A marketing team leader is primarily in charge of supervising a marketing team, leading them to meet goals while enforcing the company's policies and regulations. As a marketing team leader, it is their duty to establish guidelines and objectives, manage budgets and schedules, assess the performance of staff, and lead the efforts in producing effective marketing materials. Moreover, they must prepare progress reports, liaise with internal and external parties, and address issues and concerns, resolving them promptly and efficiently.

Marketing Team Leader Responsibilities

Here are examples of responsibilities from real marketing team leader resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Manage annual $60K marketing budget expenditures to maximize brand awareness and ROI.
  • Achieve 83K web page views , 2.7M Twitter followers , 6.6K YouTube views through creative and compelling think leadership content.
  • Develop and manage marketing programs and partner integration for industry marketing in government, healthcare and education markets.
  • Maintain property specific Facebook fan pages for social media marketing.
  • Employ SEO tactics such as meta descriptions and keywords to optimize the visibility of the site.
  • Create and drive SEO & PPC strategies for clients and work on escalate accounts with team.
  • Photograph, modele, and used Photoshop in order to generate image content for company and publicity purposes.
  • Coordinate with coworkers in the development of Facebook event information and the creation of advertising for the events.
  • Analyze and negotiate local advertising opportunities base on district marketing budget and potential ROI.
  • Develop innovative techniques for communicating with physicians such as animation, short videos, and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Communicate and report weekly with PowerPoint recaps to distributors, district marketing manager and division program manager.
  • Facilitate the development, execution and management of CRM marketing activities, including e-marketing programs and strategies, and campaign management.
  • Company re-locate due to acquisition by ABC )
  • Create promotional marketing materials, such as posters, flyers and VIP passes.
  • Create compelling packaging design, B2B and B2C advertising and sales promotion.

Marketing Team Leader Skills and Personality Traits

We calculated that 12% of Marketing Team Leaders are proficient in Digital Marketing, Work Ethic, and Lead Generation. They’re also known for soft skills such as Analytical skills, Communication skills, and Creativity.

We break down the percentage of Marketing Team Leaders that have these skills listed on their resume here:

  • Digital Marketing, 12%

    Develop, integrate and execute both traditional marketing and digital marketing strategies * Project manager for newsletters and various media campaigns

  • Work Ethic, 11%

    Promoted three times in five years due to exceptional work ethic, innovative problem-solving approach, and natural leadership skills.

  • Lead Generation, 9%

    Created email marketing campaigns targeting specific partner databases, facilitating relationship building and lead generation.

  • Market Research, 5%

    Conducted market research to identify opportunities in which the Coca-Cola Company would benefit by having a promotional presence.

  • SEO, 4%

    Launched Search Engine Optimization (SEO) initiatives to drive organic (free) traffic and generate revenue.

  • Photoshop, 4%

    Photographed, modeled, and used Photoshop in order to generate image content for company and publicity purposes.

Some of the skills we found on marketing team leader resumes included "digital marketing," "work ethic," and "lead generation." We have detailed the most important marketing team leader responsibilities below.

  • The most important skills for a marketing team leader to have in this position are analytical skills. In this excerpt that we gathered from a marketing team leader resume, you'll understand why: "advertising, promotions, and marketing managers must be able to analyze industry trends to determine the most promising strategies for their organization." According to resumes we found, analytical skills can be used by a marketing team leader in order to "design and update all product advertisements, catalogs, data sheets, and press releases. "
  • While it may not be the most important skill, we found that many marketing team leader duties rely on communication skills. This example from a marketing team leader explains why: "managers must be able to communicate effectively with a broad-based team made up of other managers or staff members during the advertising, promotions, and marketing process." This resume example is just one of many ways marketing team leaders are able to utilize communication skills: "manage vendor relationships for all communications agencies, graphic designers, printers, fulfillment houses and publishers of designated projects. "
  • Creativity is also an important skill for marketing team leaders to have. This example of how marketing team leaders use this skill comes from a marketing team leader resume, "advertising, promotions, and marketing managers must be able to generate new and imaginative ideas." Read this excerpt from a resume to understand how vital it is to their everyday roles and responsibilities, "managed digital marketing and creative services teams as well as brand, media, digital and creative agencies. "
  • In order for certain marketing team leader responsibilities to be completed, the job requires the skill "interpersonal skills." According to a marketing team leader resume, "managers must deal with a range of people in different roles, both inside and outside the organization." As an example, this snippet was taken directly from a resume about how this skill applies: "mastered project management, team building, negotiating, needs analysis and interpersonal communication skills. "
  • Yet another important skill that a marketing team leader must demonstrate is "organizational skills." Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers must manage their time and budget efficiently while directing and motivating staff members. This is clearly demonstrated in this example from a marketing team leader who stated: "manage social media communications including facebook, twitter, and flickr; align communications with organizational goals and identity. "
  • See the full list of marketing team leader skills.

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    What Senior Manager Of Marketings Do

    A senior manager of marketing is responsible for monitoring the organization's marketing staff, reviewing and approving marketing campaigns, and identifying strategies to improve services that would generate more revenues and increase its profitability. The senior manager of marketing evaluates the current market trends to meet consumers' demands and organizes techniques to sell products and services to the target audience. They lead the development of promotional offers and brand awareness, interpret sales data, and monitor the marketing processes' progress.

    In this section, we compare the average marketing team leader annual salary with that of a senior manager of marketing. Typically, senior managers of marketing earn a $51,200 higher salary than marketing team leaders earn annually.

