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Machine Operator Assistant Responsibilities

Here are examples of responsibilities from real machine operator assistant resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Place logs on the running deck with the JCB to be run through the debarking machine.
  • Attach various stencils and labels using labeler machine.
  • Ensure that starch compound are mixed properly and on correct setting periodically.
  • Job require a lot of knowledge of CNC machines, blueprint reading, and metal work.
  • Record statistics on ISO documentation, and coordinate with machine technicians and electrical technicians to keep machines operating at maximum efficiency.
  • Overlook daily operations of single/twin screw extruders and packaging of finish product.

Machine Operator Assistant Job Description

When it comes to understanding what a machine operator assistant does, you may be wondering, "should I become a machine operator assistant?" The data included in this section may help you decide. Compared to other jobs, machine operators assistant have a growth rate described as "as fast as average" at 4% between the years 2018 - 2028, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In fact, the number of machine operator assistant opportunities that are predicted to open up by 2028 is 32,600.

A machine operator assistant annual salary averages $34,414, which breaks down to $16.55 an hour. However, machine operators assistant can earn anywhere from upwards of $27,000 to $42,000 a year. This means that the top-earning machine operators assistant make $14,000 more than the lowest-earning ones.

As is the case with most jobs, it takes work to become a machine operator assistant. Sometimes people change their minds about their career after working in the profession. That's why we looked into some other professions that might help you find your next opportunity. These professions include an assistant operator, pack out operator, cell operator, and molder operator.

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5 Machine Operator Assistant Resume Examples

Machine Operator Assistant Skills and Personality Traits

We calculated that 9% of Machine Operators Assistant are proficient in Machine Operators, Quality Checks, and Basic Math. They’re also known for soft skills such as Communication skills, Coordination, and Mechanical skills.

We break down the percentage of Machine Operators Assistant that have these skills listed on their resume here:

  • Machine Operators, 9%

    Work closely with material moving machine operators and material recording clerks.

  • Quality Checks, 9%

    Assist with obtaining quality checks in order to make sure that quality materials are being processed.

  • Basic Math, 8%

    Followed production instructions and utilized a computer and calculator to aid in basic math calculations.

  • Tape Measure, 7%

    Worked with calculators, tape measurers, T-Square.

  • Quality Standards, 7%

    Worked with customers to manufacture products to specific customer guidelines, as well as quality standards.

  • Safety Procedures, 6%

    Assisted in implementing and executing safety procedures.

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Machine Operator Assistant Resume
Machine Operator Assistant Resume
Machine Operator Assistant Resume
Machine Operator Assistant Resume
Machine Operator Assistant Resume
Machine Operator Assistant Resume
Machine Operator Assistant Resume
Machine Operator Assistant Resume
Machine Operator Assistant Resume
Machine Operator Assistant Resume
Machine Operator Assistant Resume
Machine Operator Assistant Resume
Machine Operator Assistant Resume
Machine Operator Assistant Resume
Machine Operator Assistant Resume
Machine Operator Assistant Resume

Some of the skills we found on machine operator assistant resumes included "machine operators," "quality checks," and "basic math." We have detailed the most important machine operator assistant responsibilities below.

  • The most important skills for a machine operator assistant to have in this position are communication skills. In this excerpt that we gathered from a machine operator assistant resume, you'll understand why: "material moving machine operators signal and direct workers to load and unload material" According to resumes we found, communication skills can be used by a machine operator assistant in order to "collaborated with the engineering team to adjust and modify production equipment developed and maintained strong and clear communication with plant personnel. "
  • Another commonly found skill for being able to perform machine operator assistant duties is the following: coordination. According to a machine operator assistant resume, "material moving machine operators should have steady hands and feet to guide and control heavy machinery precisely." Check out this example of how machine operators assistant use coordination: "speed, quickness, hand eye coordination, use of tape measure and viscosity tester. "
  • Another skill that is quite popular among machine operators assistant is mechanical skills. This skill is very critical to fulfilling every day responsibilities as is shown in this example from a machine operator assistant resume: "material moving machine operators make minor adjustments to their machines and perform basic maintenance on them." This example from a resume shows how this skill is used: "maintain fill weights * maintain temperature of juice going into bottles * clean machines * some mechanical maintenance"
  • A thorough review of lots of resumes revealed to us that "visual ability" is important to completing machine operator assistant responsibilities. This resume example shows just one way machine operators assistant use this skill: "material moving machine operators must be able to see clearly where they are driving or what they are moving" Here's an example of how this skill is used from a resume that represents typical machine operator assistant tasks: "unloaded boxes onto conveyor belt performed high levels of sanitation throughout the facility performed visual inspections on sensitive production lines"
  • See the full list of machine operator assistant skills.

