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Become A Marine Animal Trainer

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Working As A Marine Animal Trainer

  • Making Decisions and Solving Problems
  • Performing General Physical Activities
  • Training and Teaching Others
  • Performing for or Working Directly with the Public
  • Thinking Creatively
  • Make Decisions

  • $80,000

    Average Salary

What Does A Marine Animal Trainer Do

Animal care and service workers provide care for animals. They feed, groom, bathe, and exercise pets and other nonfarm animals. Job tasks vary by position and place of work.


Animal care and service workers typically do the following:

  • Give food and water to animals
  • Clean equipment and the living spaces of animals
  • Monitor animals and record details of their diet, physical condition, and behavior
  • Examine animals for signs of illness or injury
  • Exercise animals
  • Bathe animals, trim nails, clip hair, and attend to other grooming needs
  • Train animals to obey or to behave in a specific manner

Animal care and service workers train, feed, groom, and exercise animals. They also clean, disinfect, and repair animal cages. They play with the animals, provide companionship, and observe behavioral changes that could indicate illness or injury.

Boarding kennels, pet stores, animal shelters, rescue leagues, veterinary hospitals and clinics, stables, aquariums and natural aquatic habitats, zoological parks, and many laboratories house animals and employ animal care and service workers.

Nonfarm animal caretakers typically work with cats and dogs in animal shelters or rescue leagues. All caretakers attend to the basic needs of animals, but experienced caretakers may have more responsibilities, such as helping to vaccinate or euthanize animals under the direction of a veterinarian. Caretakers also may have administrative duties, such as keeping records, answering questions from the public, educating visitors about pet health, and screening people who want to adopt an animal.

Animal trainers train animals for obedience, performance, riding, security, or assisting people with disabilities. They familiarize animals with human voices and contact, and they teach animals to respond to commands. Most animal trainers work with dogs and horses, but some work with marine mammals, such as dolphins. Trainers teach a variety of skills. For example, some may train dogs to guide people with disabilities; others teach animals to cooperate with veterinarians or train animals for a competition or show.

Groomers specialize in maintaining a pet’s appearance. Kennels, veterinary clinics, or pet supply stores employ groomers, where they groom mostly dogs, but some cats, too. In addition to cutting, trimming, and styling pets’ fur, groomers clip nails, clean ears, and bathe pets. Groomers also schedule appointments, sell products to pet owners, and identify problems that may require veterinary attention.

Groomers may operate their own business, work in a grooming salon, or run their own mobile grooming service that travels to clients’ homes. Demand for mobile grooming services is growing because these services are convenient for pet owners, allowing the pet to stay in its familiar environment.

Grooms care for horses. Grooms work at stables and are responsible for feeding, grooming, and exercising horses. They saddle and unsaddle horses, give them rubdowns, and cool them off after a ride. In addition, grooms clean stalls, polish saddles, and organize the tack room where they keep harnesses, saddles, and bridles. They also take care of food and supplies for the horses. Experienced grooms sometimes help train horses.

Keepers care for animals in zoos. They plan diets, feed, and monitor the eating patterns of animals. They also clean the animals’ enclosures, monitor their behavior, and watch for signs of illness or injury. Depending on the size of the zoo, they may work with one species or multiple species of animals. Keepers may help raise young animals, and they often spend time answering questions from the public.

Kennel attendants care for pets while their owners are working or traveling. Basic attendant duties include cleaning cages and dog runs, and feeding, exercising, and playing with animals. Experienced attendants also may provide basic healthcare, bathe animals, and attend to other basic grooming needs.

Pet sitters look after animals while their owner is away. Most pet sitters feed, walk, and play with pets daily. They go to the pet owner’s home, allowing the pet to stay in its familiar surroundings and follow its routine. More experienced pet sitters also may bathe, groom, or train pets. Pet sitters typically watch over dogs, but some also take care of cats and other pets.

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How To Become A Marine Animal Trainer

Most animal care and service workers have a high school diploma and learn the occupation on the job. Many employers prefer to hire people who have experience with animals.


Most animal care and service worker positions require at least a high school diploma or equivalent.

Although pet groomers typically learn by working under the guidance of an experienced groomer, they can also attend grooming schools. The length of each program varies with the school and the number of advanced skills taught.

Most zoos require keepers to have a bachelor’s degree in biology, animal science, or a related field.