    While the salaries between these two careers can be different, they do share some of the same responsibilities. Employees in both marketing team leaders and senior managers of marketing positions are skilled in digital marketing, strong analytical, and lead generation.

    There are some key differences in responsibilities as well. For example, a marketing team leader responsibilities require skills like "work ethic," "photoshop," "graphic design," and "instagram." Meanwhile a typical senior manager of marketing has skills in areas such as "marketing campaigns," "integrated marketing," "project management," and "sr." This difference in skills reveals how truly different these two careers really are.

    Senior managers of marketing tend to make the most money in the technology industry by averaging a salary of $126,981. In contrast, marketing team leaders make the biggest average salary of $72,516 in the professional industry.

    The education levels that senior managers of marketing earn is a bit different than that of marketing team leaders. In particular, senior managers of marketing are 10.8% more likely to graduate with a Master's Degree than a marketing team leader. Additionally, they're 0.3% more likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

    What Are The Duties Of a Manager, Field Marketing?

    A field marketing manager oversees a company's field marketing operations, aiming to improve brand awareness and reach sales goals. Their responsibilities primarily revolve around devising marketing strategies, participating in organizing campaigns and trade shows, setting objectives for the team, and monitoring the progress of marketing programs, ensuring they are functioning effectively and efficiently. There are also instances when the manager must address issues and concerns, performing corrective measures when necessary. Furthermore, as a manager, it is essential to lead and encourage the team to reach company goals while implementing the company's policies and regulations.

    The next role we're going to look at is the manager, field marketing profession. Typically, this position earns a higher pay. In fact, they earn a $26,146 higher salary than marketing team leaders per year.

    Not everything about these jobs is different. Take their skills, for example. Marketing team leaders and managers, field marketing both include similar skills like "digital marketing," "lead generation," and "market research" on their resumes.

    In addition to the difference in salary, there are some other key differences that are worth noting. For example, marketing team leader responsibilities are more likely to require skills like "work ethic," "strong analytical," "photoshop," and "graphic design." Meanwhile, a manager, field marketing might be skilled in areas such as "integrated marketing," "project management," "salesforce," and "marketing campaigns." These differences highlight just how different the day-to-day in each role looks.

    It's been discovered that managers, field marketing earn higher salaries compared to marketing team leaders, but we wanted to find out where managers, field marketing earned the most pay. The answer? The technology industry. The average salary in the industry is $100,565. Additionally, marketing team leaders earn the highest paychecks in the professional with an average salary of $72,516.

    On the topic of education, managers, field marketing earn similar levels of education than marketing team leaders. In general, they're 1.1% more likely to graduate with a Master's Degree and 0.3% more likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

    How a Head Of Marketing Compares

    The head of marketing primarily oversees all marketing departments and operations, ensuring to convey the message of the brand. Their responsibilities revolve around devising strategies and business plans, preparing and allocating the budget for all departments, identifying new opportunities and assets, and analyzing consumers' needs. There are also instances when the head of marketing has to produce progress reports and presentations, monitor the competition, spearhead the hiring activities, and manage schedules. Furthermore, one must lead and encourage staff to meet all goals and deadlines in the joint effort to improve brand awareness and strengthen the client base.

    The third profession we take a look at is head of marketing. On an average scale, these workers bring in higher salaries than marketing team leaders. In fact, they make a $70,679 higher salary per year.

    Using marketing team leaders and heads of marketing resumes, we found that both professions have similar skills such as "digital marketing," "lead generation," and "market research," but the other skills required are very different.

    There are many key differences between these two careers as shown by resumes from each profession. Some of those differences include the skills required to complete responsibilities within each role. As an example of this, a marketing team leader is likely to be skilled in "work ethic," "strong analytical," "seo," and "graphic design," while a typical head of marketing is skilled in "integrated marketing," "marketing campaigns," "kpis," and "google analytics."

    Interestingly enough, heads of marketing earn the most pay in the media industry, where they command an average salary of $134,857. As mentioned previously, marketing team leaders highest annual salary comes from the professional industry with an average salary of $72,516.

    Heads of marketing are known to earn higher educational levels when compared to marketing team leaders. Additionally, they're 11.6% more likely to graduate with a Master's Degree, and 0.4% more likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

    Description Of a Marketing And Operations Manager

    A marketing and operations manager handles the marketing program and campaigns of an organization. Marketing and operations managers plan and create production process management, data and analytics, brand compliance, and technology infrastructure. They oversee both the marketing and positioning of the product or brand they sell. It is their duty to establish promotions with advertising managers. Skills they need to develop include good motivational skills, customer service, and relation awareness, strong negotiation skills, and exceptional communication skills.

    Now, we'll look at marketing and operations managers, who generally average a higher pay when compared to marketing team leaders annual salary. In fact, the difference is about $26,588 per year.

    According to resumes from both marketing team leaders and marketing and operations managers, some of the skills necessary to complete the responsibilities of each role are similar. These skills include "digital marketing," "work ethic," and "lead generation. "

    While some skills are shared by these professions, there are some differences to note. "strong analytical," "photoshop," "graphic design," and "product knowledge" are skills that have shown up on marketing team leaders resumes. Additionally, marketing and operations manager uses skills like salesforce, project management, crm, and email marketing on their resumes.

    Marketing and operations managers earn a higher salary in the professional industry with an average of $96,074. Whereas, marketing team leaders earn the highest salary in the professional industry.

    The average resume of marketing and operations managers showed that they earn similar levels of education to marketing team leaders. So much so that the likelihood of them earning a Master's Degree is 4.3% more. Additionally, they're less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree by 0.0%.