    Before becoming a machine operator assistant, 17.4% earned their bachelor's degree. When it comes down to graduating with a master's degree, 0.6% machine operators assistant went for the extra education. If you're wanting to pursue this career, it may be possible to be successful with a high school degree. In fact, some machine operators assistant have a college degree. But about one out of every two machine operators assistant didn't attend college at all.

    Those machine operators assistant who do attend college, typically earn either a business degree or a general studies degree. Less commonly earned degrees for machine operators assistant include a criminal justice degree or a computer science degree.

    Once you're ready to become a machine operator assistant, you should explore the companies that typically hire machine operators assistant. According to machine operator assistant resumes that we searched through, machine operators assistant are hired the most by WestRock, Halliburton, and CEMCO. Currently, WestRock has 9 machine operator assistant job openings, while there are 6 at Halliburton and 5 at CEMCO.

    Since salary is important to some machine operators assistant, it's good to note that they are figured to earn the highest salaries at CPI Card Group, Halliburton, and Brigham and Women's Hospital. If you were to take a closer look at CPI Card Group, you'd find that the average machine operator assistant salary is $42,778. Then at Halliburton, machine operators assistant receive an average salary of $42,451, while the salary at Brigham and Women's Hospital is $41,653.

    View more details on machine operator assistant salaries across the United States.

    Some other companies you might be interested in as a machine operator assistant include ManpowerGroup, Kelly Services, and Berry Global. These three companies were found to hire the most machine operators assistant from the top 100 U.S. educational institutions.

    The three companies that hire the most prestigious machine operator assistants are:

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    What Assistant Operators Do

    The duties of an assistant operator depend on one's industry of employment or the kind of machine that they are operating. Typically, their tasks may revolve around coordinating with operators and other staff, handling and managing documents, understanding blueprints, and adhering to the directives of operators and supervisors. Furthermore, as an assistant operator, it is essential to perform support tasks, such as preparing tools and conducting regular maintenance checks to ensure the efficiency of machines and maintain a safe work environment.

    We looked at the average machine operator assistant annual salary and compared it with the average of an assistant operator. Generally speaking, assistant operators receive $3,193 higher pay than machine operators assistant per year.

    While their salaries may differ, one common ground between machine operators assistant and assistant operators are a few of the skills required in each craft. In both careers, employees bring forth skills like quality checks, quality standards, and safety procedures.

    As far as similarities go, this is where it ends because a machine operator assistant responsibility requires skills such as "machine operators," "basic math," "tape measure," and "math." Whereas a assistant operator is skilled in "customer service," "ladders," "cash control," and "safety committee." So if you're looking for what truly separates the two careers, you've found it.

    Assistant operators really shine in the energy industry with an average salary of $43,976. Whereas machine operators assistant tend to make the most money in the media industry with an average salary of $37,777.

    The education levels that assistant operators earn is a bit different than that of machine operators assistant. In particular, assistant operators are 3.6% more likely to graduate with a Master's Degree than a machine operator assistant. Additionally, they're 0.1% more likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

    What Are The Duties Of a Pack Out Operator?

