Updated December 12, 2022

Average McDonald's Salary In Texas


$23,997 yearly

Entry level Salary
$17,000 yearly

How Much Does McDonald's Pay In Texas?

McDonald's pays $12 per hour or $23,997 per year on average in Texas. Salaries at McDonald's range from an average of $17,000 to $33,000 a year.

Highest Paying McDonald's Jobs In Texas

McDonald's’s highest-paying job in Texas is Maintenance Manager, with an average salary of $45,036.In second place is Production Manager, which makes $42,746 annually in Texas

Highest Paying Jobs At McDonald's In Texas

RankJob TitleAvarage McDonald's SalaryHourly Pay
1Maintenance Manager$45,036$22
2Production Manager$42,746$21
3Restaurant Manager$39,234$19
4General Manager$37,861$18
5Store Manager$35,927$17
6Assistant General Manager$33,180$16
7Manager Trainee$32,076$15
8Maintenance Technician$31,932$15
9Department Manager$31,695$15
10Maintenance Supervisor$28,950$14

Highest Paying Cities In Texas For McDonald's

RankCityAvarage McDonald's SalaryHourly Pay
1El Paso, TX$24,616$12
2Amarillo, TX$24,240$12
3Lubbock, TX$24,198$12
4San Antonio, TX$24,075$12
5Schertz, TX$24,075$12
6McAllen, TX$24,072$12
7Alice, TX$24,058$12
8Graham, TX$24,050$12
9Brownsville, TX$24,032$12
10Austin, TX$24,014$12
11Round Rock, TX$24,014$12
12Cedar Park, TX$24,014$12
13Buda, TX$24,014$12
14Pflugerville, TX$24,014$12
15Corpus Christi, TX$24,005$12
16Rockport, TX$24,005$12
17Portland, TX$24,005$12
18Denton, TX$23,987$12
19Arlington, TX$23,984$12
20Fort Worth, TX$23,984$12

McDonald's Salaries In Texas By Department

Salaries By Department At McDonald's In Texas

RankDepartmentAvarage McDonald's SalaryHourly Pay
3Supply Chain$24,632$12

How Much Does McDonald's Pay By State

The states where McDonald's pays the highest salary are Massachusetts ($33,462), Maine ($32,098), Washington ($30,824), California ($30,443) And New York ($30,283).

Highest Paying States At McDonald's

Highest-Paying McDonald's Competitors In Texas

The company that stands out for having the highest pay in Texas is Vudu, which pays its workers an average salary of $45,036 Chick-fil-A is the company that pays the least, paying an average salary of $26,448 in Texas.
RankCompany NameAvarage Pay in TexasHourly Pay
2Yum! Brands$45,535$22
3Panera Bread$30,464$15
4Domino's Pizza$29,121$14
5Chipotle Mexican Grill$28,977$14
6Planet Hollywood International$28,405$14
7Jack in the Box$28,290$14
8Pizza Hut$27,426$13
9Dunkin' Donuts$26,565$13

Recently Added McDonald's Salaries In Texas

JobLocationDate AddedSalary
Host/HostessBeaumont, TX11/18/2022$31,305
CookRound Rock, TX11/18/2022$31,305
Marketing Team MemberRobinson, TX11/15/2022$22,957
Logistics Team MemberRobinson, TX11/15/2022$22,957
Machine MaintenanceArlington, TX11/12/2022$33,392
Guest Services LeaderArlington, TX11/12/2022$23,479
General ManagerArlington, TX11/12/2022$31,305
General ManagerArlington, TX11/12/2022$31,305
Guest Services LeaderArlington, TX11/12/2022$23,479
CashierSan Antonio, TX11/11/2022$31,305

Frequently asked questions about McDonald's Pay In Texas

What Is The Starting Pay At Mcdonald's In Texas?

The starting pay at McDonald's in Texas is around $17,000 per year, or $8 per hour.

How Much Does Mcdonald's Pay Hourly In Texas?

McDonald's pays $12 hourly in Texas, which is 5% below the national average.

How Much Does Mcdonald's Pay Maintenance Managers In Texas?

McDonald's pays maintenance managers in Texas around $22 per hour, or $45,036 per year.

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