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What Does A Marketing Associate Do?

A marketing associate's responsibility is to perform comprehensive market research to identify the latest trends that would provide opportunities to improve the business' marketing strategies. A marketing associate's duties also include creating sales reports and advertising materials, coordinating with the sales team for promotional events, assists with the planning and execution of marketing strategies, evaluating customer satisfaction, and handling administrative tasks as needed. Marketing associates must also have excellent communication skills to help in managing client inquiries and resolve complaints immediately.

Here are examples of responsibilities from real marketing associate resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Manage LinkedIn marketing campaign (develop lists, contact potential sellers, developed/edite message, etc . )
  • Leverage Google web analytics and manage ranking effectively with target keywords and ability to match with relevant content.
  • Manage a team of marketing professionals delivering customize program communications throughout the distribution channel including POS and consumer materials.
  • Implement revised analytics process to produce strategic insights, answer key business questions and deliver ROI numbers for promotional activities.
  • content creation, sourcing and editing on ongoing basis using Drupal.
  • Create Instagram account that is steadily gaining followers on a daily basis.
  • Establish a blog and an Instagram page to increase sales and enhance customer experience.
  • Implement new social media strategy and voice on twitter, increasing twitter following and engagement.
  • Modify existing web files using HTML coding to produce cleaner functional layout design using table & div elements.
  • Participate in the development of a unique online database that allow company assets to be accessible to all employees.
Marketing Associate Traits
Analytical skills have to do with gathering information from various sources and then interpreting the data in order to reach a logical conclusion that benefits the business.
Communication skills shows that you are able to relay your thoughts, opinions and ideas clearly to those around you.
Detail oriented involves being extremely mindful and observant of all details.

Marketing Associate Overview

Perhaps the hardest question to answer when deciding on a career as a marketing associate is "should I become a marketing associate?" You might find this info to be helpful. When compared to other jobs, marketing associate careers are projected to have a growth rate described as "much faster than average" at 20% from 2018 through 2028. This is in accordance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. What's more, is that the projected number of opportunities that are predicted to become available for a marketing associate by 2028 is 139,200.

Marketing associates average about $21.76 an hour, which makes the marketing associate annual salary $45,256. Additionally, marketing associates are known to earn anywhere from $32,000 to $62,000 a year. This means that the top-earning marketing associates make $30,000 more than the lowest earning ones.

As is the case with most jobs, it takes work to become a marketing associate. Sometimes people change their minds about their career after working in the profession. That's why we looked into some other professions that might help you find your next opportunity. These professions include a graphic designer, marketing, sales and marketing internship, marketing communications coordinator, and associate marketing manager.

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Marketing Associate Skills and Personality Traits

We calculated that 32% of Marketing Associates are proficient in Customer Service, Powerpoint, and Communication. They’re also known for soft skills such as Analytical skills, Communication skills, and Detail oriented.

We break down the percentage of Marketing Associates that have these skills listed on their resume here:

  • Customer Service, 32%

    Evaluated client's customer service-related departments and positions and provided feedback reports with recommended changes for improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • Powerpoint, 21%

    Performed administrative duties as needed including scheduling meetings and keeping minutes, composing internal communications, and creating PowerPoint presentations.

  • Communication, 4%

    Conducted all marketing communication initiatives for largest online specialty retailer of branded and designer intimate apparel across multiple digital media platforms.

  • CRM, 3%

    Monitored in-house performance and provided performance statistical reports in real-time in CRM.

  • Email Campaigns, 2%

    Coordinate email marketing efforts through development of editorial calendar to produce consistent and valuable email campaigns.

  • Market Research, 2%

    Collaborated with Product Management team for product development plans including market research, sales forecast, and customer behavior analysis.

Most marketing associates list "customer service," "powerpoint," and "communication" as skills on their resumes. We go into more details on the most important marketing associate responsibilities here:

  • The most important skills for a marketing associate to have in this position are analytical skills. In this excerpt that we gathered from a marketing associate resume, you'll understand why: "market research analysts must be able to understand large amounts of data and information." According to resumes we found, analytical skills can be used by a marketing associate in order to "created press releases and public service announcements for media and maintained and updated core tv database and developed new data configurations. "
  • Another trait important for fulfilling marketing associate duties is communication skills. According to a marketing associate resume, "market research analysts need strong communication skills when gathering information, interpreting data, and presenting results to clients." Here's an example of how marketing associates are able to utilize communication skills: "draft and distribute electronic communication including press releases and e-newsletter. "
  • Marketing associates are also known for detail oriented, which can be critical when it comes to performing their duties. An example of why this skill is important is shown by this snippet that we found in a marketing associate resume: "market research analysts must be detail oriented because they often do precise data analysis." We also found this resume example that details how this skill is put to the test: "developed media materials: press releases, fact sheets, and briefing books, which included detailed travel plans and itineraries. "
  • See the full list of marketing associate skills.

