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Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Mixing Engineer. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Mixing Engineer resumes they appeared on. For example, 25.5% of Mixing Engineer resumes contained Audio Equipment as a skill. Let's find out what skills a Mixing Engineer actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

15 Essential Mixing Engineer Skills For Your Resume And Career

1. Audio Equipment

Audio equipment is related to recording, reproducing, or processing sound. The equipment can include anything from loudspeakers to microphones. Some of the common audio equipment are CD players, microphones, iPod, stereo, MP3 player, loudspeakers, AC receivers, tape recorders, mixing consoles, amplifiers, and effects units.

Here's how audio equipment is used on mixing engineer resumes:
  • Handled responsibilities of adjusting audio equipment to produce high sound quality.
  • Utilized professional digital audio workstations, digital and audio equipment to help create the sound that the client was looking for.
  • Provide education and training in audio equipment and recording best practices.
  • Stage setup- Supervising all audio equipment- Engineering Live band performances- In charge of audio equipment maintenance- Mixing Live Recordings after the performance
  • Assisted designers with engineering sound for main stage productions and maintained and organized all audio equipment

2. Music Videos

Music videos are short films or videos that feature a song and imagery and are produced either for artistic or promotional purposes.

Here's how music videos is used on mixing engineer resumes:
  • Produced entertainment and lifestyle news reports, music videos and commercials.
  • Compose and perform both live audio and MIDI pieces for inclusion in various projects including albums, games and music videos.
  • Directed and edited music videos and live performance videos for independent artist and private events.
  • Direct and Edit numerous underground mix tape music videos and short films
  • Produce, film and edit music videos for clients and studio promotion.

3. Sound Design

Sound Design skills are required to give animations or films more depth through the use of sound. E.g., the sound of a spaceship, footsteps in movies, sound during fight scenes, etc., all require sound designing skills. It involves creating, recording, and optimizing sound samples for film production, theatre, live performance, and more. You must have a sharp ear to identify different sounds, eliminate redundant ones, and eventually conclude the best audio sample for a particular scene.

Here's how sound design is used on mixing engineer resumes:
  • Sound designer, Foley artist, audio editing, post-production including THX 5.1 surround sound mixing.
  • Sound Designer for Post Production I/Post Production II and Post III class projects.
  • Created sound design using field recordings and sound FX, matched ADR to picture
  • Experience also in microphone placement, sound reinforcement, and over-all sound design.
  • Sound Design, Mix and Editorial for various music and TV projects.

And if you’re looking for a job, here are the five top employers hiring now:

  1. Berklee College of Music Jobs (4)
  2. Bobcat Company Jobs (1)
  3. The Next Level Jobs (1)
  4. General Electric Jobs (1)
  5. Sound Jobs (3)

4. Analog

An analog system refers to a system that uses continuously variable signals.

Here's how analog is used on mixing engineer resumes:
  • Served as technical and artistic catalyst helping clients capture their art and sound with the implementation of digital and analog tools.
  • Mixed all songs on this Jazz quintet's album - Mixing in an analog format on an API Legacy
  • Career of increasingly progressive responsibilities including recording, editing, and mixing analog and digital audio for 100+ commercial releases.
  • Operate various digital and analog audio consoles during musical performances to create optimal experience for listener and musicians.
  • Administrated sound management system utilizing analog & digital consoles in a smaller environment.

5. Studio Equipment

Studio Equipment refers to the electronic devices and workplace equipment that can be found in a radio, film, photography, or production studio. This may include any piece of recording equipment, cameras, lighting, and backdrops required for the particular studio. Much of this equipment must be maintained, either with routine cleaning, repairs, or other forms of maintenance.

Here's how studio equipment is used on mixing engineer resumes:
  • Coordinated with engineers to ensure that all studio equipment was operating proficiently by the start of each session.
  • Ensured proper functionality of all studio equipment and proper set up for recording sessions.
  • Record musical groups and artists as efficiently and comfortably as possible-Expertly navigate through ProTools-Proper use and maintenance of studio equipment
  • Operate and maintain studio equipment including special effect equipment.
  • Maintained and repaired broadcast studio equipment.

6. SSL

Here's how ssl is used on mixing engineer resumes:
  • Managed two independent rooms, which were separate of each other and featured SSL 9000J recording consoles.
  • Worked in a SSL Duality console at the school studio for class projects and outside work.
  • Engineer and edit sound for radio and television spots using Pro-tools and SSL Mixing console.
  • Practiced and assist on a SSL 6060 E/G board with G Plus center section upgrades.
  • Integrated client production gear with studio control room, SSL console & ProTools.

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7. ADR

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is also known as external dispute resolution (EDR) that is representative of a wide array of processes used for dispute resolution. These techniques are used to come to an agreement before legal action, for disagreeing parties. This is a joint term coined for the options that parties can use to settle disputes, with the assistance of a third party. Nowadays, ADR is frequently implemented to help settle disputes along with the court.

Here's how adr is used on mixing engineer resumes:
  • Post Production including Foley, Sound Effects, ADR Pirates of the Caribbean stock film re-recording project.
  • Worked on a short film as an on site Audio Engineer and a Post-Production ADR Recorder.
  • Recorded and edited various voice-overs, audio books, and ADR for film and TV.
  • Assisted on several ADR Sessions for The Simpsons and Disney productions.
  • Directed voice talent during ADR and for animation segments in each episode using a PreSonus Studio Live 16.4.2.

