30 College Scholarships For Veterans And Their Families

Paying for higher education can be challenging for anyone. But for veterans, service members and their families, it’s particularly difficult. Just the amount of resources available will make your head spin. Every year, money is returned to scholarship sponsors simply because there were no applicants. Our goal is to provide a straightforward guide to what resources are available for veterans, service members and their families so that money gets put to good use.

30 Scholarships to Apply for Throughout the Year

Veterans Need Aid, Too

Whether it’s your grandchild who’s starting to apply for scholarships to help with college next year or it’s you, a retired service member, returning to school, these scholarships are designed to help every service member and veteran. Some of them require a simple nomination while others require an essay or video, but all of them are accessible to you. Now, put on your thinking cap and start applying.