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Become A Mixer Operator

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Working As A Mixer Operator

  • Monitor Processes, Materials, or Surroundings
  • Inspecting Equipment, Structures, or Material
  • Controlling Machines and Processes
  • Getting Information
  • Handling and Moving Objects
  • Repetitive

  • Stressful

  • $27,080

    Average Salary

What Does A Mixer Operator Do At Kelly Services

* Will accurately measure or weigh powdered raw materials and place on a skid.
* Must be able to read and understand the plant production schedule and also keep accurate count of inventory.
* Must be available to progress to a Mixer Operator role
* Mixer Operator duties:
* Performs operations and related activities per task instructions to produce adhesives.
* Places raw ingredients (liquids and powders) into the mixer and monitors the process conditions, equipment and control systems for each batch.
* Uses trouble shooting skills to resolve process related deviations or problems.
* Also performs minor repairs, improvements and preventative maintenance of equipment.
* Manually changes filtration equipment and prepares packaging and downloads completed material for shipment

What Does A Mixer Operator Do At Post Holdings

* Set up the mixing room after USDA inspections and obtain the correct formulation of liquid egg product and ingredients using the pre-determined procedures (ZBAT) approved by the company.
* Strip the outer bags off of the bags of ingredients and pour into the appropriate container recording new lot numbers to meet USDA and Quality Assurance specifications.
* Record appropriate LOT numbers, ph, egg solids and egg usage on the batch sheets and egg usage forms to meet Quality Assurance and USDA specifications along with any other paperwork necessary for the position.
* Maintain scales and meters as needed to get as precise and accurate readings as possible
* Assist in the general good housekeeping of the area.
* Determine if product meets customer specs or not and take corrective action as needed.
* Have thorough knowledge of the Clean in Place (CIP) system in order to use it at the appropriate time to wash lines and tankers.
* Assist in the Tanker Bay
* Thorough knowledge of and ability to run the pasteurizer.
* Expected to adhere to safe work practices, follow GMP and HACCP guidelines, maintain sanitary conditions and ensure that product quality is maintained in order to maintain SQF Level 3 certification.
* Report to management any conditions or practices that may adversely affect food safety, food quality or personnel safety.
* Performs other duties as assigned.
* As Edible Tanker Bay Person:
* Coordinates with USDA all tanker cleaning and transfers of liquid egg for shipment.
* Check the paperwork accompanying the tanker.
* Document on the Tanker Receiving Log – the date product is received, the product you are receiving, if the product is raw or pasteurized the USDA Certificate number, the person receiving the load, the company receiving the load from, and the total number of pounds of product receiving.
* Document and inspect the physical condition of the incoming tanker for – cleanliness, temperature and smell- and take corrective action as needed.
* Take a sample to the lab for testing.
* Control flow of egg via computer panel & associated flow boards & piping in the old and new silo areas.
* Set up transfers by hooking a sanitized unloading hose to the tail end of the tanker and unload the product to the proper silo or tank.
* Ensure empty tanks and tankers are cleaned by the Clean In Place (CIP) System.
* Communicate with the Cooked Department all edible egg transfers.
* Mix liquid egg product with ingredients.
* Assist in coordinating tanker shipments.
* Control the bulk receiving of chemicals.
* Ensure general good house keeping for the area.
* Control the flow of inedible egg product to the inedible tanker bay.
* Assist in other areas as needed including working in mixing room mixing product as needed.
* Performs other duties as assigned

What Does A Mixer Operator Do At Snyder's Lance

* include the following.
* Other duties may be assigned due to business needs or special circumstances which may require reassignment to other departments or other job duties.
* Mixes dough according to specifications for distribution to extruder line:
* Reads daily production schedule and plans accordingly; prepares mix according to established formulations as specified; properly mixes ingredients; monitors correct dough temperature/dough moisture, makes adjustments accordingly; monitors proofing belt; removes any product that is improperly formed or overlapped.
* Mixes ingredients according to specifications to make slurry to coat seasoned products: Reads daily production schedule and plans accordingly; prepares mix according to established formulations as specified; properly mixes ingredients; monitors correct coverage amount, makes adjustments accordingly.
* Monitors and operates Quality Control Lab Equipment associated with checking finished product characteristics (moisture, salt, slurry oil coverage, etc.).
* Monitors overall quality.
* Prepares and maintains sufficient raw material levels (i.e. meal, yeast, sponge, sale, etc.).
* Distributes dough to extruders on a timely basis.
* Monitors extruded pretzel weights and makes adjustments, as necessary, to confirm to processing standards.
* Keeps dough carts free from excess dough scraps.
* May relieve processing department personnel for breaks/lunch.
* Observes and maintains all safe operating procedures while working around machines and moving parts.
* Assists other personnel in performance of their duties.
* Practices and adheres to appropriate safety and hygiene guidelines/procedures for safe housekeeping and personal protection; keeps work area clean; stores supplies in designated areas; keeps work area aisles/exits clear and free from obstructions; removes trash from work area floor; follows instructions for safe lifting/carrying of various sizes, shapes, and weights of objects; identifies/reports defective equipment; reports all job-related injuries to Production Team.
* Performs sanitation assignments and shutdown cleanup duties as scheduled.
* Performs other job-related projects, duties and assignments as directed by Production Team Leader

