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In July of 1971, he enlisted the support of Cincinnati Children’s board member, Barbara Robinson, to help communicate his idea to the Board of Trustees.


The board of the Children’s Theatre first approached Kindervelt in 1972 with the idea of sponsoring a benefit performance to be shared by the two organizations.

In 1972, the Wyoming Kindervelt group adopted the project of selling original pins made exclusively for Kindervelt.


Prior to the opening of the Convalescent and Services Pavilion in 1973, many services were scattered all over the Cincinnati area.

Because Kindervelt has continued to grow and impact not only the medical community, but all of the tri-state area, the Cincinnati Enquirer honored Kindervelt in 1973 as one of the city’s outstanding woman’s clubs.

And so, what began in 1973 with its first annual gift to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center of $8,000, has become an inspired and flourishing volunteer organization.


Since the Junior Co-Operative Society of Cincinnati Children’s had traditionally conducted a holiday bazaar, the Board decided to co-sponsor a bazaar in November of 1975.


The Board agreed and the citywide project was successfully conducted until 1976.


Markt was expanded in 1977 to include its own assiduous, year-round Markt Committee whose Chair sits on the Kindervelt Board of Trustees.


In 1978, Kindervelt turned the tables so tok speak and offered space to all volunteer organizations within the medical center.

In 1978, the Division of Hematology/Oncology used Kindervelt’s gift to purchase an analytical fluorescence microscope.


The Intensive Care-Coronary Care Unit purchased several life support systems with the monies received from Kindervelt in 1979.


By 1981, Kindervelt had developed to the point that the Board of Trustees felt the time had come to research the possibilities of another citywide project.


In 1987 Kindervelt, in partnership with Booth Memorial Hospital, became co-beneficiaries of the Mason-Dixon Steeplechase.


In the fall of 1988, the Cardiovascular Institute was renamed the Kindervelt Cardiovascular Research Endowment Fund.


When St Elizabeth Medical Center became the third beneficiary in 1989, a re-organization was implemented.


Two new citywide projects were added to the long list of activities in 1990.


In 1991, Kindervelt committed to help fund the construction of a trauma center being located in Cincinnati Children’s new state-of-the-art hospital tower.


In 1995, Kindervelt agreed to raise funds for the Critical Care Medicine Division.


The Neurodevelopmental Clinic was established in October 2011 at Cincinnati Children’s and was the first hospital in the country to have a state-of-the-art facility to take a child from birth to adolescence with the necessary intervention for the child and their families.


Kindervelt was then able to assist in establishing the Kindervelt Chair for the Division of Asthma Research and through the 2012 fiscal year, Kindervelt’s dollars would aid the Division in developing new standards for clinical care through novel scientific discoveries and cutting-edge research.

In 2012, Kindervelt began a four-year commitment to the Heart Institute-Kindervelt Neurodevelopmental, Educational and Learning Center.


In 2013 a new high school group (Indian Hill High School) was established and “Let the Good Times Bowl was initiated as a new citywide event.


In 2014 traditional Liaison Meetings were abolished and the formation of “Table Talk” for Liaisons was implemented and will occur during the course of each President’s Council.

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