Updated December 31, 2020

How Much Does Lippert Components Pay?
Employees at Lippert Components make, on average, $40,744 a year or $19.0 an hour. If you are in the top 10th percent of earners, you can expect to make an average salary over $73,000 a year, but if you're in the bottom 10 percent of earners, your salary could be less than $22,000 a year. Show More

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Lippert Components Salaries By Department

The salaries that employees earn in Lippert Components can be influenced by the department or organization function that they work in. Employees in engineering roles earn the highest wages at Lippert Components, with an average salary of $75,528. Employees in the supply chain department receive relatively high salaries as well, where wages average $61,839 per year. The organizational functions at Lippert Components that pay the least are warehouse and construction. Workers in these departments earn $34,774 and $40,806, respectively.
Average Salary


Salary Range63k - 90k$76k$75,528

Supply Chain

Salary Range46k - 82k$62k$61,839


Salary Range42k - 76k$57k$56,917

Human Resources

Salary Range37k - 77k$54k$53,622


Salary Range34k - 67k$49k$48,515


Salary Range38k - 57k$47k$47,387

Customer Service

Salary Range33k - 62k$45k$45,478


Salary Range33k - 52k$42k$41,791


Salary Range32k - 52k$42k$41,641


Salary Range29k - 58k$41k$41,399

Lippert Components Salaries By Job Title

The average employee at Lippert Components earns a yearly salary of $40,744 per year, but different jobs can earn drastically different salaries. Some of the job titles with high salaries at Lippert Components are plant manager, credit administrator, operational group lead, and group leader. A typical plant manager salary at Lippert Components is $112,313. Other roles at Lippert Components include cleaner and cashier. A cleaner at Lippert Components earns an average yearly salary of $25,573.
Job Title
Job Title
Average Salary
Plant Manager Jobs
Salary Range108k - 116k$112k$112,313
Credit Administrator Jobs
Salary Range77k - 104k$90k$89,903
Operational Group Lead Jobs
Salary Range81k - 93k$87k$87,464
Group Leader Jobs
Salary Range77k - 90k$83k$83,396
Line Leader Jobs
Salary Range73k - 83k$78k$78,313
Industrial Engineer Jobs
Salary Range68k - 85k$76k$76,495
Design Engineer Jobs
Salary Range63k - 82k$72k$71,941
Numerical Control Programmer Jobs
Salary Range54k - 67k$61k$60,724
Planning Analyst Jobs
Salary Range54k - 62k$58k$58,414
Production Supervisor Jobs
Salary Range53k - 62k$58k$57,928

Lippert Components Jobs You Might Like

Lippert Components Plant/Manufacturing Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary

Coating Manager

Salary Range67k - 89k$77k$77,484
Production Scheduler
Salary Range67k - 73k$71k$70,887
Planting Supervisor
Salary Range60k - 68k$64k$64,229
Production Supervisor
Salary Range53k - 62k$58k$57,928
Tool And Die Maker
Salary Range51k - 60k$56k$55,813
Salary Range41k - 44k$43k$43,163
Computer Numerical Controller Machinist
Salary Range40k - 44k$42k$42,252
Metal Fabricator
Salary Range35k - 39k$37k$37,230
Quality Control Inspector
Salary Range33k - 38k$36k$35,870
Manufacturing Associate
Salary Range32k - 35k$34k$34,175

Lippert Components Warehouse Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Material Handling Supervisor
Salary Range58k - 63k$61k$60,662
Salary Range45k - 56k$51k$50,771
Receiving Manager
Salary Range39k - 51k$45k$44,913
Cycle Counter
Salary Range39k - 45k$42k$42,240
Inventory Auditor
Salary Range34k - 39k$37k$36,986
Inventory Controller
Salary Range34k - 38k$36k$36,390


Salary Range34k - 38k$36k$36,342

Hoist Operator

Salary Range34k - 36k$35k$35,374
Material Handler
Salary Range34k - 36k$35k$35,289
Production Worker
Salary Range32k - 37k$35k$35,091

Lippert Components Construction Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Salary Range55k - 62k$59k$58,916
Salary Range41k - 44k$43k$43,163
Crew Leader
Salary Range37k - 41k$40k$39,662

Sand Blaster

Salary Range33k - 42k$38k$37,665
Salary Range34k - 38k$37k$36,537

Steel Cutter

Salary Range32k - 40k$36k$36,280

Vinyl Installer

Salary Range33k - 37k$36k$35,613
Salary Range31k - 33k$32k$32,477

Lippert Components Salaries By Location

Cost of living can vary dramatically depending on the part of the country you're in. At Lippert Components, the employees are paid different salaries depending on their location.
Average Salary
Gloversville, NY Jobs
Salary Range29k - 62k$43k$42,901
Goshen, IN Jobs
Salary Range29k - 57k$41k$40,841
Kaysville, UT Jobs
Salary Range26k - 52k$37k$37,377

Recently Added Lippert Components Salaries

JobLocationDate AddedSalary
Powder Coat
Goshen, IN
Powder Coat
Goshen, IN
Goshen, IN
Welder-Mig/Arc EXP Required
Goshen, IN
Welder-Mig/Arc EXP Required
Goshen, IN
Goshen, IN
Goshen, IN
Goshen, IN
Goshen, IN
Axle Assembly 2Nd Shift
Goshen, IN
Axle Assembly 2Nd Shift
Goshen, IN
Goshen, IN
Assembly Laborer-2Nd Shift
Goshen, IN
Assembly Laborer-2Nd Shift
Goshen, IN
Goshen, IN

Lippert Components Competitor Salaries

Competitors of Lippert Components include Regal Beloit, Tri Technologies, and Fleetwood RV. The wages at Regal Beloit average higher than the other similar companies, where the median salary is $58,789 per year. The salaries at Tri Technologies average $55,328 per year, and the salaries at Fleetwood RV come in at $54,503 per year.
Average Salary
Regal Beloit
Salary Range42k - 80k$59k$58,789
Tri Technologies
Salary Range40k - 75k$55k$55,328

Fleetwood RV

Salary Range39k - 74k$55k$54,503
Salary Range37k - 77k$54k$53,785

Penda Holdings

Salary Range36k - 72k$51k$51,258

Flair Interiors

Salary Range36k - 70k$51k$50,618
Jefferson Industries
Salary Range37k - 68k$50k$50,461
Hyster-Yale Materials Handling
Salary Range36k - 69k$50k$50,319
Tower International
Salary Range35k - 67k$49k$48,942

SET Enterprises

Salary Range32k - 69k$48k$47,520

Lippert Components Jobs