What Does A Mixer Operator Do At CSM Bakery Solutions

* Properly cook all varieties of icing, glazes, and fillings in a manner to insure consistency and top product quality within QA and R&D
* specifications.
* Responsible for operating equipment used in preparation, mixing, and finishing product.
* Equipment includes but not limited to mixers, depositor,
* conveyors, etc.
* In some facilities, may monitor shape quality for make up as to proper size, surface defects, rolling and general shape and ensure line speeds and
* strokes per minute are maintained as per schedule.
* Use of raw materials in proper rotation (oldest first)
* Must be able to train fellow associates in regards to the relief position.
* Assist supervision in proactively identifying problems and providing solutions
* Recognize and report any signs of product tampering.
* Maintain cleanliness on line and 5S standards.
* Equipment and work areas must be kept organized, clean and sanitary throughout the shift.
* End of shift
* requires removal of any waste and garbage generated during the shift.
* Ensure proper care of equipment.
* Follow all safety procedures and participate in safety training.
* Maintain safe and efficient use of equipment, tools, and person.
* Report any injury or
* accident immediately to supervisory and/or any unsafe condition.
* Supports food safety, quality and legality.
* Support, and comply with all quality management systems, continuous improvement programs, food safety, employee safety, preventative maintenance
* programs.
* Support and comply with GMP’s.
* Participate in PPI initiatives.
* Follow all company policies and procedures.
* Other duties as assigned

What Does A Mixer Operator Do At ASI Constructors, Inc.

* Driver must maintain the highest standard of safety and quality in all aspects of the job and performs all duties in conformance to appropriate safety standards;
* Maintain daily vehicle inspections and reports, assuring that each vehicle is safe and well maintained;
* Assure product quality to the best of the Driver's ability;
* Maintain the appearance of the mixer truck and cleans truck after delivery of material, by utilizing hoses and brushes to prevent concrete build up;
* Load, unload and secure as needed;
* Wash truck to clean off excess concrete on the truck or in the hopper when returning from a job; Operates a mixer truck to include positioning truck to receive concrete components, evaluating slump from access ladder;
* Drives mixer truck under loading hopper to receive sand, gravel, cement, and water;
* Positions and repositions truck at desired locations uses levers and attaches extension chutes to discharge material;
* Moves levers on truck to release concrete down truck chute into wheelbarrow or other conveying container or directly into area to be poured with concrete;
* Adds and removes extension chutes to mixer;
* Report to work on time when scheduled;
* Other duties as assigned.
* ASI employees must have common sense, competency, work cooperatively with other employees, and have a good positive attitude.
* They must also be punctual.
* Further, this means that you must be ready to work when your shift starts.
* So, you must arrive at work with enough time prior, to ready yourself for the shift.
* They should also work safely without presenting a direct threat to self or others.
* Essential Ability Requirements for ASI Personnel:
* Working in the field at ASI Construction LLC is often physically demanding.
* The following list describes the minimum ability requirements for field personnel.
* Performing physical activities that require considerable use of your arms and legs and moving your whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials;
* Move heavy objects (94 pounds or more) short distances (20 feet or less);
* Move light objects (less than 94 pounds) long distances (more than 20 feet);
* Heavy lifting with repeated stooping, carrying and bending continually over time (i.e., picks up materials and move to a different location);
* Work long shifts with non-standard break times;
* Work in a variety of weather conditions with exposure to the elements;
* Learn job-related material primarily through oral instruction and observation.
* This learning takes place mainly in an on-the-job training setting;
* Must have vision equal to or better than is required for driving;
* If corrective lenses are required to achieve this level of vision, the employee must be able to wear PPE without interfering with the corrective lenses or the required PPE.
* The employee may have to purchase eye glasses (safety glass, etc.) that are compliant with ASI’s Safety Program and OSHA/MSHA requirements;
* Must have good hand-eye coordination;
* Must have quick reaction times;
* Must be able to hear adequately enough to be alerted by horns, sirens, shouting, or any other noise that is meant to convey a safety warning;
* If corrective device is required to achieve this level of hearing, the employee must be able to wear PPE without interfering with the corrective device or the required PPE;
* Lift arms above shoulder level (i.e., throws bags into a truck);
* Must have good balance and must not be clumsy;
* Climb ladders or steps to reach objects;
* Must be able to work at heights of up to 100’ or more;
* Must be able to work in confined or enclosed spaces;
* Must be able to sit for long periods of time;
* Must be able to wear a hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, and safety-toed boots;
* Must be able to walk moderate distances to reach work area (1/2 mile or more);
* Enter the cab of a vehicle that is 3
* feet (or more) off the ground;
* Must be able to sit in the operator’s seat of equipment and safely reach all pedals, switches, levers, buttons, etc. required to safely operate the equipment (if authorized for that piece of equipment);
* Must be able to sit in the operator’s seat of equipment and have an adequate field of vision of all instruments, gauges, warning lights, as well as an acceptable field of vision out of the windows and/or mirrors (if authorized for that piece of equipment);
* Understand and follow oral and written instructions;
* Must be committed to contributing to a culture of safety, looking out for yourself and others

