Make-A-Wish Foundation Company History Timeline

On April 29, 1980, he was sworn in as the first ever and only honorary state trooper in Arizona history.
1980 Chris Greicius wish to be a police officer is granted.
After the start of Make-A-Wish in the United States in 1980.
1981 Make-A-Wish grants its first official wish to Frank Bopsy Salazar.
1983 Make-A-Wish Foundation of America is incorporated.
1984 Make-A-Wish forms a national office.
1985 The Stephanie in the Snow video inspires the establishment of more chapters.
In 1989, 7-year-old Craig Shergold pleaded with Atlanta-based Wish Foundation International to assist him with his goal of breaking the Guinness World Record for most get well cards received.
1990 Make-A-Wish celebrates 10th birthday and 10,000 wishes granted.
In 1993, Make-A-Wish International was officially formed to serve the five countries outside the United States that were already granting wishes.
1996 The Make-A-Wish website,, goes live.
In 1996, the Foundation was criticized for helping a teenager realize his dream to shoot and kill a Kodiak bear in Alaska.
By 1999 it largely had covered the country with chapters.
2000 Make-A-Wish now serves every community in the United States Wishbone logo is replaced with a swirl and star logo.
Since 2000, the company has prohibited their funds or volunteers from facilitating a hunting trip, citing safety concerns and protests from animal rights organizations.
Retail giant Macy s has done more than their share, donating over 100 million since 2003.
2003 The organization launches a major process to identify services chapters need the national office to provide.
Over 75,000 wishes granted.2004 Make-A-Wish selected as one of America s Greatest Brands.
2004 Make-A-Wish amends its bylaws to support an increased role for the national office.
2010 First World Wish Day is celebrated around the world.
The average cost of a wish is up 43 since 2010, perhaps partly because children and their families are motivated to make bigger requests when they learn what wishes have been granted to other children.
2011 Make-A-Wish commissions Wish Impact Study to assess the physical and emotional impact of wishes.
In 2013, the organization garnered considerable attention when Miles Scott, an American child was given the key to San Francisco and spent the day as Batman
That would be more than a 30 increase over the 302 million raised organization-wide in fiscal year 2015.
The sports entertainer granted his 500th wish in 2015, becoming the first celebrity to cross that milestone in the Foundation s history.
In 2016, the Foundation introduced Wishmaker, an online fundraising portal that allows donors to read personalized stories about wishers and donate funds to help them meet their goal.
2018 Make-A-Wish unveils brand refresh and establishes a permanent headquarters.
The big picture goal was very clear Find a way to generate an additional 100 million in annual revenue by 2020 by improving the donor experience and engaging with people who might not have thought of giving to Make-a-Wish in the past.
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