A marketing manager is a marketing professional responsible for promoting an organization's brand and image and their products and services in order to create new sales leads or generate growth and brand recognition and interest. Their duties generally center around this and, as such, include working with designers and writers to create necessary content, keeping abreast with user response and market trends, and managing entire marketing teams. Furthermore, the manager must determine budgets and schedules and meet with directors, shareholders, and other managers to present quarterly and annual marketing and sales reports.

Summary. We reviewed real candidate profiles to learn the best path to become a marketing manager. We'll guide you through the education, experiences, and skills hiring managers look for in a marketing manager.

  • Most companies require a marketing manager to have a bachelor's degree degree in a related field, such as business or marketing.

  • It's important to have relevant work experience, with typical job requirements ranging from 4-6 years in related fields.

  • Common job titles before becoming a marketing manager include marketing coordinator, account executive, and marketing internship.

  • Hiring managers expect a marketing manager to have soft skills such as analytical skills, communication skills, and creativity.

  • Once you have all the required skills and experience, it takes an average of 1-3 months of job training to become a marketing manager.

  • Getting a certification as a Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) will help you to earn more as a marketing manager.

How to become a Marketing Manager in 5 steps:

  • Step 1: Explore marketing manager education
  • Step 2: Develop marketing manager skills
  • Step 3: Complete relevent training/internship
  • Step 4: Research marketing manager duties
  • Step 5: Prepare your resume
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Key Steps To Become a Marketing Manager

  1. Explore Marketing Manager Education

    If you're interested in becoming a marketing manager, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. We've determined that 75.4% of marketing managers have a bachelor's degree. In terms of higher education levels, we found that 12.8% of marketing managers have master's degrees. Even though most marketing managers have a college degree, it's possible to become one with only a high school degree or GED.

    Choosing the right major is always an important step when researching how to become a marketing manager. When we researched the most common majors for a marketing manager, we found that they most commonly have business, marketing and communication.

    Marketing Manager Degrees


    75.4 %


    12.8 %


    7.3 %

    Marketing Manager MajorPercentages
    Other Degrees37.30%

  2. Develop Marketing Manager Skills

    It'll be a good idea to develop marketing manager skills before applying for a job. Here are some skills commonly requested in marketing manager job descriptions:

  3. Complete Relevent Training/Internship

    Marketing managers spend an average of 1-3 months on post-employment, on-the-job training. During this time, new marketing managers learn the skills and techniques required for their specific job and employer. The chart below shows how much time it takes to gain competency as a marketing manager based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data and data from real marketing manager resumes.

    Average Amount Of Time At Training


    Less than 1 month

    1-3 months

    3-6 months

    6-12 months

    1-2 years

    2-4 years

    More than 10 years

  4. Research Marketing Manager Duties

    When you decide to become a marketing manager, It's important to know what duties and responsibilities are required for this position. Some common responsibilities are a part of most marketing manager jobs. Here is a list of the main duties that define the role:

    • Utilize SalesForce database to update contacts and prospect new leads.
    • Manage account process from RFP to full execution of campaign in its entirety.
    • Manage agency partners to develop target print media, sampling programs, POS, merchandising.
    • Manage redesign of four bank websites and implementation of new content management system (CMS . )
    • Utilize SalesForce daily to update and follow up on the sales team's leads and clients.
    • Manage various day-to-day projects for small e-commerce startup including constructing wine storage shelves and fulfilling club shipments.

  5. Prepare Your Resume

    Finally, when you already have checked the skills and responsibilities for this role, you can start creating your resume. Everything that goes into creating a perfect resume can take hours, days, or even weeks. No worries, we created a resume builder to make this process as easy as possible with tips and examples of skills, responsibilities, and a summary.

    Choose From 10+ Customizable Marketing Manager Resume templates

    Build a professional Marketing Manager resume in minutes. Browse through our resume examples to identify the best way to word your resume. Then choose from 10+ resume templates to create your Marketing Manager resume.

    Marketing Manager Resume
    Marketing Manager Resume
    Marketing Manager Resume
    Marketing Manager Resume
    Marketing Manager Resume
    Marketing Manager Resume
    Marketing Manager Resume
    Marketing Manager Resume
    Marketing Manager Resume
    Marketing Manager Resume
    Marketing Manager Resume
    Marketing Manager Resume
    Marketing Manager Resume
    Marketing Manager Resume
    Marketing Manager Resume
    Marketing Manager Resume

  6. Apply For a Marketing Manager Job

    With your ready resume, it's time to start searching for a new job. Consider the tips below for a successful job search:

    1. Browse job boards for relevant postings
    2. Consult your professional network
    3. Reach out to companies you're interested in working for directly
    4. Watch out for job scams

    Marketing Manager Jobs

  7. How To Become a Marketing Manager
    How To Become a Marketing Manager Career Overview

How To Become a Marketing Manager Without A Degree

Yes, you can become a marketing manager without a degree. One way to gain the necessary skills is to take a comprehensive course. Additionally, you can also gain experience by working on relevant projects or volunteering as a junior marketing manager. Networking and building relationships with other professionals in the field are also great ways to break into the industry.

Here are courses we recommend for marketing managers at the beginning of their career paths.

1. Product Management (Part Time)



20 hours; 10 weeks, Part-time

Balance business viability, technical feasibility, and customer desire to lead products and features toward long-term success. Learn from a seasoned expert. This course is offered in person and live online, in a remote classroom setting...

