Updated August 18, 2021
Average Marketing Internship Salary
$15.34 hourly
$31,000 yearly

Entry level Salary
$24,000 yearly
10 %
90 %
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PercentileAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
90th Percentile$41,000$3,417$20
75th Percentile$36,000$3,000$17
25th Percentile$27,000$2,250$13
10th Percentile$24,000$2,000$12

Average Marketing Internship Salary By State

The darker areas on the map show where marketing interns earn the highest salaries across all 50 states.

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Average Salary:

Marketing Internship average salary by State

StateAvg. salaryHourly rateJob Count
District of Columbia$36,837$17.71293
New Hampshire$31,407$15.10545
New Jersey$27,073$13.021,132
New Mexico$33,667$16.19414
New York$33,870$16.282,173
North Carolina$28,154$13.541,834
North Dakota$33,613$16.16319
Rhode Island$36,110$17.36386
South Carolina$26,064$12.53649
South Dakota$27,464$13.20374
West Virginia$31,619$15.20356

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Highest Paying Cities For Marketing Internship

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CityAvg. salaryHourly rate
Washington, DC$36,867$17.72
Alexandria, VA$34,522$16.60
San Francisco, CA$34,405$16.54
New York, NY$33,950$16.32
Dallas, TX$32,657$15.70
Fort Collins, CO$32,477$15.61

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How much does a Marketing Internship make?

  • The average Marketing Internship makes $31,897 in the United States.
  • The average hourly pay for a Marketing Internship is $15.34.
  • The average entry-level Marketing Internship salary is $24,000.
  • Highest paying states for Marketing Internship are Rhode Island ($36,110), Virginia ($34,267), New York ($36,110) and New Mexico ($36,110).
  • Highest paying cities for Marketing Internship are Washington, DC ($36,867), Alexandria, VA, San Francisco, CA, New York, NY and Dallas, TX.
  • Marketing Interns on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $24,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $41,000.
  • The best-paid 25% made $36,000 that year, while the lowest-paid 25$ made $27,000
  • Industries with the highest Marketing Internship salaries are Finance, Manufacturing and Technology.

Average Marketing Internship Salary Over Time

Compare salaries for individual cities or states with the national average.

    YearAvg. salaryHourly rate% Change

    How Much Do Marketing Interns Make In Different Industries?

    Marketing Internship salaries can vary on many factors, including what industry a job is in. In fact, jobs with Finance, Manufacturing, and Technology companies tend to be the highest paying. Furthermore, a Marketing Internship can make a yearly salary of $36,311 while working for Finance companies. All the while, other Marketing Interns are making $35,516 at Manufacturing companies and $34,668 at Technology companies. One industry Marketing Interns may want to avoid is the Hospitality industry as it offers the lowest average salary at $29,510.
    RankIndustryAverage Marketing Internship SalaryMarketing Internship Salary Range
    6Health Care

    High Paying Marketing Internship Jobs

    Average JOB Salary by Field

    Business Development Internship

    Avg. salary: $41,505

    A business development intern is responsible for supporting the organization's goals and objectives in providing the best services to clients and ensuring a smooth flow of operations with maximum productivity and efficiency. Business development interns observe the operational processes of the department and perform duties under the supervision of a direct manager or tenured staff. They also assist with the creation of new products and services, pitching strategies to promote them in the market, develop marketing campaigns, and creating proposals for business partnership purposes. A business development intern must be detail-oriented and highly organized to support daily operations.
    190,412 Business Development Internship Jobs
    Marketing & Events Coordinator

    Avg. salary: $41,744

    A marketing and events coordinator is responsible for planning, producing, and supervising the execution of communications and marketing plan activities such as promotions, collateral materials, and media. You are expected to create materials to deliver the company's messages to the media and the public. You will perform other tasks that may include overseeing and coordinating conferences, seminars, and meetings, planning the communications calendar to ensure the program is executed on time, and participating in budget management and development. You are also expected to ensure information accuracy through proofreading.
    101,533 Marketing & Events Coordinator Jobs
    Marketing Representative

    Avg. salary: $45,178

    A marketing representative's responsibilities will vary on the line of work or industry. However, it is the role of a marketing representative to engage with clients and secure sales by promoting, demonstrating, and even advertising products or services. Furthermore, they must devise marketing strategies, conduct research and analysis through surveys and polls, lookout for new opportunities and trends, and coordinate with advertisers. One must have extensive knowledge about the product as well as communication skills, being that building rapport will be very useful in accomplishing every task.
    212,740 Marketing Representative Jobs
    Digital Media Internship

    Avg. salary: $31,380

    In a digital media internship, an intern participates in various creative projects while under the supervision and guidance of a supervising manager or staff. They usually perform support tasks to gather industry insights and experience, which typically includes creating digital content according to project guidelines and themes, conducting research and analyses, utilizing client feedback, and handling digital platforms, such as websites and social media pages. They also perform clerical support tasks such as preparing documents, taking calls and other forms of correspondence, and running errands as necessary.
    108,833 Digital Media Internship Jobs
    Social Media Internship

    Avg. salary: $25,871

    In a social media internship, the primary role is to take part in managing a brand's social media platforms for public relations. One of their primary duties is to craft informative and captivating content while under the supervision and guidelines of a manager or supervisor. Furthermore, there may also be instances where an intern must participate in devising strategies that would bring more public recognition to the brand, such as social media campaigns to boost sales and improve client base.
    106,884 Social Media Internship Jobs
    Marketing Coordinator

