Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a missionary. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of missionary resumes they appeared on. For example, 21.5% of missionary resumes contained spanish language as a skill. Let's find out what skills a missionary actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

15 Essential Missionary Skills For Your Resume And Career

1. Spanish Language

The Spanish language is the most extensively spoken Romance language throughout the world. It's also one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide, with 543 million speakers in 2021.

Here's how spanish language is used on missionary resumes:
  • Developed international relational skills in addition to fluency in the Spanish language.
  • Developed ability to change communication between English and Spanish languages rapidly.
  • Set aside time daily for studying Spanish vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation totaling approximately 800 hours of official Spanish language study.
  • Acquired skills such as working well with others, fluency in the Spanish language, public speaking skills and conversational skills.
  • Conducted discussions in the Spanish Language to those who showed interest in learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Community Outreach

Here's how community outreach is used on missionary resumes:
  • Manage the development of a library/community outreach facility in an outlying area of the community.
  • Service and evangelistic efforts including teaching, mentoring, construction and community outreach.
  • Assisted in coordinating community outreach programs for various orphanages throughout Guatemala.
  • Recruited volunteers for six community outreaches and coordinated their efforts.
  • Participate in various building projects and community outreach events.

3. Ministry

The ministry is a government department headed by a minister which deals with a specific cause or area of activity. From the religious point of view, the ministry is an activity carried out by one or more believers of a religion to express or spread their faith.

Here's how ministry is used on missionary resumes:
  • Work included Cross-cultural ministry and communication, developing and strengthening interpersonal communication skills while navigating multicultural challenges and language barriers.
  • Conducted ministry wide assessment and gave recommendations for administrative structural improvements and advanced strategic planning.
  • Implement theologically sound and culturally relevant ministry opportunities for the Church.
  • Facilitate small group discussions, team-building activities and basic relational ministry.
  • Help equip and instruct ministry workers in basic ministry methodology.

And if you’re looking for a job, here are the five top employers hiring now:

  1. Mission Jobs (16)
  2. Focus Services Jobs (5)
  3. The Salvation Army Jobs (5)

4. Bible Studies

Here's how bible studies is used on missionary resumes:
  • Assisted in Bible Studies for the neighboring children, reading Bible stories, playing games, and showing God s love.
  • Minister to college students through sharing the Gospel, large group events, Bible studies, and small group formation.
  • Led bible studies and devotions* Engaged in conversations with campers about life* Counseled students through accepting Jesus and about life
  • Mentored students, lead small group Bible studies, and worked with a team to plan large group events.
  • Visited mentally handicapped persons and led Bible studies at halfway houses, convalescence centers, and nursing homes.

5. Public Speaking

Public Speaking or oration, as it is sometimes known, is the act of any one person speaking live in front of an audience. Although in the past the audience was only a physical one, nowadays oration might be done on an online video call, at a digital conference, at an online class, or elsewhere. The art of public speaking is very old, drawing its first established roots from Ancient Greece and likely from before, too. It is an important skill and asset in many industries.

Here's how public speaking is used on missionary resumes:
  • Utilized public speaking skills to provide topical information during daily religious encounters in which brief presentations were given.
  • Enhanced public speaking skills while conducting and speaking at regional conferences Gained an elementary education of Russian
  • Maintained effective communication with partners by public speaking engagements, presentations, and written updates.
  • Developed necessary skills in conflict resolution, public speaking, and human relations
  • Participated in various public speaking events.

6. LDS

Here's how lds is used on missionary resumes:
  • Worked full-time as a religious instructor for the LDS church in various cities and countries in the country of South Africa.
  • Served an LDS Mission in Peru requiring skill in communicating with individuals of varying social classes, cultures, and backgrounds.
  • Coordinated Benefits with other insurance companies to assist in saving the LDS church money on Medical claims for Missionaries.
  • Served an English speaking proselyting mission for the LDS Church where I served in various leadership positions.
  • Planned and executed daily activities to teach people in the Independence, Missouri area about the LDS faith

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7. Leadership

Here's how leadership is used on missionary resumes:
  • Demonstrated leadership ability through supervising numerous projects
  • Developed skills in teaching strategies, inter-personal communications, work ethics, personnel motivation and general leadership.
  • Partnered with local leadership in economic development initiatives throughout the Lake Victoria area.
  • Implemented new processes that generated higher metrics for areas assigned leadership over.
  • Served my organization in the highest available administrative and leadership capacities.

8. Jesus Christ

Here's how jesus christ is used on missionary resumes:
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -Taught lessons both prepared and on the spot to individuals and families -Provide service.
  • Served a Full-Time Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Spanish Speaking.
  • Traveled for nine months to three different third world countries to share to good news of Jesus Christ to the lost.
  • Authorized minister for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints appointed to labor in the Washington DC metropolitan area.
  • Served as a full-time volunteer proselyting missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Portland OR area.