    A pack out operator is a manufacturing or packaging operation employee responsible for the final packaging of goods prior to shipping. Pack out operators come in at the last stage of the manufacturing process to ensure readiness. You will primarily work with machines and ensure that the right packaging standards and procedures are adhered to. The pack out operator oversees package labeling, branding, weighing, inspection and verification, and palletizing.

    Next up, we have the pack out operator profession to look over. This career brings along a lower average salary when compared to a machine operator assistant annual salary. In fact, pack out operators salary difference is $1,197 lower than the salary of machine operators assistant per year.

    A similarity between the two careers of machine operators assistant and pack out operators are a few of the skills associated with both roles. We used resumes from both professions to find that both use skills like "quality checks," "basic math," and "quality standards. "

    But both careers also use different skills, according to real machine operator assistant resumes. While machine operator assistant responsibilities can utilize skills like "machine operators," "tape measure," "safety rules," and "cnc," some pack out operators use skills like "pallets," "gmp," "rf," and "fda."

    On average, pack out operators earn a lower salary than machine operators assistant. There are industries that support higher salaries in each profession respectively. Interestingly enough, pack out operators earn the most pay in the finance industry with an average salary of $34,955. Whereas, machine operators assistant have higher paychecks in the media industry where they earn an average of $37,777.

    When it comes to the differences in education between the two professions, pack out operators tend to reach similar levels of education than machine operators assistant. In fact, they're 0.0% more likely to graduate with a Master's Degree and 0.1% less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

    How a Cell Operator Compares

    A Cell Operator is someone who handles a production cell in a company or factory. This position ensures that a cell unit of the production functions properly and efficiently. The position also does other miscellaneous tasks related to production, such as inspection, sorting, and other assembly operations, depending on the type of company, business, or manufactured product. This person generally has strong organizational and problem-solving skills and has a knack for troubleshooting.

    The cell operator profession generally makes a higher amount of money when compared to the average salary of machine operators assistant. The difference in salaries is cell operators making $3,452 higher than machine operators assistant.

    While looking through the resumes of several machine operators assistant and cell operators we discovered that both professions have similar skills. These similarities include skills such as "quality checks," "quality standards," and "safety procedures," but they differ when it comes to other required skills.

    Some important key differences between the two careers are a few of the skills necessary to fulfill responsibilities. Some examples from machine operator assistant resumes include skills like "machine operators," "basic math," "tape measure," and "production process," whereas a cell operator might be skilled in "hand tools," "calipers," "micrometers," and "lean manufacturing. "

    Cell operators make a very good living in the technology industry with an average annual salary of $41,770. Whereas machine operators assistant are paid the highest salary in the media industry with the average being $37,777.

    Cell operators typically study at similar levels compared with machine operators assistant. For example, they're 2.0% more likely to graduate with a Master's Degree, and 0.2% more likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

    Description Of a Molder Operator

    A molder operator sets up for the production of millwork, which is a crucial and major output of precision wood products. This position requires experience with all machinery associated with the woodworking industry. The responsibilities of a molder operator include setting up and operating the molder, inspecting the stock being cut, and verifying the dimensions of cut material to ensure they match specifications.

    Molder operators tend to earn a lower pay than machine operators assistant by about $2,707 per year.

    While their salaries may vary, machine operators assistant and molder operators both use similar skills to perform their jobs. Resumes from both professions include skills like "quality checks," "basic math," and "quality standards. "

    Even though a few skill sets overlap, there are some differences that are important to note. For one, a machine operator assistant might have more use for skills like "machine operators," "tape measure," "math," and "safety rules." Meanwhile, some molder operators might include skills like "gmp," "dexterity," "quality inspection," and "catheter" on their resume.

    In general, molder operators make a higher salary in the manufacturing industry with an average of $33,149. The highest machine operator assistant annual salary stems from the media industry.

    In general, molder operators reach similar levels of education when compared to machine operators assistant resumes. Molder operators are 0.4% more likely to earn their Master's Degree and 0.0% more likely to graduate with a Doctoral Degree.