    We've found that 70.9% of marketing associates have earned a bachelor's degree. Furthermore, 7.2% earned their master's degrees before becoming a marketing associate. While it's true that most marketing associates have a college degree, it's generally possible to become one with only a high school degree. In fact, one out of every eight marketing associates did not spend the extra money to attend college.

    The marketing associates who went onto college to earn a more in-depth education generally studied business and marketing, while a small population of marketing associates studied communication and management.

    Once you've obtained the level of education you're comfortable with, you might start applying to companies to become a marketing associate. We've found that most marketing associate resumes include experience from Aspen Square Management, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and Sinclair Broadcast Group. Of recent, Aspen Square Management had 12 positions open for marketing associates. Meanwhile, there are 8 job openings at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and 8 at Sinclair Broadcast Group.

    Since salary is important to some marketing associates, it's good to note that they are figured to earn the highest salaries at Google,, and JPMorgan Chase & Co. If you were to take a closer look at Google, you'd find that the average marketing associate salary is $87,033. Then at, marketing associates receive an average salary of $83,314, while the salary at JPMorgan Chase & Co. is $82,753.

    View more details on marketing associate salaries across the United States.

    We also looked into companies who hire marketing associates from the top 100 educational institutions in the U.S. The top three companies that hire the most from these institutions include Sony Corporation of America, The Walt Disney Company, and Sysco.

    In general, marketing associates fulfill roles in the finance and retail industries. While employment numbers are high in those industries, the marketing associate annual salary is the highest in the finance industry with $56,833 as the average salary. Meanwhile, the retail and technology industries pay $54,556 and $52,387 respectively. This means that marketing associates who are employed in the finance industry make 13.1% more than marketing associates who work in the manufacturing Industry.

    The three companies that hire the most prestigious marketing associates are:

      What Graphic Designer, Marketings Do

      A graphic designer of marketing specializes in developing creative imagery as part of a company's marketing efforts. Their responsibilities typically revolve around coordinating with the marketing team to share insights and strategies, conceptualizing designs in adherence to objectives and deadlines, and preparing presentations. One may also subject designs into various revisions and edits as needed. Furthermore, as a graphic designer, it is also essential to keep abreast of the latest trends and have an understanding of the target audience.

      In this section, we compare the average marketing associate annual salary with that of a graphic designer, marketing. Typically, graphic designers, marketing earn a $1,498 lower salary than marketing associates earn annually.

      While the salaries between these two careers can be different, they do share some of the same responsibilities. Employees in both marketing associates and graphic designers, marketing positions are skilled in powerpoint, email campaigns, and market research.

      As far as similarities go, this is where it ends because a marketing associate responsibility requires skills such as "customer service," "communication," "crm," and "project management." Whereas a graphic designer, marketing is skilled in "adobe creative suite," "layout," "brochures," and "online." So if you're looking for what truly separates the two careers, you've found it.

      Graphic designers, marketing receive the highest salaries in the real estate industry coming in with an average yearly salary of $76,660. But marketing associates are paid more in the finance industry with an average salary of $56,833.

      On average, graphic designers, marketing reach lower levels of education than marketing associates. Graphic designers, marketing are 10.2% less likely to earn a Master's Degree and 0.7% less likely to graduate with a Doctoral Degree.

      What Are The Duties Of a Sales And Marketing Internship?

      In a sales and marketing internship, one of the primary duties is to assist in marketing-related tasks under a manager's supervision. The responsibilities will vary depending on the orders or directives given. However, they will mostly revolve around conducting research and analysis, preparing reports and presentations, participating in meetings, sharing insights, identifying opportunities, and developing resource materials such as surveys and polls. There are also instances where an intern must manage social media accounts to improve brand awareness and improve client relationships.