Animal trainers usually need a high school diploma or equivalent, although some positions may require a bachelor’s degree. For example, marine mammal trainers usually need a bachelor’s degree in marine biology, animal science, biology, or a related field.

Dog trainers and horse trainers typically qualify by taking courses at community colleges or vocational and private training schools.


Most animal care and service workers learn through on-the-job training. They begin by performing basic tasks and work up to positions that require more responsibility and experience.

Some animal care and service workers may receive training before they enter their position. For example, caretakers in shelters can attend training programs through the Humane Society of the United States and the American Humane Association. Pet groomers often learn their trade by training under the guidance of an experienced groomer.

Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations

Although not required by law, certifications may help workers establish their credentials and enhance their skills. For example, several professional associations and hundreds of private vocational and state-approved trade schools offer certification for dog trainers.

The National Dog Groomers Association of America offers certification for master status as a groomer. Both the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and Pet Sitters International offer a home-study certification program for pet sitters. Marine mammal trainers should be certified in scuba-diving.

For self-employed workers, many states require animal care and service workers to have a business license.

Other Experience

For many caretaker positions, it helps to have experience working with animals. Nearly all animal trainer and zookeeper positions require candidates to have experience with animals. Volunteering and internships at zoos and aquariums are excellent ways to gain experience in working with animals.

Important Qualities

Compassion. Animal care and service workers must be compassionate when dealing with animals and their owners. They should like animals and must treat them with kindness.

Customer-service skills. Animal care and service workers should understand pet owners’ needs so they can provide services that leave the owners satisfied. Some workers may need to deal with distraught pet owners. For example, caretakers working in animal shelters may need to reassure owners looking for a lost pet.

Detail oriented. Animal care and service workers must be detail oriented because they are often responsible for keeping animals on a strict diet, maintaining records, and monitoring changes in animals’ behavior.

Patience. Animal caretakers and all animal trainers need to be patient when training or working with animals that do not respond to commands.

Physical stamina. Stamina is important for animal care and service workers because their work often involves kneeling, crawling, bending, and lifting heavy supplies, such as bags of food.

Problem-solving skills. Animal trainers must be able to assess whether the animals are responding to teaching methods and identify which methods are most successful.

Reliability. In order to meet the customer’s needs, animal care and service workers need to care for animals in a scheduled and timely manner.

Trustworthiness. Pet sitters must demonstrate that they can be trusted when caring for animals and properties while the owner is away.

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Average Length of Employment
Horse Trainer 4.9 years
Lion Trainer 3.6 years
Dog Trainer 2.3 years
Dolphin Trainer 2.0 years
Top Careers Before Marine Animal Trainer
Internship 19.5%
Volunteer 11.9%
Educator 5.4%
Cashier 4.3%
Server 3.8%
Keeper 3.2%
Tour Guide 3.2%
Manager 2.7%
Bartender 2.7%
Top Careers After Marine Animal Trainer
Volunteer 8.6%
Internship 8.6%
Server 5.6%
Assistant 4.9%
Cashier 4.9%
Keeper 4.3%
Educator 4.3%
Owner 3.7%
Trainer 3.7%
Manager 3.7%

Do you work as a Marine Animal Trainer?

Average Yearly Salary
View Detailed Salary Report
Min 10%
Median 50%
Median 50%
Median 50%
Median 50%
Median 50%
Median 50%
Median 50%
Max 90%
Best Paying Company
The Watershed
Highest Paying City
Hugo, OK
Highest Paying State
North Dakota
Avg Experience Level
2.7 years
How much does a Marine Animal Trainer make at top companies?
The national average salary for a Marine Animal Trainer in the United States is $80,872 per year or $39 per hour. Those in the bottom 10 percent make under $37,000 a year, and the top 10 percent make over $173,000.