2. Digital Marketing (Part Time)



20 hours; 10 weeks, Part-time

Build confidence and capability to apply modern marketing strategies on the job. Drive growth with multichannel campaigns powered by data and customer insight. This course is offered in person and live online, in a remote classroom setting...

3. How to Build A Startup


The main idea in this course is learning how to rapidly develop and test ideas by gathering massive amounts of customer and marketplace feedback. Many startups fail by not validating their ideas early on with...

4. A/B Testing by Google


This course will cover the design and analysis of A/B tests, also known as split tests, which are online experiments used to test potential improvements to a website or mobile application. Two versions of the...

5. Product Launch Marketing Plan: Go to Market Marketing Plan


Create a breakthrough go-to-market product marketing plan in just a few days. using this 7-step formula! Going to market is just the process of convincing people that your new way is better than the status...

6. Become a Product Marketing Manager Product Management MBA


Learn from an experienced Silicon Valley PMM with a top MBALearn how to become a product marketing manager fromsomeone with years ofexperience in product marketing at small, medium, and large software companies including Sony. Your...

7. Successful Events: Event Planning, Marketing & Management


Get bigger event attendance, more revenue, and a growing fanbase - all with this course* JOIN OVER 10,000 DELIGHTED STUDENTS WHO HAVE TAKEN THIS EVENTMARKETINGCOURSE EVENTMARKETING ANDGROWTHYou'll learn how to use Google search, popular event...

8. Product Marketing for Technology Companies


Ultimately, product marketing is about developing a compelling positioning and multilayered messaging for a product or product line. Getting to that point successfully is not an easy feat as it involves masterful communication both internally...

9. Email Marketing 2023. Increase sales with Email Marketing!


Email marketing is one of the most effective tools that exist for repeat customer communication. It solves many tasks, such as getting feedback, repeating sales, building loyalty, and delivering content to the consumer. With SendPulse...

10. Facebook Marketing 2023. Promote Your Business on Facebook!


According to Hootsuite, 55% of the population uses social media actively, which equals 4,33 billion people. Nowadays Facebook is the biggest social media network that numbers more than 2 billion users. An average user spends...

11. Twitter Marketing: 1000% Engagement & More Twitter Followers


Effective Twitter marketing to get you more followers, retweets, traffic and sales so you can grow your business. LATEST course update to includes: How to automate the process of dominating hashtags5 lectures on how to...

12. Product Management 101


The goal ofProduct Management 101 is to helpyou become amore strategic product manager - with a greaterimpact on your company and your products. We will cover the spectrum of product management workfrommarket intelligence, strategy, new...

13. Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2022 Coursenvy



14. Email Marketing 2021: Build and Launch Effective Campaigns


Email marketing is by far the most effectiveinternetmarketing method thatyou can use in an online business. It doesn't matter if you sell products, services, or simply rely on advertising to make money from your website,...

15. Online Marketing: SEO & Social Media Marketing Strategy


Apply the most effective SEOand social media Internet marketing strategies for 2022 and finally get the growth you've been hoping for! Lost in your marketing? Did you hire freelancers with no results? Not sure what...

16. Online Marketing For Your Local Business Made Simple


Learn how you can use the Internet and Social Media to promote and grow your local business, interact with current and potential clients, and dominate the local online presence for your business type. We'll start...

17. Strong & Effective Marketing Plan (Plan Template & Example)


Identify the most effective strategies to grow your specific business, and create a winning marketing plan that will help you reach your goals. Updated for 2022.RECENTLYADDED Innovative ways to divide all businesses into 8 major...

18. Understanding Strategic Marketing


Understanding Strategic MarketingA guide for managers and MBA students to master marketing theory and applicationThis course could save your business $1000s - if you're launching a new brand, moving into new markets, or wanting to...

19. Sales and Marketing For Online Businesses


Creating an online business of any type can be a daunting task but without sales and marketing skills you won't get far. Most likely you have your product or service, perhaps a new website, and...

20. Email Marketing: Start Growing Your Own Email List Today


You're here because you want to build an email list, right?It's great to have you here! Email Marketing is crucial for business success. You might have just started a website, and need to build an...

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Becoming a Marketing Manager FAQs

What Is The Career Path For A Marketing Manager?

The career path for a marketing manager includes roles such as marketing coordinator, marketing manager, and chief marketing officer. Marketing managers generally complete at least a bachelor's degree in marketing or a related field before beginning work. Additional education may be required for different career paths.

What Should I Study To Become A Marketing Manager?

To become a marketing manager, you should study marketing. While marketing is a popular choice for prospective marketing managers, there are other relevant areas of study.

It is necessary for someone interested in this field to obtain a bachelor's degree in a field relevant to marketing management. Business degrees that specialize in marketing, communication, and management are very good choices for aspiring market managers. Regardless of the degree, it is important for candidates to study coursework related to consumer behavior, product pricing, and business management.

Because a marketing manager is a management position, it is important that candidates have experience in the field. This is not always possible for college students, and it is therefore crucial that internships are a part of the degree-seeking process. Working in the field offers hands-on experience that graduates can bring with them when interviewing for entry-level positions in marketing management.

While it is not strictly necessary, some aspiring marketing managers choose to get an MBA. The degree provides a broader understanding of finance, leadership, and human resources. Specialized MBAs can focus on marketing and brand management and provide graduates with a potential advantage while interviewing for their first positions in the field.

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