      Next up, we have the sales and marketing internship profession to look over. This career brings along a lower average salary when compared to a marketing associate annual salary. In fact, sales and marketing interns salary difference is $12,133 lower than the salary of marketing associates per year.

      A similarity between the two careers of marketing associates and sales and marketing interns are a few of the skills associated with both roles. We used resumes from both professions to find that both use skills like "customer service," "powerpoint," and "communication. "

      While some skills are similar in these professions, other skills aren't so similar. For example, several resumes showed us that marketing associate responsibilities requires skills like "crm," "project management," "html," and "a/b." But a sales and marketing internship might use skills, such as, "phone calls," "rep," "sales campaigns," and "sales meetings."

      On the topic of education, sales and marketing interns earn lower levels of education than marketing associates. In general, they're 9.2% less likely to graduate with a Master's Degree and 0.7% less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

      What technology do you think will become more important and prevalent in the field in the next 3-5 years?


      Shonna Snyder Ph.D., CHES

      Associate Professor, Gardner-Webb University

      The next 3-5 years will require familiarity with telehealth and virtual health education. Those in the health field must become aware of and practice technology that connects them to their patients, clients, and students virtually.Show more

      What technology do you think will become more important and prevalent in the field in the next 3-5 years?

      Dr. Robert Pellegrino

      Department Head, Tarleton State University

      Technology related to communication, cybersecurity, scheduling, visualizing, decision making, and big data marketing analytics will become more important and prevalent in the field in the next 3-5 years.Show more

      How a Marketing Communications Coordinator Compares

      Marketing communications coordinators play an administrative role in supporting the communications department in the execution and monitoring of communications strategies. The coordinators establish public relations and marketing materials and implement advertising and marketing campaigns. They plan and organize promotional presentations and update calendars. Among the necessary skills for this job are interpersonal skills, computer skills, communication skills, and marketing techniques. They should also have a degree in communications or marketing.

      The marketing communications coordinator profession generally makes a lower amount of money when compared to the average salary of marketing associates. The difference in salaries is marketing communications coordinators making $4,666 lower than marketing associates.

      By looking over several marketing associates and marketing communications coordinators resumes, we found that both roles utilize similar skills, such as "powerpoint," "crm," and "email campaigns." But beyond that the careers look very different.

      As mentioned, these two careers differ between other skills that are required for performing the work exceedingly well. For example, gathering from marketing associates resumes, they are more likely to have skills like "customer service," "communication," "salesforce," and "a/b." But a marketing communications coordinator might have skills like "marketing collateral," "external vendors," "adobe creative suite," and "communications strategies."

      Marketing communications coordinators make a very good living in the manufacturing industry with an average annual salary of $59,590. Whereas marketing associates are paid the highest salary in the finance industry with the average being $56,833.

      Marketing communications coordinators are known to earn higher educational levels when compared to marketing associates. Additionally, they're 5.1% more likely to graduate with a Master's Degree, and 0.3% more likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

      Description Of an Associate Marketing Manager

      As an associate marketing manager, you will collaborate with marketing managers in the development of promotional strategies and campaigns of an organization. You will support marketing efforts and initiatives through analyzing research materials, assessing the effect of marketing programs, and creating innovative campaigns that will drive brand awareness and recognition. You have to direct marketing and promotional campaigns across all media channels and assess the performance of these campaigns. You are also expected to design and develop marketing plans, oversee customer research activities, and monitor all public relations and promotional activities.

      The fourth career we look at typically earns higher pay than marketing associates. On average, associate marketing managers earn a difference of $42,723 higher per year.

      While their salaries may vary, marketing associates and associate marketing managers both use similar skills to perform their jobs. Resumes from both professions include skills like "powerpoint," "crm," and "email campaigns. "

      Even though a few skill sets overlap, there are some differences that are important to note. For one, a marketing associate might have more use for skills like "customer service," "communication," "salesforce," and "new clients." Meanwhile, some associate marketing managers might include skills like "online," "actionable insights," "kpi," and "creative concepts" on their resume.

      Associate marketing managers earn a higher salary in the media industry with an average of $112,501. Whereas, marketing associates earn the highest salary in the finance industry.

      The average resume of associate marketing managers showed that they earn higher levels of education to marketing associates. So much so that the likelihood of them earning a Master's Degree is 20.5% more. Additionally, they're less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree by 0.1%.