8. R

R is a free software environment and a language used by programmers for statistical computing. The R programming language is famously used for data analysis by data scientists.

Here's how r is used on mixing engineer resumes:
  • Experience in statistical, economic, and data analysis using Stata, R, and Excel.

9. Mac

A media access control or simply MAC is a network policy that identifies or determines how the data is being transferred in two particular servers through a network cable. The purpose of a MAC protocol is to prevent network or technical issues and simplify transferring the information or data.

Here's how mac is used on mixing engineer resumes:
  • Use Mac operating system and applications for networking, organizational and business related tasks.
  • Edited recorded songs to sound better and gained experience in working with Mac computers and Pro Tools.
  • Work closely with the Apple hardware and Mac operating system.LEADERSHIP
  • Manage installation, upgrades and back-ups on all studio computer systems both Mac and PC.
  • Used recording equipment in a studio environment including MAC and Pro-Tools sound editing software.

10. EP

An EP also known as "Extended Play" are song recordings that have fewer tracks compared to an Album but more tracks compared to a Single. A Single allows for three tracks maximum with thirty minutes while an EP stands at four to five tracks. Six tracks onwards form an Album.

Here's how ep is used on mixing engineer resumes:
  • Provided my skills and knowledge in producing, recording, mixing and drumming to create Red Giant's debut EP.
  • Released my own EP, wich was a best sellers in Per .
  • Tracked, Produced, Mixed and Mastered 6 song EP with a 3 member group
  • Mixed and recorded an EP for Atlantis, a local San Antonio band.
  • Recorded EP's and singles for various Orlando recording artists.

11. Sound Quality

Here's how sound quality is used on mixing engineer resumes:
  • Worked with the director to ensure optimal sound quality.
  • Recorded and mixed many artist insured excellent sound quality and production.
  • Organized stage and equipment for optimum sound quality; operated mixing console and produced live recordings
  • Facilitated procurement of new computer and sound equipment for productions.
  • Repair and maintenance recording equipment and computer programs to ensure optimum sound quality.

12. Sound Effects

Here's how sound effects is used on mixing engineer resumes:
  • Mixed dialogue and designed the sound effects and backgrounds.
  • Obtained a 90 gigabyte industry standard Sound Effects Library.
  • Preformed responsibilities of maintaining the tape library, synchronizing sound effects, and equalizing prerecorded dialog.
  • Mix and edit vocals, music, and other sound effects for live performance and for prerecorded sections.
  • Arranged sound effects, edited dialogue, recorded VO, mixed, mastered, and wrote songs/remixes.

13. Wireless Microphones

A wireless microphone is a cordless microphone that outputs the audio signal to its connected transmitter through the air to a receiver without any physical cable connecting it directly to a sound recording or amplifying equipment.

Here's how wireless microphones is used on mixing engineer resumes:
  • Operated boom mic and wireless microphones and mixed audio for Television ads and programming.
  • Monitored and troubleshot all wireless microphones during technical rehearsals and performances.
  • Monitor wireless microphone systems for performers.
  • Manage wireless microphone systems and frequencies with efficiency.
  • Managed wireless microphones and wireless instrument packs.

14. New Clients

New clients are identified as a person or entity that has not yet availed of the goods or services of your company. A person who is not an existing client of your company falls under the definition of a new client. A company survives and thrives because of new clients, and there are several jobs designated in a company to find new clients. Marketing or advertisement may be the best ways to target and influence new clients to the company.

Here's how new clients is used on mixing engineer resumes:
  • Acquired new clients/artists, established goal for each session, created, recorded, edited, and mixed during each session.
  • Promote company using social media and local networking, and bring in own client base

15. API

Here's how api is used on mixing engineer resumes:
  • Recorded, mixed, and mastered in Pro tools and the API Vision console.
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The eight most common skills based on Mixing Engineer resumes in 2022.

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List Of Skills To Add To Your Mixing Engineer Resume

According to recent trends, the most relevant Mixing Engineer Resume Keywords for your resume are:

  • Audio Equipment
  • Music Videos
  • Sound Design
  • Analog
  • Studio Equipment
  • SSL
  • ADR
  • R
  • Mac
  • EP
  • Sound Quality
  • Sound Effects
  • Wireless Microphones
  • New Clients
  • API
  • Console
  • DAW
  • Signal Flow
  • Ableton
  • DJ
  • VO
  • New Artists
  • EQ
  • Final Mix
  • PC
  • FOH
  • NYC
  • Powerpoint
  • Hip Hop

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Online Courses For Mixing Engineers

One of the best ways to acquire the skills needed to be a Mixing Engineer is to take an online course. We've identified some online courses from Udemy and Coursera that will help you advance in your career. Since Mixing Engineers benefit from having skills like Audio Equipment, Music Videos, and Sound Design, we found courses that will help you improve these skills.

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Most Common Skills For Mixing Engineers

RankMixing Engineer SkillPercentage of Mixing Engineers
1Audio Equipment25.5%
2Music Videos9.2%
3Sound Design7.6%
5Studio Equipment4.4%
11Sound Quality2.8%
12Sound Effects2.8%
13Wireless Microphones2.6%
14New Clients2.4%
18Signal Flow1.9%
22New Artists1.3%
24Final Mix1%
29Hip Hop0.8%

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