Real Marine Animal Trainer Salaries

Job Title Company Location Start Date Salary
Animal Trainers Monomoy Farm LLC North Salem, NY Mar 08, 2010 $75,000
Animal Trainers Smithfield Farms LLC Amenia, NY Nov 28, 2012 $60,000
Animal Trainers Bobby Goldwasser Sports Inc. Wellington, FL May 13, 2013 $59,176
Animal Trainers Corbell Parnership South Pasadena, CA Sep 30, 2013 $55,515
Animal Trainer RC Stables Inc. Wellington, FL Jan 30, 2012 $52,874
Animal Trainer Mt Pocket Stable Pompano Beach, FL Jul 03, 2012 $52,175
Animal Trainer Jc Poss Racing, Corp. Pompano Beach, FL Jun 28, 2012 $52,175
Animal Trainers Rod Garcia Inc. Tampa, FL Oct 31, 2012 $50,600
Animal Trainer Flying Z Associates LLC Elmont, NY Nov 28, 2007 $50,443
Animal Trainer Equis Endeavor Inc. Elmont, NY May 16, 2008 $50,443
Animal Trainer Lassergut Farms USA, Inc. Wellington, FL Apr 21, 2011 $48,126
Animal Trainers Trottime Farms, Inc. Brooklet, GA Apr 09, 2013 $46,800
Animal Trainers Trottime Farms, Inc. Brooklet, GA Oct 19, 2012 $46,800
Animal Trainers Eduaro Azpurua Morriston, FL Aug 22, 2012 $46,155
Animal Trainers RMA Inc. DBA West Eagle Ranch TX Sep 07, 2012 $40,311 -
Animal Trainer Fairbanks Valley Farms, LLC CA Apr 01, 2012 $39,131
Animal Trainer Richlin Racing Stable, Inc. NY Oct 20, 2010 $38,839
Animal Trainers Joe Woodard Racing Stables Louisville, KY Sep 21, 2010 $37,295
Animal Trainers R.A. Violette Jr. Stable Inc. Mineola, NY Jul 25, 2014 $36,816
Animal Trainers Todd A. Pletcher Racing Stables, Inc. Elmont, NY Jun 07, 2013 $36,816
Animal Trainers Essex Equestrian Center West Orange, NJ Dec 17, 2010 $36,587
Animal Trainers Goose Creek Stables, LLC The Plains, VA Dec 11, 2012 $36,338
Animal Trainers Jeff Bonde Racing Stables Albany, CA Mar 22, 2011 $32,244
Animal Trainers Big Shoes Productions Port Orchard, WA Mar 23, 2010 $31,597
Animal Trainer Big Shoes Productions Port Orchard, WA Jun 27, 2011 $31,597
Animal Trainers Turtle Lane Farm, Inc. Wellington, FL Mar 14, 2008 $31,493
Animal Trainers Goose Creek Stables, LLC Middleburg, VA Apr 06, 2011 $31,305
Animal Trainers Watershed Farm Norwell, MA Oct 06, 2010 $31,305
Animal Trainers Watershed Farm Norwell, MA Aug 26, 2010 $31,305
Animal Trainers Yavco, Ltd. Wayne, IL Jul 07, 2010 $31,305

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Top Skills for A Marine Animal Trainer

  1. Animal Care
  2. Behavioral Issues
  3. Training Programs
You can check out examples of real life uses of top skills on resumes here:
  • Train staff and interns in proper animal care techniques.
  • Designed enjoyable and innovative customized training programs based upon individual or group goals.
  • Provide program oversight to ensure compliance with organizational annual combat readiness training.
  • Administered daily medications, diet preparations, animal baths, assisted with medical procedures.
  • Maintained records of the animals for daily behavior, daily care, fecal collecting, medical procedures, and training.


Average Salary:

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Top 10 Best States for Marine Animal Trainers

  1. South Carolina
  2. Washington
  3. New Hampshire
  4. Illinois
  5. Kentucky
  6. Delaware
  7. Connecticut
  8. Minnesota
  9. New York
  10. Massachusetts
  • (42 jobs)
  • (76 jobs)
  • (23 jobs)
  • (121 jobs)
  • (19 jobs)
  • (10 jobs)
  • (30 jobs)
  • (54 jobs)
  • (119 jobs)
  • (66 jobs)

Marine Animal Trainer Demographics










Hispanic or Latino


Black or African American





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Foreign Languages Spoken


















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Marine Animal Trainer Education


Moorpark College


University of Central Florida


Ashford University


University of South Florida


Delaware Valley University


San Diego State University


University of Phoenix


University of Tampa


University of Georgia


Brown University


Columbus State Community College


North Carolina State University


Miami Dade College


San Antonio College


California State University - Chico


Baker College of Clinton Township


Pennsylvania State University


Liberty University


Park University


New York University

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Animal Science




Criminal Justice




Medical Assisting Services


Wildlife Management


Environmental Science


Ecology, Population Biology, And Epidemiology




Marine Sciences






Liberal Arts


General Studies




Counseling Psychology


Graphic Design



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