party


Republican Party


Employee Political Donations

Name Job Title Party Donation
Janet DhillonAttorney $7,250Republican Party
Uttam DhillonAttorney $6,250Republican Party
Myron UllmanChief Executive Officer $5,000Republican Party
Kimberly HarperSales $2,500Republican Party
Thomas WardDesigner $1,825Democratic Party
Sonja McGillAttorney $1,750Democratic Party
Jolanta MarolaSupervisor $1,400Republican Party
John SingletonSupply Chain Analyst $1,250Republican Party
Indiana Perez MacIasSales Jewelery $1,054Democratic Party
Lane RaffraySenior Manager $1,000Republican Party
Praveen SitaramanSoftware Engineer $1,000Democratic Party
Ryan McGuireManager $1,000Democratic Party
Beth MuellerInterior Designer $875Republican Party
Victor CastellanosSales Representative $855Democratic Party
James OesterreicherRetired $850Republican Party
Justin SauerInformation Technology Technician $844Democratic Party
Jeremy WargoRetail $833Republican Party
Norman PuckettSales $833Republican Party
Michelle MorrowStower $785Democratic Party
DAN WatsonStatistician $750Democratic Party
Lynda SturdevantCustomer Service Trainer $720Republican Party
Carolyn LangsSales $610Democratic Party
John MacCaMarketing $575Democratic Party
Elizabeth McIntyreProduction Planning Manager $562Democratic Party
Jordan StoddardWarehouse Worker $556Democratic Party
Bradley SyversonExecutive $500Democratic Party
Brad SyversonVice President $500Democratic Party
John BerryHair Designer $500Democratic Party
Keith ShostromReceiving $500Republican Party
Mike KramerChief Operating Officer $500Republican Party
William ClevengerRetired $500Republican Party
Jason ScogginsMarketing Director $492Democratic Party
Brian GasperGeneral Manager $421Democratic Party
Eugene BankoStore Manager $370Democratic Party
Michael ProctorManager $325Democratic Party
Arnold GrothuesRetail $305Democratic Party
Lacier VincentInformation Technology/Support Technician $266Republican Party
Angelica FelizOperations Consultant $250Democratic Party
Michael HansonVice President $250Republican Party
Ramkrishen BhattCustomer Associate $250Republican Party
Jennifer GouldCosmetologist $250Democratic Party
Marisha GlamoreMarket Coordinator $250Democratic Party
Gary BancroftDispatcher $250Republican Party
Michael KramerChief Operating Officer $250Republican Party
Jeff WilcoxsonSales $219Democratic Party
Christina IskandaraniAppliance Sales Specialist $219Democratic Party
Sharon BroadenSales Clerk $212Democratic Party
Bonnie LathamOffice Associate $200Democratic Party
Tina PaesanoHairdresser $200Republican Party
Ally NguyenSales Associate $200Republican Party
Timothy GreeniaDrapery Installer $177Democratic Party
Patricia DerosierMerchandising Assoc $155Republican Party
Jeffrey RiceMen's Clothing Sales $149Republican Party
Sara FreemanMerchandising Associate $140Republican Party
Susan SevertSenior Human Resources Administrator $130Democratic Party
Autumn BrownArtist $124Democratic Party
Cindy SypniewskiSales Associate $112Democratic Party
Philip BrownRetail Advertising Executive $100Democratic Party
Randy WilliamsGeneral Manager $100Republican Party
Phil BrownRetail $88Democratic Party
John CarusiDistribution Manager $80Republican Party
Sally PhennicieAssociate $75Democratic Party
Bryan HashRetail $70Democratic Party
Amber BurgerGeneral Manager $69Democratic Party
Judith FishSales $64Democratic Party
Adam SmolinskiLeader $60Democratic Party
Anthony NelsonRetail $55Democratic Party
Robert HordSales Associate $50Democratic Party
Taylor KeatingSales $48Democratic Party
Lydia BairdResearch And Development Manager $38Democratic Party
Christopher WhiteSenior Director $35Democratic Party
Jessica FormanCustomer Service Trainer $30Democratic Party
Scott Hogue JrManager $25Republican Party
Jacob HahnAssistant Manager $15Democratic Party
Nuria ShermanCustomer Service Trainer $15Democratic Party
Douglas RekerDesigner $10Democratic Party
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J. C. Penney Salaries

