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    Average Salary For a Litigation Associate

    Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for a Litigation Associate is $112,116 per year or $54 per hour. The highest paying Litigation Associate jobs have a salary over $182,000 per year while the lowest paying Litigation Associate jobs pay $68,000 per year

    Updated January 25, 2023
    Average Litigation Associate Salary
    $112,116 yearly
    $54 hourly

    5 Common Career Paths For a Litigation Associate


    Generally, an attorney's responsibility is to advise the client with an ongoing lawsuit on the legal procedures and provide strategies to resolve the case as early as possible. An attorney compiles necessary documents or any records for appeal and client's defense. Attorneys must acquire strong problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to mediate disputes and settle pending litigation for the client's best interest. In some cases, an attorney's procedure depends on any evidence and research presented during the trial period. An attorney is expected to present clients on legal proceedings, seeking justice and justifying the law.


    A business partner is responsible for providing strategies and recommendations on how the business will operate, increasing its revenues while sharing profits. Business partners must have extensive knowledge of how the current market industry works to identify the best decisions for the business. A business partner should also be engaged in suggesting new services and offers that the company might consider for its clients. Business partners must also keep the confidentiality of their partnering business administration at all times.

    Senior Counselor

    The responsibilities of a senior counselor will depend on one's line of work or industry of employment. Most of the time, a senior counselor works with the youth, particularly children. They focus on facilitating recreational programs, ensuring a safe and fun experience for them. They may also assess the children's condition and needs, providing them with the necessary assistance and guidance. Furthermore, when a senior counselor must reach out to parents and guardians, they may inform them of any concerns or progress.

    Managing Partner

    The primary role of managing partners is to manage a company's day-to-day operations and provide overall strategic and administrative decisions. They have to maintain positive client relations and consult and collaborate with other employees, executives, and board members. They are also responsible for overseeing recruitment activities, determining improvement gaps, and administering corrective measures. To be qualified for this position, one should have a degree in business administration or a related field, excellent leadership and communication skills, and a healthy analytical and strategic mindset.

    General Counsel

    A general counsel, also called a chief legal officer, is the chief lawyer in the legal department of an organization. The counsel represents an enterprise for any pending legal matters. They work proactively to lessen possible problems associated with legalities and potential risks. They have to monitor practices and the people within the law firm for misconduct. They also perform dominant roles in regulation, ethics, public affairs, and legislation. It is common for them to serve as the public spokesperson of the company during the publicity of legal matters.

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