Media Aid Education Requirements And Degrees

There are several education requirements to become a media aid. Media aids usually study business, communication or education. 56% of media aids hold a bachelor's degree and 20% hold a associate degree. We found these by analyzing 282 media aid resumes to investigate the topic of media aid education more precisely.

The most common colleges for students to pursue their goal of becoming a media aid are Howard University and Bethune - Cookman University.

For those who would rather stay in your pajamas during the day, we prepared some online courses that can help in media aid education paths.

What Degree Should I Get to Become a Media Aid ?

The most common degree for media aids is bachelor's degree 56% of media aids earn that degree. A close second is associate degree with 20% and rounding it off is high school diploma with 14%.

  • Bachelors, 56%
  • Associate, 20%
  • High School Diploma, 14%
  • Masters, 7%
  • Other Degrees, 3%
Media Aid DegreeascdescPercentagesascdesc
High School Diploma

What Should I Major in to Become a Media Aid ?

Most media aids, 15% to be exact, major in business. Some other common majors for a media aid include communication and education majors.

Media Aid MajorascdescPercentagesascdesc
General Studies

Most Common Colleges for Media Aid

Here are the most common colleges for a media aid career in the US based on their resumes. Advocates often get their degree in Howard University, Bethune - Cookman University, and Arapahoe Community College .

Howard University

Bethune - Cookman University

Arapahoe Community College

Harvard University

Ohio State University

Media Aid Common CollegeascdescPercentagesascdesc
Howard University
Bethune - Cookman University
Arapahoe Community College
Harvard University
Ohio State University

Average Media Aid Salary by Education Level

Media aids with a Masters degree earn more than those without, at $35,754 annually. With a Bachelors degree, media aids earn a median annual income of $33,926.

High School Diploma or Less

Master's Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Some College/ Associate Degree

Media Aid Education LevelascdescMedia Aid Salaryascdesc
High School Diploma or Less
Master's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Some College/ Associate Degree

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14 Best Online Courses for Media Aids

Sometimes things are just better when you get to stay in your pajamas all day. That includes school. We found top courses for media aids from Udemy, Coursera, EDX, and ed2go that will help you advance in your career. Here are essential skills you need to be a media aid:

  • Library services
  • Circulation desk
  • Computer lab
If you want to improve media aids skills these courses could help you in this.

Advertising Disclosure
Instructional Design: Digital Media, New Tools and Technology
edX (Global)

Instructional designers today have a tremendous number of tools and resources available to them to create highly engaging courses. Social media, digital video, and freely available online instructional resources and applications connect and engage people in new, and exciting ways. When creating online learning experiences, instructional designers integrate and infuse these digital tools and digital content in ways that engage and connect learners to course content. In this education and teacher...

[2021] Customer Service 2.0: Learn Digital Customer Service

Used by Chase, Intel, & more! Learn soft skills, social media customer service, diagnosing user problems, & more...

Java Class Library

Java Class Library is the fourth and final course in the Core Java Specialization. The Core Java Specialization is part of a series of programming specializations, derived from LearnQuest's private Java Bootcamps, designed to provide the skill set necessary to be hired as an IT developer using Java in many corporate environments. After completing this course, you will be able to write reusable code that remains type-safe using Java Generics, work with collections of objects, work with files, han...

First Aid

A guide to first aid for the common man. Covers sudden illness, wounds, burns, bone injuries and more...

Fundamentals of Logistics, Supply Chain & Customer Service

Learn Logistics, Supply Chain and Customer Service. 3 Courses in 1...

Mastering C++ Standard Library Features

Harness the power of the C++ STL and make full use of its components...

Stayin' Alive! First aid in Emergency

This course introduces the basic actions that should be performed by eyewitnesses right at an emergency scene. The course consists of 5 blocks: a) first aid for heart arrest (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) b) first aid for airway obstruction and drowning c) first aid for bleeding, injuries, trauma d) first aid for physical factors exposure e) first aid for life-threatening conditions such as stroke, epilepsy, and heart attack Educational material includes pictures and videos made at the Simulati...

Herbalism: : Essential First Aid Remedies Certificate

Be prepared by equipping your first aid kit with important herbs, herbal medicine & natural medicine that you need...

Introduction to Visual Basic

Learn how to write code for Windows applications using the Visual Basic programming language and development environment...

C Programming: Using Linux Tools and Libraries
edX (Global)

This seventh and final course in the C Programming with Linux Professional Certificate program will allow you to develop and use your C code within the Linux operating system. Using libraries in C is a fundamental concept when it comes to sharing code with others. In addition to compiling and linking, you will also learn how to pass arguments to an executable program. Within moments you will be coding hands-on in a new browser tool developed for this course providing instant feedback on your...

Customer Service

How to Approach New Customers and Maintain Existing Ones...

Introduction to High-Throughput Materials Development

This course is an introduction to high-throughput experimental methods that accelerate the discovery and development of new materials. It is well recognized that the discovery of new materials is the key to solving many technological problems faced by industry and society. These problems include energy production and utilization, carbon capture, tissue engineering, and sustainable materials production, among many others. This course will introduce the learner to a remarkable new approach to mate...

What's New in Microsoft Office 2013

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Certified Physical Therapy Aide (Voucher Included)

Certified Physical Therapy Aide (Voucher Included)...

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