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A mixer driver is responsible for operating mixer trucks to deliver construction materials and concrete mixtures to construction and industrial site. Mixer drivers must inspect the condition of the truck's engine before and after operations to ensure its stability and performance that would prevent operational delays and avoid potential hazards. They should also dispense the mixtures properly and clean spills after delivery. A mixer driver must have excellent organizational skills to control the truck safely and ensure that the correct materials are delivered.

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Mixer Driver Responsibilities

Here are examples of responsibilities from real mixer driver resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Manage operational maintenance of bus, effectively operate on board communication equipment and respond appropriately to escalate and emergency situations.
  • Record logs in compliance with dot regulations.
  • Rig up hose and pipe connections to the well head.
  • Deliver concrete to customers while adhering to dot and company standards.
  • Deliver cement to each contractor-Wash down truck after each us-Completes and pre-trip and post-trip inspection on a daily
  • Train onDOT and CDL regulations as well as construction site safety including concrete material handling and basic equipment maintenance.
  • Assist in performing cementing operation at drilling rig location to create bonding for casing creating by work over rig crews.
  • Facilitate inter-departmental communication to effectively provide customer support.
  • Use Qualcomm data to pick up and deliver loads.
  • Facilitate inter-departmental communication to effectively provide customer support.

5 Mixer Driver Resume Examples