9. Spanish Speaking

Here's how spanish speaking is used on missionary resumes:
  • Achieved spoken and written Spanish fluency through close interaction with native speakers for 18 months in a Spanish speaking country.
  • Trained and developed Spanish speaking, reading and writing skills in order to perform duties and activities.
  • Served in the Salt Lake City South Mission working among the Hispanic population (Spanish speaking)
  • Served in Guayaquil, Ecuador for two years in a Spanish speaking mission.
  • Organized and directed English language classes for Spanish speaking citizens of Panama.

10. Gospel

Here's how gospel is used on missionary resumes:
  • Led singing, ministered to Lepers, clothed orphans, preached the Gospel & baptized the unsaved of India.
  • Tasked with preaching the gospel to potential investigators Santiago, Chile and preserving Church history in Salt Lake City.
  • Committed to sharing the gospel with the people of New York from 9am-9pm every day for 18 months.
  • Lead retreats for children between the ages of 6-18, to increase their understanding of the gospel.
  • Worked from 10:00a.m till 10:00p.m everyday seven days a week sharing the gospel for two full years.

11. Local Community

Here's how local community is used on missionary resumes:
  • Communicated with a variety of individuals Trained other missionaries Educated others about the church Volunteered in the local community
  • Served in Nicaragua as a missionary providing program support at the CICRIN child refuge center and school and within the local community
  • Build positive relationships with members of the local community by helping them overcome spiritual problems in their personal and family life.
  • Outreached to the local community and informed others about the mission and goal of the missionaries serving in the area.
  • Lead other missionaries within our religion, taught a variety of individuals and served the local community.

12. Local Church

Here's how local church is used on missionary resumes:
  • Developed good communication skills, organized local church records, learned to handle difficult situations
  • Provided community service and helped construct a local church for poverty-stricken families.
  • Work included joining with other missionaries and local church leaders to teach and administer humanitarian aid and service to the area.
  • Co-facilitated environmental workshops, worked w/ catechists in remote bush villages, & worked w/ youth at the local church.
  • Trained teachers and pastors for the purpose of establishing local churches; to include Sunday School and Secular School.

13. Leadership Positions

Here's how leadership positions is used on missionary resumes:
  • Served in several leadership positions including working directly with the Mission President of the California SanFernando Mission.
  • Put in leadership positions-Constantly being productive
  • Served in leadership positions where I was asked to lead and counsel with my peers and on committees.
  • Served in leadership positions over small groups (6-8 people) and larger groups (20-30).
  • Served in many leadership positions; working with missionaries and local, regional, and international leaders.

14. GOD

Here's how god is used on missionary resumes:
  • Baptize those who were willing to accept Christ as their Savior and Redeemer and make promises or covenants with God.
  • Coordinate Christian education ministries Planted both works as Pioneer works in working with the Scottish Assemblies of God.
  • Helped people overcome their addictions, problems and helped them get closer to God.
  • Love God and love people here in America and around the world.
  • Worked with the superintendent of the Assemblies of God of Ceylon.

15. Community Services

Community service is an unpaid activity in which an individual or group engages to benefit the local, national or global community. It is also used as an alternative to imprisonment and is intended to connect offenders to the victim or society so that they can understand how their actions affect others.

Here's how community services is used on missionary resumes:
  • Provided community services to many families.
  • Provided free community services; English class, Food Kitchen, Clothing donations.
  • Provided community services up to 10 hours every week and assisted local food/shelter agencies
  • Provided community services to over 25 families and assisted local food/shelter agencies.
  • Provided community services to multiple families, interchanging which families weekly.
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According to recent trends, the most relevant missionary Resume Keywords for your resume are:

  • Spanish Language
  • Community Outreach
  • Ministry
  • Bible Studies
  • Public Speaking
  • LDS
  • Leadership
  • Jesus Christ
  • Spanish Speaking
  • Gospel
  • Local Community
  • Local Church
  • Leadership Positions
  • GOD
  • Community Services
  • Relationship Building
  • Baptist
  • Evangelism
  • Mandarin
  • PowerPoint
  • Presentation
  • Discipleship
  • ESL
  • Ecuador
  • Costa Rica
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Church Services

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Paul Anderson Ph.D.

Professor of Biblical and Quaker Studies, George Fox University

A gap year after high school can help students get several experiences under their belt. Especially if it involves service experiences or international experiences that might broaden a student's perspective or help one learn another language. I would not recommend taking a gap year to make $12 an hour, when a college graduate might be more likely to make twice that much or more, having graduated. It's better to take out a loan and begin to pay it off with one's salary-based career in order, following college graduation--if that occurs.

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Online Courses For Missionarys

One of the best ways to acquire the skills needed to be a missionary is to take an online course. We've identified some online courses from Udemy and Coursera that will help you advance in your career. Since missionaries benefit from having skills like spanish language, community outreach, and ministry, we found courses that will help you improve these skills.

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10. Assertive Communication Skills Masterclass


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17. Public Speaking: Be a Professional Speaker


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19. Public Speaking for Beginners


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20. Setting and Achieving Goals


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