Senior Vice PresidentPlano, TX $300,000
Design DirectorNew York, NY $230,000
Director Of SourcingPlano, TX $200,000
Director Of SourcingPlano, TX $200,000
Vice President Of Information TechnologyPlano, TX $200,000
Design DirectorPlano, TX $194,750
General Manager Of OperationsPlano, TX $180,000
Strategic Planning DirectorPlano, TX $180,000
Fashion DesignerPlano, TX $179,000
Senior ManagerPlano, TX $175,000
Solutions DirectorPlano, TX $161,782
Design DirectorPlano, TX $155,730
Fashion DesignerPlano, TX $155,730
Solutions DirectorPlano, TX $146,286
Vice President Of Information TechnologyPlano, TX $146,286
Solutions DirectorPlano, TX $146,286
Information Systems ManagerPlano, TX $146,286
Vice President Of Information TechnologyPlano, TX $146,286
Principal ArchitectPlano, TX $143,500
Senior EngineerPlano, TX $135,000
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $130,000
Systems EngineerPlano, TX $127,926
EngineerPlano, TX $126,235
Senior EngineerPlano, TX $126,235
Senior EngineerPlano, TX $126,235
Senior EngineerPlano, TX $126,235
Systems EngineerPlano, TX $126,235
Lead EngineerPlano, TX $126,235
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $126,235
Lead EngineerPlano, TX $126,235
Software Systems Engineer LeadPlano, TX $126,235
Senior EngineerPlano, TX $126,235
Lead EngineerPlano, TX $126,235
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $126,235
Solutions ManagerPlano, TX $125,900
Senior EngineerPlano, TX $125,000
Devops EngineerPlano, TX $125,000
Application Software DeveloperPlano, TX $125,000
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $124,946
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $124,946
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $124,946
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $124,946
Senior EngineerPlano, TX $122,782
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $122,720
Solutions ArchitectPlano, TX $122,034
Solutions ArchitectPlano, TX $122,034
Senior ManagerPlano, TX $120,000
Lead TechnicianPlano, TX $120,000
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $119,400
Software EngineerPlano, TX $119,400
Lead Data AnalystPlano, TX $117,936
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $117,936
Senior ManagerPlano, TX $117,936
Lead EngineerPlano, TX $117,936
Technology ArchitectPlano, TX $117,936
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $117,936
Software EngineerPlano, TX $117,936
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $117,936
Solutions ArchitectPlano, TX $117,936
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $117,936
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $117,936
Senior ManagerPlano, TX $117,936
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $117,936
Software EngineerPlano, TX $117,936
Senior ManagerPlano, TX $117,936
Application Software DeveloperPlano, TX $117,936
Software EngineerPlano, TX $117,936
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $117,936
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $117,936
Quality Assurance AnalystPlano, TX $116,875
Senior Technical ArchitectPlano, TX $116,875
Systems EngineerPlano, TX $116,875
Senior Manager-SystemsPlano, TX $116,875
Senior Technical Product ManagerPlano, TX $116,854
Systems EngineerPlano, TX $116,854
Senior Engineering ManagerPlano, TX $116,854
Senior Systems EngineerPlano, TX $116,500
Software EngineerPlano, TX $116,400
Software EngineerPlano, TX $116,300
Software EngineerPlano, TX $115,794
Software EngineerPlano, TX $115,794
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $115,794
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $115,794
Senior Software Development EngineerPlano, TX $115,794
Software EngineerPlano, TX $115,794
Project Lead EngineerPlano, TX $115,794
Development EngineerPlano, TX $115,794
Lead EngineerPlano, TX $114,899
System Software DeveloperPlano, TX $114,712
Systems EngineerPlano, TX $114,670
Systems EngineerPlano, TX $114,670
Systems EngineerPlano, TX $114,670
Systems EngineerPlano, TX $113,901
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $113,901
Information Technology Product ManagerPlano, TX $112,528
Engineering ManagerPlano, TX $111,134
Software EngineerPlano, TX $110,406
Software EngineerPlano, TX $110,406
Solutions ArchitectPlano, TX $110,406
Software EngineerPlano, TX $110,406
Software EngineerPlano, TX $110,406
Oracle DeveloperPlano, TX $110,365
Oracle DeveloperPlano, TX $110,365
AnalystPlano, TX $110,365
Senior Software Support EngineerPlano, TX $110,365
Senior Software EngineerPlano, TX $110,365
Information Technology Product ManagerPlano, TX $110,365
Software EngineerPlano, TX $110,000
Software EngineerPlano, TX