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The Sisters of Mercy were founded by Catherine McAuley in 1824.
Washington University School of Medicine was founded in 1827 and eventually the physician leadership opened a hospital in Downtown Baltimore to care for the poor.
In 1831, after training and preparation for a life of religious service, Catherine McAuley and two colleagues founded the Sisters of Mercy upon a commitment to help the poor, sick and uneducated and all of those wounded by contemporary society.
The Congregation of the Infant Jesus had its beginnings in 1835 in Neufchatel, France.
Since her death in 1841, Catherine's congregation of women religious has become one of the largest ever established in the English-speaking world.
The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor were founded by Frances Schervier in Aachen, Germany in 1845.
In 1846, Sister Agatha O Brien, who at age 24 was the oldest of the five Sisters, began establishing area schools.
In 1852, at a site that today would be near Rush Street and the Chicago River, the Sisters of Mercy converted an old rooming house into Mercy Hospital, the first chartered hospital in Chicago.
The Grey Nuns, who were already serving throughout Canada, were called to the United States for the first time in 1855 to found a hospital and orphanage in Toledo, Ohio.
In 1856 the Sisters of Mercy came to St Louis and founded the Religious Sisters of Mercy of the St Louis Province.
The first Franciscan Sisters of the Poor to serve in the US arrived in Cincinnati, OH in 1858 at the request of the Archbishop.
By 1859, Mercy Hospital was the first Catholic hospital to affiliate with a medical school Lind Medical School and the first to require a graded curriculum.
1860 Mother M. Clara Pfaender founds the Congregation of Franciscan Sisters, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, in Olpe, Germany.
Fifteen years later, in 1871, they opened a 25-bed infirmary for women and children.
1872 Three Franciscan Sisters are sent from Germany to start a mother house near St Louis.
In 1873, Merced Community Medical Center opened on East North Bear Creek as a small one story wooden building.
1879 Three Franciscan Sisters begin caring for patients in a house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
1893 Mercy Medical Center Des Moines is founded by the Sisters of Mercy from Davenport.
The Sisters of Mercy established the Baltimore City Hospital School of Nursing on this campus in 1899.
Mercy's first patient in 1900 was a 72-year-old housewife from Arlington, Iowa, who had cataract surgery.
The three women who arrived in New York on October 21, 1905 were women of courage, faith and adventure.
In 1907, Bishop McDonnell received approval from Pope Pius X to establish the sisters as an American Community, distinct from their origins in the French Congregation.
1912 The Franciscan Sisters found St Francis Hospital in Waterloo, Iowa.
In 1913, Sister Marie Emma who was one of the three nuns from France, assumed charge of a 13 bed former sanitarium in Hempstead called Old Mercy.
The College s teaching partnership with the Sisters of Mercy lasted until 1916, when the College of Physicians and Surgeons was absorbed by the University of Maryland School of Medicine and ultimately created a new partnership - a treasured relationship which continues today.
Yet in 1938, the dispensary opened again, providing needed health care services to tens of thousands.
Mercy later became incorporated on December 8, 1948, and a year later was managed by the Dominican Sisters of Kenosha, Wisconsin.
The hospital continued to grow with the construction of a 1.1 million facility in June of 1950.
And in January of 1968, Chicago s oldest hospital became its newest with the opening of a 517-bed facility.
1976 The Sisters of Mercy Health Corporation based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, forms.
Further additions included, an 8.3 million tower in December 1979.
In 1986, to position the individual hospitals for coming changes in health care, the Sisters of Mercy created the Sisters of Mercy Health System.
Mercy Health was founded in 1986 by the Sisters of Mercy.
In May of 1996, Mercy Hospital joined Catholic Healthcare West, a system of hospitals, ancillary facilities, home care, and physician organizations in California, Arizona, and Nevada.
1996 Catholic Health Initiatives forms.
1998 Mercy Health Network forms.
Mercy and Sutter initiated a series of discussions in the Fall of 1999, with the intent of finding the best direction to meet the hospital and health care needs of the citizens of Merced County.
The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor joined as sponsors in 1999.
Perhaps Mercy s most important project to date and its biggest investment in the community is the state-of-the-art Main Hospital, The Mary Catherine Bunting Center, which opened in 2010.
In 2012, our hospital system, Catholic Healthcare West changed their name to Dignity Health.
2015 The Wheaton Franciscan Sisters announce the transfer of Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare to new owners and sponsors.
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