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Mixer Operator Career Paths

Mixer Operator
Truck Driver Operations Manager General Manager
Area Manager
7 Yearsyrs
Press Operator Operator Foreman
Construction Manager
10 Yearsyrs
Maintenance Technician Plant Operator Foreman
General Contractor
6 Yearsyrs
Forklift Operator Operator
Lead Operator
5 Yearsyrs
Shipping And Receiving Clerk Forklift Operator Warehouse Manager
Logistics Manager
7 Yearsyrs
Shipping And Receiving Clerk Material Handler Production Supervisor
Manufacturing Supervisor
7 Yearsyrs
Truck Driver Driver/Owner Operator Operator
Operation Supervisor
5 Yearsyrs
Operator Technician Operations Manager
Operations Director
9 Yearsyrs
Forklift Operator Technician Service Manager
Operations Manager
7 Yearsyrs
Operator Maintenance Technician Production Supervisor
Plant Manager
11 Yearsyrs
Material Handler Maintenance Technician Production Supervisor
Production Manager
6 Yearsyrs
Material Handler Forklift Operator Maintenance Technician
Production Supervisor
7 Yearsyrs
Driver Dispatcher Operations Manager
Purchasing Manager
9 Yearsyrs
Technician Quality Control Inspector Quality Control Manager
Quality Assurance Manager
9 Yearsyrs
Technician Engineer Manufacturing Engineer
Quality Manager
11 Yearsyrs
Delivery Driver Account Manager Product Manager
Research And Development Technician
6 Yearsyrs
Maintenance Technician Production Supervisor Warehouse Supervisor
Shipping Manager
5 Yearsyrs
Driver Delivery Driver Operations Manager
Site Manager
7 Yearsyrs
Delivery Driver Electrician Foreman
9 Yearsyrs
Press Operator Material Handler Forklift Operator
Warehouse Manager
5 Yearsyrs
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Average Length of Employment
Utility Operator 4.0 years
Relief Operator 3.9 years
Winder Operator 3.8 years
Coater Operator 3.8 years
Banbury Operator 3.7 years
Caster Operator 3.7 years
Generator Operator 3.6 years
Extruder Operator 3.5 years
Finisher Operator 3.3 years
Dryer Operator 3.1 years
Batching Operator 3.1 years
Mixer Operator 3.0 years
Machine Operator 3.0 years
Operator 2.8 years
Blender Operator 2.8 years
Filler Operator 2.8 years
Oven Operator 2.7 years
Chemical Mixer 2.7 years
Ball Mill Operator 2.5 years
Packaging Operator 2.5 years
Line Operator 2.4 years
Pack Out Operator 2.3 years
Mixer 2.3 years
Stacker Operator 2.1 years
Top Employers Before
Operator 6.4%
Cashier 6.3%
Driver 4.9%
Cook 4.1%
Supervisor 4.0%
Technician 3.5%
Manager 3.1%
Assembler 3.0%
Top Employers After
Operator 8.3%
Driver 6.9%
Technician 3.3%
Cook 3.0%

Mixer Operator Demographics










Hispanic or Latino






Black or African American

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Mixer Operator Education


University of Phoenix


Strayer University


Grand Rapids Community College


Ashford University


Madison Area Technical College


American InterContinental University


Johnston Community College


State Fair Community College


University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Tulsa Community College


Middle Tennessee State University


Brown University


Indiana State University


Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana


Sinclair Community College


University of Arkansas-Fort Smith


Baker University


Wayne County Community College District


Owens Community College


New Castle School of Trades

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Criminal Justice


General Studies


Precision Metal Working






Information Technology


Automotive Technology


Electrical Engineering




Industrial Technology


Computer Science


Drafting And Design










Graphic Design


General Education, Specific Areas


Liberal Arts

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Top Skills for A Mixer Operator


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Top Mixer Operator Skills

  1. Food Safety
  2. Raw Materials
  3. Ensure Conformance
You can check out examples of real life uses of top skills on resumes here:
  • Follow food safety guidelines, follow personal safety guidelines.
  • Adjust ingredients and temperatures through the panel depending on product.Use of raw materials in proper rotation.
  • Weighed and measured ingredients and chemicals to ensure conformance to requirements.
  • Experience with operating a forklift and electric pallet jack in which all safety rules were applied.
  • Mix ingredients to ratio, weigh ingredients, drive forklift, clean out between orders

Top Mixer Operator Employers

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Mixer Operator Videos

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