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In 1912 immigrant German engineer Heinrich Koppers founded Koppers Company in Chicago, Illinois.


The landmark Koppers Building in downtown Pittsburgh opened in 1929.


In 1951, at Port Arthur, Texas, the company built a plant to manufacture ethylbenzene, using as raw materials ethylene from the nearby Gulf Oil refinery, and benzene, which was a byproduct of the company's coke ovens in Pennsylvania, which was shipped to Texas by barge.


Osmose Railroad Services was formed in 1954, in response to the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad's request to help "extend the life" of their timber bridges.


These chemical operations later were the basis for forming a new corporate entity with Sinclair Oil Corporation to form the Sinclair-Koppers Company in 1965.


Steel bridge repair was embarked on in 1988, again at the request of our ever growing customer base.


In 2001, the company had to close a wood treatment plant in Oroville, California due to contamination of the 205 acre facility and the surrounding area.


Directors are elected annually and, other than our CEO, directors who are first elected to the Board after August 2, 2017 are limited to serving 15 years.


Koppers made two acquisitions in 2018 which helped to position the company for future success.

In 2018, Koppers and the company’s employees were active among the following organizations:

Company Founded
Pittsburgh, PA
Company Headquarter

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