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The lead consultants oversee the work of a consultant team and are responsible for offering clients their advice and recommendations on the given project. They are multi-focus experts that assist the company in improving its business performance by acting as liaisons between clients and the consultancy team. Their main job is to ensure the daily management of client's projects. They help the client identify and understand their needs together with finding solutions to their difficulties. Additionally, they analyze and review proposals from the team and then provide relevant solutions to the problems.

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Lead Consultant Responsibilities

Here are examples of responsibilities from real lead consultant resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Lead a team of 10 members including both onsite and offshore.
  • Design, build, and manage an automate build system for this J2EE project.
  • Design and maintain numerous data warehousing tools to automate the ETL process, data retrieval, integration and reporting functions.
  • Manage internal, external systems/application of healthcare software within assign areas from inception to successful implementation in private medical practices.
  • Lead architecture, develop of predictive models & application develop of radiology-oncology executive dashboard and alerting services base on statistical calculations.
  • Manage design and development of cloud-base billing application for streamlining payroll and invoicing, as well as offering real-time business analytics.
  • Implement Intercompany STO process with the interface with IM, WM, LE and FI/CO.
  • Master data changes are then reconcile with consolidation process resulting in BPC reports.
  • Identify current and future areas of opportunity for CRM, demonstrate CRM capabilities and drive change within the business module.
  • Coordinate and gotten master data relate to production including the logistics organizational structure.
  • Full life cycle project implementation including G/L, AP, AR, AA, CFM modules.
  • Extend FICO assistance and expertise to delivery team when need
  • Work on blueprint phase on as-is analysis and gathering requirements.
  • Work onsite at client's home office in Washington, DC.
  • Develop front-end HTML WebFocus application to allow users to print shipping invoice / mailing labels.

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