    Avg. salary: $46,176

    A marketing coordinator supports the marketing department on deciding strategies and business efforts to develop the brand image and boost customer satisfaction. Marketing coordinators' duties include assisting in advertising campaigns, scheduling promotional events, monitoring sales status, researching current market trends, maintaining a record of existing and potential clients, and contributing ideas to improve the brand's profitability. A marketing coordinator must have excellent critical thinking and writing skills to help with the creation of social media advertisements and marketing content. It also requires impressive time-management and multi-tasking skills, especially on meeting deadlines and making adjustments on the initial plans as needed.
    116,373 Marketing Coordinator Jobs
    Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly RateJob Openings
    Business Development Internship$41,506$3,459$19.95190,412
    Marketing & Events Coordinator$41,744$3,479$20.07101,533
    Marketing Representative$45,178$3,765$21.72212,740
    Digital Media Internship$31,381$2,615$15.09108,833
    Social Media Internship$25,872$2,156$12.44106,884
    Marketing Coordinator$46,176$3,848$22.20116,373
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    Which Companies Pay Marketing Interns The Most?

    To earn a high income as a Marketing Internship, working for Boeing or HP might be your best bet, as they are the highest paying companies in this field. In addition, companies like General Electric and Intel report highly competitive wages for Marketing Interns.

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    Recently Added Marketing Internship Salaries

    CompanyJobLocationDate AddedSalary
    97Th FloorContent Marketing InternLehi, UT12/28/2021$20,870
    Laramie County Community CollegeMarketing Intern, Impact 307 & Entrepreneurship (Lccc Students Only)Cheyenne, WY12/28/2021$33,705
    RepresentusDigital Marketing Intern (Remote)Northampton, MA12/28/2021$31,305
    Amazon.com, Inc.2022 Marketing InternSeattle, WA12/27/2021$60,516
    Jones Lange Lasalle Inc.Campaign, Content & Social Marketing Summer 2022 InternshipWashington, DC12/24/2021$37,566
    Jones Lange Lasalle Inc.Campaign, Content & Social Marketing Summer 2022 InternshipPortland, OR12/24/2021$37,566
    Jones Lange Lasalle Inc.Campaign, Content & Social Marketing Summer 2022 InternshipChicago, IL12/24/2021$37,566
    Jones Lange Lasalle Inc.Campaign, Content & Social Marketing Summer 2022 InternshipDenver, CO12/24/2021$37,566
    Arrow Electronics Inc.Marketing Internship, Summer 2022Colorado Springs, CO12/23/2021$37,566
    Charles Schwab Corporation2022 Charles Schwab Marketing InternshipAustin, TX12/23/2021$50,088

    Average Marketing Internship Salary by Demographic

    Marketing Internship Gender Pay Gap

    Male Income
    Female Income
    Median Marketing Internship Income by Race
    Asian Marketing Interns have the highest average salary compared to other ethnicities. Black or African American Marketing Interns have the lowest average salary at $31,371.
    Black or African American
    Hispanic or Latino
    Black or African American$31,371
    Hispanic or Latino$31,630
    Average Marketing Internship Salary by Education Level
    Bachelor's Degree
    Master's Degree
    Bachelor's Degree$31,224
    Master's Degree$34,856

    Marketing Internship Salaries FAQs

    How much do marketing interns make per hour?

    A marketing intern makes $15 per hour. However, there is considerable variation in how much a marketing intern can make, and not all marketing interns are paid.

    A paid marketing intern can earn anywhere from as low as $9.90 an hour to as high as $20.50. Factors such as location and industry impact how much a marketing intern potentially can make.

    The location of the paid marketing internship impacts how much you can earn an hour. For example, several states pay upwards of $18 an hour, and they include; the District of Columbia ($17.71 an hour), Rhode Island ($17.36 an hour), Virginia ($16.47 an hour), New York ($16.28 an hour), and New Mexico ($16.91 an hour).

    Conversely, the states that pay marketing interns to least include; Nebraska ($10.87 an hour), Wyoming ($11.20 an hour), Kentucky ($11.60 an hour), and Utah ($12.09 an hour).

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    What is a reasonable internship salary?

    A reasonable marketing internship salary is $32,000 a year.

    However, there is considerable variation in how much a marketing intern can make in a paid marketing intern position. A marketing intern can make anywhere from as low as $19,800 a year to as high as $50,000 a year.

    Factors such as location and industry impact how much a marketing intern potentially can make. For example, the highest-paying states for market interns include:

    • District of Columbia ($36,837 per year)

    • Rhode Island. averages $36,110 per year ($17.36 an hour)

    • Virginia. averages $34,267 per year ($16.47 an hour)

    • New York. averages $33,870 per year ($16.28 an hour)

    • New Mexico. averages $33,667 per year ($16.91 an hour)

    The five lowest-paying states for marketing intern positions:

    • Nebraska. averages $22,604 per year ($10.87 an hour)

    • Wyoming. averages $23,287 per year ($11.20 an hour)

    • Kentucky. averages $24,137 per year ($11.60 an hour)

    • Utah. averages $25,139 per year ($12.09 an hour)

    • Louisiana. averages $25,767 per year ($12.39 an hour)

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